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Cargo Cargo
, October 19, 2011
Cargo, the latest entry in the emergent sex-slavery subgenre, posits forced prostitution as a model of global capitalism. The trade is run by... More>>
Footloose 2011: There is Still a Time to Dance Footloose
, October 12, 2011
In hindsight, the 1984 hit Footloose—starring Kevin Bacon and directed by Herbert Ross—along with its contemporary Flashdance, can be... More>>
To Save and Project Fest: Long Live Cinema! To Save and Project Fest: Long Live Cinema!
For a month at MOMA, digital is not the savior of cinema
, October 12, 2011
Digital might be the future of the motion-picture medium, but for film preservation, it’s a mixed blessing. Archivists polled in a recent... More>>
Mad-scientist Tale Minus the Moral Compass in The Skin I Live In The Skin I Live In
, October 12, 2011
The morality of the mad-scientist tale has remained more or less fixed since the beginning of sound cinema: From Dr. Frankenstein’s... More>>
The Thing The Thing
, October 12, 2011
John Carpenter should approve of this reasonably respectful and tough-minded prequel to his 1982 The Thing. There in Antarctica, you'll recall,... More>>
California Fading: Life on the Shores of the Salton Sea in Bombay Beach Bombay Beach
, October 12, 2011
Documentary-fiction hybrids are tough to pull off, and this one stumbles hard over the fiction part. The good news is that Bombay Beach is a... More>>
Struggling in New NY, Still Mourning for the Old One in Happy Life Happy Life
, October 12, 2011
Keith (Tom McCaffrey), the subject of character study Happy Life, is the 35-year-old proprietor of the record store New York Tunez and a DJ... More>>
The Big Year The Big Year
, October 12, 2011
In the spirit of its bird-watching subject, The Big Year populates countless scenes with notable faces—Dianne Wiest! Brian Dennehy! Jim... More>>
High-brow Torture Porn is Still Torture Porn in The Woman The Woman
, October 12, 2011
Pretentious muddle trumps splattery satire in this high-minded indie button-pusher, which is only fleetingly as transgressive as its infamous... More>>
Keep Out: Rich Fam in Danger, And Careers Too in Trespass Trespass
, October 12, 2011
A home-invasion movie as instantly forgettable as its title, Trespass is not without disturbing images: namely, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as... More>>
Trying to Escape a Zombie-Plagued Africa, Facing Humanity All Along the Way, in The Dead The Dead
, October 12, 2011
Welcome to Africa, where most humans have turned—one bite at a time—into zombies. As this superbly crafted horror film opens, American... More>>
Life in the Bronx, Through the Eyes and Words of Teen Poets, in To Be Heard To Be Heard
, October 12, 2011
On balance, the message stays positive: Two of To Be Heard’s four credited directors (Roland Legiardi-Laura and Amy Sultan) co-founded the... More>>
Cops on the Prowl for a Swampland Murderer in Texas Killing Fields Texas Killing Fields
, October 12, 2011
Detectives Souder and Heigh (Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are two Texas City cops investigating a string of killings whose female... More>>
Huckster Makes a Late-life Conversion to Family Man in Father of Invention Father of Invention
, October 12, 2011
It is an unquestioned truism of recent American movies from Marmaduke to The Descendants that working hard at a job is tantamount to child... More>>
Back in the Heartland, Writer Confronts His Past and Present in Fireflies in the Garden Fireflies in the Garden
, October 12, 2011
Familial dysfunction takes glib, syrupy form in Fireflies in the Garden, a flashbacky saga of past discord and present-day reconciliation that... More>>
Too Fat? Too Thin? America the Beautiful 2 Weighs In America the Beautiful 2
, October 12, 2011
A follow-up to director Darryl Roberts’s 2008 inquiry into this country’s ad-bolstered beauty standards, America the Beautiful 2: The... More>>
All Downhill: Teen Romance on the Slopes in Chalet Girl Chalet Girl
, October 12, 2011
Hot Dog… The Movie and its disreputable ski-comedy ilk might have been a low point in cinema history, but at least their unbridled crassness... More>>
It's a Musical Life: American Man Trades Jersey for the African Forest in Oka! Oka!
, October 12, 2011
Love Actually's Kris Marshall stars as Larry, an endearingly goofy ethnomusicologist from Jersey who travels to the forests of Central Africa for... More>>
Linked Up: Making an Argument for Interdependence in Connected Connected
, October 12, 2011
Connected opens with director Tiffany Shlain confessing to cell phone addiction, a focus on herself that's indicative of this documentary, which... More>>
Intrigue Drowns Out Argument in Political Thriller Ides of March The Ides of March
, October 05, 2011
A procedural on the political manipulation of medium and message, George Clooney’s fourth directorial effort is bookended with scenes of... More>>
Home from Afghanistan, But Still at War in Hell and Back Again Hell and Back Again
, October 05, 2011
Like last month’s Where Soldiers Come From, director Danfung Dennis’s Hell and Back Again seeks to document the personal experience of... More>>
Weekend: When Godard Burned the Movie House Down Weekend: When Godard Burned the Movie House Down
Road-trip revolution
, October 05, 2011
Jean-Luc Godard changed the course of film history with his debut Breathless (1960) and then again when he capped an unprecedented seven-year run... More>>
Robot on the Ropes, Love or Something Like It in His Corner in Real Steel Real Steel
Father-and-son reunion, and a semblance of emotion
, October 05, 2011
Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a two-bit trainer traveling the state-fair circuit in a not-too-distant future. His line is robot fighting, a... More>>
NYFF: Daily Reviews NYFF: Daily Reviews
Daily updates from the Festival
, October 05, 2011
The 49th annual New York Film Festival is in full swing at Lincoln Center and continues through October 16. Here's where you can find ongoing... More>>
Human Centipede II: Fame Corrupts Ass-to-Mouth Movie The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
, October 05, 2011
2010’s midnight-movie sensation The Human Centipede (First Sequence), in which a diabolical doctor surgically connected three tourists to... More>>
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