Fellowships and Internships at the Village Voice

How to get an internship at the Village Voice
  1. Disregard all listings of Voice internships at non-Voice websites. Most are hopelessly out of date.
  2. Make sure you understand which fellowship/internship you're applying for.
  3. Make sure you send your application to the right person.

Here's the rundown of ongoing editorial opportunities at the Voice:

    Mary Wright Minority Fellowship — Calling all journalists of color!
  • [Note: Summer fellowships filled. We're currently accepting applications for the Fall — and we wouldn't mind hearing from up-and-coming film writers.]
    This is a three-month, paid fellowship ($500/week), and is a full-time position. Many Mary Wright fellows work like staff writers, reporting and writing news or arts stories or criticism, as well as shorter pieces for our blogs. (We're most interested in recent college graduates who have impressive clips. For news writers, daily reporting experience is very helpful.) We also welcome multimedia candidates with experience in videography and video editing. Applications, including a cover letter, resume, and clips, should be sent to managing editor Jack Buehrer).

    Voice Media Group Fellowship
  • We start taking applications in the fall and spend months narrowing down applicants for various newspapers in our company (Applications should be sent to Andy Van De Voorde at 969 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203). This is a six-month, paid fellowship ($500/week), and is a full-time position. VVM fellows work like staff writers, and have a longer time to prove that they're worthy of consideration as permanent employees. VVM fellows tend to have post-graduate degrees and impressive clip files.


  • The Voice has no openings for interns this summer. Please check back with us in the Fall.


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