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Mother and Child: A Powerful Film About Adoption Mother and Child
(But only adoption.)
, May 04, 2010
In his work as writer-director, Rodrigo García has admirably distinguished himself through his commitment to creating intelligent, complex... More>>
The Lives of Others in DDR/DDR DDR/DDR
Life in East Germany, caught on camera
, May 04, 2010
Originally shown as an installation in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, Amie Siegel’s DDR/DDR—named for the Deutsche Demokratische Republik,... More>>
Babies Porn Babies
Is Babies a good movie? of course not. But that's missing the point.
, May 04, 2010
Did I say "Awww" at Babies? I did. Did I giggle at the adorable things babies do in Babies? Oh my, yes. Did I ovulate like a dozen times during... More>>
When Your Star is Osama's Old Bodyguard: Talking to The Oath Director Laura Poitras When Your Star is Osama's Old Bodyguard: Talking to The Oath Director Laura Poitras
, May 04, 2010
Unlike typical, ham-handed documentaries about "controversial" figures, The Oath, which opens this week at the IFC Center, paints a portrait... More>>
Brent Green's Live-Action Stop-Motion Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
, May 04, 2010
A work of dense textures and enervating affect, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then employs live-action stop-motion to tell the true story of... More>>
Multiple Sarcasms: Whiney White-Guy Midlife Crisis Multiple Sarcasms
Brooks Branch's vanity production with Timothy Hutton
, May 04, 2010
Anyone who tells you he's got a great career, perfect marriage, and superior parenting skills does not. And if he then declares that he's... More>>
'The Calm After the Storm: Making Sense of Lebanon’s Civil War ' at Walter Reade 'The Calm After the Storm: Making Sense of Lebanon’s Civil War ' at Walter Reade
Lebanese film series illustrates the absence of sense in a 15-year fight
, May 04, 2010
Being not Lebanese, I wouldn’t mind having the circumstances, alignments and meanings of the country’s 15 years of cataclysmic civil... More>>
OSS 117: Lost in Rio, A Spy Film Parody OSS 117: Lost in Rio
Impeccably cheesy, but the film develops an energy all its own
, May 04, 2010
In gleefully ripping on both classic spy movies and T&A-obsessed Frenchmen, OSS 117: Lost in Rio reasserts the primary definition of "burlesque":... More>>
Sarab S. Neelam's Ocean of Pearls Ocean of Pearls
, May 04, 2010
Culture clashes on macro and micro scales, occurring all at once, are what drive doctor-turned-filmmaker Sarab S. Neelam’s overly earnest... More>>
Adam Sherman's Happiness Runs Happiness Runs
A fascinating cautionary tale that's weak on character development
, May 04, 2010
Born and raised on a polygamous commune in the wilderness, embittered teen hippie Victor (Mark L. Young) has realized that the nonconformist... More>>
Philippe Lioret's Welcome Welcome
A would-be sober examination of illegal immigrants desperately trying to get into England
, May 04, 2010
Welcome is the third film to receive the European Parliament's Lux Prize, awarded to movies that show "the process of building Europe in a... More>>
Jack Abramoff: The Documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money
Alex Gibney's Casino Jack and the United States of Money is indispensable viewing
, May 04, 2010
Passionate Republican, fervent Orthodox Jew, ruthless wheeler-dealer, charismatic self-promoter, dreamer-and-doer, super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff... More>>
James Allen Smith's Stock-Doc Floored Floored
, May 04, 2010
Within the past decade or two, just about every profession has switched from analog to digital models and the commodities exchange is no... More>>
A Conversation with Human Centipede Director Tom Six A Conversation with Human Centipede Director Tom Six
, April 27, 2010
Dutch filmmaker Tom Six was one of the TV pioneers behind the original version of Big Brother, so there's a disturbing irony in his latest film... More>>
The Soul of Liberal Guilt in Please Give and Chekhov Done Right in The Duel The Soul of Liberal Guilt in Please Give and Chekhov Done Right in The Duel
Rich people problems. Compelling ones!
, April 27, 2010
Nicole Holofcener's fourth feature, Please Give, is a notable rebound from the insufficiently examined self-absorption of her last, Friends With... More>>
Ghost Bird, For the Birds, Other Avian Flicks at Anthology Ghost Bird, For the Birds, Other Avian Flicks at Anthology
On neurotic birders and avian beauty
, April 27, 2010
Cinema has been for the birds from the get-go: It was the puzzle of winged flight that drove Frenchie Étiennes-Jules Marey to build a... More>>
Scott Caan's Vanity Project, Mercy Mercy
, April 27, 2010
Johnny (Scott Caan) is a Hollywood party boy/successful novelist who tosses out bon mots like, "You hitting that?" Then his bestseller gets... More>>
Elm Street Remake Is No Dream A Nightmare on Elm Street
Why won't you DIE?
, April 27, 2010
If audiences are willing to pretend that they’ve never seen Freddy Krueger—and the crowd I was with was primed—at least give them... More>>
Tom Six's Torture-Porn Game-Changer The Human Centipede (First Sequence) The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
, April 27, 2010
In Tom Six's torture-porn game-changer The Human Centipede, an evil German doctor kidnaps a Japanese man and two vapid American girl tourists,... More>>
Michael Caine's Company Not Enough to Carry Harry Brown Harry Brown
, April 27, 2010
Purely for the reliable pleasure of Michael Caine's company, I came ready to praise what threatened to be another miserabilist drama of life and... More>>
BABIES! Babies
Babies, babies, babies!
, April 27, 2010
Reprinted below is the first draft Dan Kois turned in of his review of the adorable-infant documentary Babies. Our editorial team salvaged this... More>>
Paul Dano and Brian Cox in Depressive Buddy Comedy The Good Heart The Good Heart
, April 27, 2010
"No women," insists rancorous NYC saloon owner Jacques (Brian Cox) to new trainee Lucas (Paul Dano)—unwittingly echoing a similar unspoken... More>>
For In My Sleep, No One to Suspect but the Obvious In My Sleep
, April 27, 2010
Marcus (Philip Winchester) is a parasomniac: It looks like he's awake, but he's sleepwalking, a convenient excuse for, say, sleeping with your... More>>
'Perverse Poet: João César Monteiro' at BAM 'Perverse Poet: João César Monteiro' at BAM
, April 27, 2010
Actor-director João César Monteiro’s films often take place in just a few quiet corners of Lisbon, but their philosophical... More>>
Furry Vengeance, a Movie with a Message-and Not Much Else Furry Vengeance
, April 27, 2010
I took the 6-year-old who lives in my house to the Sunday-afternoon sneak preview of Furry Vengeance. The boy’s a savvy consumer of... More>>
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