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Sidewalls Sidewalls
, October 26, 2011
A shrewd, intellectually playful rom-com that delivers the gooey goods, Sidewalls explores love amid the sprawl of an overstuffed, under-planned... More>>
My Reincarnation My Reincarnation
, October 26, 2011
A mellow doc that seems all set to cash in on the “spirituality” market, Jennifer Fox’s new film was actually in production for... More>>
Janie Jones Janie Jones
, October 26, 2011
Ethan Brand (Alessandro Nivola), frontman for a small-venue alt-rock band about to splinter thanks to his drunken tantrums, is met backstage in... More>>
13 13
, October 26, 2011
Géla Babluani's 13 Tzameti (2005) is a superb, disconcerting, seismic French nightmare in a minor key, and so, of course, Babluani's... More>>
The Double The Double
, October 26, 2011
The Double, Michael Brandt’s post–Cold War spy film, is grade-B hokum, but it’s not without its occasional generic thrills.... More>>
The Perils of Communal Living in Martha Marcy May Marlene Martha Marcy May Marlene
, October 19, 2011
As taut and economical as its title is unwieldy, Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene—a first feature that won the Best Director... More>>
Class Unconsciousness: What's Martha Marcy's Director Up To? Class Unconsciousness: What's Martha Marcy's Director Up To?
Hippie? Bourgie?
, October 19, 2011
Sean Durkin’s first feature, Martha Marcy May Marlene, casts a strong spell throughout its 100-minute running time. A psychological,... More>>
How Far Can the Paranormal Activity Franchise Go? How Far Can the Paranormal Activity Franchise Go?
Found-footage effect
, October 19, 2011
In 2009, Oren Peli’s low-budget, “found-footage” thriller Paranormal Activity came out of nowhere to gross more than $100 million... More>>
Score! Film Forum Reminds Us Who Put More Psycho in Psycho Score! Film Forum Reminds Us Who Put More Psycho in Psycho
, October 19, 2011
"My feelings and yearnings are those of a composer of the 19th century,” wrote self-identified neo-romantic composer Bernard Herrmann in... More>>
Paranormal Activity 3 Paranormal Activity 3
, October 19, 2011
There's something to be said for giving people what they want, but in genre movieland, that strategy droops into lazy cynicism quicker than you... More>>
Dream Act: Town Rallies to Help an Immigrant in Utopian Le Havre Le Havre
, October 19, 2011
Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre is something of a comeback for the Finnish filmmaker. His warmhearted comedy of underdog working-class... More>>
Too Late to Succeed: Dramatizing the Financial Crisis in Margin Call Margin Call
, October 19, 2011
Sure to be drowned out by the drum circles at Occupy Wall Street, writer-director J.C. Chandor’s lifeless Margin Call depicts roughly 36... More>>
You All Are Captains You All Are Captains
, October 19, 2011
Early on in You All Are Captains, director Oliver Laxe—playing a version of "himself," a Spaniard teaching a filmmaking workshop to... More>>
Paul Goodman Changed My Life Paul Goodman Changed My Life
, October 19, 2011
As bluntly humanist and free-ranging as its subject, this brisk take on the life of poet, sociologist, educator, psychologist, and general... More>>
The Swell Season The Swell Season
, October 19, 2011
This tour doc—shot in moody, close-up-heavy black-and-white—traces a few years on the road with Glen Hansard and Markéta... More>>
Oranges and Sunshine Oranges and Sunshine
, October 19, 2011
Based on the true story of the collusion between British and Australian governments to illegally ship tens of thousands of children from the U.K.... More>>
Klitschko Klitschko
, October 19, 2011
On the heels of the turgid battling-brothers drama Warrior, Sebastian Dehnhardt’s flashily edited German documentary arrives, dramatizing... More>>
Revenge of the Electric Car Revenge of the Electric Car
, October 19, 2011
I couldn’t get my parents to watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Chris Paine’s indictment of the forces that brought down a promising... More>>
Elevate Elevate
, October 19, 2011
Four years, two continents, and a whole lot of culture shock in the making, Anne Buford's endearing and vibrantly photographed hoop-dreams doc... More>>
Transit Cities Transit Cities
, October 19, 2011
Pending a divorce and throwing her bid for U.S. citizenship to the wind, Laila (a convincing Saba Mubarak) returns to Amman after a decade and a... More>>
The Mighty Macs The Mighty Macs
, October 19, 2011
Based on the real-life women’s-hoops coach Cathy Rush, The Mighty Macs appears to have been made on a budget equivalent to the cost of a... More>>
The Reunion The Reunion
, October 19, 2011
Whereas prior WWE-produced movies like Legendary and Knucklehead targeted specific genre audiences, The Reunion abhors specialization, instead... More>>
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey
, October 19, 2011
Constance Marks's documentary on Kevin Clash, the kind, gentle man who created the Muppet beloved by every single child in the world, rushes... More>>
Norman Norman
, October 19, 2011
Norman (Dan Byrd) is as sarcastically disconsolate a protagonist as you’ll see in a movie involving a romance with the new girl in... More>>
The Catechism Cataclysm The Catechism Cataclysm
, October 19, 2011
Taking the notion of toilet humor literally but incapable of delivering its promised religious satire, The Catechism Cataclysm is more muddled... More>>
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