Go With Le Flo (NR)

Romance April 11, 2014
By Ernest Hardy
Fans of the teeth-grindingly insufferable Roberto Benigni have been deprived of their fix of self-conscious adult cutesiness long enough. Enter Denis Aubert, who, in the role of lovesick schlub Florian, twinkles, crinkles, and mugs like a five-year-old musical theater queen.

The owner of Le Flo, a French delicatessen located in Berlin and specializing in gourmet salami (pause), the half-German, half-French Florian is best friends with Jenny, who owns a bakery down the street from him. The two do almost everything together, and it's obvious to everyone but them (especially their respective chatty shop assistants) that they are in love. But Florian is swooning over Camille, an actress who is only using him to make her boyfriend jealous ("I think he's cute, in a pathetic sort of way," she tells a female friend. "He amuses me.")

As Jenny and Florian sloooooowly untangle their lines of communication and work toward the inevitable happy ending, the viewer is subjected to sappy music, flaccid slapstick, strained jokes, and a lead performance by Aubert that may well make you want to swallow your own fist.
Michael Glover Denis Aubert, Marina Senckel, Leslie Dubreuil, Roberta Bianchini Michael Glover


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