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Al Pacino and Kitty Winn Rexamined in The Panic in Needle Park The Panic in Needle Park
Junkie love in New York's classic shoot-'em-up
, January 28, 2009
The Panic in Needle Park is an American art film that would have found its natural home in a 42nd Street grind house—although the new print... More>>
Sundance Lays Low Sundance Lays Low
Soderbergh and solitary on the fest's 25th anniversary
, January 28, 2009
The crowds were thinner, the temperature warmer, and Barack Obama's name mentioned so many times that you might have thought he had assumed... More>>
'Positif Celebrates American Cinema'
The French film mag picks some heavies
, January 28, 2009
The Other French Film Magazine screens its favorite American indies in "Mavericks and Outsiders: Positif Celebrates American Cinema," organized... More>>
We've Seen These Shadows Before Shadows
, January 28, 2009
Currently a film professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Macedonian auteur Milcho Manchevski (Before the Rain) returns to the homeland for... More>>
The Class's Delicate Lessons in a Multi-Culti Tinderbox The Class
, January 28, 2009
Compare and contrast Laurent Cantet's terrific The Class with Mr. Holland's Opus and Dangerous Minds. Note the structural similarities:... More>>
New in Town Features Zellweger as Mitt Romney in a Mini New In Town
, January 28, 2009
A corporate tool, but a stylish corporate tool, single and ambitious Renée Zellweger is dispatched from sunny Miami to rural Minnesota to... More>>
Of Hackery and Wizard Hats in Yawn-Worthy Colour of Magic The Colour of Magic
, January 28, 2009
Why pretend all genres are created equal? Edmund Wilson couldn't stomach mysteries, and said as much in "Who Cares Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?" In... More>>
Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh
, January 28, 2009
Hannah Senesh—the ardent young socialist-Zionist who emigrated from Budapest to Palestine and was tortured and killed by the Nazis for... More>>
America the (Not Always) Beautiful Chugs Through Small-Town Romania in California Dreamin' California Dreamin'
, January 21, 2009
An unfinished film set in an unsettled corner of the world, Romanian director Cristian Nemescu's California Dreamin' ponders history's cruelties... More>>
Terence Davies Puts a New Spin on Hometown Pride in Of Time and the City Of Time and the City
, January 21, 2009
One of the major British filmmakers of his generation, Terence Davies revisits his youth to decidedly mixed effect in Of Time and the... More>>
Richard Roud Honored With Two Favorites at the Walter Reade Richard Roud Honored With Two Favorites at the Walter Reade
Celebrating a NYFF (and NY) tastemaker, plus Moses and Aaron two ways
, January 21, 2009
Program director (and then just director) of the New York Film Festival from 1963 through 1987, Richard Roud was one of the most influential... More>>
Dealing and Wheeling in Small Arms Investigates the Price of Weapons Smuggling Dealing and Wheeling in Small Arms
, January 21, 2009
Dealing and Wheeling in Small Arms opens with a cheerful Cambodian shooting off rounds, without earphones, in a shady gallery. This is what he... More>>
Donkey Punch Exceeds Its Smutty Titling with Workmanlike Thriller Donkey Punch
, January 21, 2009
The personnel behind Donkey Punch could've released anything with such a "No way" title—if you haven't been on the Internet since 1999,... More>>
Tracing Gangland's Roots in Crips & Bloods: Made in America Crips & Bloods: Made in America
, January 21, 2009
Why is there so much violence in South L.A.? What are the historical roots of the Bloods and Crips? Stacy Peralta's documentary Made in America... More>>
Brendan Fraser's Inkheart Intones Literary Fluff Inkheart
, January 21, 2009
Brendan "Kids' Choice" Fraser returns to the multiplex day-care as Mo Folchart, antiquarian-book-repairman-cum-adventurer and member of a race of... More>>
The Lodger Forces Out A Remake of a Remake The Lodger
, January 21, 2009
Is it just January, or is independent film so depleted that the excellent likes of Hope Davis, Alfred Molina, and Philip Baker Hall have to grind... More>>
Dog Eat Dog Is Colombia's Post-Tarantino Gangster Flick Dog Eat Dog Is Colombia's Post-Tarantino Gangster Flick
, January 21, 2009
Congratulations, Colombia! You've caught up with America's rich cinematic tradition and produced one of your own trashy, cliché-riddled,... More>>
Craig Baldwin's Mock Up and Mu Unlocks and Mocks the Mysteries of Scientology Mock Up on Mu
, January 14, 2009
Manic and irrepressible, an exuberant crank and a tireless activist, San Francisco film artist Craig Baldwin uses a seemingly inexhaustible trove... More>>
New York Jewish Film Festival Reflects a Semitic Identity Crisis New York Jewish Film Festival Reflects a Semitic Identity Crisis
, January 14, 2009
Given the rainbow muddle that is Jewish identity today—from born-again to secular and all the way to couldn't-care-less—what does a... More>>
Chandni Chowk to China
, January 14, 2009
One of the most persistent legends about the Chinese martial arts is that their world-famous crowning glory, Shaolin kwan (Shaolin temple... More>>
Biggie's Small, in Notorious Notorious
Notorious B.I.G. made B.L.A.N.D.
, January 14, 2009
Notorious, about a crack dealer who becomes an iconic rapper who becomes a tragic legend, is the first film George Tillman Jr. has directed since... More>>
Ballerina Follows Russia's Masters of the Form Ballerina
, January 14, 2009
Manuel Legris, a French dancer interviewed in Ballerina, Bertrand Norman's involving study of the Russian ballet, insists that a Russian... More>>
The Pervert's Guide to Cinema Is Slavoj Žižek at His Most Accessible The Pervert's Guide to Cinema Is Slavoj Žižek at His Most Accessible
, January 14, 2009
Slavoj Žižek is the closest thing contemporary critical theory has to a rock star, in part because he regularly addresses pop cinema... More>>
Cherry Blossoms, a Hit in Germany, Settles into Neo-Hippy Fripperies Cherry Blossoms
, January 14, 2009
At least once a year, the canny distributors at Strand Releasing shell out for a crowd-pleaser to shore up their artier numbers. To kick off... More>>
The Sublet Suffers Student-Film Level Tedium The Sublet
, January 14, 2009
One more reason to suspect bait-and-switch in real estate ads: Your circled pick may belong to a Lonely Old Man seeking nothing more than a... More>>
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