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In My Mother's Arms In My Mother's Arms
, October 03, 2012
Focusing on a makeshift orphanage for 32 young boys in Baghdad whose parents have died since America blessed their country with freedom and... More>>
The Paperboy The Paperboy
, October 03, 2012
Precious director Lee Daniels’s Southern Gothic noir pulp presents itself with the doubtful come-hither hospitality of a gator-filled... More>>
Now, Forager: A Film About Love and Fungi Now, Forager: A Film About Love and Fungi
, October 03, 2012
Sulky indie drama might not have been the best path through a story of mushroomers in a troubled marriage; that cheeky and possibly misleading... More>>
Avé Avé
, October 03, 2012
As genre unions go, both coming-of-age and love stories are well treated by the conventions of the road movie. There's a barreling, forward-lean... More>>
The Oranges The Oranges
, October 03, 2012
Yeah, all right already, we get it about suburbia: It's a topography of middle-age despair hidden under a sunny beige façade. Also,... More>>
It's Such a Beautiful Day It's Such a Beautiful Day
, October 03, 2012
It made for a deceptively vital change of context when cult animator Don Hertzfeldt strung together four of his award-winning cartoons into the... More>>
Decoding Deepak Decoding Deepak
, October 03, 2012
Made and narrated by a son in an attempt to reconcile his own perception of his father with that of the public at large, Gotham Chopra's Decoding... More>>
Bel Borba Aqui Bel Borba Aqui
, October 03, 2012
The demolished buildings of Salvador, Brazil, are substrates for public art to one native son. Bel Borba, a mixed-media artist with a huge... More>>
The Prosecution of an American President The Prosecution of an American President
, October 03, 2012
Akin to an updated Fahrenheit 9/11 minus the occasional humor, Dave Hagen and David J. Burke's The Prosecution of an American President advocates... More>>
Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare
, October 03, 2012
Skyrocketing domestic health care costs are tackled with sobriety in Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, but the film offers... More>>
Won’t Back Down Won’t Back Down
, September 26, 2012
The fat, lazy public school teacher who can’t be bothered to stop diddling with her phone or shopping for shoes online while her... More>>
Six Million and One
, September 26, 2012
The past is at once ever-present and ignored according to Six Million and One, Israeli documentarian David Fisher's film about his trip to... More>>
The Double Steps (Los Pasos Dobles)
, September 26, 2012
A bedeviling, blithe Spanish meta-film shot entirely in the dunes and cliff villages of Mali, The Double Steps begins with the tale of... More>>
Genndy Tartakovsky: Cartoons, Not Animation Genndy Tartakovsky: Cartoons, Not Animation
With big-studio millions behind him, the director still goes it alone
, September 26, 2012
"I hate realism," director Genndy Tartakovsky said last week over the phone. "In America especially, we're very narrow-minded as far as animation... More>>
Half a Century in, the New York Film Festival Thrives Half a Century in, the New York Film Festival Thrives
Fit at fifty
, September 26, 2012
In 1963, the pop artist Larry Rivers mounted a scaffold at Broadway and 65th Street and painted a billboard announcing that something new was... More>>
Caesar's Messiah: Rome Invented Jesus, New Doc Claims Caesar's Messiah: Rome Invented Jesus, New Doc Claims
, September 26, 2012
Those were trying times for Rome. Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian Caesars and a big spender with a reputedly homicidal temper, was on the... More>>
In Hotel Transylvania, A Comic Dracula Still Kills Hotel Transylvania
Everybody knows I'm a movie-favorite monster
, September 26, 2012
Casting a tapered, vase-slender silhouette and speaking in a Transylvanian accent with a touch of Borscht Belt, Hotel Transylvania’s... More>>
Richard Peña's Long Goodbye Richard Peña's Long Goodbye
25 years and 700 movies later, an institution exits the NYFF
, September 26, 2012
February 1987. At the end of the meal, the waiter at Shun Lee brought Richard Peña a fortune cookie. Peña, a 33-year-old film... More>>
Looper Makes Time Travel Thrilling Again Looper
Back to the good stuff
, September 26, 2012
Early on in Rian Johnson's time-travel thriller Looper, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) sits at a diner and chats with his self from 30 years in the... More>>
Vulgaria Vulgaria
, September 26, 2012
According to the industry’s self-reflexive examinations, film is either the golden height of human imaginative endeavor or as profane and... More>>
Headshot Headshot
, September 26, 2012
Here’s some of the choice mysteries presented in the first reel of Headshot, a seamy, rain-drenched Thai thriller whose title concerns... More>>
Primum Non Nocere Primum Non Nocere
, September 26, 2012
In the hours after the 9/11 attacks, New York City hospitals and blood banks filled with willing donors hoping to be of use on a helpless day.... More>>
Tales of the Night (Les Contes de la Nuit) Tales of the Night (Les Contes de la Nuit)
, September 26, 2012
Sometimes, when you appropriate the storytelling modes of other cultures or time periods, the result is an enormous, semi-informed embarrassment... More>>
The Other Dream Team The Other Dream Team
, September 26, 2012
In the waning years of the Cold War, Americans became more aware of the bad things happening to the good people of the Eastern Bloc, but it... More>>
Solomon Kane Solomon Kane
, September 26, 2012
Nobody seemed to have faith in this benighted, Robert E. Howard–based sword-and-sorcery demi-epic, which is three years old, has already... More>>
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