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2010: The Year SXSW Film Broke 2010: The Year SXSW Film Broke
At 17, you were going through some changes, too
, March 24, 2010
The tagline for the recently concluded 2010 South by Southwest Film Festival was "Tomorrow Happens Here," slick marketing shorthand for the... More>>
Spring Guide: Kick-Ass, Even Darker than The Dark Knight Spring Guide: Kick-Ass, Even Darker than The Dark Knight
Aaron Johnson's secret vigilante
, March 24, 2010
In the exhilarating, darkly subversive new superhero flick Kick-Ass (based on the comic-book series by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.),... More>>
Waking Sleeping Beauty Waking Sleeping Beauty
A documentary about the lucrative rebirth of Disney's animation arm between the years 1984 and 1994
, March 24, 2010
Last fall saw the release of the documentary Walt & El Grupo, about Walt Disney and a team of his most talented animators trekking to Latin... More>>
Queer-Film Triple Bill Manuela y Manuel, Dream Boy, Just Say Love Queer-Film Triple Bill Manuela y Manuel, Dream Boy, Just Say Love
, March 24, 2010
In its second rollout of a queer-film triple bill, offers another mixed bag of fare. The weakest of the trio is Raúl Marchand... More>>
Lbs.: It's Definitely Hard to Make a Film About Being Fat Lbs.
Twinkie binge montages lack romance
, March 24, 2010
A couple of days into their cold-turkey detox in the woods of Upstate New York, childhood friends Neil (Carmine Famiglietti), a compulsive eater,... More>>
Robert Saitzyk's Brooding Godspeed Godspeed
A slow-burning northern-gothic drama/revenge thriller/backwoods horror
, March 24, 2010
His relationship with God complicated after his wife and son are incomprehensibly murdered, small-time Alaskan "faith healer" Charlie Shepard... More>>
Anne Bass's Dancing Across Borders Dancing Across Borders
, March 24, 2010
When 16-year-old Sokvannara Sar, a charismatic Cambodian with a gift for his native folk dances, arrived in New York City in 2001 as the... More>>
Close-Up: Iranian New Wave's Seminal Creation Close-Up
, March 24, 2010
Although Abbas Kiarostami seems to be receding into a Godardian cave of late, this must-see 1990 artichoke—in many ways, the Iranian New... More>>
How to Train Your Dragon, an Adequate but Unremarkable Animated Tale How to Train Your Dragon
, March 24, 2010
The 3-D wasn't working at the screening I attended, but, honestly, it would take several more dimensions to craft something special out of this... More>>
The Eclipse: A Curious Irish Ghost Story with Interesting Results The Eclipse
, March 24, 2010
The Eclipse is a curious Irish ghost story that fiddles with the recipe just enough to produce interesting results. Solidly built and... More>>
Noah Baumbach Heads to L.A. for Greenberg Greenberg
Go west, middle-aged man!
, March 16, 2010
Sad, funny, and acutely self-conscious, Noah Baumbach's Greenberg is unafraid to project a downbeat worldview or feature an impossible... More>>
Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart in The Runaways The Runaways
Sex, drugs, and feminist thought
, March 16, 2010
There's an obvious stunt element to the casting of The Runaways: a punked-up, barely legal Kristen Stewart and a still underage, barely dressed... More>>
The Best Girl Band Movies Ever The Best Girl Band Movies Ever
Girls rock through the ages
, March 16, 2010
Before The Runaways, there was . . . Spice World. Movies have been honoring, exploiting, or completely botching the appeal of XX bands for years.... More>>
The Prowler at Film Forum The Prowler
Cops as robbers in eerie noir
, March 16, 2010
Revived for a week at Film Forum in an excellent restored print, The Prowler (1951) may be the creepiest of classic noirs. Joseph Losey's... More>>
Il Duce's Secret First Wife Gets Hers in Vincere Vincere
The woman behind the fascist
, March 16, 2010
Particularly since Benito Mussolini came to power as a newspaperman, let us not bury the lead: According to Marco Bellocchio's Vincere, the... More>>
The Slapdash Concert Doc Neil Young Trunk Show Neil Young Trunk Show
, March 16, 2010
In contrast to 2006's amber-lit, prayerful Neil Young: Heart of Gold, a stately acoustic set at Nashville's tradition-rich Ryman Auditorium,... More>>
The Fatally Slight Mid-August Lunch Mid-August Lunch
, March 16, 2010
Watching this lauded but fatally slight comedy of manners about a middle-aged Italian who finds himself caring for four spunky old dames, it's... More>>
On the Fairly Capable Adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a Wimpy Kid
, March 16, 2010
With stick figures and crisply funny journal entries, Jeff Kinney's cartoon series breathed fresh life into pre-teen lit's most exhausted... More>>
The Bounty Hunter of Mismatched Couple Clichés The Bounty Hunter
, March 16, 2010
You've followed their packaged romance in the supermarket checkout line—now see the movie. Jennifer Aniston's hair plays a New York Daily... More>>
Repo Men, Another Wholesale Dystopian Future Repo Men
, March 16, 2010
Another wholesale dystopian future, just like the last one. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are two repo men punching their timecards for The Union,... More>>
Andy Garcia Sneaks to Acting Lessons in City Island City Island
, March 16, 2010
Everyone in the Rizzo family has something to hide: Paterfamilias Vince (Andy Garcia) works as a corrections officer, but sneaks off for acting... More>>
Shutterbug's Sinister New York Shutterbug
, March 16, 2010
Part ontological inquiry, part ode to urban drifting, Shutterbug takes a man's late-night descent into a post-industrial hell (i.e., South... More>>
Catch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Before Its Inevitable U.S. Remake The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
, March 16, 2010
Essentially a locked-room mystery with lashings of gore and sexual brutality, Stieg Larsson's novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo disguised the... More>>
Kimjongilia Addresses the Mess that Is North Korea Kimjongilia
, March 16, 2010
An impressionistic primer-doc on the state of the mess that is North Korea, this odd debut takes most of its time interviewing refugees that have... More>>
The Docks of New York at Film Forum The Docks of New York
, March 16, 2010
Under the direction of Jo von Sternberg, a Jamaica High School dropout and rising star at Paramount, Hans Dreier built a gorgeous ramshackle East... More>>
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