Gone (PG-13)

Suspense/Thriller 85 February 24, 2012
By Aaron Hillis
Taking a cue from her Chloe co-star Liam Neeson, a feral-eyed Amanda Seyfried relentlessly tracks her sister's kidnapper in this wholly preposterous and casually sexist thriller, in which all female characters are either hysterical, victim-prone, both, or hopeless second fiddles. (Note: screenwriter Allison Burnett is a he.) The English-language debut of Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia (Adrift) pits .38-brandishing, pill-popping anxiety case Jill (Seyfried)―a serial killer survivor who believes her sis's sudden disappearance marks the score-settling return of her former captor―against the clock and three trailing detectives who think she's cray-cray. Gone's high-polish, mindless action goes down in a Portland filtered through a strained, moody palette of queasy blue-greens and gunmetal greys; it's ripe for a goofy mash-up with the sunny-day satire of Portlandia. Jill is clearly on the edge, evidenced early on by her flashback-triggering PTSD rage during jujitsu self-defense class, but Seyfried's delicate stature simply can't sell the running, jumping, stabbing, shooting, stunt-driving and one-liner-delivering ("I'll sleep when he's dead.") required of a multiplex hero. Mute the bombastic score and there'd be no suspense; do yourself a favor and shut your eyes, too.
Heitor Dhalia Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Sebastian Stan, Wes Bentley, Daniel Sunjata, Katherine Moennig, Joel David Moore, Michael Paré, Jordan Fry Allison Burnett Summit Entertainment

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