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Matt Aselton's Gigantic Another for the Indie Comedy Heap Gigantic
, April 01, 2009
I don't remember ever wanting to just haul out and punch a movie before Gigantic. Interrupting every scene with a proud little fart of... More>>
Fast & Furious Should Have Gone Straight-to-Xbox Fast & Furious
Made for VG movie
, April 01, 2009
With the molded-rubber face of Savalas, the basso profundo of Stallone, and the name of an underdog gas alternative, Vin Diesel's already-dubious... More>>
Paris 36's Imitation is Highest Form of Flatulence Paris 36
, April 01, 2009
Assault by relentless accordion-playing, Paris 36 proves that sometimes, imitation is the highest form of flatulence. Christophe Barratier... More>>
Lifelines Suburban Dysfunction Proves Disastrous Lifelines
, April 01, 2009
The poster for Lifelines slavishly imitates the Daniel Clowes drawing used for Happiness, accurately telegraphing its tabloid-level density of... More>>
Majidi's Song of Sparrows Meanders Pleasingly The Song of Sparrows
, April 01, 2009
The direct appeals of his melodramatic groundswells have long made Oscar-nominated Iranian director Majid Majidi a dismissed old-school... More>>
Bart Got a Room May Be the Year's Most Unambitious Comedy Bart Got a Room
, April 01, 2009
South Florida native Brian Hecker's uncomfortably strained directorial debut-a semi-autobiographical comedy about a high school senior who can't... More>>
Enlighten Up! Inspects the Proliferation of Yoga Enlighten Up!
, April 01, 2009
There are a number of tensions at play in Kate Churchill's Enlighten Up!, a documentary about the proliferation of yoga as both spiritual path... More>>
Forbidden Lie$ Explores Con Artist Lies and Documentary Truth Forbidden Lie$
, April 01, 2009
In 2003, 35-year-old Jordanian virgin Norma Khouri published Forbidden Love, her bestselling memoir recounting a Muslim friend's murder by her... More>>
The Escapist Ends Tightly on Note of Unexpected Grace The Escapist
, April 01, 2009
A taut thriller that ends on a note of unexpected grace, the British prison drama The Escapist marks the impressive feature debut for... More>>
The 39th Edition of "New Directors/New Films" The 39th Edition of "New Directors/New Films"
A venerable series tries to stay forever young
, March 25, 2009
Born in 1972, the MOMA/Lincoln Center co-production "New Directors/New Films" (March 25 through April 5) nudges a fresh flock of hatchling... More>>
ND/NF: Ondi Timoner Is Inside Josh Harris's Web ND/NF: Ondi Timoner Is Inside Josh Harris's Web
, March 25, 2009
Ondi Timoner is the first director to have won the top documentary prize at Sundance twice, and the first person to tell you she had no idea what... More>>
ND/NF: Esther Rots Gets in Your Face ND/NF: Esther Rots Gets in Your Face
, March 25, 2009
Dutch shorts filmmaker Esther Rots makes her feature debut with a well-wrought entry in too-close-for-comfort cinema. First-person frayed, Can Go... More>>
ND/NF: So Yong Kim Knows What It Feels Like For a Girl ND/NF: So Yong Kim Knows What It Feels Like For a Girl
, March 25, 2009
No director working today captures girlhood better than So Yong Kim. Her debut film, 2006's dreamy, melancholic In Between Days, focuses on... More>>
ND/NF: Sophie Barthes Has a Chickpea For Your Soul ND/NF: Sophie Barthes Has a Chickpea For Your Soul
, March 25, 2009
Sophie Barthes is nothing like Charlie Kaufman. For one, the East Village–based director of Cold Souls, a surrealist melancholy romp that's... More>>
ND/NF: Louis Psihoyos Must Save the Dolphins ND/NF: Louis Psihoyos Must Save the Dolphins
, March 25, 2009
The Cove is Louis Psihoyos's documentary indictment of the Japanese dolphin trade, in which the mammals are herded—the preferred sold to... More>>
DreamWorks, In Your Face: The 3-D Majesty of Monsters vs. Aliens Monsters vs. Aliens
In this latest round of effects vs. storytelling, effects win. Big.
, March 25, 2009
At the end of 2008, DreamWorks Animation bossman Jeffrey Katzenberg embarked on a cross-country tour, toting 20 minutes’ worth of Monsters... More>>
Ramin Bahrani's Quietly Profound Goodbye Solo Goodbye Solo
Taxicab Confessions this isn't.
, March 25, 2009
At 73, the Memphis-born actor, stuntman, former U.S. Marine, and Golden Gloves boxer Red West has the stoic, leathery repose of a barfly on a... More>>
Hollis Frampton at Anthology: Here, There, Everywhere Hollis Frampton at Anthology: Here, There, Everywhere
, March 25, 2009
The most cerebral of those New York City–based avant-garde artists who came to (relative) prominence in the late '60s and were given the... More>>
'Jules Dassin Tribute' at Film Forum: Duty-Bound Righteousness, Baggy-Pants Broadness 'Jules Dassin Tribute'
, March 25, 2009
Ages ago, Jules Dassin was acting in politicized New York Yiddish theater—later playing opposite wife Melina Mercouri in 1960's Never on... More>>
The XXX Playpens of American Swing American Swing
, March 25, 2009
A het-humping parallel to 2005's Gay Sex in the 70s, Matthew Kaufman and Jon Hart's doc on Larry Levenson's raunchy hideaway, Plato's Retreat,... More>>
12 Rounds
, March 25, 2009
Renny Harlin has an unjustly terrible reputation, but with the right material (Deep Blue Sea, Mindhunters), he's very good at delivering stylish,... More>>
Paul H-O's Bumptious Guest of Cindy Sherman Guest of Cindy Sherman
, March 25, 2009
It's not hard to see why artist Cindy Sherman would give the old "no comment" to this bumptious account by her former boyfriend, Paul H-O (with... More>>
The Haunting in Connecticut: A Laughably Hokey Hand-Wringer The Haunting in Connecticut
, March 25, 2009
There's no rest for the dead—or the living—in this laughably hokey haunted-house hand-wringer based on yet another Amityville-style... More>>
Emmanuel Mouret's Shall We Kiss? Shall We Kiss?
, March 25, 2009
If they're French, even dweebs get to lounge around tastefully beige Paris interiors, clutching long-stemmed glasses of Merlot while discussing... More>>
The Country Teacher's Coming-Out Story The Country Teacher
, March 25, 2009
The solemn new addition to the tiny elementary school faculty in a rural Czech outpost gets off to a heavily symbolic start by turning his pupils... More>>
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