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Fired Up Incites Longing for Funnier Dignity of American Pie Fired Up
, February 18, 2009
Getting high and mighty on teen-sex comedies is a sucker's game, but it's worth noting how particularly abhorrent a movie like Fired Up is. Not... More>>
Delhi-6 Represents the Enigmatic India of Today Delhi-6
, February 18, 2009
Addressing the crowd gathered for the world premiere of Delhi-6 at MOMA, Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan announced that the film we were about to... More>>
The Average Giuseppes of Organized Crime in Gomorrah Gomorrah
, February 11, 2009
Martin Scorsese may be presenting Matteo Garrone's Gomorrah, but this corrosive, slapdash, grimly exciting exposé of organized crime in... More>>
Bail Out The International The International
A movie with troubled assets, indeed
, February 11, 2009
Tom Tykwer's The International is one of those movies in which shadowy men meet in parked cars, abandoned buildings, and inconspicuous public... More>>
James Gray Gets Goofy in Two Lovers Two Lovers
, February 11, 2009
Martin Scorsese won't need to put his imprimatur on James Gray's Two Lovers—the French film press has already taken care of that. Populated... More>>
Living Ain't Easy at MOMA's Documentary Fortnight Living Ain't Easy at MOMA's Documentary Fortnight
Nor is it exactly a barrel of laughs
, February 11, 2009
Portraits in tenacity make for some of the strongest films in this year's Documentary Fortnight film fest, again bundled within the supergroup of... More>>
Bush and Confessions of a Shopaholic Agree: Go Shopping! (Wait, Don't.) Confessions of a Shopaholic
, February 11, 2009
The Confessions of a Shopaholic we need right now would be a handheld doc featuring former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain sobbing into the camera... More>>
Great Speeches From a Dying World Great Speeches From a Dying World
, February 11, 2009
"Rhetoric" is often wielded as a pejorative term, but itinerant filmmaker Linas Phillips (Walking to Werner) sides with the ennobling power of... More>>
Someone Tell Elliot Gould That The Caller Is Frank Langella The Caller
, February 11, 2009
Co-written by French psychoanalyst/novelist Alain-Didier Weill and director Richard Ledes (A Hole in One), The Caller begins as a multinational... More>>
Friday the 13th: Three Shoddy Stalk-'N'-Slash Movies Packed Into One Friday the 13th
Entering its 30th year, the idiot offspring of Halloween and Mario Bava’s Twitch of the Death Nerve “reboots.”
, February 11, 2009
As resistant to new ideas as crabgrass is to Weed-B-Gon, the Friday the 13th movies have weathered 3-D, sci-fi, CGI, multiple revivals and... More>>
Why Hard Times Won't Mean Good Times at the Movies Again Why Hard Times Won't Mean Good Times at the Movies Again
Brother, can you spare $12?
, February 04, 2009
"We have seen that our product is, at worst, recession-resistant." So DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg assured a conclave of Hollywood... More>>
A Dozen Great Depression Double Bills at Film Forum A Dozen Great Depression Double Bills at Film Forum
, February 04, 2009
Man's Castle (Frank Borzage, 1933) & American Madness (Frank Capra, 1932). Tough young Spencer Tracy shacks up with Loretta Young's teenage... More>>
Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR Records Last Gasp For Mother Russia, Father Brokaw Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR
, February 04, 2009
After five decades of filming himself, his family, and assorted luminaries of pop and underground culture, the original home-movie mix master... More>>
Coraline in Wonderland Coraline
Things are not as they seem in Henry Selick's stunning stop-motion fairy tale
, February 04, 2009
If Alice in Wonderland were retold by the Mad Hatter, it might look something like Henry Selick's 3-D, stop-motion Coraline, in which the bored,... More>>
Oscar Nominated Shorts At IFC Oscar Nominated Shorts At IFC
, February 04, 2009
Those who have never attended the annual festival of Oscar-nominated live-action and animated shorts should be advised: Don't expect all 10... More>>
The Force Is Weak With Long-Delayed Fanboys Fanboys
, February 04, 2009
Fanboys is meant for the dude who's content to simply stare at an Imperial storm trooper's empty helmet for 90 minutes. It's for the two... More>>
Five Women Artists Rushed Through Our City Dreams Five Women Artists Rushed Through Our City Dreams
, February 04, 2009
Like rushed gallery-hopping, Chiara Clemente's doc on five multigenerational, multinational women artists, all living in New York, provides only... More>>
Thai Martial-Arts Flick Chocolate Takes More Punches Than Bruce Lee and Vince McMahon Combined Chocolate
, February 04, 2009
The world may not have needed a Thai-language martial-arts hybrid of Kill Bill and Rain Man, but by God, it's got one now. Already chopped into... More>>
He's Just Not That Into You Sets Bar Low For Women He's Just Not That Into You
, February 04, 2009
The smirky, overbearing, and subliminally hostile romantic primer He's Just Not That Into You—which sold a regrettable two million copies... More>>
Oscar Micheaux and Black Pre-War Cinema at Walter Reade Theater Oscar Micheaux and Black Pre-War Cinema at Walter Reade Theater
, February 04, 2009
Homesteader-cum-author Oscar Micheaux (1884–1951) was one of the earliest and most prolific African-American auteurs, but far more... More>>
Life. Support. Music. Sad. Story. Bad. Movie. Life. Support. Music.
, February 04, 2009
The material covered in the documentary Life. Support. Music. could bring any stoic to convulsive tears. The film's subject, Jason Cringler, was... More>>
Memorial Day Tritely Places Onus of War on Douchey Troops Memorial Day
, February 04, 2009
For a while at least, Memorial Day suggests B-roll left over from an Ocean City, Maryland, edition of The Real World. Realistically performed by... More>>
Push Is Less X-Men and More 'Why, Man?' Push
, February 04, 2009
Not to be mistaken for the acclaimed Mo'Nique Sundance drama, director Paul McGuigan's harebrained sci-fi thriller about young Americans with... More>>
Luck By Chance Does Fluffy Bollywood Satire Luck By Chance
, February 04, 2009
The Mumbai-based Hindi-film industry (or, as we've colloquially cheapened it, Bollywood) and its epically kaleidoscopic formula—singing,... More>>
Pink Panther 2 Continues Lackluster Overhaul of Iconic Franchise The Pink Panther 2
, February 04, 2009
There are maybe two or three laugh-out-loud moments and a handful of chuckles to be culled from Steve Martin’s overlong Pink Panther 2, the... More>>
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