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Village Voice City App Think of us as your Things to Do in New York Mobile App. We know this city like no other publication. From Yonkers to Staten Island, we've got you covered.

We're your Happy Hour in New York Mobile App. Whether your prefer PBRs or single malt scotch -- or hey, why not both? -- we'll help you find the deals.

We're your Restaurants in New York App. Our food critics Tejal Rao and Robert Sietsema lead the way, but they’ve got a lot of help from our other food writers. Follow them around the city on their culinary adventures.

We're your Concerts in New York App. From dive bars to stadiums, we'll help you find any show in town. Rock on, and rave on too while you're at it.

We're your Events in New York App, but you probably already knew that. What can we say? We love New York, and we’re happy to share the action.

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