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Losing Control Losing Control
, March 21, 2012
In the ostensibly charming, actually grating Losing Control, Harvard biophysics grad student Samantha (Miranda Kent) toils away in the... More>>
Musical Chairs Musical Chairs
, March 21, 2012
Three decades after rummaging through the ruins of the downtown punk scene (Smithereens) and immortalizing Madonna, East Village fashion, and... More>>
Man Child en Español: How Did Will Ferrell's Casa de Mi Padre Happen? Casa de Mi Padre
, March 14, 2012
Casa de Mi Padre, which opens in New York this week, is a Spanish-language comedy starring Will Ferrell as a simpleminded, asexual Mexican cowboy... More>>
A Lost Boy and a Sliver of Hope in the Dardenne Fairy Tale The Kid With a Bike The Kid With a Bike
, March 14, 2012
The Kid With a Bike , the new film from Belgian art -house legends Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, begins with Cyril, a scrappy 11 -year-old... More>>
Bro, How Times Have Changed: 21 Jump Street Now a Buddy Comedy 21 Jump Street
, March 14, 2012
The television show 21 Jump Street, about cops who go undercover as high schoolers, debuted on Fox in 1987—one year after the network... More>>
The Power of Restraint in the Films of Terence Davies The Power of Restraint in the Films of Terence Davies
, March 14, 2012
With The Deep Blue Sea, the great British director Terence Davies returns to the postwar period —though in a sense, he has never left. Born... More>>
Wake and Seek: A Stoner Goes After His Destiny in Jeff, Who Lives at Home Jeff, Who Lives at Home
, March 14, 2012
It's obvious that Jason Segel has a face for comedy. He's got a lumpy, sad-sack mug with a dozen inflections to register disappointment,... More>>
Seeking Justice Seeking Justice
, March 14, 2012
Nic Cage has been in a flurry of activity since the IRS closed in on him in 2009, and, like the proverbial stopped clock, his promiscuous work... More>>
Detachment Detachment
, March 14, 2012
Movies about teachers are flypaper for overblown armchair crusaderism, and this overbearingly cynical attempt gets my vote for worst offender... More>>
Gerhard Richter Painting Gerhard Richter Painting
, March 14, 2012
Countless documentaries have feebly attempted to probe and illuminate the creative process (the phrase "dancing about architecture" springs to... More>>
The FP The FP
, March 14, 2012
Infinitely better as a beer-goggled pitch than as a feature film, The FP never gets beyond the studied novelty of its own pose. The Trost... More>>
Natural Selection Natural Selection
, March 14, 2012
An emancipation story that takes place mostly on the road and on the run, Natural Selection mixes elements of Transamerica and the recent Higher... More>>
Free Men Free Men
, March 14, 2012
Another loosely factual gloss on a little-known chapter from Nazi-occupied Europe, Free Men tells of a Vichy France mosque that supplied North... More>>
Delicacy Delicacy
, March 14, 2012
With her ponytail and toggle coat, Audrey Tautou, playing workaholic widow Nathalie in Delicacy, gives off a sexless, cutie-pie charm—not... More>>
The Wise Kids The Wise Kids
, March 14, 2012
The tight trio of Baptist teenagers at the center of Stephen Cone's empathic South Carolina–set second feature might fill its days with... More>>
Reuniting the Rubins Reuniting the Rubins
, March 14, 2012
Oy vey, Mumsy. Every time hapless widowed barrister Lenny Rubin (Timothy Spall) tries to embark on a relaxing sea cruise, his high-maintenance... More>>
Pray for Japan Pray for Japan
, March 14, 2012
"Most people would cry out in pain," says a Japanese man in director Stu Levy's documentary Pray for Japan. "Our people accept it." He isn't... More>>
Casa de Mi Padre Casa de Mi Padre
, March 14, 2012
Rogue comic Will Ferrell recently turned up on an Old Milwaukee commercial exclusively for the Davenport, Iowa, local market; the obvious next... More>>
The Visions of Nina Menkes The Visions of Nina Menkes
The waking dreams and persistent concerns of an uncompromising filmmaker
, March 07, 2012
Filmmaker Nina Menkes has made five features in the past three decades. All of them appropriate Hollywood genres—noir, horror,... More>>
An Unconventional Parenting Setup in the Highly Conventional Friends With Kids Friends With Kids
, March 07, 2012
In the opening scene of Friends With Kids, a conspicuously placed copy of Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion on the bedside table of Jason (Adam... More>>
One-Take Wonder: Reality-Horror Gets a Questionable Upgrade in Silent House Silent House
, March 07, 2012
The foundations of Silent House are laid atop La Casa Muda, a nil-budget 2010 Uruguayan horror film that enjoyed an afterlife in international... More>>
Father and Son Scholars Grapple with Each Other and the Truth in Footnote Footnote
, March 07, 2012
In the first scene of Israel's Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee, Footnote, Uriel Shkolnik (Lior Ashkenazi)—a fortysomething Talmudic... More>>
Tim Riggins in Space: John Carter Can't Lose John Carter
, March 07, 2012
With expectations to match its obscenely huge budget (an estimated quarter of a billion dollars), this long-delayed adaptation of pulp meister... More>>
The Intimate Details of Japanese Life in "Extreme Private Ethos" The Intimate Details of Japanese Life in "Extreme Private Ethos"
, March 07, 2012
This palm-sized program of six films has a narrow focus: Japanese docs obsessing, for good or ill, on the emotional undulations of modern family... More>>
Attenberg Attenberg
, March 07, 2012
Athina Rachel Tsangari's disarming second feature—Greece's unsuccessful submission for a Best Foreign Oscar nomination one year after... More>>
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