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Golden Boys? Stand Up Guys Is a Blow to Al Pacino's Legacy Stand Up Guys
, December 12, 2012
Please, for his own good, somebody clap Dustin Hoffman into a chastity belt. Based on what Al Pacino suffers in Stand Up Guys, and the identical... More>>
Taking the Measure of Ben Gazzara, at Anthology Taking the Measure of Ben Gazzara, at Anthology
Anatomy of a Tough Guy
, December 12, 2012
Green-gold eyes sparkling with seen-it-all bemusement, a smile that could express everything except unguarded mirth, and a baritone like creaking... More>>
Yelling to the Sky Yelling to the Sky
, December 12, 2012
A heavy-handed, Precious-manqué teen-tribulation indie, Victoria Mahoney's Yelling to the Sky plops us down in an unlikely urban hood... More>>
Consuming Spirits Consuming Spirits
, December 12, 2012
Be careful what you wish for: Consuming Sprits delivers, in spades, a panacea for the oxymoronic "committee of creatives" method of many... More>>
Let Fury Have the Hour Let Fury Have the Hour
, December 12, 2012
Although it sets out to document a hopeful narrative of social change, Let Fury Have the Hour also demonstrates the clarifying and fertilizing... More>>
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
, December 12, 2012
One of the most poignant details nested in Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet, Jesse Vile's expertly measured, emotional look at the life of a guitar... More>>
Trashed Trashed
, December 12, 2012
What but a sense of shame about the trash each of us produces could account for the relief of disposing of it and the speed at which its memory... More>>
Save the Date Save the Date
, December 12, 2012
Unremarkable, thinly sketched characters, many adorned with creative careers or hobbies, populate the romantic dramedy Save the Date, yet another... More>>
A Man Apart: Jean-Louis Trintignant at Film Forum A Man Apart: Jean-Louis Trintignant at Film Forum
, December 05, 2012
The dichotomy of French actors in the talkie era was defined in the '30s by Jean Gabin and Michel Simon: the minimal and the maximal, Apollonian... More>>
The Hobbit: Slouching Toward Erebor The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Getting neither there nor back again
, December 05, 2012
Welcome back to Middle-earth. It has been nearly a decade since writer-director Peter Jackson last set foot on J.R.R. Tolkien's hallowed ground,... More>>
Only the Young Only the Young
, December 05, 2012
Faced with adolescent skateboarders in an atrophied suburban desert town, how do moviegoers not brace for the worst? With the entire filmography... More>>
The Loving Story The Loving Story
, December 05, 2012
Well-timed and well crafted in equal measures, The Loving Story is a thoughtful, terrifically intimate account of the case that dismantled this... More>>
Deadfall Deadfall
, December 05, 2012
Distinguished only by its fantastic ensemble cast—including Kate Mara and Treat Williams—Stefan Ruzowitzky's Deadfall just isn't... More>>
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
, December 05, 2012
The American Anglophile's appetite for watching upper-class Brits lolling through the hardships of being rich, overeducated, bored, bitchy, and... More>>
Off-White Lies Off-White Lies
, December 05, 2012
Parental irresponsibility is mildly rebuked and finally indulged in Maya Kenig's Off-White Lies, an intermittently engaging tale of... More>>
Honor Flight Honor Flight
, December 05, 2012
Greatest-generation stoicism meets gushing contemporary sentiment in Honor Flight, Dan Hayes's documentary about the Wisconsin chapter of the... More>>
The Sheik and I The Sheik and I
, December 05, 2012
I Am a Sex Addict director Caveh Zahedi couldn't have been more surprised when he was commissioned to make a short film on the theme of "art as a... More>>
In Our Nature In Our Nature
, December 05, 2012
Hell is other (upper-middle-class) people. Whether it was writer/director Brian Savelson's intention to make Seth (Zach Gilford), the protagonist... More>>
Wagner & Me Wagner & Me
, December 05, 2012
The "Me" here is likable ol' Stephen Fry, who in this sprightly doc considers one of the tougher questions of morality and aesthetics: What honor... More>>
Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin
, December 05, 2012
What has been hidden in doc Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin is a whole global history of black accomplishment, and so Tariq Nasheed's... More>>
Delhi Safari Delhi Safari
, December 05, 2012
There's always something tricky about animated message films like India's 3-D Delhi Safari, which tells the story of a group of animals trekking... More>>
Happy New Year Happy New Year
, December 05, 2012
While Happy New Year strives to raise viewers' awareness of the life modern American vets lead after war, writer/director K. Lorrel Manning's... More>>
The Rabbi's Cat
, December 05, 2012
The feline in question in The Rabbi's Cat is wily, philosophical, and devoted to a dogged and decent rabbi and his fiery, beautiful daughter. The... More>>
, December 05, 2012
As a re-creation of the events that led to the real-life discovery of more than 300 human bodies, Sahkanaga doesn’t exactly want for a... More>>
Playing for Keeps
, December 05, 2012
Gerard Butler, playing George, a former soccer great now dodging bill collectors in suburban Virginia, speaks in his natural Scottish accent in... More>>
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