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Shady Lady
, November 07, 2012
Too many Wiki-worthy info dumps and not enough character-enriching detail stops Shady Lady, a docudrama about a team of World War II Australian... More>>
Auteur Goes Amateur: Barry Levinson's The Bay Aspires to YouTube The Bay
, October 31, 2012
Found-footage eco-horror cheapie The Bay—in which a previously harmless waterborne parasite mutates into an unstoppable human-flesh-eating... More>>
Wreck-It Ralph: Do You Choose to Continue? No. Wreck-It Ralph
Too much like its arcade inspiration
, October 31, 2012
It's hard out there for a video game villain: always being attacked, never given the benefit of the doubt, and forever pigeonholed into a role no... More>>
Denzel Washington Sulks, Soars in Flight Flight
When the whip comes down
, October 31, 2012
The yammering about "Oscar gold" and Denzel Washington's potential three-peat will soon reach a deafening pitch, but such noise can only... More>>
The Understudy
, October 31, 2012
Sluggishly paced and markedly uneven, David Conolly and Hannah Davis's belatedly released 2008 film The Understudy seems at times to aspire to... More>>
North Sea Texas
, October 31, 2012
Recently, popular films about gay characters have started moving beyond the overarching plot about society's acceptance of sexual identity and... More>>
The Man With the Iron Fists
, October 31, 2012
As Wu-Tang Clan's principal producer and myth-maker, Robert "RZA" Diggs translated the group's rugged urban background into the language of Wuxia... More>>
In the Undead Comedy Vamps, Amy Heckerling Loses the Pulse Vamps
You kids get off my grave
, October 31, 2012
At times winningly dopey but still easily forgotten, Amy Heckerling's undead-BFFs comedy Vamps sends up our pop cultural fascination with... More>>
Perfect, Placid, Mad: Deneuve's Unraveling, 50 years Later Repulsion
, October 31, 2012
The first film in English for both director Roman Polanski and star Catherine Deneuve, the still-terrifying Repulsion renders language and... More>>
Sean Penn, Gothed Up and Great, in This Must Be the Place This Must Be the Place
The alt-rock Nazi hunter
, October 31, 2012
If you Google the phrase "Danzig shopping for cat supplies," you'll find links to phone-cam shots of former Misfits singer Glenn Danzig crossing... More>>
Beasts Do It: Jack and Diane Suggests the Kids Are Alright—Animals Jack and Diane
, October 31, 2012
Equating teens with animals has long been a handy horror-cinema way to tackle pubescent sexual development. So with its most attention-grabbing... More>>
The Details The Details
, October 31, 2012
Another dark comedy exposing the wormy dirt beneath suburban sod, The Details never lays bare any truths we haven't known since, say,... More>>
A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
, October 31, 2012
A biopic bent on futzing with the form, A Liar's Autobiography bears the strong authorial stamp of its subject, but nonetheless looks like... More>>
Here I Learned to Love Here I Learned to Love
, October 31, 2012
A slight but powerful entry in the family-history-as-world-history archives, Here I Learned to Love follows two brothers, now in their seventies... More>>
Bones Brigade: An Autobiography Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
, October 31, 2012
Stacy Peralta documents what he knows best: the '70s–'80s California skateboarding culture of which he was a seminal figure. Having already... More>>
A Late Quartet A Late Quartet
, October 31, 2012
Woody Allen has been known to suggest that, in directing a good movie, much of the battle lies in casting. Were that entirely true, the Philip... More>>
A Man's Story A Man's Story
, October 31, 2012
Ozwald Boateng's life story is almost too good to be true. The London-born son of Ghanaian immigrants, this self-taught designer resides in the... More>>
High Ground High Ground
, October 31, 2012
'I feel like I've lived up my life; the tank is empty," declares an Iraq War Marine veteran who has traveled to Nepal to climb a mountain... More>>
Festival of Lights Festival of Lights
, October 31, 2012
Little girls never stop loving their daddies in Festival of Lights, a drama that never stops loving soap-opera-style melodramatics. Having fled... More>>
Starship Wachowski: The Cloud Atlas Team Dares You to Leave Your Pod Starship Wachowski: The Cloud Atlas Team Dares You to Leave Your Pod
, October 24, 2012
It's a Sunday afternoon in New York, and Tom Tykwer and the filmmakers formerly known as the Wachowski brothers are talking about Zardoz, that... More>>
Corey Feldman Goes to Hell 6 Degrees of Hell
, October 24, 2012
When Corey Feldman finally appears in 6 Degrees of Hell, you might feel hope. "I'm just a deputy," a cop tells him. "And I'm just a paranormal... More>>
Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters
, October 24, 2012
A decade’s fretting and futzing and the few ecstatic moments rendered along the way are compressed into 77 minutes in Gregory Crewdson:... More>>
Silent Hill: Revelation
, October 24, 2012
Darkness is always chasing Heather (Adelaide Clemens), but, unfortunately, it takes 94 tedious minutes before Silent Hill: Revelation finally... More>>
Chasing Mavericks
, October 24, 2012
Waves crash and churn with alarming ferocity in Chasing Mavericks. A seamless blend of open-water photography, visual effects, and sound design... More>>
Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies for the Sake of Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies for the Sake of Watching All of the Wachowskis' Movies
, October 24, 2012
At around the four-minute mark of my first viewing of the Cloud Atlas trailer, as the M83 track swelled to its bursting point and a hover bike... More>>
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