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Where Are They Now: Winners of Past Film Polls Where Are They Now: Winners of Past Film Polls
Driving down Mulholland, we look at the past
, December 22, 2009
"It'll be just like in the movies: We'll pretend to be someone else." So says Betty to Rita in Mulholland Drive, an invitation to an adventure,... More>>
The Decade in Film: A Timeline The Decade in Film: A Timeline
A lot can happen in 10 years. Here, the highlights.
, December 22, 2009
2000 1/10: America's top Internet-service provider announces plans to acquire the world's largest media conglomerate. At $182 billion in stock... More>>
Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep in It's Complicated It's Complicated
Nancy Meyers can't keep making the same movie over and over again
, December 22, 2009
Does Nancy Meyers hate women? The thought ran through my head not very long into It's Complicated, Meyers's biennial stocking-stuffer about the... More>>
Police, Adjective Mines Gulf between Cop and Human Values Police, Adjective
, December 22, 2009
Detective stories imply that mysteries can be solved, or at least rationally explained. Even the most debased example is a secular article of... More>>
Heath Ledger's Ghost Haunts The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
, December 22, 2009
Reunited with Charles McKeown, his co-writer from Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Terry Gilliam has created another Ultimate Po-mo... More>>
Chaplin's The Great Dictator at IFC Center The Great Dictator
, December 22, 2009
Even for the Keatonians, preferring Buster's grace under pressure over Chaplin's faux-innocence, The Great Dictator (1940), showing in a new... More>>
Sita Sings the Blues, a Charm Offensive Sita Sings the Blues
, December 22, 2009
In 2002, Nina Paley's husband moved from San Francisco to India for a six-month contract, an upheaval that ended with him dumping her via e-mail.... More>>
The Capably Mediocre Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
, December 22, 2009
Closing out a pretty great year for children's movies—Up, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Coraline among them—Betty Thomas's... More>>
Avatar's Sticker Shock (and Awe) Avatar
There are some things that even money can't buy
, December 15, 2009
The money is on the screen in Avatar, James Cameron's mega-3-D, mondo-CGI, more-than-a-quarter-billion-dollar baby, and, like the Hope Diamond... More>>
Fellini Fantasy Meets a Harsh Reality in Rob Marshall's Nine Nine
, December 15, 2009
There's no city-clogging traffic jam in Nine, the musicalized version of Federico Fellini's movie-about-moviemaking urtext 8 1/2, but the result... More>>
Country Music, Faded Stardom, Liquor, and Age in Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
, December 15, 2009
Yesterday's honky-tonk hero, Bad Blake, arrives at a Clovis, New Mexico, bowling alley. It's another in a string of low-paying, low-turnout gigs... More>>
Ludwig: Requiem for a Virgin King and Karl May on DVD
For the filmaficionado on your list
, December 15, 2009
What to get the continentally inclined cinephile who has everything? Last year's must-have DVDs were the long-awaited director-authorized... More>>
Jacques Tati Retro at MOMA Jacques Tati Retro at MOMA
The director plays straight man in his own comic world
, December 15, 2009
Was any comic as fixated on (mis)perception as Jacques Tati? "Sight gag" doesn't begin to cover the worlds Tati designed—a seaside village,... More>>
The Trial of Joan of Arc at Anthology The Trial of Joan of Arc
, December 15, 2009
Big-screen interpretations of Joan of Arc are often ridiculous (Jean Seberg in Saint Joan, Milla Jovovich in The Messenger), can be epically... More>>
Magical Realism and Maternalism in François Ozon's Ricky Ricky
, December 15, 2009
The titular infant on the poster for Ricky bears a striking resemblance to the cherub on the cover of Van Halen's 1984 (minus the cig). And, like... More>>
Howard Hawks's His Girl Friday at BAM His Girl Friday
, December 15, 2009
Howard Hawks's 1940 His Girl Friday reworked a decade-old Broadway smash, The Front Page, in which adversarial paper editor and star reporter... More>>
Jean-Marc Vallée's Plodding Young Victoria The Young Victoria
, December 15, 2009
Man, British heritage cinema can be dull when assembly-lined for the export market. Laboring under lampshade millinery, hair that looks like... More>>
Under the Eightball Confronts History of Lyme Disease Under the Eightball
, December 15, 2009
Angry passion and visual energy define this extraordinary muckraking documentary. The anger and rage that ignite it stem from the puzzling... More>>
With 3-D CGI, Peter Jackson Makes a One-Dimensional Lovely Bones The Lovely Bones
, December 08, 2009
A one-film cabinet of curiosities, The Lovely Bones turns the most successful CGI director of the '00s loose on one of the decade's prime... More>>
Better to Look Good than Be Good for Tom Ford's A Single Man A Single Man
, December 08, 2009
Too much is never enough for fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford, whose debut feature flaunts its capital-A Artiness the way some... More>>
Herzog Ups the Wacko in My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
, December 08, 2009
Elaborating on his new career as the master of the jive-talking, echt-American, extravagantly titled faux–straight-to-DVD policier, Werner... More>>
'Beyond the Absurd: Ronald Tavel & Andy Warhol' at Anthology 'Beyond the Absurd: Ronald Tavel & Andy Warhol' at Anthology
The man behind some of Warhol's best work
, December 08, 2009
It wasn't called the Factory for nothing. Andy Warhol was a master of the aesthetic assembly line—harnessing all manner of talents in his... More>>
Reconciliation, If Not Truth, in Clint Eastwood's Invictus Invictus
, December 08, 2009
Aside from Morgan Freeman, who makes a fabulous Nelson Mandela, there's this to savor about Invictus, a rosy tale of racial reconciliation neatly... More>>
'Madcap Manhattan' Series at Film Forum 'Madcap Manhattan' Series at Film Forum
You know you're a NYer when . . . you recognize locations in these movies. Ba da bum.
, December 08, 2009
The 39 comedies—screwball, black, musical, and otherwise—in Film Forum's "Madcap Manhattan" series span the Jimmy Walker through the... More>>
Dino Risi, Making it Look Easy, at MOMA
, December 08, 2009
Law student Roberto is bullied away from his desk when an obstreperous stranger, Bruno, barges into his apartment to use the phone, then drags... More>>
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