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The Merry Gentleman, Michael Keaton's Directorial Debut The Merry Gentleman
, April 29, 2009
Part of the likeable routine Michael Keaton brought to his roles in the '80s was patter—sometimes manic, sometimes balky. In The Merry... More>>
Marcia Gay Harden Concocts Universal Chemistries from Her Own in Home Home
, April 29, 2009
Set in Pennsylvanian Amish country circa 1969, Mary Haverstick's self-reflexive 16mm drama—about our evolving perceptions of where that... More>>
Absolutely No Jazz In Jazz in the Diamond District Jazz in the Diamond District
Funky, in a bad way
, April 29, 2009
Talk about false advertising: There is no bebop or a single blue note in first-time director Lindsey Christian's crushingly slipshod D.C. drama,... More>>
The Skeptic Remains a Slave to the TV Lexicon The Skeptic
, April 29, 2009
A TV-grade suspenser from the director of Dorian Blues, The Skeptic channels the spirit of Murder, She Wrote and 3-2-1 Contact's Bloodhound Gang,... More>>
Star of The Exploding Girl, Zoe Kazan (Yes, that Kazan) Breaks Through Star of The Exploding Girl, Zoe Kazan (Yes, that Kazan) Breaks Through
, April 22, 2009
Zoe Kazan appears in every scene of Bradley Rust Gray's The Exploding Girl—a title that could just as easily apply to the 25-year-old... More>>
What is the Tribeca Film Fest?
Staffers flee. New blood moves in. And still the question remains.
, April 22, 2009
'Peter who?' Robert De Niro is grinning. Sort of the way he grinned at Joe Pesci just before beating the shit out of him in Raging Bull. But... More>>
Tribeca Film Festival 2009 Guide
, April 22, 2009
For its eighth installment, the film festival frequently criticized for its sprawl and unwieldiness returns in trimmer shape: 85 features will... More>>
Pitch-Perfect Child Performances Root Treeless Mountain; Teen Trash Rots The Informers Pitch-Perfect Child Performances Root Treeless Mountain; Teen Trash Rots The Informers
, April 22, 2009
Any movie featuring children under 10 is a movie wherein documentary bids to trump fiction and behavior can eclipse acting. The 1934 New Deal... More>>
Tyson Delivers a Powerful Blow; Fighting is Down for the Count Tyson
, April 22, 2009
The face of Mike Tyson stares out from the screen like a sentry—intent, sober, watchful. The camera sits close, the framing is tight, and... More>>
The Films of Shirley Clarke at Anthology The Films of Shirley Clarke at Anthology
, April 22, 2009
As the Film-Makers' Cooperative faces eviction, Anthology's tribute to Shirley Clarke—one of the founders of the vital archive and one of... More>>
Downey and Foxx's Disciplined Performances Almost Save The Soloist The Soloist
, April 22, 2009
An old-fashioned tale for a new-fangled world, Joe Wright's overwrought drama turns on a series of columns begun in 2005 by Los Angeles Times... More>>
Il Divo Follows the Opaque Path of Giulio Andreotti Il Divo
, April 22, 2009
Hard on the heels of the acclaimed Gomorrah, Italian corruption gets a much quieter but equally vigorous workout in Paolo Sorrentino's highly... More>>
Empty Nest Details Domestic Minutiae Empty Nest
, April 22, 2009
Several years ago, the gifted Argentine writer-director and Jewish worrier Daniel Burman, then aged 34, remarked in an interview that he was... More>>
Let's Hope Malkovich Was Paid Handsomely for Mutant Chronicles Mutant Chronicles
, April 22, 2009
Scottish-born director Simon Hunter isn't obviously related to his post-apocalyptic indie actioner's barrel-chested sergeant Mitch Hunter, though... More>>
Beyoncé Knowles in Obsessed: A Tongue-in-Cheek Fatal Attraction Retread
, April 22, 2009
How long does it take Sasha to get fierce in this almost-tongue-in-cheek Fatal Attraction retread? Too long—and even after Beyoncé... More>>
Nursery University Nursery University
, April 22, 2009
A recent article in The New York Times indicated that the collective psycho-social meltdown that is Manhattan's private preschool system might be... More>>
A Touch of Spice
, April 22, 2009
The problems between the Greeks and the Turks upend a childhood in A Touch of Spice, Tassos Boulmetis’s loose revisitation of his own... More>>
Throw Down Your Heart  Places Banjo, and Béla Fleck, in Africa Throw Down Your Heart
, April 22, 2009
It was The Beverly Hillbillies (or rather, bluegrass pioneer Earl Scruggs strumming its theme song) that first drew 11-time Grammy-winning banjo... More>>
, April 22, 2009
A big-screen, family-friendly (well . . . friendlier) version of the enthralling BBC/Discovery series Planet Earth, Earth follows three animal... More>>
Affleck, Crowe Pump Adrenaline into a Dying Industry in State of Play State of Play
, April 15, 2009
Kevin Macdonald's Washington thriller is a bellows designed to puff up the most beaten-down reporter's chest. Compressed from the highly regarded... More>>
'Migrating Forms' at Anthology Film Archives 'Migrating Forms' at Anthology Film Archives
The Underground gets a new name—see you later, sk8er boi
, April 15, 2009
The Underground isn't dead—it's just been rebranded. Under the new moniker "Migrating Forms" and screening at Anthology Film Archives this... More>>
Heddy Honigmann returns to her roots
, April 15, 2009
Born in Lima, the child of Polish Jewish refugees, Heddy Honigmann studied film in Rome, lives in Amsterdam, and has made documentaries in Paris,... More>>
Winners of the Prix Louis-Delluc at BAM
How do you say 'No losers allowed' in French?
, April 15, 2009
Like all critics, the presenters of the Prix Louis-Delluc periodically screw the pooch. Prime example: 1967, when period titillation Benjamin... More>>
First Light: Satyajit Ray From the Apu Trilogy to the Calcutta Trilogy First Light: Satyajit Ray From the Apu Trilogy to the Calcutta Trilogy
, April 15, 2009
A welcome side effect of the Indian subcontinent's recently raised profile, Satyajit Ray's films are back in New York City, where his 1955 Pather... More>>
Perestroika Beguiles Perestroika
, April 15, 2009
On the evidence of his new movie, Slava Tsukerman, who made the 1982 cult film Liquid Sky, would make a brilliantly entertaining dinner guest.... More>>
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