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In This World In This World
Rappers in Cuba, pilgrims in Mecca, killer fish in Tanzania, James Carville in Bolivia
, March 15, 2005
THE HERO March 23 and 24 Like too many African films, and paradoxically so, given the continent's sociopolitical tragedies and unresolved... More>>
, March 15, 2005
A prizewinner at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival, released here in 1957 and thereafter forgotten, White Reindeer is the most exotic item in "Fright... More>>
Message in a Bottle Message in a Bottle
Rustic eccentrics wax philosophical and 'terroirists' denounce globalizers in wine doc
, March 15, 2005
Wine is more than once extolled as the essence of civilization in Jonathan Nossiter's DV documentary Mondovino. The major point of this vineyard... More>>
False Note: Day-Lewis Smells Like a Rose, While Ballad Reeks False Note: Day-Lewis Smells Like a Rose, While Ballad Reeks
, March 15, 2005
What does it mean to give a wholly convincing performance from an untenable script? Does the feat confirm the supremacy of the living word over... More>>
Film Film
, March 15, 2005
Will the circle be unbroken? Let's hope not. This poorly conceived sequel to Gore Verbinski's The Ring ditches that film's scariest... More>>
Film Film
, March 15, 2005
NOWHERE MAN Written and directed by Tim McCann First Run, opens March 25, Quad With all due respect to the oeuvre of John Wayne Bobbitt, Nowhere... More>>
Pale Fire Pale Fire
Live-wire radical-socialist hero struggles to shake the world in a rough-hewn Russian epic
, March 08, 2005
Beginning with a slovenly nod to the WWI-era underworld serial Les Vampires and finishing on the same quote from Revelation that named Elem... More>>
Dearth in Venice: Locals Lost in Tourism Glut
, March 08, 2005
The Venice day-tripper may imagine herself wandering not a city but a floating outdoor museum, densely dotted with overpriced cafés and... More>>
The Machinists: Autopilot Plot Needs New Parts The Machinists: Autopilot Plot Needs New Parts
, March 08, 2005
Adhering to the Shrek model for box office success, Robots is an assemblage of clunky puns and canned moralizing, ostensibly made palatable for... More>>
Beer Eats the Soul Beer Eats the Soul
Doomed drunk recollects harsh, hard-knock life in portrait of embattled Scottish manhood
, March 08, 2005
Title notwithstanding, the protagonist of 16 Years of Alcohol knows his poison: "My name is Frankie," he announces at an AA meeting, "and I am a... More>>
Steaming Beauty
Revival of the fitters: Otomo renews old form in olde London
, March 08, 2005
Over a decade and a half ago, Katsuhiro Otomo brought futuristic Neo-Tokyo to life in the cyberpunk anime classic Akira. His latest, Steamboy... More>>
Mute Primitives Live, Die, and Gesticulate Wildly in Post-Apocalyptic Drama Mute Primitives Live, Die, and Gesticulate Wildly in Post-Apocalyptic Drama
, March 08, 2005
Five survivors of a nuclear holocaust grope and grunt their way through a desolate urban landscape, reacquainting themselves with such basic... More>>
Christ: The Comeback Tour
, March 08, 2005
JESUSLAND—Having crossed from Etats-Bleu to Red Planet America some 1,500 miles earlier, I felt it was time to start sampling the local... More>>
London Fog London Fog
17 years after Akira, Otomo evokes 19th-century England with steam balls and Satanic mills
, March 08, 2005
The most eagerly anticipated anime of the 21st century, Katsuhiro Otomo's big-budget Steamboy could probably never satisfy hardcore fans of... More>>
Double Negative: Woody's Latest a Tricksy Soap Opera Double Negative: Woody's Latest a Tricksy Soap Opera
, March 08, 2005
Less a return to form than a return to formalism, Woody Allen's 35th feature finds him happily at play in the house of fiction. Melinda and... More>>
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