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About Cherry About Cherry
, September 19, 2012
Dramatic films taking place around the porn industry—let us retire those ridiculous code word “adult films”—tend to... More>>
Switch Switch
, September 19, 2012
A methodical, occasionally remedial survey of the energy crisis and its possible solutions, Switch fits a subject often treated polemically into... More>>
Three Stars Three Stars
, September 19, 2012
When you're trying to figure out what to eat, it's completely natural to tap your upper lip, gaze off into space, and say, "I wonder what a... More>>
186 Dollars to Freedom 186 Dollars to Freedom
, September 19, 2012
If one were to base one's knowledge of South America solely on the movies set there that make their way into theaters in these United States, one... More>>
Knuckleball! Knuckleball!
, September 19, 2012
Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg made a name for themselves with films like The Trials of Darryl Hunt, socially conscious docs with life-or-death... More>>
Radio Unnameable Radio Unnameable
, September 19, 2012
A sporadically hard-selling homage to a cult hero from an overchronicled era, Radio Unnameable considers the career of Bob Fass, whose late-night... More>>
My Uncle Rafael My Uncle Rafael
, September 19, 2012
Armenian comedy star Vahik Pirhamzei brings his signature character to American shores with My Uncle Rafael, an insufferable import indebted to... More>>
Doctored Doctored
, September 19, 2012
In the kind of ancient newsreel footage the Coen brothers parodied for sequences in The Hudsucker Proxy, AMA executive director Morris... More>>
Tears of Gaza Tears of Gaza
, September 19, 2012
The sterile way to describe the Gaza war that began in December 2008 is that it was an Israeli response to Palestinian rockets fired across the... More>>
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
, September 19, 2012
As someone who was in college when Napster happened, I'd love to see a period piece re-creating teen life during the last moments before... More>>
The Master: From the Window to the Wall The Master
You aren't expecting what Paul Thomas Anderson is giving
, September 12, 2012
There's something startlingly noncommittal about many of the initial reviews of The Master that leaked out following the impromptu screenings... More>>
The Bigger and Better Mousetraps of Paul W.S. Anderson The Bigger and Better Mousetraps of Paul W.S. Anderson
, September 12, 2012
The big movie event of September will be the anticipated latest from a certain filmmaker who signs his films with the surname Anderson and a pair... More>>
The Strange Fate of Kim's Video The Strange Fate of Kim's Video

The best video collection in New York was shipped to a Sicilian town with a promise that it would be kept accessible to cinephiles. Here's what really happened to it.

, September 12, 2012
From 1995 until January 2009, a music and movie megastore called Mondo Kim’s took up the bulk of a five-story building at 6 St. Marks Place... More>>
, September 12, 2012
Are we being bamboozled? Released with minimum print ads, no review screenings, and an outrageously misleading TV trailer, this forsaken whatsit... More>>
Snowman's Land
, September 12, 2012
The real star of Snowman’s Land isn’t an actor. It’s the German forest, captured during a particularly cold winter. Most of the... More>>
Step Up to the Plate (Entre les Bras)
, September 12, 2012
Step Up to the Plate, despite its punny, baseball-derived title, is about slow ritual: food prep, family traditions, and those of nature, with... More>>
Resident Evil: Retribution
, September 12, 2012
Most action filmmakers are lucky to generate as much sheer razzle-dazzle in the course of an entire movie as Paul W.S. Anderson gets into the... More>>
Bait 3-D
, September 12, 2012
Although Bait 3-D, a cheapy shark-attack flick, has many flaws, the foremost among these is the inability to indicate whether we're supposed to... More>>
10 Years: Reeling in the Oughts 10 Years
Channing Tatum and co. stake out adulthood
, September 12, 2012
An amiable, seriocomic high-school-reunion movie, 10 Years succeeds in pulling off a fine varsity talent show. Although some performers, notably... More>>
Flogging Nemo: Pixar's Grand Fish Tale Needs No Enhancement Finding Nemo 3-D
, September 12, 2012
A re-release whose cash-grab intentions are as transparent as the crystal-clear Sydney ocean, Finding Nemo 3-D exists only to relieve parents of... More>>
After the Storm: I'm Carolyn Parker I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful
Jonathan Demme's new doc showcases post-Katrina resilience
, September 12, 2012
Like The Agronomist, director Jonathan Demme's 2003 docu-profile of Haitian political activist Jean Dominique, I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the... More>>
The Manzanar Fishing Club The Manzanar Fishing Club
, September 12, 2012
A charming if tone-deaf pro-am doc edited on someone's Mac, Cory Shiozaki's film slices out yet another unexplored layer of bizarre World War II... More>>
The Trouble With the Truth The Trouble With the Truth
, September 12, 2012
Two people revisiting their long-ago marriage over dinner should—in theory—make a better stage play than a movie, but John Shea, Lea... More>>
Francine Francine
, September 12, 2012
Simultaneously withholding and smothering, Francine, about a woman just released from prison, provides title-role-starring Melissa Leo another... More>>
Liberal Arts Liberal Arts
, September 12, 2012
Alternating between trite over-earnestness and clear-minded observation, Josh Radnor's Liberal Arts manages to hint at both the yearning for... More>>
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