Hot Guys with Guns (NR)

Action/Adventure 105
By Katherine Vu
Supple flesh filters through silhouettes of the Los Angeles nightlife in the orgiastic opening scene of Hot Guys with Guns. Men coil around one another like a human Rubik's Cube where all the blocks are different shades of fresh spray tan. While this is a clever way of changing up expectations on the sex and nudity seen in mainstream movies, the many similar scenes that follow chafe with their insistence on playing gay sex for shock value and laughs. There's no inherent humor in seeing two men kiss, though writer-director Doug Spearman tries to prove otherwise.

Problematic stereotypes aside, there are real laughs found in the snappy dialogue and buddy-cop-meets-romantic-comedy rapport between the hot guys — Danny Lohman (Marc Anthony Samuel), a would-be actor earning a P.I. certification to prep for a role, and Pip Armstrong (Brian McArdle), his rich playboy ex — as they attempt to unmask the "sex party bandits" terrorizing Hollywood’s wealthy gay elite. "Act like a detective," Pip exhorts Danny. "You’re classically trained, goddamn it!"

The nimble humor is too often undercut by distracting inconsistencies in tone and style, forcing the characters to hobble duck-footed through self-serious asides and unnecessary plot details such as the daily life of a struggling actor/waiter or the vaguely sexual relationship between Pip and his barely formed cougar-lush mother. Hot Guys with Guns has the occasional spark of a clever comedy, but the lack of focus makes it too limp on laughs to fulfill its potential.
Doug Spearman Leon Acord, John Ainsworth, Dalila Ali Rajah, David Nathie Barnes, Field Blauvelt, Alan Blumenfeld, Jason Boegh, Blake Boyd, Cory Brunwasser, Mingyu Chu Doug Spearman


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