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U.N. Me U.N. Me
, May 30, 2012
From its "Oil for Food" scandal in Iraq to its inaction in Rwanda and Darfur and its farcical human rights council appointments, the U.N. is... More>>
High School High School
, May 30, 2012
Its opening shots replete with heavily fetishized close-ups of kids taking hits off joints and its dialogue peppered with lines like, "Getting... More>>
Battlefield America Battlefield America
, May 30, 2012
C-list r&b singer Marques Houston jumps on the money train of the modern family film with Battlefield America. In the movie, which Houston... More>>
For Greater Glory For Greater Glory
, May 30, 2012
Boasting such attributes as a rich, unmined vein of history for its subject matter, the Biblical landscape of northern Mexico for its backdrop,... More>>
6 Month Rule 6 Month Rule
, May 30, 2012
You've seen guys like Tyler before. Not so often in the real world, but all the time in the movies. As played by writer-director Blayne Weaver,... More>>
Cellmates Cellmates
, May 30, 2012
It's sometimes hard to remember there was a time when Tom Sizemore was considered one of America's most promising actors. His sleepwalking... More>>
Crooked Arrows Crooked Arrows
, May 30, 2012
Former Superman Brandon Routh neither looks nor convincingly acts the part of an upstate New York Native American in Crooked Arrows, a flaccid... More>>
Music From the Big House Music From the Big House
, May 30, 2012
Tuning in to a music-as-redemptive-force frequency, black-and-white documentary Music From the Big House follows Canadian roots musician Rita... More>>
Snow White and the Huntsman Snow White and the Huntsman
, May 30, 2012
Around the same age that they're usually hearing fairy tales for the first time, children have a tendency to compulsively ask "Why?" questions.... More>>
Wes Anderson's Larger-Than-Life Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom
One more time, but with feeling
, May 23, 2012
It's 1965, the rainy end of summer on the rocky coast of a fictional New England isle. Twelve-year-old Sam (Jared Gilman), a scrawny,... More>>
5 Broken Cameras, a Brutal Film about Nonviolent Protest 5 Broken Cameras
Still hoping for a Palestinian Spring
, May 23, 2012
Just down the street from the Arab Spring but eclipsed by its fiery limelight, a modest popular movement is spreading, which hopes to bring an... More>>
Touring the Damage in Joachim Trier's Oslo, August 31st Oslo, August 31st
An addict revisits the people he has hurt and his own demons
, May 23, 2012
In just two feature films, writer/director Joachim Trier has proved to be unparalleled in exposing the foibles and delusions of all the sad young... More>>
Men in Black 3: The Bummer of '69 Men in Black 3
The franchise goes back in time, but you still get to pay the 2012 price
, May 23, 2012
Can any one of the millions of Americans who saw Men in Black 2 in 2002 describe its plot today? A single scene? I saw both MIB movies upon their... More>>
Summer Film Guide: Rooftop Films and Spaghetti Westerns Summer Film Guide: Rooftop Films and Spaghetti Westerns
, May 23, 2012
BAMcinemaFest June 20 through July 1 An undeniably essential collection of emerging indie talent (as recently vetted by Cannes, Sundance, SXSW,... More>>
Battle Royale: Hunger Games' Darkly Humorous Precursor Battle Royale
, May 23, 2012
In a broken world not unlike our own, the state corrals a group of teenagers into a tightly controlled terrain and compels them to murder one... More>>
OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger's Movie OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger's Movie
, May 23, 2012
A largely first-person documentary about living with a range of disorders, OC87 is also, in a sense, about a long hiatus from moviemaking. Nearly... More>>
The Woman in the Septic Tank: Poverty Film Farce The Woman in the Septic Tank
, May 23, 2012
The Woman in the Septic Tank is a cheeky backstage farce of the poverty-film genre frequently exported by developing nations—here, the... More>>
Mighty Fine: Debbie Goodstein's Sappy Nostalgia Mighty Fine
, May 23, 2012
As Mighty Fine's Joe Fine, a businessman who relocates his family from Brooklyn to Louisiana in 1974, Chazz Palminteri rages at everything and... More>>
Redlegs: A Narcissistic Spectacle of Male Grief Redlegs
, May 23, 2012
A narcissistic spectacle of male grief, Redlegs charts the reunion of three twentysomething friends (two white and one Colombian) in their... More>>
Culture Clash Yuks in Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator The Dictator
, May 16, 2012
In his third collaboration with director Larry Charles, Sacha Baron Cohen plays Admiral General Aladeen, the young, dumb dictator of fictional... More>>
Battleship: Because Every Generation Needs an Armageddon Battleship
, May 16, 2012
Every once in a while, a movie comes along that’s so utterly shameless that it achieves a certain grandeur. Peter Berg’s Battleship,... More>>
Family Ties that Break and Bind in Elena and The Color Wheel Elena
, May 16, 2012
Andrey Zvyagintsev's Elena is a tale of two apartments. The film is bookended by shots that look in, covetously, on a spacious chrome, glass, and... More>>
Parent Trap: The Narrow Worldview of What to Expect When You're Expecting What to Expect When You're Expecting
, May 16, 2012
Even though it doesn't have a story, characters, or setting, Heidi Murkoff's mega-bestselling, 28-year-old pregnancy manual, What to Expect When... More>>
Morgan Spurlock Scratches the Surface of Your Stupid Beard in Mansome Mansome
, May 16, 2012
'I think that men are having an identity crisis, but they don't really know it." So says "biological anthropologist" Helen Fisher, speaking in... More>>
Internal Affairs: On the Job with French Child Protection Cops in Polisse Polisse
, May 16, 2012
An episodic ensemble piece based on cases handled by Paris's Child Protection Unit, Polisse is a mutant beast: Imagine an entire season of Law &... More>>
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