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The Black Waters of Echo's Pond The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
, April 06, 2010
As a rule of thumb, it's never wise for vacationing college students to assemble and then play a dusty, ancient-looking board game they discover... More>>
Edgerton Brothers' The Square Confuses Body-Pileups with Plot Twists The Square
, April 06, 2010
One of two fraternal collaborations to open this week (Peter and Benjamin Bratt's La Mission is the other), The Square—indebted to The... More>>
See What I'm Saying Documents Deaf Performers See What I'm Saying
, April 06, 2010
See What I'm Saying, an involving new documentary by Hilari Scarl, uncovers an interesting entertainment subculture of deaf comedians, actors,... More>>
Fresh Calls Food Activists to Arms, Again Fresh
, April 06, 2010
No die-hard foodie would, in their right mind, argue any of the points made in Ana Sofia Joanes's impassioned, good-egg doc about healthy eating... More>>
Christina Ricci Lounges Half-Nude in Otherwise Awkward After.Life After.Life
, April 06, 2010
Somewhere in Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's awkward debut feature is a macabre and almost quaint Gothic mystery begging to be left alone. After... More>>
Hannah Montana Upstaged by Sea Turtles in The Last Song The Last Song
, March 30, 2010
The script, costumes, and props of The Last Song work hard to establish Miley Cyrus's dramatic-role bona fides as the 17-year-old crosses over... More>>
The Beauty of the Bad Girl
Three Japanese actresses break the mold
, March 30, 2010
Lady Snowblood herself, Meiko Kaji, is the obvious poster vixen for Japan Society's 13-film pageant of bad girls. Vengeance is hers, and a... More>>
The Eight Tired Themes of Nicholas Sparks's Love-Stories The Eight Tired Themes of Nicholas Sparks's Love-Stories
Looking at modern romance in the USA
, March 30, 2010
Easy to dismiss, but increasingly difficult to ignore, Nicholas Sparks's products have become the standard for modern American romance. With this... More>>
Birdemic: Shock and Terror, One More for the Trash-terpiece Heap Birdemic: Shock and Terror
, March 30, 2010
With the Internet's stranglehold on the pop culture zeitgeist, it's incredible that a good old-fashioned cheesy film can still become a cult... More>>
'The Groundbreaking Bill Gunn' at BAM 'The Groundbreaking Bill Gunn' at BAM
He should have been a star
, March 30, 2010
Bill Gunn died, aged 59, in April of 1989, the day before his play The Forbidden City premiered at the Public Theater, and months before the... More>>
Hound of the Baskervilles and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on DVD Hound of the Baskervilles and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on DVD
Choose Basil Rathbone over Robert Downey
, March 30, 2010
Robert Downey Jr.'s two-fisted boho Sherlock Holmes, newly out on DVD, is likely to last a couple of rounds, but the definitive embodiment of the... More>>
Michel Gondry's The Thorn in the Heart The Thorn in the Heart
, March 30, 2010
As a music-video director (Everlong, Fell in Love With a Girl), Michel Gondry excelled at making childlike dream worlds real; as a fiction... More>>
A Badly Cast Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans
3-D CGI replaces analog as an afterthought
, March 30, 2010
A decade too old to convincingly be called "boy," Sam "Mr. Greenscreen" Worthington is badly cast as reluctant-demigod Perseus—as was Harry... More>>
Breaking Upwards, a Rom-Com from the Maker of Sex Positive Breaking Upwards
, March 30, 2010
Four years into their relationship, New York City twentysomethings Daryl (Daryl Wein) and Zoe (Zoe Lister-Jones) love each other but are bored... More>>
Watch Jet Li Cry in The Warlords The Warlords
, March 30, 2010
No less a man than Jet Li cries multiple times in The Warlords, an impressively gargantuan Chinese battle epic that generously accommodates... More>>
Tyler Perry's Worst Film: Why Did I Get Married Too? Why Did I Get Married Too?
2007’s Why Did I Get Married? was his best. The sequel is not.
, March 30, 2010
Tyler Perry follows up his best film, 2007’s Why Did I Get Married?, with his worst. This time, the four couples in various states of... More>>
The Oddly Inert Indie Thriller, Don McKay Don McKay
, March 30, 2010
A strange, largely inert indie thriller, Don McKay has got good bones (inspired by Blood Simple, it has a solid cast and a strong pitch) but a... More>>
Teza, Portrait of an Ethiopian Exile Teza
, March 30, 2010
Spanning two decades of his nation's fraught history and invoking the legacy of at least three more, Haile Gerima's Teza confronts the... More>>
Sunrise (A Song of Two Humans), at Film Forum Sunrise
, March 30, 2010
F.W. Murnau's career-peak nova, the crowning film from that sacred, edge-of-the-abyss year of 1927, is so commonly and universally hallowed that... More>>
Susan Sarandon As Yet Another Grieving Mother in  The Greatest The Greatest
, March 30, 2010
Hours after losing his virginity to Rose (Carey Mulligan), his dream girl, 18-year-old Bennett Brewer (Aaron Johnson) dies in a horrific car... More>>
The Sun Behind the Clouds Charts Impasse of Tibet's Struggle The Sun Behind the Clouds
, March 30, 2010
Documenting both the largest Tibetan uprising since the 1959 Chinese takeover and the Dalai Lama's pre–Beijing Olympics diplomatic tour,... More>>
After the Wedding Bells Comes the Drama for the Wife of Bluebeard Bluebeard
, March 24, 2010
Psychologically rich, unobtrusively minimalist, at once admirably straightforward and slyly comic, Catherine Breillat's Bluebeard is a lucid... More>>
Atom Egoyan's Chloe Is Posh, Cool, and Never Less Than Obvious Chloe
, March 24, 2010
A sort of adult fairy tale, in which the real trouble starts after 20 years of marriage, Atom Egoyan's Chloe is posh, cool, and never less than... More>>
The DeLorean's a Jacuzzi and the '80s Are Back in Hot Tub Time Machine Hot Tub Time Machine
Where we're going, we don't need iPads
, March 24, 2010
Lost boy John Hughes was inducted into the pantheon this month, when the Academy devoted a moving Oscar-night tribute to the departed... More>>
Our Guide to the Greatest of the ND/NF's Latest Our Guide to the Greatest of the ND/NF's Latest
(Because newer is not always better)
, March 24, 2010
Hatched in 1971, "New Directors/New Films," the joint effort of curators from MOMA and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, endures as the city's... More>>
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