Andy Warhol, Magnified

We contracted Greek visual designer Charis Tsevis to create this mosaic portrait of the late Andy Warhol honoring the 25th anniversary of his death. Our cover concept was to depict Warhol's likeness by repeating images of his Brillo Boxes and Campbell's Soup Cans, etc. and is based on one of the iconic portraits of Warhol shot by legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

It could be said Charis' work is a modern extension of Warhol's use of mechanical duplication, screen-printing and the craftsmanship of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Today, Tsevis uses modern technology to further Warhol's concepts of pop art by employing, in his own words; "Images made with Synthetik Studio Artist, Photoshop and Apple QuickTime Pro with custom developed scripts and techniques, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, the Adobe Creative Suite and good music."

Read our cover story on Warhol's New York here.

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