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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-12-06 Limited
  • Running Time: 81 min.
  • Director: Kieron J. Walsh
  • Cast: Nichola Burley, Martin McCann, Charlene McKenna, Ciarán McMenamin, Richard Dormer
  • Writer: Kieron J. Walsh
  • Distributor: Breaking Glass Pictures

The thriller Jump is well-made and impressively ambitious, but it displays more trick than heart. It's New Year's Eve in Derby, Northern Ireland, and twentysomething Greta (Nichola Burley) is about to jump off a highway overpass. She's pulled to safety by a young man named Pearse (Martin McCann), who's instantly smitten. Greta hates her father, ruthless gangster Frank Feeney (Lalor Roddy), who may be responsible for the disappearance of Pearse's brother. United by a common hatred, the two rob Feeney's safe, setting off a change of events that inadvertently affects Greta's two best friends. In a gimmick reminiscent of the 1999 film Go, writer-director Kieron J. Walsh and co-writer Steve Brookes double-back mid-film to offer alternate viewpoints on events that have already taken place. We find out how a dead body got in the trunk of Greta's two friends' car, why a hit man was stabbed with a cooking fork, and what bit of bad luck befell Pearse's missing brother. Although the cruel vagaries of fate are lamented, the profoundest lesson of this clever but emotionally unengaging movie may be the reminder that going out on New Year's Eve is always a bad idea.

Chuck Wilson
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