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Roadside Romeo
, October 22, 2008
It feels like the perfect time to be writing about Bollywood. Hardly a week goes by without some brazen new act of synergy being committed, like... More>>
Oliver Stone Assigns Motive to Dubya's M.O. In W. W.
But at this point, who cares? (Other than Josh Brolin.)
, October 15, 2008
W. may be less frenzied than the usual Oliver Stone sensory bombardment, but in revisiting the early '00s by way of the late '60s, this... More>>
Twists of faith
, October 15, 2008
That rough beast slouching into town for a week's run at Anthology Film Archives is Abel Ferrara's 2005 Mary—an anguished metaphysical... More>>
Andrzej Wajda at Walter Reade, Plus Red Art
The people's Pole
, October 15, 2008
Andrzej Wajda is not only Poland's greatest filmmaker but one who, throughout his long career, has demonstrated a remarkable knack for making... More>>
Stuyvesant's Finest Run for Class Prez. in Frontrunners Frontrunners
What you expect ensues
, October 15, 2008
The great American student-government election: teenagers exposing their fragile egos to public ballot-box rejection and spending a small fortune... More>>
Madonna Not Quite Goddard [sic] with Filth & Wisdom Filth & Wisdom
, October 15, 2008
A splashy Berlin Film Festival premiere may not have been the ideal launch strategy for this modestly scaled first feature co-written and... More>>
Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis Star in What Just Happened?, Another Pity-the-Producer Caper What Just Happened?
, October 15, 2008
Jaw-droppingly arcane and dripping with self-regard, Barry Levinson's tedious excuse for a Hollywood caper asks us, as if we haven't been asked a... More>>
The Sleek But Unwieldy Azur and Asmar Azur and Asmar
, October 15, 2008
With its delicate, fairy-tale bones and layer of politically conscious muscle, Azur and Asmar is a sleek and yet slightly unwieldy animal. The... More>>
The Secret Life of Bees, Tailored for the Crossover Female Market The Secret Life of Bees
, October 15, 2008
From its attention-grabbing B-movie beginning, The Secret Life of Bees, a family drama based on the bestselling novel by Sue Monk Kidd, chugs... More>>
Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie
, October 15, 2008
Straight outta the woolly nethers of Portsmouth, Ohio, comes Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, Jay Delaney's infiltration of a two-man league of... More>>
Prototypical Sex Drive Doesn't Miss a Motif Sex Drive
, October 15, 2008
Between his unsympathetic family and his demeaning doughnut-shop job, the likable-but-luckless Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is a prototypical teen-movie... More>>
Morning Light's Squeaky Clean Disney Agenda Morning Light
, October 15, 2008
Two unnerving phenomena—the popularity of reality-TV competitions and the Walt Disney Company's ability to churn out entertainment starring... More>>
The Provocative But Inconclusive Good Dick Good Dick
, October 15, 2008
An unnamed video-store clerk (Jason Ritter) falls hard for an unnamed woman (writer-director Marianna Palka) who rents porn and barely notices... More>>
The Elephant King a Pale Excuse for a Cinematographer's Holiday The Elephant King
, October 15, 2008
In the miasma of permanent-vacation desperation (c.f. Malcolm Lowry, Saint Jack) we find Jake (Jonno Roberts), a footloose American hedonist in... More>>
Tru Loved's Utopian Multiculturalism Almost Flattens Film's Inherent Fluffiness Tru Loved
, October 15, 2008
Writer-director Stewart Wade's Tru Loved is a kitschier incarnation of an after-school special: hokey and simplistic, but also gawkily... More>>
Who Does She Think She Is? Documents the Everywoman Home/Work Struggle Who Does She Think She Is?
, October 15, 2008
Pamela Boll's documentary—about five women who heeded their instinctual desire to make art over the fears and protests of their... More>>
Mike Leigh's Optimistic Heroine in Happy-Go-Lucky Might Just Convince You to Cheer Up; Lola Montès Still Won't Mike Leigh's Optimistic Heroine in Happy-Go-Lucky Might Just Convince You to Cheer Up; Lola Montès Still Won't
Female persuasion
, October 08, 2008
It's uncommon these days to see movies with women in strong central roles. Rarer still, at least outside the tele-phantasmagoria of American... More>>
Ridley Scott's Body of Lies is the Post-9/11, Tech-Savvy Terror Thriller We Deserve Body of Lies
Lies we can believe in
, October 08, 2008
A new kind of war movie for a new kind of war, Body of Lies is about the War on Terror as it is being waged on the ground, in the air, but most... More>>
Joe Sawnberg and Greta Gerwig Attempt To Tell the Truth in Nights and Weekends Nights and Weekends
It's not as easy as the [rhymes with Dumbledore] crew would have us think
, October 08, 2008
Nights and Weekends telescopes a year-and-a-half relationship into a sampler of chats, spats, and screws. James and Mattie are two kids in their... More>>
Wong Kar Wai's Ashes of Time Gets Its Comeback Ashes of Time Redux
Broken heart still beats
, October 08, 2008
Cynics make the worst romantics; they should know better, they know they should know better, and they'd die if you knew better. Forced... More>>
The Express Makes a Footnote into a Legend The Express
, October 08, 2008
The story of Syracuse running back Ernie Davis—the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy, in 1961, two years before he succumbed... More>>
Guy Ritchie Returns to Form, For Better Or Worse, in RocknRolla RocknRolla
, October 08, 2008
What do you have to do to get your career revoked in England, short of being Gary Glitter? After a box-office-catastrophic two-movie run, Guy... More>>
Generic Tale of Innocence Lost in Choose Connor Choose Connor
, October 08, 2008
Pimply Owen Norris (Alex Linz) thinks his life is about to begin when he lands a summer job as the youth campaign spokesman for Senator Connor... More>>
Talento de Barrio
, October 08, 2008
When conservative watchdogs snarl about the ugliness of gangsta rap, Talento de Barrio might be what they picture in their head—a vile,... More>>
Breakfast With Scot a Funny Adaptation of Michael Downing's 1999 Novel Breakfast With Scot
, October 08, 2008
Like a diva in training, 11-year-old Scot (Noah Bernett), spells his name with one "t," wears a feather boa, and isn't shy about kissing boys at... More>>
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