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Appearances as Reality in Big Fan Big Fan
, August 25, 2009
It takes considerable effort to make Darren Aronofsky seem like a model of restraint, but Robert Siegel pulls it off in Big Fan. Siegel's... More>>
Marc Feinberg's Poky Rom-Com Play the Game Play the Game
This Lifetime-ready comedy is hardly provocative—let alone perceptive, funny, or fresh
, August 25, 2009
In 2007, Waitress established that octogenarian TV legend Andy Griffith still had game as a sly charmer, but Marc Feinberg's poky rom-com does... More>>
The Final Destination: All Manner of Bodily Impalement and Dismemberment as Close as the Butter on Your Popcorn The Final Destination
The improbably long-running death-by-misadventure franchise continues
, August 25, 2009
Fatality lurks around every ceiling fan, shampoo bottle, and espresso machine in the fourth entry in New Line Cinema’s improbably... More>>
Rob Zombie Slums With Halloween II Rob Zombie Slums With Halloween II
, August 25, 2009
Serial killer Michael Myers, it turns out, has mother issues. In this disappointing sequel to his intense and much underrated 2007 remake of... More>>
At the Edge of the World At the Edge of the World
A documentary about the Sea Shepherds, an under-funded, unprotected volunteer group of nautical vigilantes
, August 25, 2009
With no nation willing to enforce a 1986 international agreement establishing Antarctica's Ross Sea as a mammal sanctuary, the Sea Shepherds, an... More>>
Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds Makes Holocaust Revisionism Fun Inglourious Basterds
, August 18, 2009
Energetic, inventive, swaggering fun, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is a consummate Hollywood entertainment—rich in fantasy and... More>>
'Yesterday's Angel: Natalie Wood' at Walter Reade 'Yesterday's Angel: Natalie Wood' at Walter Reade
Celebrating the actress's (not entirely angelic) splendor
, August 18, 2009
Only the most exceptional performer could appeal to sensibilities as disparate as those of homo-pornovateur Bruce LaBruce, who pays homage to... More>>
Spike Lee's Passing Strange on Film Passing Strange
, August 18, 2009
For those (like this critic) who missed singer-songwriter Stew's Tony-winning, autobiographical rock musical during its runs at the Public... More>>
Germany's Righteous Outlaws in The Baader Meinhof Complex The Baader Meinhof Complex
, August 18, 2009
Bernd Eichinger, who wrote and produced Downfall, is the force behind the film version of another German trauma, The Baader Meinhof Complex.... More>>
Robin Williams Doing Dark and World's Greatest Dad a Perfect Fit World's Greatest Dad
, August 18, 2009
Playing dark, Robin Williams has developed the burly insecurity and gargoyle frown of damned Edward G. Robinson in Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street.... More>>
Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha
, August 18, 2009
In Melvin Van Peebles's homely home-video-art love-story curio, incorporating fragments of his 1982 stage musical Waltz of the Stork, the... More>>
Art & Copy, Doug Pray's Tribute to Ads Art and Copy
, August 18, 2009
Since his 1996 grunge-rock documentary Hype!, Doug Pray has become an even more adept assembler of polished images. And where else would that... More>>
Fifty Dead Men Walking As Close to Truth as Earth to Pluto Fifty Dead Men Walking
, August 18, 2009
Canadian writer-director Kari Skogland's slick, soapy procedural—an unreliable adaptation of former IRA informant Martin McGartland's... More>>
My One and Only For Those Who Still Swoon For George Hamilton My One and Only
, August 18, 2009
Your enjoyment of My One and Only will depend on how much the words "inspired by incidents in the life of actor and Hollywood icon George... More>>
X Games 3D: The Movie Tests Your Tolerance to Awesomeness X Games 3D: The Movie
, August 18, 2009
No one expects a film titled X Games 3D: The Movie to be The Hurt Locker of action-sports documentaries—i.e., a sober dissection of the... More>>
Casi Divas Hustles to Please Casi Divas
, August 18, 2009
Casi Divas, a none-too-clever but hustling-to-please Mexican comedy, concerns a diverse citizenship drawn together across dividing lines—of... More>>
Soggy Post Grad Misses More than One Mark Post Grad
, August 18, 2009
Post Grad tries to do three things at once—and half-hits the mark on only one. Part of it is wacky Little Miss Sunshine family time, with... More>>
Five Minutes of Heaven Frays Your Nerves Like Cheap Horror Flick Five Minutes of Heaven
, August 18, 2009
Guy Hibbert's novel-writing process for Five Minutes of Heaven is an interesting experiment. In 1975, Ulster Alistair Little killed Catholic Joe... More>>
Robert Rodriguez's CGI-Overload, Shorts Shorts
, August 18, 2009
Austin's rebel without a crew, Robert Rodriguez works in exactly two filmmaking modes: fast, cheap, genre violence (the El Mariachi trilogy, Sin... More>>
Sikandar a Corking Narrative and Cognent Sketch of Violence Sikandar
, August 18, 2009
A simple, cautionary tale gone berserk with potboiling twists and a moral ambition as lush and layered as the Kashmir Valley, Sikandar reveals... More>>
Disaffected Youth in I'm Gonna Explode, The Headless Woman May Make You Lose Yours Disaffected Youth in I'm Gonna Explode, The Headless Woman May Make You Lose Yours
, August 11, 2009
Film journals aside, the 50th anniversary of the nouvelle vague—which might have been celebrated last year for The 400 Blows or this year... More>>
My Führer Lacks Gall My Fuhrer
Das racist? Das boring.
, August 11, 2009
Round up the sacred cows! The German National Socialist Party, previously the unassailable bastion of political legitimacy, is coming down a... More>>
Aliens as Apartheid Metaphor in District 9 District 9
, August 11, 2009
The aliens have been with us for 20 years already at the start of South African director Neill Blomkamp's fast and furiously inventive District... More>>
On the Run with Gerardo Naranjo
, August 11, 2009
"Raising hell." The expression captures Mexican filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo in multiple ways: Not only is it the colloquial translation for the... More>>
Earth Days Revisits Environmentalism's Early Years Earth Days
, August 11, 2009
Veteran doc maker Robert Stone (Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst, Oswald's Ghost) assembles nine talking, graying heads to reminisce about... More>>
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