Hating Breitbart (PG-13)

Documentary 85 May 17, 2013
By Alan Scherstuhl
Let's say that you and your friends get accused of being racist. And let's say there’s nothing in your heart that fits that accusation. You know you're a celebrator of freedom. (You're white, incidentally.) Still, you fight back. How to go about it? If you're the late Andrew Breitbart, champion of the Tea Party's virtue against the likes of Janeane Garofalo, the answer is clear: Point out as often as you can that, no, it's actually black people who are the racists. You don't put it in those words, of course. You yell at the media-- "You're going to call us racist? You’re going to call us potential Timothy McVeighs? Well, fuck you!" And you dig up video of black people behaving in ways that any good person would quail at. To get that footage, of course, you have to fudge. Maybe you send dickweed James O'Keefe out there to playact he's a pimp, soliciting free tax advice from those ACORN people who claim they’re helping poor Americans find housing. When those ACORN bastards fail to say shameful pro-pimping stuff, you can always edit, make that video reflect what they're really thinking. Maybe you keep doing this. "You try to destroy people!" you shout at a reporter, and to show everyone how rotten guys like him are, you release some more videos, destroy some people yourself. That Shirley Sherrod woman. And Anthony Weiner, but that one was cake. Didn't even have to fudge anything! Then maybe you die, and maybe someone makes a shapeless, uncritical documentary about how much fun you had doing all this. Maybe they'll bleep your swearing, because it's a PG-13. You know, for the kids.
Andrew Marcus Matthew Vadum, Stephen K. Bannon, Orson Bean, Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, Terry Moran, Larry O'Connor Andrew Marcus Rocky Mountain Pictures


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