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Stolen Seas: In Deep With Honest-to-God Pirates Stolen Seas
, January 16, 2013
'If the state can't stop 12 guys in a boat, how powerful is it?" asks Matthew Raffety in Stolen Seas, Thymaya Payne's investigation into the... More>>
Throw Mama From the Train, Please Mama
Less scary than a call from Mom
, January 16, 2013
A chiller about two abandoned little girls and their bond to the wraith of the title, Mama never delivers the primal terror its premise would... More>>
Our School: Seriously, People Still Hate Gypsies? Our School
, January 16, 2013
Movies prefer to reconfirm that education can be inspirational and enlightening, but the documentary Our School focuses on an insoluble case.... More>>
Brief Reunion: Facebook is a Portal to Hell Brief Reunion
, January 16, 2013
For those who still haven't yet figured it out, Facebook is a portal to hell. That's the strongest takeaway from writer-director John Daschbach's... More>>
Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola: Bollywood Banal Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola
, January 16, 2013
Bollywood multi-hyphenate Vishal Bhardwaj's latest proves that his films are only as great as their characters and their respective stories.... More>>
Luv: Another Boyz-to-Men Crime Drama Luv
, January 16, 2013
"Imma teach you some real-world shit," ex-felon Vincent (Common) tells his 11-year-old nephew, Woody (Michael Rainey Jr.), as they ride through... More>>
Godzilla and Flowers: The Films of Kim Jong Il Godzilla and Flowers: The Films of Kim Jong Il
, January 09, 2013
When he died in December 2011, Kim Jong Il left behind more than a dynastic regime and a closet full of drab pantsuits. Jong Il, who ruled the... More>>
Film Forum's NYC Celebration Contains Multitudes Film Forum's NYC Celebration Contains Multitudes
New York's star moment
, January 09, 2013
"I was asking for something perfect and specific for my city," begins Walt Whitman's 1860 Gotham ode "Mannahatta." Six decades later, that poem... More>>
The Best of FIAF's Survey of New Directors The Best of FIAF's Survey of New Directors
French Flick Fête
, January 09, 2013
Headlined simply "Vive la jeunesse!" the French Institute Alliance Française's month-long series devoted to new French filmmakers might... More>>
Gangster Squad: Just Some Crap, Ma'am Gangster Squad
Retelling the stories of better cop movies
, January 09, 2013
Originally slated to open in September 2012, Gangster Squad was delayed when the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, suddenly made a... More>>
The Tower
, January 09, 2013
Joining the ranks of unimaginatively titled movies about exciting things happening in tall buildings is Kim Ji-hoon's The Tower, a... More>>
Arab Spring Documentary Uprising Reminds Us that the Struggle Continues Arab Spring Documentary Uprising Reminds Us that the Struggle Continues
, January 09, 2013
Like most of the documentaries that have emerged to recount and reflect on the revolutionary events of the Arab Spring, Uprising is sure to note,... More>>
Fairhaven Fairhaven
, January 09, 2013
Indies don't come blander than writer/director Tom O'Brien's Fairhaven, a hackneyed tale of reunion set in a small, wintery New England fishing... More>>
High Tech, Low Life High Tech, Low Life
, January 09, 2013
Two Chinese bloggers are the focus of High Tech, Low Life, but what's most revealing about Steve Maing's documentary aren't the ways in which the... More>>
Clandestine Childhood Clandestine Childhood
, January 09, 2013
A charming, involving first feature, Clandestine Childhood muscles its familiar coming-of-age material into something more vibrant and urgent... More>>
Let My People Go! Let My People Go!
, January 09, 2013
With his fluttery falsetto and haughty gaze, Ruben, the flamboyantly gay, ambivalently Jewish twentysomething hero of the new French comedy Let... More>>
Quartet Quartet
, January 09, 2013
A decorous gathering of dames and other knighted U.K. doyens, Quartet centers on the residents of Beecham House, a baronial residence for retired... More>>
Struck by Lightning Struck by Lightning
, January 09, 2013
It's almost impossible to dislike Chris Colfer, the young Glee star who wrote and stars in the high school comedy Struck by Lightning, which... More>>
$ellebrity $ellebrity
, January 09, 2013
It's not easy being famous, as the famous love to remind us. Just ask Jennifer Aniston, Kid Rock, or any of the other instantly recognizable... More>>
The Baytown Outlaws The Baytown Outlaws
, January 09, 2013
It's redneck killers for hire versus stripper assassins, African-American pirates, and Native American warriors—all hired by a Latino drug... More>>
Storage 24 is a Monster from a Familiar Mother Storage 24 is a Monster from a Familiar Mother
, January 09, 2013
Shrewd horror movies generate terror by crafting their endangered characters in three dimensions—but it helps if those characters, however... More>>
My Best Enemy My Best Enemy
, January 09, 2013
Getting even is wearying in My Best Enemy, a banal World War II thriller dependent on contrived role reversals. Victor Kaufmann (Moritz... More>>
I Am Not a Hipster I Am Not a Hipster
, January 09, 2013
Several of the past decade's best movie musicals—whether comic (School of Rock), sweet (Once), graceful (Our Beloved Month of August), or... More>>
How to Defend Quentin Tarantino How to Defend Quentin Tarantino
What critics who attack the director's borrowings miss
, January 02, 2013
Ah, here it is again: that special time we experience every two to six years when Quentin Tarantino makes a new movie, and people dig out the old... More>>
10 Movies to Watch in 2013 10 Movies to Watch in 2013
In theaters, on demand, or wherever
, January 02, 2013
Most of the blathering this year about the death of film and film culture has already evaporated from the mind, like so much inert gas. But one... More>>
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