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Ryan Gosling at the Wheel in the Retro Thrill Ride Drive Drive
, September 14, 2011
As stripped-down and propulsive as its robotic title, Drive is the most "American" movie yet by Danish genre director Nicolas Winding Refn. The... More>>
The Mother of All Lies in I Don't Know How She Does It I Don't Know How She Does It
, September 14, 2011
What I don't know: why these movies keep getting made. I Don't Know How She Does It is based on Allison Pearson's 2002 diaristic, comic... More>>
Achievements in Vitriol with the Screamers of Shut Up Little Man! Achievements in Vitriol with the Screamers of Shut Up Little Man!
, September 14, 2011
Recent research suggests that swearing—as in cursing, cussing, or unleashing any stream of invective that newspaper comics would render as... More>>
You Cannot Send Shit Through the Internet, and Other Life Lessons from Critic Dave Kehr You Cannot Send Shit Through the Internet, and Other Life Lessons from Critic Dave Kehr
, September 14, 2011
Dave Kehr is not a flashy critic, but he does know movies better than you ever will, better than just about anyone who's toiled on the film crit... More>>
Straw Dogs Straw Dogs
, September 14, 2011
It is knee-jerk to decry the remake, but to the credit of writer-director Rod Lurie, who has adapted Sam Peckinpah’s U.K.-set 1971 film into... More>>
The Long Journey to Goodbye in Silent Souls Silent Souls
, September 14, 2011
Russian director Aleksei Fedorchenko surfaced here back in 2005 with First on the Moon, an eccentric, wistful mockumentary inventing a Soviet... More>>
Inside a Masterpiece, and Creating a New One in The Mill and the Cross The Mill and the Cross
, September 14, 2011
An extraordinary example of both art-historical interpretation and CGI as passport to unknown lands, The Mill and the Cross, based on a book by... More>>
As One Indonesian Family Goes, So Goes the Nation in Position Among the Stars Position Among the Stars
, September 14, 2011
Leonard Retel Helmrich's third documentary about the same Indonesian family is a dazzler in at least a couple ways. First off, it's the rare... More>>
Love Triangle Fail: Sexy Super-Scientist Goes Both Ways in 3 3
, September 14, 2011
After 20 years together, fortyish arts professionals Hanna (Sophie Rois) and Simon (Sebastian Schipper) have succumbed to bed death. Other... More>>
Men of War and Peace: Behind the Scenes at Camp David in Back Door Channels Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace
, September 14, 2011
Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace opens with a four-minute history of 4,000 years’ worth of conflict in the Middle East. Although the... More>>
On the Road with Jane Goodall, Planet Saver, in Jane's Journey Jane's Journey
, September 14, 2011
Spectacularly photographed and journalistically lame, Jane’s Journey blows a 105-minute kiss to Dr. Jane Goodall, the seventysomething... More>>
Gus Van Sant's Teen Romance Restless: Bad Will or Just Bad Taste? Restless
, September 14, 2011
Too morbid to be a crowd-pleaser à la Good Will Hunting but nowhere near as confrontationally inscrutable as Gerry, Gus Van Sant's... More>>
69 with a Dirty-Mind: Age Has Not Mellowed The Weird World of Blowfly The Weird World of Blowfly
, September 14, 2011
Now this is a résumé: dapper king of Miami soul, groove-master songwriter for the likes of Sam & Dave, trailblazer of rap music,... More>>
There's No App for That: Life at the Record Store in Sound It Out Sound It Out
, September 14, 2011
A nonfiction love letter to independent businesses, unruly rock riffs, and the scratchy pleasures of rare LPs, Sound It Out celebrates vinyl and... More>>
Building a War Crimes Case in Granito: How To Nail a Dictator Granito: How to Nail a Dictator
, September 14, 2011
In 1982, doc filmmaker Pamela Yates traveled to Guatemala to capture both sides of the then-raging civil war, in which the despotic regime of... More>>
Adultery in Wool Sweaters: Couples Come Apart in Norway's Happy, Happy Happy, Happy
, September 14, 2011
One miserable couple collides with another in the cringe comedy Happy, Happy, a prizewinner at Sundance and Norway’s official submission for... More>>
Life Lessons with Gerard Depardieu in My Afternoons with Margueritte My Afternoons with Margueritte
, September 14, 2011
Celebrity airplane wizzer Gérard Depardieu, playing massive dimwit Germain in this syrupy tale of intergenerational friendship, looks... More>>
Piggish Hollywood on Trial in Exhibit A Prince of Swine Prince of Swine
, September 14, 2011
Mark Toma adapts his own Off Broadway play, the events of which are set in motion when a rampantly misogynistic producer, foamingly played by... More>>
The Power to Heal Others, But Not Himself, in One Fall One Fall
, September 14, 2011
If director Marcus Dean Fuller had synthesized the genres referenced and tones struck in the script he co-wrote with Richard Greenberg, One Fall... More>>
Steven Soderbergh Says We're Killing Ourselves in Contagion Contagion
, September 07, 2011
Currently the fifth-to-last film on Steven Soderbergh's ever-expanding pre-retirement slate, Contagion opens on day two of a global viral... More>>
The Struggle: Black Power Mixtape and Bobby Fischer Black Power Mixtape
, September 07, 2011
"The revolution will not be televised." So Gil Scott-Heron asserted in 1970, and so it was not—at least not on American TV. As demonstrated... More>>
Fall Arts: Albert Brooks, Gangster Fall Arts: Albert Brooks, Gangster
The actor gears up for Drive
, September 07, 2011
If you only know Albert Brooks from his prophetic comedies (Lost in America, Modern Romance, Defending Your Life) or other neurotically droll... More>>
Roman's Ruins: Polanski at MOMA Roman's Ruins: Polanski at MOMA
Past is prologue for the filmmaker
, September 07, 2011
Gore Vidal wrote in 2007 that "to speak today of a famous novelist is like speaking of a famous cabinetmaker or speedboat designer. Adjective is... More>>
Fall Arts: Film Picks Fall Arts: Film Picks
, September 07, 2011
When Movies Mattered September 16, 19–20, 26–28 Curated by indispensable film critic Dave Kehr, BAM's auteur-driven revival series... More>>
We Were Here: Five San Franciscans Remember the AIDS Crisis We Were Here: Five San Franciscans Remember the AIDS Crisis
, September 07, 2011
A simple, powerful act of bearing witness, We Were Here is a sober reminder of the not-too-distant past, when gays were focused not on honeymoon... More>>
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