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Fall Arts Guide 2012: Film Fall Arts Guide 2012: Film
, September 05, 2012
'Giallo Fever!' September 20–30 Pulpy, stylish, and often erotically charged, the blood-soaked Italian thrillers of the giallo genre (a... More>>
Fall Arts Guide 2012: Andrea Arnold Adapts Wuthering Heights Fall Arts Guide 2012: Andrea Arnold Adapts Wuthering Heights
Forget Olivier
, September 05, 2012
Literary one-hit wonder Emily Brontë's doomed-love classic Wuthering Heights has been adapted countless times—by William Wyler and... More>>
Indiana Jones and the Perils of Humanistic Decency Raiders of the Lost Ark
Still joyously disreputable, Raiders comes to IMAX
, September 05, 2012
The story goes that while filming in Tunisia in the summer of 1980, Steven Spielberg avoided the dysentery that afflicted most of the cast and... More>>
Las Acacias, Deserving of Its Awards, Is All About The Road Taken Las Acacias
In no hurry
, September 05, 2012
Winner of the Best First Feature at Cannes last year and a highlight of New Directors/New Films this past spring, Pablo Giorgelli's minimalist,... More>>
The Eye of the Storm The Eye of the Storm
, September 05, 2012
Emotionally and psychologically textured melodrama suffers under the weight of its source material in The Eye of the Storm, Fred Schepisi's... More>>
For Ellen For Ellen
, September 05, 2012
The method-y, elfin-brooder, hipster-star-of-the-moment Paul Dano has four movies out this year, but here is his one-man show, a post-Cassavetes... More>>
The Inbetweeners Movie The Inbetweeners Movie
, September 05, 2012
Teen-Sex Comedies Without Borders could be an NGO, for there is something perversely hopeful in how Ben Palmer's The Inbetweeners Movie slips... More>>
Girl Model Girl Model
, September 05, 2012
Although the title of directors David Redmon and Ashley Sabin's dual portrait of two players in the underage-modeling world might suggest an... More>>
Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution
, September 05, 2012
On a snowy night in late November in 1973, Paris was burning, as first-time filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper shows in her rough-hewn, repetitive,... More>>
Hello I Must Be Going Hello I Must Be Going
, September 05, 2012
We knew from Heavenly Creatures that Kate Winslet had a bright career ahead, but in that film, Melanie Lynskey was the one to watch. Is it... More>>
[Rec]3: Genesis [Rec]3: Genesis
, September 05, 2012
[Rec]3: Genesis starts out in the faux-found-footage mode popularized by films like Cloverfield and the first two entries in Paco Plaza's trilogy... More>>
Mulberry Child Mulberry Child
, September 05, 2012
China's 1960s–1970s Cultural Revolution reverberates through generations in Mulberry Child, a documentary based in part on Jian Ping's... More>>
In Prohibition Drama Lawless, Looks Trump Drama Lawless
Hillbillies versus peacocks
, August 29, 2012
Screening the history of bootlegging in urban America led to the invention of a genre—the gangster film—but moviegoers have seen... More>>
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
, August 29, 2012
As convoluted as it is winningly grandiose, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate works best when its characters aren't explaining themselves. Directed... More>>
The Possession
, August 29, 2012
Demonic exorcism is given a perfunctory Jewish twist in The Possession, which delivers second-rate horror clichés unbefitting the... More>>
The Ambassador: The Horror, the Horror The Ambassador
Prankish doc exposes the ol' heart of darkness
, August 29, 2012
The blitzkrieg of award season is right around the corner, and with it, we can expect an onslaught of stunt performances, designed to wow Academy... More>>
Reach Out and Touch For a Good Time, Call . . .
Here's the great phone sex comedy the world needs now
, August 29, 2012
Remember way back when Bridesmaids was released, and Manohla Dargis referred to it as "unexpectedly funny"? It's amazing what still survives the... More>>
The Shape of Docs to Come: Ornette: Made in America Ornette: Made in America
Shirley Clarke's jazz classic broke ground still untraveled
, August 29, 2012
The invaluable—yet still insufficiently appreciated—American independent filmmaker Shirley Clarke (1919–97) once said: "There... More>>
The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
, August 29, 2012
In the 1960s and 1970s, there was something known as the kiddie matinee: Parents would drop their brood off at a movie theater showing a... More>>
The Tall Man The Tall Man
, August 29, 2012
Maybe the biggest implausibility of director Pascal Laugier's The Tall Man is the idea that dozens of missing Caucasian children in a community... More>>
Little Birds Little Birds
, August 29, 2012
The first feature from gang member/punk rocker/semi-notorious homeless-kid-turned-Sundance-protégé Elgin James, this polished but... More>>
The Day The Day
, August 29, 2012
You don't always need to know the specific circumstances that precede the events of a postapocalyptic film, but the unexplained, history-ending... More>>
Side by Side Side by Side
, August 29, 2012
It's a credit to Side by Side—an impressively thorough, expertly assembled survey of the debate surrounding the movie industry's transition... More>>
The Good Doctor The Good Doctor
, August 29, 2012
Loneliness, lack of respect, and a wholesale absence of ethical standards prove to be a volatile combination in The Good Doctor, Lance Daly's... More>>
The Bullet Vanishes The Bullet Vanishes
, August 29, 2012
How do you escape a noose? Can a gun shoot without bullets? Can you remove a chopstick from an empty wine bottle without touching the bottle?... More>>
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