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Get Smart: A Pleasant Surprise Get Smart
This redux is a rare device: a TV remake for the big screen that works on its own terms
, June 17, 2008
As old Broadway shows are revived, new Broadway shows get spun from old movies so that new movies may be fashioned from ancient TV series. It's... More>>
Taking Off
Though not his best-known, this is Forman's finest American foray
, June 17, 2008
When Milos Forman set out to make his first American movie, he moved into a house on Leroy Street for more than a year. The door was always open,... More>>
Mike Myers in The Love Guru Mike Myers in The Love Guru
Justin Timberlake, dreary dick jokes, and elephant poop in this Deepak Chopra riff
, June 17, 2008
Mike Myers likes ice hockey. He also likes Deepak Chopra, a little bit too much. So he pulled together a bit of hockey and a whole lot of Chopra... More>>
Awkwardness Reigns in Expired Expired
Credit due for working the unworkable
, June 17, 2008
Despite Expired's many flaws, give writer-director Cecilia Miniucchi points for gamely tackling an almost unworkable conceit in her... More>>
Hair Extensions: Erratic J-Horror Hair Extensions: Erratic J-Horror
Bad-hair-day joke goes here
, June 17, 2008
Hell is a rogue hair—say, sprouting up somewhere unexpected, or slipping around in one's throat. This comprises the inspiration for Hair... More>>
Brick Lane's Immigrant Song Brick Lane
Tradition fights modernity in moving British import
, June 17, 2008
Bracket the fact that it's an adaptation of Monica Ali's great big treat of a 2003 novel about displacement and feminine emancipation, and... More>>
Jerovi, Lupe
Two queer underground classics, restored
, June 17, 2008
More artifacts than art, Jerovi and Lupe—two films by José Rodriguez-Soltero preserved by the Warhol Foundation and restored by... More>>
Opposites Attract in Chris & Don Chris & Don: A Love Story
Portrait of the artist as a young man (and his lover as an old one)
, June 10, 2008
With a glint in his eye and a grin on his lips, artist Don Bachardy looks into the camera and explains the dynamic of his three-decade... More>>
Werner Herzog and Guy Maddin Go Into Deep Freeze Encounters at the End of the World, My Winnipeg
Lessons from the darkness: Herzog treks to Antarctica, and Maddin to the tundra of his youth
, June 10, 2008
Some say the world will end in fire, some—like Werner Herzog and Guy Maddin—say ice. Flying in the face of global warming, each of... More>>
Directors' Fortnight: An Alt-Cannes Directors' Fortnight: An Alt-Cannes
Rivette's Céline and Julie Go Boating opens a tribute to that other French festival
, June 10, 2008
The Directors' Fortnight festival originated as a kind of enfant de resistance, born as it was in the supremely French spirit of protest in 1969.... More>>
The Happening: What a Bunch of Nonsense The Happening: What a Bunch of Nonsense
M. Night Shyamalan tries to play both John Carpenter (bloody) and Stanley Kubrick (cold-blooded)
, June 10, 2008
What a bunch of nonsense—effective nonsense, chilling nonsense, occasionally wrenching nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless. This is what... More>>
The Not-Terrible Hulk The Incredible Hulk
In the shadow of Iron Man, the latest from Marvel can't live up to its billing
, June 10, 2008
In recent days, Universal’s been running a TV spot for The Incredible Hulk that gives away what should come as no surprise to any fanboy... More>>
Warsaw Bridge's Mysteries Remain Warsaw Bridge
Pere Portabella's Puzzle, at MOMA
, June 10, 2008
The frizzy perms permanently time-stamp Warsaw Bridge as a product of 1990; otherwise, the years have done little to clear up its mysteries. Pere... More>>
Homeless People Play Soccer in Kicking It Homeless People Play Soccer in Kicking It
And the result is exactly as heavy-handed as you'd imagine
, June 10, 2008
Vagrants apparently don't need a home address to feel a patriotic duty for their homeland, or so attests Susan Koch's good-hearted but artless... More>>
Quid Pro Quo: The Pleasures of Paralysis Quid Pro Quo
Skirting perversity, alas
, June 10, 2008
For the first half hour, Quid Pro Quo flirts with the kind of sexual perversity that fueled Crash, David Cronenberg's lurid 1996 film about a... More>>
Monsieur Verdoux: Chaplin in Paris Monsieur Verdoux: Chaplin in Paris
The Tramp matures, messily
, June 10, 2008
The title character in Charlie Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux (played by Chaplin, of course) is a dainty ex–bank clerk, laid off during the... More>>
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time's Real Craftsmanship The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Even if you hate anime!
, June 10, 2008
The title will be unfamiliar to most Americans; not so in Japan. The source is a sci-fi novel that's been adapted every decade since its 1967... More>>
To the Limit: Cheerfully Lunatic To the Limit: Cheerfully Lunatic
Speed-climbing psychodrama: It's extreme!
, June 10, 2008
As Pepe Danquart's cheerfully lunatic To the Limit begins, a camera takes in the majestic expanse of Yosemite National Park, gently gliding not... More>>
Love Comes Lately: Singing Singer Love Comes Lately
Isaac Bashevis, in a nutshell, sort of
, June 10, 2008
The mercurial spirit and gnomic intellect of Isaac Bashevis Singer are properly difficult to trap in a bottle, but German director Jan... More>>
Beauty in Trouble: Soapy Realism Beauty in Trouble
You won't figure out what to make of the Velvet Revolution here
, June 10, 2008
The center of Beauty in Trouble, Czech director Jan Hrebejk's trying foray into soapy realism, is the kind of provincial, hard-luck lass who... More>>
Newfest Turns 20 Newfest Turns 20
Featuring the Voice's very own Michael Musto—and Karl Rove!
, June 03, 2008
Newfest, now in its 20th year of celebrating LGBT film, is geared to our motley gay community with painstaking regard, and one of its prevailing... More>>
Operation Filmmaker Exploits Iraq's Exploitation Operation Filmmaker
Liberal guilt + Hollywood ego = Chaos for an Iraqi refugee
, June 03, 2008
A fable for our reality-TV reality, Nina Davenport's Operation Filmmaker is as much virus as video documentary. This essentially comic tale maps... More>>
The Political Is Personal at the Human Rights Watch Fest The Political Is Personal at the Human Rights Watch Fest
Putting a human face on global atrocity
, June 03, 2008
The body count at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival rivals any in Hollywood's summer shoot-'em-ups: 400,000 killed in Laos;... More>>
At Anthology, Howard Hawks's Twilight
Films from the end of a great career
, June 03, 2008
What Howard Hawks did best—whichever studio signed the check (over 44 years, he worked for them all), whatever genre he operated in... More>>
The Mother of Tears: Dario Argento Clowns Himself The Mother of Tears
The Italian master caps off his horror trilogy with horrific parody
, June 03, 2008
A topsy-turvy Escherland exists where Dario Argento's The Mother of Tears is considered a twisted classic, and it is a magical place. Up is down,... More>>
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