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Youth in Revolt, with Michael Cera as Every Role Michael Cera's Ever Had Youth in Revolt
Cult novel must continue its search for a worthy film adaptation
, January 05, 2010
For years, Hollywood has wrestled with adapting C.D. Payne's 1993 novel Youth in Revolt—which, actually, was three novels collected under... More>>
The Mixed Bag of 100-Years-Young Akira Kurosawa, at Film Forum
, January 05, 2010
Akira Kurosawa was a cultural Commodore Perry. His 1950 Rashômon opened the West to Japanese movies. From there, he became one of the... More>>
Daybreakers Squanders Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe Daybreakers
, January 05, 2010
No fashion-conscious multiplex movie should face opening day without some grave issue of our day propped in its buttonhole. Last year's sci-fi... More>>
Matthew Broderick Hides Behind Beard in Wonderful World Wonderful World
, January 05, 2010
Ben Singer (Matthew Broderick), once the third-biggest kids' musician in the country, is now the number-one grump of an unnamed city that's... More>>
Bitch Slap: Sapphic Overtones Aimed at Hetero Male Titillation Bitch Slap
The latest proof that calculated camp in the form of homage is near-impossible to pull off
, January 05, 2010
Touted as a cross between Russ Meyer, Blaxploitation, and Memento, director Rick Jacobson's Bitch Slap is the latest proof that calculated camp... More>>
Emotional Trains Run Strictly on Time in A Year Ago in Winter A Year Ago in Winter
, January 05, 2010
From the title down, A Year Ago in Winter has the vibe of one of those generic prize-winning novels about New England families falling apart in... More>>
Cairo's Trash Collectors Face Extinction in Garbage Dreams Garbage Dreams
, January 05, 2010
There are probably any number of communities throughout the world, hidden to the Western eye, where traditional ways of life are threatened by... More>>
Meet Nutty Mainstream Christians in Waiting for Armageddon Waiting for Armageddon
, January 05, 2010
Line up this terrific documentary about end-times evangelical Christians against Bill Maher's sneering Religulous, and you'll see an excellent... More>>
Crazy on the Outside: Tim Allen's Irritating Directorial Debut Crazy on the Outside
, January 05, 2010
After an impressive dramatic turn against type in David Mamet's Redbelt, tool fetishist Tim Allen returns to lowest-common-denominator comedy as... More>>
Leap Year, Perfect for that Mother-Daughter Matinee Leap Year
, January 05, 2010
According to supposed Irish custom, women may propose to their reluctant fiancés on February 29. The woman in Leap Year is Anna (Amy... More>>
Certainty and a Sure Hand Behind The White Ribbon's Unsolved Mystery The White Ribbon
, December 29, 2009
The White Ribbon is Michael Haneke's first German-language film since the original Funny Games (1997) and, addressing what used to be called "the... More>>
Old Partner, a Tale of Marriage, Labor, and Love Old Partner
, December 29, 2009
The key image in Old Partner is that of farmer Choi Won-kyun, 79, slumped in his jerry-rigged cart, being pulled down the rural South Korean... More>>
Hectic Humor Undercuts The Chaser's Gloomy Worldview The Chaser
, December 29, 2009
Whereas Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder used a criminal investigation in dictatorial South Korea to suggest endemic figurative impotence, Na... More>>
A Buried Tennessee Williams Screenplay, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
, December 29, 2009
Consider: If Tennessee Williams's script for Joseph Losey's 1968 turkey Boom! (an adaptation of his play The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here... More>>
The Passably Distracting A Film with Me in It A Film with Me in It
, December 29, 2009
Mark (Mark Doherty) is a hardly-working actor, snubbed at an audition to play "Concerned Neighbor," behind on rent, and barely tolerated by his... More>>
Film Poll 2009: An Introduction Film Poll 2009: An Introduction
As the '00s become history, an Iraq war movie finally wins us over. How fitting.
, December 22, 2009
Topping the 10th annual Village Voice Film Critics' Poll, The Hurt Locker is also director Kathryn Bigelow's personal best. Impressively... More>>
10th Annual Film Critics' Poll: The Abridged Results 10th Annual Film Critics' Poll: The Abridged Results
94 critics voted. The results are in.
, December 22, 2009
Best Films of 2009 1. The Hurt Locker Kathryn Bigelow (356 points, 54 mentions) Bigelow's you-are-there Iraq War drama immerses the viewer in... More>>
J. Hoberman's Favorite Films of 2009 J. Hoberman's Favorite Films of 2009
, December 22, 2009
The decade closes with a flashback to the medium's once-vaunted universal appeal, although The Hurt Locker's impressive consensus popularity... More>>
New York's Independent Film Community Goes From Boom to Bust New York's Independent Film Community Goes From Boom to Bust
My Big Fat Greek Collapse
, December 22, 2009
"When a seed gets put in the ground, you water it." That's how New York producer-screenwriter James Schamus once described (in these pages, in... More>>
Robert Downey Jr.'s Wry Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes
, December 22, 2009
Sherlock Holmes is another critique of filmmaking—if only by example. As over-emphatic as one might expect from the ham-fisted Guy Ritchie,... More>>
Where Are They Now: Winners of Past Film Polls Where Are They Now: Winners of Past Film Polls
Driving down Mulholland, we look at the past
, December 22, 2009
"It'll be just like in the movies: We'll pretend to be someone else." So says Betty to Rita in Mulholland Drive, an invitation to an adventure,... More>>
The Decade in Film: A Timeline The Decade in Film: A Timeline
A lot can happen in 10 years. Here, the highlights.
, December 22, 2009
2000 1/10: America's top Internet-service provider announces plans to acquire the world's largest media conglomerate. At $182 billion in stock... More>>
Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep in It's Complicated It's Complicated
Nancy Meyers can't keep making the same movie over and over again
, December 22, 2009
Does Nancy Meyers hate women? The thought ran through my head not very long into It's Complicated, Meyers's biennial stocking-stuffer about the... More>>
Police, Adjective Mines Gulf between Cop and Human Values Police, Adjective
, December 22, 2009
Detective stories imply that mysteries can be solved, or at least rationally explained. Even the most debased example is a secular article of... More>>
Heath Ledger's Ghost Haunts The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
, December 22, 2009
Reunited with Charles McKeown, his co-writer from Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Terry Gilliam has created another Ultimate Po-mo... More>>
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