A Journey To Planet Sanity (NR)

Comedy 87 December 6, 2013
By Calum Marsh
As A Journey to Planet Sanity at last concluded, after an eternal 87 minutes, I reflected upon all I'd learned. A brief account: Fervent believers in extraterrestrial life tend to appear rather foolish. The claims of the average psychic, it turns out, are of dubious merit. The world did not end on or around December 21, 2012. And abstract art is a bit silly. You may be wondering what prodigious scholar could be responsible for insights so revelatory -- a decorated academic, perhaps, or some lone authority of peerless erudition? Why, no: It's merely Blake Freeman, comic documentarian, an apparent autodidact in a hoodie with a two-day beard and a permanent sneer. Planet Sanity finds Freeman smugly roaming the American countryside in search of disinformation to handily mock and refute, seizing in the deluded and mentally ill every opportunity for a punch line. Freeman clearly has conviction in the righteousness of his endeavor: He believes he's exposing cheats and swindlers for the benefit of those who can't see through chicanery. But the effect is simply disdain — we're meant to whoop it up at the idiot yokels of the South's working class. Freeman, meanwhile, strains to portray himself as equal parts witty and warm, capping off his feature-length jeering with a grand act of charity. What a guy. Planet Sanity's credits even conclude, extraordinarily, with an inspirational quote . . . attributed to its director. This is a guy who seeks to mock idiocy? Physician, heal thyself.
Blake Freeman Blake Freeman, Leroy Tessina Danielle R. Crane, Alwyn Kushner, Tim O'Mara, Blake Freeman ARRAY(0x2e977e8)

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