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Good Housekeeping in Sebastián Silva's The Maid The Maid
Cleaning up the thorny role of a live-in maid
, October 13, 2009
Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but for the title character of the pitch-black Chilean comedy The Maid, it's closer to infernal torment.... More>>
Electricity for All in Elia Kazan's Wild River Wild River
City boy–country girl sparks, and plenty of politics
, October 13, 2009
The man who brought the Method to Hollywood, Elia Kazan gave James Dean his first role (East of Eden) and got career performances from Marlon... More>>
Hits and Misses in New York, I Love You New York, I Love You
, October 13, 2009
Billed as a "collective feature film," New York, I Love You is the second in the "Cities of Love" series, an idea that has so far proved better... More>>
A Fetishist's Devotion Marks Black Dynamite Black Dynamite
, October 13, 2009
He's a sex machine, righteous brother, and one bad mother: Who cares if the title character in Scott Sanders's blaxploitation spoof looks more... More>>
Z-Grade Revenge Thrills in Law Abiding Citizen Law Abiding Citizen
, October 13, 2009
The movie wastes no time: Before the opening credits, a man watches two home invaders slaughter his wife and daughter—and we don't even... More>>
Adela, Art-Perfect Snapshot of Community in Flux Adela
, October 13, 2009
Although its feverish opening sequence—in which a prostitute gives birth in the middle of a crowded, noisy slum street—promises a... More>>
The Little Traitor Squeaks By Most Basic Conflicts, Resolutions The Little Traitor
, October 13, 2009
In 1947 British-occupied Jerusalem, a precocious patriot faces conflicting expectations of loyalty in this terminally mild, ill-structured... More>>
Food Beware Suffers from Light Nutritional Value Food Beware
, October 13, 2009
If "organic" is one of those keywords co-opted by food companies to sell us shit we don't need (remember "low-carb" Oreos?), then Jean-Paul... More>>
Merry Pranksters in The Yes Men Fix the World, Plus (the Not-So-Merry) Bronson Merry Pranksters in The Yes Men Fix the World, Plus (the Not-So-Merry) Bronson
, October 06, 2009
The anti-globalist performance guys who call themselves the Yes Men are masters of forging corporate rhetoric and media protocols. The most... More>>
An Education and Star Carey Mulligan Get Good Marks An Education
, October 06, 2009
The title is a double entendre in An Education, the film version of British journalist Lynn Barber's memoir about the crash course she received... More>>
Spike Jonze Gets His Long-Overdue MOMA Retrospective Spike Jonze Gets His Long-Overdue MOMA Retrospective
Pump up the Arcade Fire
, October 06, 2009
Has anybody been as ubiquitous along the post-Nirvana alterna-indie-hipster continuum as Spike Jonze? Coming of age too late for hardcore (though... More>>
'Hungarians in Hollywood' at BAM 'Hungarians in Hollywood' at BAM
Magyars invade tinseltown, and the rest is history
, October 06, 2009
Buda and Pest united, and one of the world's most civilized capitals evolved. Then wrong World War allegiances contracted Hungary's borders, and... More>>
Second-Wave Feminists Define an Era in The Heretics The Heretics
, October 06, 2009
"Democracy is messy and nasty and sensational" recalls one of the talking heads in Joan Braderman's spirited doc about the Heresies, the New York... More>>
Boarding School Remake St. Trinian's Is High School Musical with Posher Accents St. Trinian's
, October 06, 2009
One thing's for sure: Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson's remake of the famous 1950s black comedies—based on the immortal Ronald Searle... More>>
Football a Serious Business in The Damned United The Damned United
, October 06, 2009
We call it soccer, but for the Brits, it's football, and it's damn serious business. From 1968 to 1974, Brian Clough (Michael Sheen), a... More>>
Desolation Never Looked as Good as in Araya Araya
, October 06, 2009
After the recent successes of Killer of Sheep and The Exiles, the good folks at Milestone Films keep the re-discovery bonanza rolling, restoring... More>>
Visual Acoustics Explores Flat Beauty of Julius Sulman's SoCal Visual Acoustics
, October 06, 2009
Just about everyone in Eric Bricker's festschrift seems to love Julius Shulman, including (adorably) the unstoppable old gent himself. What's not... More>>
Chris Rock's Affable Good Hair Skips the Tough Questions Good Hair
, October 06, 2009
Don Imus's 2007 remarks about "nappy-headed hos" underscored the immense fear of and fascination with the hair follicles of African-American... More>>
Trucker Sports an Impressive Ensemble Trucker
, October 06, 2009
After undervalued supporting turns in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, North Country, and Gone Baby Gone, dainty girl-next-door type Michelle Monaghan... More>>
Adventures of Power Wants Badly to Win You Over Adventures of Power
, October 06, 2009
Adventures of Power, the jejune writing and directorial debut of Ari Gold, wants very badly to win you over—so badly that you'll be... More>>
Lower Class Rage and Family Fun in Free Style Free Style
, October 06, 2009
Ostensibly, Free Style is one of those uplifting family movies built around a niche sport à la 1993's rollerblading cash-in Airborne,... More>>
Eating Out 3:  All You Can Eat Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat
, October 06, 2009
While I can't claim prior familiarity with the Eating Out series of gay-themed comedies, given that, on the evidence of its third entry, the... More>>
Peter and Vandy, Another Arty Flick for the Masses Peter and Vandy
, October 06, 2009
Middlebrow Sundance product is the scourge of American independent cinema today—those innocuously "arty," totally commercial, and... More>>
For A Serious Man, Coen Brothers Aim Trademark Contempt at Themselves A Serious Man
Self-hating or just everyone-hating?
, September 29, 2009
The Yiddish shtetl shtick that opens Joel and Ethan Coen's new movie—a Jewish peasant stumbles on an old Hasid who may or may not be a... More>>
Ricky Gervais Can Only Get So Far, Or Funny, with Invention of Lying The Invention of Lying
Practicing self-deception as a survival technique
, September 29, 2009
The Invention of Lying's plot hook sounds like a pile-up of Jim Carrey–Tom Shadyac concept comedies. The assumption is that there isn't... More>>
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