Gut (NR)

Horror October 26, 2012
By Nick Pinkerton
When gorehounds make movies about gorehounds, sterile inbreeding results—see Gut, a nasty but dull little cheapie. Childhood friends Tom and Dan (Jason Vail and Nicholas Wilder) used to collaborate on homemade horror movies; now in their thirties, Tom has a wife and kids, and the buddies share office space but not much else. To lure his friend back into the fold, Dan promises a night of splatter DVDs, contraband snuff depicting the disemboweling of women somewhat in the style of the infamous Japanese Guinea Pig series. The action may or may not be real, but i'’s addictive regardless, and begins to permeate the personal lives of both men in troubling ways. Vail and Wilder, who look like what you get when you tell your casting director to scare up a Barry Pepper and a David Wain type, are never more than borderline-credible in their scenes together, as the real attention has obviously been reserved for hyper-realistic effects showing the opening and scooping out of female tummies. Writer/director Elias spaces out the helpings of grue while leaving enough plot holes for to something like a mystery to hide in, until finally arriving at an ending that almost constitutes a twist by virtue of being so gapingly obvious.
Elias Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder, Sarah Schoofs, Kirstianna Mueller, Kaitlyn Mueller, Angie Bullaro, Maria Victoria, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Karl Pfeiffer, Leisa Haddad Elias

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