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'Oyster Farmer'
, July 19, 2005
Jack (Alex O'Lachlan) needs some fast money, so he does what any of us would do: He fashions a mask out of a boysenberry Fruit Roll-Up and robs... More>>
'Just One Look'
, July 19, 2005
A paean to cinephilia that might goad viewers into questioning the value of film itself, Riley Ip's dishwater-dull period melodrama adopts the... More>>
Memphis Bleak Memphis Bleak
Trick daddy: Pimp-hop flick's troubled sensibility sabotages an exquisite lead performance
, July 12, 2005
It may be hard out there for a pimp. But things have gone pretty well for Hustle & Flow writer-director Craig Brewer. He certainly hustled, along... More>>
November Wane: Meta-Thriller Loses Steam Halfway Through November Wane: Meta-Thriller Loses Steam Halfway Through
, July 12, 2005
Like a jigsaw that's more fun to assemble before you know how all the pieces fit, Greg Harrison's brain-teasing meta-thriller November is less... More>>
Thornton Wilder Thornton Wilder
Play ballsy: Billy Bob and the fine art of cursing
, July 12, 2005
LOS ANGELES—The most cosmopolitan cracker ever to play Santa Claus and Davy Crockett, Billy Bob Thornton is a walking contradiction,... More>>
End of the Road End of the Road
Lightness of being: Van Sant's existential Kurt Cobain movie is an opaque masterpiece
, July 12, 2005
Last Days, the brilliant concluding chapter in the death trilogy that inspired Gus Van Sant's artistic rebirth, wafts through the final 48 or so... More>>
Bad Education: German Activists Do Radical Chic to Death Bad Education: German Activists Do Radical Chic to Death
, July 12, 2005
Pitting three hapless young activists against the autocracy of high-bourgeois materialism, The Edukators smiles indulgently as the kids rage... More>>
, July 12, 2005
To mark the release of Last Days, MOMA is screening Gus Van Sant's good-looking-corpse trilogy in its entirety. Shot in a semi-improvised style... More>>
DimClone DimClone
'Island' flopping: Frat-metal bad boy Bay's sci-fi waxes philosophical before blowing shit up
, July 12, 2005
Anyone who has ever endured the brute skull crunch of a Michael Bay movie will find that The Island, the director's stab at icy, dystopian... More>>
Sweaty Bottoms Hit Rock Bottom in New Winterbottom Sweaty Bottoms Hit Rock Bottom in New Winterbottom
, July 12, 2005
Michael Winterbottom has the charged air of a Rimbaudian decadent—he's hell-bent on trying everything once, and if he gives up filmmaking to... More>>
My Man Gregory: A Class-Conscious Screwball Master
, July 12, 2005
"I guess rich people are just poor people with money," Ginger Rogers, playing a homeless NYC gal hired by a millionaire to masquerade as his... More>>
Attack of the Clonus
, July 12, 2005
Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson may not be the only clones in The Island. Cult-film fans are buzzing that Michael Bay's blockbuster lifted... More>>
'The Ballad of Greenwich Village'
, July 12, 2005
Listen to the film's bongos—go, big daddy, go, yah! It's all going to come flooding back as you walk among the drunk T-shirts and the rich... More>>
'The Devil's Rejects'
, July 12, 2005
If in retrospect musician Rob Zombie's 2003 directorial debut, House of 1,000 Corpses, reads like a yee-hawing harbinger of last fall's... More>>
'Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America'
, July 12, 2005
In an age where constructing papier-maché caricatures of world leaders is considered activism, it's revealing to see a documentary where... More>>
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