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Tracking a Southern Voyage with Walt & El Grupo Walt & El Grupo
, September 08, 2009
In 1941, with financial woes mounting and an animators' strike making his studio anything but the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney took... More>>
No Impact Man Tests Limits of Man's Carbon Footprint, Wife's Patience No Impact Man
, September 08, 2009
The bold environmental project Colin Beavan began in the fall of 2006—to expunge his carbon footprint by giving up material consumption,... More>>
Cross-Country Photoshoot with Indistinguishable Twins in Give Me Your Hand Give Me Your Hand
, September 08, 2009
It's usually a dangerous sign when a director casting about for an idea gets fascinated by twins: For every Dead Ringers, there is a Twin Falls... More>>
40 Years in the Making, The Painter Sam Francis The Painter Sam Francis
, September 08, 2009
The name in the title belongs to the California-born artist who, set up in Saint-Germain-des-Prés during the 1950s, was at the vanguard of... More>>
Gogol Bordello Non-Stop Gogol Bordello Non-Stop
, September 08, 2009
A whirling dervish of rafter-swinging rebellion, gypsy-punk rockers Gogol Bordello (led by handlebar-mustached beanpole Eugene... More>>
The Title Pretty Much Says It: I Can Do Bad All by Myself I Can Do Bad All by Myself
, September 08, 2009
If you are the director, producer, writer (adapting your own stage play), and co-star of a film, you really show how bad you can do all by... More>>
The Highly Unnecessary Sister: Sorority Row Sorority Row
, September 08, 2009
The first credit to roll for Sorority Row, director Stewart Hendler’s highly unnecessary remake of a 1983 slasher, is for a character known... More>>
Off-Putting Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly Explores Minority Identity Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly
, September 08, 2009
Chinese-Indonesian director Edwin's debut feature about minority identity cycles through installation-style segments that evoke a sense of being... More>>
The Other Man Wastes Terrific Cast on Dreary Filmmaking The Other Man
, September 08, 2009
Whatever initial life there might have been in a story by German writer Bernhard Schlink (The Reader) has been crushed to a pulp by... More>>
Tiresome Pottymouthing in Skiptracers Skiptracers
, September 08, 2009
Set in East Bufu, Alabama, from a mostly first-timer cast and tyro director, Skiptracers concerns the Trawick brothers, J.D. and Tucker,... More>>
Mike Judge Sides with Management in Extract Extract
, September 01, 2009
Here for Labor Day—a comedy about the hilarity and heartbreak of running a small business. A decade after his succès d'estime Office... More>>
'Mondo Fandom' at Anthology 'Mondo Fandom' at Anthology
Traversing the parking lots, tribute shows, and courtrooms of extreme rock devotion
, September 01, 2009
The road of the Kiss tribute band runs through New Britain, Wallington, and Nyack, and is hard. The road of the Elvis impersonator, with its... More>>
Jobber Adrift at Sea Takes Leave in Liverpool Liverpool
, September 01, 2009
As with his previous films, Argentine director Lisandro Alonso's Liverpool is defined by its trajectory: A taciturn isolato—here, a... More>>
Days of Being Wild in Unmade Beds Unmade Beds
Alexis Dos Santos shows promise and pitfalls in youth
, September 01, 2009
A youthful movie made by, about, and largely for youthful hipsters, Alexis Dos Santos's Unmade Beds is an ambitious neo–new wave portrait... More>>
Suspiria Shock: Two Runs in Two Weeks Suspira
, September 01, 2009
Better known these days (and maybe for the rest of time) as Asia's dad, Dario Argento is the last representative of Italy's tenacious genre... More>>
Displacement Dramedy Gets a Spin with Amreeka Amreeka
, September 01, 2009
The thriving subgenre of immigrant displacement dramedy gets a confident new spin from Cherien Dabis, a Palestinian-Jordanian raised in the... More>>
Tickling Leo Adds to Holocaust Film Grammar of Succeeding Generations Tickling Leo
, September 01, 2009
A new Holocaust film grammar is forming about what it means to be a succeeding generation, suspended between the impulse to forget and the urgent... More>>
American Casino Snipes at America's Subprime Bloodsuckers with TV-Blandness American Casino
, September 01, 2009
At the very least, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson owes Denzel Mitchell a nice e-card: Mitchell, a Baltimore high school teacher, was one... More>>
Gamer, From the Makers of Crank
, September 01, 2009
Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have slowly started garnering actual critical consideration for their Crank movies; with Gamer, they make another... More>>
Sandstorm the Public Access Equivalent of Falun Gong Protests Sandstorm
, September 01, 2009
If you're unfamiliar with the practitioners of Falun Gong—peaceful spiritualists who have been persecuted by the Chinese government since... More>>
The September Issue Captures Vogue's Wintour at Her Peak The September Issue
Goodbye to all of that!
, August 25, 2009
When, in the early '00s, I worked as a freelancer for a publication two floors below Vogue—this was pre–Devil Wears Prada—each... More>>
Koreeda's Family Reunion, Still Walking Still Walking
Resentment and regret: the raw emotions of familial relations
, August 25, 2009
What's remarkable about Still Walking, Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda's seventh feature film and one every bit as sensitive as his previous... More>>
Whit Stillman Speaks Eleven Years After His Last Film Whit Stillman Speaks Eleven Years After His Last Film
Back in NY and . . . your guess is as good as ours
, August 25, 2009
Whit Stillman released his first movie in 1990. An undergraduate love story compressed into one holiday debutante season, Metropolitan presented... More>>
Ondi Timoner Doc We Live In Public Strokes Dot-Com Artist's Ego We Live in Public
Self-dubbed Internet genius gets his backup
, August 25, 2009
Documentarian Ondi Timoner lends her credulity and camera to swollen, damaged egos who believe themselves to be visionaries. We Live in Public... More>>
An Interview with Whit Stillman
The full transcript of our conversation with the recently returned director
, August 25, 2009
Hey, thanks for waiting, sorry to hold you up.  Oh, no problem whatsoever. Thanks for taking the time. The Voice was my first job. I got a... More>>
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