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, August 23, 2005
Nope! I'm sorry, this won't do—not the murder-drug-bust plot, not the criminally pabulum high school "antics," not even Tracy "Tre" Stokes,... More>>
, August 23, 2005
A PG-13 dramedy set in L.A. about some attractive, way-too-earnest aspiring stars has the potential to be a delectable good-bad favorite, but... More>>
PG-Fiji: A Pacific Whim Leads to a Remote Movie Theater
, August 16, 2005
For more than two decades, John Pierson and his wife and longtime business partner Janet Pierson have worked diligently behind the scenes of the... More>>
Lore Brothers Lore Brothers
Gilliam mines the fear and loathing in Napoleonic Prussia for fantastic cartoon-Gothic fun
, August 16, 2005
Either you're a schnook for what we can call the Nicholas Meyer Conceit—pace The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, ironically commingling historical... More>>
Beyond Borders: Disturbing Doc Tracks West Bank Barrier Beyond Borders: Disturbing Doc Tracks West Bank Barrier
, August 16, 2005
"Something there is that does not love a wall," the poet Robert Frost famously noted. Simone Bitton would probably call that thing humanity. Her... More>>
The Conformist The Conformist
State flair: Sketch vet Showalter's clever, whimsical debut has classical comedic charm
, August 16, 2005
Michael Showalter's directorial debut is an immodestly refreshing crash course in modesty. CPA Elliot Sherman (Showalter) is the self-described... More>>
Eclectic Boogaloo Eclectic Boogaloo
Baxter actor Theroux on David Lynch and the art of deadpan
, August 16, 2005
"My major contribution was making him a crier," says Justin Theroux of the sensitive, swashbuckling geode magnate he plays in Michael Showalter's... More>>
'Short Attention Span Cinema: An Evening With Jeff Scher'
, August 16, 2005
They just don't make cartoons like they used to—literally. Last month, Disney closed its only remaining hand-drawn-animation studio, nixing... More>>
Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing
I know what boys like: Arty French beefcake reverie meditates on masculinity and nudity
, August 16, 2005
Like so many films that target a gay male audience, Three Dancing Slaves transpires in an abstract parallel universe where half the population... More>>
'We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen'
, August 16, 2005
Earlier this month Green Day sent a tidal wave of change through the offices of Lookout Records, the Berkeley-based indie that released the... More>>
'The Memory of a Killer' 'The Memory of a Killer'
, August 16, 2005
We live in the twilight of film genres, and our cinematic hit men have aged with us. The Memory of a Killer, by Belgian director Erik Van Looy,... More>>
Cheesy Rider: Bare-Chested Biker Boys Bicker, Bond Over Pizza Cheesy Rider: Bare-Chested Biker Boys Bicker, Bond Over Pizza
, August 16, 2005
Supercross: The Movie—not to be confused with Supercross: The Art Installation— is easily the finest good-bad Hollywood movie so far... More>>
, August 16, 2005
"It is a study of the psychopathologies of perversions," co-director Federico Sanchez says in the press notes for Eternal, which is certainly one... More>>
'Formula 17'
, August 16, 2005
Not a prequel to the Samuel L. Jackson/Meat Loaf barnstormer Formula 51, nor a salacious behind-the-scenes doc exposing the secret behind the... More>>
'La Visa Loca'
, August 16, 2005
Billed as a "satirical comedy about the American dream," La Visa Loca doesn't have anything to say about that eternal subject and is... More>>
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