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Skills Like This Descends into Obnoxious Quirk-Fest Skills Like This
, March 18, 2009
Monty Miranda's Skills Like This boasts the arguable distinction of being the first film produced in Colorado to be picked up for distribution. A... More>>
We Pedal Uphill We Pedal Uphill
, March 18, 2009
Roland Tec, who made the queer flick All the Rage more than a decade ago, wants to get a few things off his chest about 9/11, Katrina, and eight... More>>
, March 18, 2009
Aimed squarely at the Fried Green Tomatoes crowd, this female-empowerment flick gives the Lifetime Network a good name. Three women meet in a... More>>
Worst Christian Apocalypse Movie Ever: Knowing Knowing
, March 18, 2009
Carefully coded so as not to scare away secular audiences who just wanna see stuff blow up, this lugubrious thriller is still the closest... More>>
Super Capers Is Dumb Parody For Next Generation Geeks Super Capers
, March 18, 2009
The geeks that came of age thrilling to blockbusters like the original Star Wars trilogy and Back to the Future are settling into contented... More>>
Michael Leydon Campbell Rages and Pukes in Bob Funk Bob Funk
, March 18, 2009
Movies-especially inconsequential, earnest comedies like Bob Funk about how people "achieved" their sobriety-are as fascinating as listening to... More>>
In Private Century and A Lust For Ecstasy, Home Video as Cinema In Private Century and A Lust For Ecstasy, Home Video as Cinema
, March 11, 2009
There are some movies you needn't sit through to get. Andy Warhol's five-hour Sleep is one. Artie and Marty Rosenblatt's Baby Pictures is... More>>
From Chaos, Hope in Japanese Films Tôkyô Sonata and Megane From Chaos, Hope in Japanese Films Tôkyô Sonata and Megane
, March 11, 2009
An afternoon breeze blows through an open doorway under the opening titles of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tôkyô Sonata, portending a coming... More>>
The Last House on the Left's Exploitation is Quaintly Nostalgic The Last House on the Left
Rape revenge. Yawn.
, March 11, 2009
"That was the most offensive display of sexualized violence I have ever seen," one wilting fellow in need of a camphor hankie was overheard... More>>
Less Bumbling: The Meta-Mumbling of Joe Swanberg’s Alexander the Last Alexander the Last
, March 11, 2009
Two blond sisters, their faces inches apart, exchange mock wedding vows in bright sunlight; when they get to the man-and-wife part, they slip... More>>
Two Dance Icons, One Love Story in Carmen & Geoffrey Carmen & Geoffrey
, March 11, 2009
Co-directors Linda Atkinson and Nick Doob open their exquisite documentary Carmen & Geoffrey with a black-and-white clip of a 1950s dance... More>>
Z at Film Forum Z
, March 11, 2009
The left-wing leader assassinated in Costa-Gavras's 1969 thriller célèbre dies not from a sharp-shooter's bullet but from a whack... More>>
Vikings Go Severed Ways, Obscenely Severed Ways
, March 11, 2009
Should someone have stopped Tony Stone before he spent months in the Vermont wilderness resurrecting the age of Leif Ericson with a couple of... More>>
Sunshine Cleaning Has Makings of a Great Showtime Series Sunshine Cleaning
, March 11, 2009
More than a year after its first twirl at Sundance, this Amy Adams–Emily Blunt dramedy finally shrugs its way into theaters, and it feels... More>>
Miss March: Sprays like an Exploding Colostomy Bag Miss March
, March 11, 2009
“That’s four years’ worth of poop,” a doctor remarks when Eugene (Zach Cregger)—who wakes up from a coma after his best... More>>
Escape to Witch Mountain: Pure Boilerplate Escape to Witch Mountain
, March 11, 2009
This remake of Disney’s 1975 classic Escape to Witch Mountain is pure, if mildly enjoyable, boilerplate: A spaceship crashes on earth and... More>>
The Cake Eaters Offers Genuinely Sweet, Forgettable Indie Fodder The Cake Eaters
, March 11, 2009
There's no kind of wonderful in Mary Stuart Masterson's directorial debut, yet however slight her ensemble drama—about two distressed... More>>
Zack Snyder Didn't Ruin Watchmen Watchmen
He just sapped it of its superpower.
, March 04, 2009
The most eagerly anticipated (as well as the most beleaguered) movie of the year (if not the century), Watchmen is neither desecratory disaster... More>>
Rip Torn, Roaring, at Anthology Rip Torn, Roaring, at Anthology
Making bizarre look easy (and bizarre)
, March 04, 2009
Has any American actor of the last half-century more steadily and willingly hurled himself into the celluloid breach than that barrel-chested... More>>
French Connections at 14th "Rendez-Vous" French Connections at 14th "Rendez-Vous"
Hits, misses, and a whole lotta crazy at this year's showcase of new Gallic cinema
, March 04, 2009
New Yorkers are fortunate enough to have a rendezvous with French cinema all year long, in any year; 2008 alone saw the release of movies like La... More>>
"Focus on IFC Films" at BAM
Featuring indie spirit, for good and evil
, March 04, 2009
Storied 44-year-old distributor New Yorker Films defaulted into dust this week. The passing was announced on their website—seemingly... More>>
, March 04, 2009
Does anyone remember Japan? The tri-part Tokyo! revisits the Land of the Lost Decade—or at least its largest city—courtesy of tourist... More>>
12 Remakes 12 Angry Men for Russia 12
, March 04, 2009
Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2008, Russian actor/director Nikita Mikhalkov's masterful, engrossing 12 is finally finding... More>>
Carlos Saura's Fados Reviews a Portuguese Folk Tradition Fados
, March 04, 2009
"The Fado" is a dolorous folksong tradition from Portugal, first sung in the early 19th century by barefoot peasants mending nets and... More>>
Explicit Ills More Sweet-Tempered Than Preachy Explicit Ills
, March 04, 2009
A tender ensemble slice of inner-city Philly life to wash out the foul taste of Crossing Over's far more explicit ills, The Hottest State star... More>>
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