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Blue Planet: Leisurely Abstractions Blue Planet
A nature-lover film turns 25
, June 03, 2008
On its 25th anniversary, Franco Piavoli's Blue Planet remains a one-of-a-kind nature documentary: While Planet Earth and its ilk try to shock and... More>>
The Promotion
Better than Employee of the Month!
, June 03, 2008
Making his directorial debut, screenwriter Steven Conrad (who previously wrote The Weather Man and The Pursuit of Happyness) continues his... More>>
The Go-Getter: Hipster Road-Trip Redux The Go-Getter: Hipster Road-Trip Redux
With Jena Malone as Ad-Rock
, June 03, 2008
Distraught over his mom's death, adorably awkward but soulful 19-year-old Mercer (Lou Taylor Pucci) steals a car belonging to plucky boho babe... More>>
Rebellion Gives Way in The Grocer's Son Rebellion Gives Way in The Grocer's Son
Small and self-assured
, June 03, 2008
Director Eric Guirado's The Grocer's Son is a small, self-assured film that moves at its own pace, always staying one graceful step ahead of its... More>>
Dreams With Sharp Teeth: Harlan Ellison, Unrevealed Dreams With Sharp Teeth
Plus: bad screensaver graphics!
, June 03, 2008
If you're unfamiliar with the product of Harlan Ellison's 50 years and counting behind a typewriter, you'll know little more about it after... More>>
A blood-soaked old-school epic
, June 03, 2008
You want a history lesson? Take a class. You want clanging swords, sneering villains, storybook romance, and bloody vengeance? Here's a brawny... More>>
The Minor Pleasures of When Did You Last See Your Father? When Did You Last See Your Father?
The Brits know their middlebrow
, June 03, 2008
Directed by Anand Tucker with the same intelligent tact he brought to Hilary and Jackie, and cleanly adapted by David Nicholls from a brutally... More>>
On the Rumba River: Papa Wendo's Story On the Rumba River
A light touch for a Congolese musical hero
, June 03, 2008
You've never heard of him, but Antoine Kolosoy, a/k/a Wendo, a/k/a Papa Wendo, is perhaps the most beloved musician that the Democratic Republic... More>>
The President's Analyst
POTUS's shrink on the run in this '60s spy satire
, June 03, 2008
A political satire that impressed me mightily as a teenager (and less so thereafter), Theodore Flicker's genial exercise in comic paranoia... More>>
Take Out's Microbudget Realism Take Out's Microbudget Realism
Tip your deliveryman!
, June 03, 2008
You'll hopefully think twice before giving the Chinese-food deliveryman a lousy tip after experiencing a nerve-racking day in the life of Ming... More>>
RFK Must Die: Conspiracy Queries RFK Must Die: Conspiracy Queries
Did Hillary watch this?
, June 03, 2008
Exploring several of the inconsistencies in the official account of the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy without stating an alternative... More>>
Messing With You Don't Mess With the Zohan You Don't Mess With the Zohan
The Middle East: Now fair game!
, June 03, 2008
In a passable Israeli accent, outsize codpiece, and a new and improved bod, Adam Sandler's Zohan, a Mossad super-heavy, is every Jewish nerd's... More>>
Kung Fu Panda's Small Mercies Kung Fu Panda
You can take your kids. It's OK.
, June 03, 2008
By all means, gather up the little ones and take them to this perfectly pleasant, very good-looking, modestly funny, dispiritingly unoriginal... More>>
Sundance Highlights Come to BAM Sundance Highlights Come to BAM
Non-fiction-filled mini-fest opens with a bust, then rocks
, May 27, 2008
Ah, to experience the fruits of Sundance's programming labors without the Park City frostbite, deafening hype, and droves of industry douchebags!... More>>
'L'origine de la tendresse' and Other Tales
Program of French tales broad but not deep
, May 27, 2008
Seven short films ranging from 1999 to the present, "L'origine de la tendresse" and Other Tales is the eighth annual ad hoc compendium from the... More>>
Sex and the City: Plotless and Pointless Sex and the City
Despite the labels and levity, the big-screen SATC is a poor-man's knockoff
, May 27, 2008
Oh, please—spoiler alert? Fine, I won't tell you whether Carrie Bradshaw ties the knot with Mr. Big, even though you've already seen that... More>>
The Foot Fist Way: Truly Cringe-Tastic The Foot Fist Way: Truly Cringe-Tastic
Or at least star Danny McBride is in this tae kwon do comedy
, May 27, 2008
The Foot Fist Way has been trying to break into theaters since clawing its way down film-fest row, beginning at Sundance in '06. It took Will... More>>
Questions for Michael Patrick King, Sex and the City Writer and Director
Or: later that day, I got to thinking about why your movie sucks
, May 27, 2008
1. Who are the four pathetic bimbos in funny outfits inhabiting this movie, and what have you done with our girls? 2. If Big—maybe not a... More>>
Wonders Are Many: Atomic Doc Wonders Are Many: The Making of Doctor Atomic
Oppenheimer chronicle, chronicled
, May 27, 2008
One consonant away from an icon of American innocence, "Oppie," as the spindly genius and nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was known to... More>>
The Strangers: Old-School Spooker The Strangers
Too bad it doesn't make any sense
, May 27, 2008
Suggesting an American remake of David Moreau and Xavier Palud's Them, The Strangers is practically an abstraction: an old-school spooker spun... More>>
Stuck: Disgusting Dark Comedy Stuck
Fatal accident humor, from the Re-Animator guy
, May 27, 2008
In October 2001, a Fort Worth, Texas, nurse's aide named Chante Mallard struck 37-year-old Gregory Glenn Biggs with her 1997 Chevy Cavalier,... More>>
The Unknown Woman (La Sconosciuta): Paradiso Lost The Unknown Woman (La Sconosciuta)
Five Italian Oscars? Really?
, May 27, 2008
Remember Giuseppe Tornatore, who made the overrated but harmlessly cute Cinema Paradiso, about the grumpy projectionist who made him the fabulous... More>>
Vivre sa Vie: Godard Goes Off Vivre sa vie
The "Everything is permissible" moment
, May 27, 2008
A milestone "Everything is permissible" moment in narrative film, Godard's fourth feature is a rocket from Pandora's Box. It's sectioned into 12... More>>
Bigger, Stronger, Faster*: Roid Documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster*: Roid Documentary
Muscled-up tragedy
, May 27, 2008
My first boyfriend was a juicer. Steroids were the drug of choice at my high school, having somehow washed into the Canadian suburbs in the early... More>>
Savage Grace: Trainwreck Gawkery Savage Grace
Julianne Moore, wasted again
, May 27, 2008
A lip-smacking episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Depraved, designed more for train-wreck gawkery than psychological illumination, Tom Kalin's... More>>
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