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Birdsong, Albert Serra's Legend of Three Kings Birdsong
, February 25, 2009
Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra is an artist whose work inspires more thinking than philosophizing. Whereas his last feature adapted Don Quixote... More>>
Citizen's Arrest for Wayne Kramer's Tasteless Immigrant Drama Crossing Over Crossing Over
, February 25, 2009
Haven't we been here before? The inbred mutant offspring of Crash and Babel, writer-director Wayne Kramer's Crossing Over treats the subject of... More>>
Ferreri's Dillinger Is Dead Still Packs Heat Dillinger is Dead
, February 25, 2009
Even the gas mask designed by Glauco (Michel Piccoli), the central figure in Marco Ferreri's 1969 Dillinger Is Dead, offers little protection... More>>
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, Starring Fountains of Sticky, White Goo Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
, February 25, 2009
Following the franchise template of fellow Hollywood Records–Disney property Miley Cyrus, here's a dose of America's favorite soft-serve... More>>
Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead Proves Refreshingly Problematic Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead
, February 25, 2009
Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead, directed by Ted Schillinger, is shot on crappy consumer video, lazily set to ominous music, and bears all the... More>>
The Trouble With Romance Hosts a Roaring Void of Talent The Trouble With Romance
, February 25, 2009
One hotel, one night, four couples (with their sundry third and fourth wheels—all involved parties loathsome), and four skits involving... More>>
An American Affair Mucks through a Tiresome  JFK Conspiracy An American Affair
, February 25, 2009
Even the most insatiable JFK-conspiracy-theory freak won't get much juice out of William Sten Olsson's An American Affair, which subscribes to a... More>>
Katyn's True Lies Katyn
Revisiting the Katyn cover-up, Poland's great chronicler gets personal, but not personal enough
, February 18, 2009
There are directors like John Ford and Alexander Dovzhenko, national bards singing the tales of the tribe, and others like Charles Chaplin and... More>>
Guy Debord Mini-Fest and the Rest of the Retro Lineup Carry Film Comment Selects Guy Debord Mini-Fest and the Rest of the Retro Lineup Carry Film Comment Selects
, February 18, 2009
With Mondo Kim's now shuttered, New York cineastes must realize that nothing can be taken for granted. Don't fail, then, to commemorate the 10th... More>>
"Rossellini History Films" and What Makes Sammy Run? on DVD
, February 18, 2009
Looking to enhance your TV's IQ? Slip in one of the DVDs from the Criterion set "Rossellini's History Films," and watch the tube radiate... More>>
An Interview with Michael Almereyda
His latest opens Film Comments Selects. We make him talk about it.
, February 18, 2009
Best known for 2000's millennial Hamlet, Michael Almereyda consistently integrates the avant-garde into the narrative: Some of his first features... More>>
"Shinjuku Ecstasy" Parses through Sex and Revolt in '60s Art-House Japan "Shinjuku Ecstasy" Parses through Sex and Revolt in '60s Art-House Japan
, February 18, 2009
What if critics chose which films got made? Such was the bracing—or hair-raising, your pick—reality at Japan's independent Art... More>>
Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail
, February 18, 2009
When we last saw Tyler Perry’s signature character—the bosomy, blunt-smoking, Glock-yielding Georgia granny—she and her brother,... More>>
Must Read After My Death Snapshots an Era that Makes Revolutionary Road a Tea Party Must Read After My Death
, February 18, 2009
Who owns this devastating documentary portrait of domestic misery in early-1960s suburban America? Charley, the angry, tidiness-obsessed father... More>>
'Ventana al Sur: An Evening of Argentine Experimental Films'
, February 18, 2009
Anthology spills out a grab bag of short shorts from way South, the majority completed over the last few years. Sparse Super-8 Espectro marries... More>>
Portrait-Cum-Procedural Eleven Minutes Profiles Project Runway's Jay McCarrol Eleven Minutes
, February 18, 2009
Two years after winning the first season of Project Runway, flamboyantly charismatic fashion designer Jay McCarroll still hadn't launched his... More>>
Fired Up Incites Longing for Funnier Dignity of American Pie Fired Up
, February 18, 2009
Getting high and mighty on teen-sex comedies is a sucker's game, but it's worth noting how particularly abhorrent a movie like Fired Up is. Not... More>>
Delhi-6 Represents the Enigmatic India of Today Delhi-6
, February 18, 2009
Addressing the crowd gathered for the world premiere of Delhi-6 at MOMA, Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan announced that the film we were about to... More>>
The Average Giuseppes of Organized Crime in Gomorrah Gomorrah
, February 11, 2009
Martin Scorsese may be presenting Matteo Garrone's Gomorrah, but this corrosive, slapdash, grimly exciting exposé of organized crime in... More>>
Bail Out The International The International
A movie with troubled assets, indeed
, February 11, 2009
Tom Tykwer's The International is one of those movies in which shadowy men meet in parked cars, abandoned buildings, and inconspicuous public... More>>
James Gray Gets Goofy in Two Lovers Two Lovers
, February 11, 2009
Martin Scorsese won't need to put his imprimatur on James Gray's Two Lovers—the French film press has already taken care of that. Populated... More>>
Living Ain't Easy at MOMA's Documentary Fortnight Living Ain't Easy at MOMA's Documentary Fortnight
Nor is it exactly a barrel of laughs
, February 11, 2009
Portraits in tenacity make for some of the strongest films in this year's Documentary Fortnight film fest, again bundled within the supergroup of... More>>
Bush and Confessions of a Shopaholic Agree: Go Shopping! (Wait, Don't.) Confessions of a Shopaholic
, February 11, 2009
The Confessions of a Shopaholic we need right now would be a handheld doc featuring former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain sobbing into the camera... More>>
Great Speeches From a Dying World Great Speeches From a Dying World
, February 11, 2009
"Rhetoric" is often wielded as a pejorative term, but itinerant filmmaker Linas Phillips (Walking to Werner) sides with the ennobling power of... More>>
Someone Tell Elliot Gould That The Caller Is Frank Langella The Caller
, February 11, 2009
Co-written by French psychoanalyst/novelist Alain-Didier Weill and director Richard Ledes (A Hole in One), The Caller begins as a multinational... More>>
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