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From Reverence to Rape in Defiance and Good From Reverence to Rape in Defiance and Good
Shoah me yours and I'll Shoah you mine—plundering meaning from the Holocaust
, December 31, 2008
Will there be a special Academy Award for Best Aryan Costume Design this year? Everywhere you turn in the movies, it's swastika flags and SS... More>>
Nicolas Ray's Bigger Than Life at Film Forum Bigger Than Life
A David Lynch precursor gets a proper screening
, December 31, 2008
In 1955, the year that frames the drama in Revolutionary Road, famed New Yorker medical writer Berton Roueché published a true account of... More>>
Cargo 200 an Unflinching, Quasi-Comedic Portrait of 1984 Russia Cargo 200
, December 31, 2008
Aleksei Balabanov's Cargo 200 is an unflinching portrait of the grim vileness of Soviet Russia in 1984; from an American perspective, though, it... More>>
Waltz With Bashir, Doc and Animation, Bubbling with Repressed Violence Dog of War
, December 24, 2008
Ari Folman's broodingly original Waltz With Bashir—one of the highlights of the last New York Film Festival—is a documentary that... More>>
Everything Comes Together in The Secret of the Grain The Secret of the Grain
The last 30 minutes of this French-Tunisian stew redeem the preceding two hours
, December 24, 2008
A tremendous critical success in France, French-Tunisian writer-director-actor Abdellatif Kechiche's The Secret of the Grain is a sprawling yet... More>>
Benjamin Button Features Pitt and Blanchett in Orgy of Excess The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
For those who did not get enough Forrest Gump . . .
, December 24, 2008
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is certainly curious—a modest F. Scott Fitzgerald story, about a man born in the twilight of life and... More>>
Winslet and DiCaprio Awake to Yates's Revolutionary Road Revolutionary Road
, December 24, 2008
No writer ever gazed deeper or more despairingly into the prison of middle-class American conformity than Richard Yates, which may explain why... More>>
Valkyrie is Tom Cruise's Latest Impossible Mission Valkyrie
The risky business of plotting to kill Hitler
, December 24, 2008
Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg—a lot of name for a lot of guy. Born into aristocracy in 1907, he was a soldier by the age... More>>
Essential Sturges Fetes the Director, and His Powder-Keg Muse Essential Sturges Fetes the Director, and His Powder-Keg Muse
, December 24, 2008
Sternberg had Dietrich, and Godard had Anna Karina—malleable, mysterious subjects whose faces eagerly absorbed the light their directors... More>>
Hoppity Goes to Town Screening at Film Forum Hoppity Goes to Town
, December 24, 2008
The Fleischer Bros., Max and Dave, were doing just ducky off Betty Boop and Popeye before getting prodded into keeping up with those damn Burbank... More>>
Hoffman and Thompson Elevate the Otherwise Unremarkable Last Chance Harvey Last Chance Harvey
, December 24, 2008
Can a heartwarming meet-cute as unambitious and overtly sentimental as Last Chance Harvey be simply too nice to get beat up on by anyone other... More>>
Marley & Me Is Beethoven with Less Shedding Marley and Me
, December 24, 2008
Satisfying only to pet-porn junkies whose tear ducts can't even withstand a 365 Ferrets a Year calendar, the movie version of John Grogan's... More>>
Meryl Streep Stands Out as Musical Theater Great in Theater of War Theater of War
, December 24, 2008
Meryl Streep is arguably America's greatest living musical-theater actress. Anyone who saw the two-time Oscar winner shamelessly mug and prance... More>>
Adam Sandler is the Benign Family-Comedy Guy in Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories
, December 24, 2008
While no one was expecting the live-wire daring of Punch-Drunk Love or even You Don't Mess With the Zohan, the Adam Sandler who shows up in... More>>
The Spirit Rendered a Grim Shade of Dull The Spirit
, December 24, 2008
With the fanboys anxiously eying Zack Snyder's Watchmen adaptation, Frank Miller's version of The Spirit sneaks into theaters almost unnoticed on... More>>
Pageant Profiles Miss Gay America 2006 Pageant
, December 24, 2008
Following five female impersonators vying for the 2006 Miss Gay America crown, the documentary, Pageant, suggests drag queens are essentially... More>>
Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky Both Make Visceral Comebacks in The Wrestler The Wrestler
, December 17, 2008
The Wrestler may be plenty visceral, but it's no more a sports movie than professional wrestling is a competitive sport. Chronic over-reacher... More>>
Nothing but the Truth Reimagines Plamegate as a Soccer-Mom Duel Nothing but the Truth
, December 17, 2008
Ripped from yesterday's headlines—or, perhaps, given the scenario's emphasis on motherhood, from history's womb—Nothing but the Truth... More>>
Will Smith Encores Pursuit of Happyness with Seven Pounds Seven Pounds
It's a miserable life
, December 17, 2008
Two years ago nearly to the day, Will Smith and Italian director Gabriele Muccino released The Pursuit of Happyness, one of the most underrated... More>>
Yukio Mishima, A Life in Four Chapters, and Countless Contradictions Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Paul Schrader eulogizes the Japanese writer's life as a work of art
, December 17, 2008
The Japanese have a storied tradition of writer suicides, but the reams of foreshadowing and grand-gesture media spectacle of Yukio Mishima's... More>>
Student-Teacher Power Struggles in The Class The Class
To Sir, with attitude
, December 17, 2008
Compare and contrast Laurent Cantet's terrific The Class with any of the following schoolroom chestnuts—Mr. Holland's Opus, Dangerous... More>>
Catch Baby Doll with Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach
Plus Ken Jacobs retrospectives, Alexander Medvedkin revisited
, December 17, 2008
Elia Kazan was not known for his drolleries, although his sometime collaborator Tennessee Williams had a taste for the absurd. Together, these... More>>
Stephen Kijak Lets the Artist Speak For Himself in Scott Walker: 30 Century Man Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
, December 17, 2008
Possessed of a lugubrious, histrionic baritone that could make the most trifling of pop ditties sound like a slow dance on the brink of... More>>
Clichés Firmly in Place, Moscow, Belgium Still Won't Leave You Feeling Dirty Moscow, Belgium
, December 17, 2008
We're not talking the Dardennes brothers here, but fellow Belgian Christophe Van Rompaey gives this light May-to-December pair-up an agreeably... More>>
Tale of Despereaux Features Generic Story Buried Between Deafening Stunts The Tale of Despereaux
, December 17, 2008
Kate DiCamillo's 2003 children's novel about a big-eared mouse with an inspiring case of shining-knight envy is one of the finest expositions of... More>>
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