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Nicole Holofcener On Her New Film Please Give Nicole Holofcener On Her New Film Please Give
The director mines her life for her films—and life is complicated
, April 20, 2010
"I'm a girl who likes nice stuff," says Nicole Holofcener, looking around the spacious but unpretentious home she recently bought in a... More>>
Kim's The Good, the Bad, and the Weird Disappoints The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
, April 20, 2010
The latest from popular Korean director Kim Ji-woon lands with a splat in the camp of decadent American blockbusters. Dubbed an "oriental... More>>
The Ramshackle Behind the Burly Q Entertains Utterly Behind the Burly Q
, April 20, 2010
Although now swathed in nostalgic longing/hipster appropriation, the art of burlesque was once a vibrant, multi-tiered cultural... More>>
Duncan Ward's Sub-Altman Ensemble Spoof Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie
, April 20, 2010
Director Duncan Ward tries way too hard to nail a way too easy target in his sub-Altman ensemble spoof of the overpriced, overhyped, overly... More>>
Breath Made Visible, Portrait of a Dancer as an Ageless Fount Breath Made Visible
, April 20, 2010
Post-modern dance pioneer Anna Halprin, who celebrates her 90th birthday in July, is a force of nature. Not the kind that steamrolls everything... More>>
Kieran and Michele Mulroney's Drab Paper Man Paper Man
, April 20, 2010
An artist-in-crisis piece run through a drab but quirk-conscious indie processor, Paper Man is everything a film like Lost in Translation fought... More>>
A Bland Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan The Back-up Plan
, April 20, 2010
I’m no obstetrician, but I’d wager that Jennifer Lopez’s own labor when birthing fraternal twins two years ago was much less... More>>
Disney's Visually Stunning Oceans Oceans
, April 20, 2010
An almost miraculously photographed showcase of some of the seven seas' least seen and most incredible specimens, Disney's Oceans (a follow-up to... More>>
The Losers, Not a Winning Comic-Book Thriller The Losers
, April 20, 2010
Writer Andy Diggle dedicated his snappy DC comic books "The Losers" to ’80s screenwriting superstar Shane Black, creator of the Lethal... More>>
Brigitte Cornand's The Red Birds Riffs on Art, Life, Womanhood The Red Birds
, April 20, 2010
Some visual artists are blessed with the ability to speak compellingly about their life and work, their insight serving as a forceful adjunct to... More>>
The Pakistani-Indian Co-Produced Ramchand Pakistani Ramchand Pakistani
, April 20, 2010
Adapted from real events that began in 2002, when an eight-year-old boy from the "untouchable" Hindu Dalit caste in the Thar Desert accidentally... More>>
Exit Through the Gift Shop, Brought To You by Banksy, Sort Of Exit Through the Gift Shop
, April 13, 2010
A genuinely hip, thought-provoking work of art disguised as a doomed documentary resurrected, Exit Through the Gift Shop is not just the... More>>
Epic History, Epic Filmmaking in Have You Heard From Johannesburg Have You Heard From Johannesburg
, April 13, 2010
More than a decade in the making, eight and a half hours long, featuring more than 100 talking heads, and spanning 42 years and four continents,... More>>
Fassbinder's Sci-Fi World on a Wire at MOMA World on a Wire
, April 13, 2010
There are movies that make news and movies that are news. World on a Wire is one of the latter. Suddenly: a virtually unknown, newly restored,... More>>
Kick-Ass, Faster Than a Speeding Internet Kick-Ass
Superheroes in the YouTube age
, April 13, 2010
Kick-Ass, the Matthew Vaughn–directed adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s graphic novel, sets itself up as an unadulterated... More>>
Peering into Iran with No One Knows About Persian Cats No One Knows About Persian Cats
, April 13, 2010
The great boundary-crosser of Iranian cinema, Bahman Ghobadi purposefully steps over the line with No One Knows About Persian Cats—a... More>>
'Bearing Witness: The Films of Bahman Ghobadi' at Walter Reade 'Bearing Witness: The Films of Bahman Ghobadi' at Walter Reade
, April 13, 2010
The planet’s lone major Kurdish filmmaker, Bahman Ghobadi is also the most satirical and least self-conscious of the big Iranian New Wave... More>>
Bette Gordon's Variety and Handsome Harry at IFC Bette Gordon's Variety and Handsome Harry at IFC
Downtown indie pioneer continues on the trail of love and lust
, April 13, 2010
After Bette Gordon's welcome, ubiquitous presence at last year's Tribeca Film Festival—at which her first movie was revived, her latest... More>>
Alain Tanner Retro at Anthology Alain Tanner Retro at Anthology
, April 13, 2010
The debut feature film of Geneva-born director Alain Tanner, Charles, Dead or Alive (1969) sees a third-generation watch-factory owner calmly... More>>
'Northern Exposure' Swedish Cinema Series at Walter Reade 'Northern Exposure' Swedish Cinema Series at Walter Reade
Once taboo subjects are now the norm, thanks to extraordinary Swedish cinema
, April 13, 2010
That graduate seminar mouthful of a program title means that Lincoln Center is playing movies from Sweden—nine new-ish, some shorts, and... More>>
Chris Rock Can't Save Death at a Funeral Poop Jokes Death at a Funeral
, April 13, 2010
It doesn’t take much to improve the first Death at a Funeral, the flat Frank Oz–directed Britcom of 2007; a few tossed-off references... More>>
James Ivory's Fluttering City of Your Final Destination The City of Your Final Destination
, April 13, 2010
James Ivory and cast make every scene flutter with feeling in this adaptation of Peter Cameron's 2002 novel, written for the screen by Ivory's... More>>
David Duchovny and Demi Moore Are The Joneses The Joneses
, April 13, 2010
For a while, at least, a pitch-black (and, therefore, pitch-perfect) tale of our times: Four business partners masquerading as a happy family... More>>
Documenting Our Crooked Educational System in The Cartel The Cartel
, April 13, 2010
A union-busting doc with an adamant—if not quite apolitical—focus on the children slipping through the cracks, The Cartel uses New... More>>
The Oscar-Winning Ridiculousness of The Secret in Their Eyes The Secret in Their Eyes
, April 13, 2010
Say what you will, but the lead actors in Argentine director Juan José Campanella's latest film do have lovely (or at least handsomely... More>>
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