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Frederick Wiseman at MOMA Frederick Wiseman at MOMA
The curious (meticulous, ravenous) work of the 80-year-old filmmaker
, January 19, 2010
Riding high after blockbuster runs of La danse, Frederick Wiseman enters his sixth decade of filmmaking in style, with an upcoming film and a... More>>
Who Killed Teddy Bear
The seedy '60s, revived. Of course, Elaine Stritch was there the first time.
, January 19, 2010
In a career spanning almost seven decades, Elaine Stritch has played some legendary straight-shooters: onstage, both as Joanne in Stephen... More>>
The Girl on the Train, Human Experience Lathered Into a Tone Poem The Girl on the Train
Star Émilie Dequenne is enchanting
, January 19, 2010
For better or worse, there isn't a human experience that French director André Téchiné can resist lathering into a tone... More>>
, January 19, 2010
Already a blogosphere punching bag for right-wing Christians, Creation—about Charles Darwin's writing of On the Origin of... More>>
A Room and a Half
, January 19, 2010
Condemned under the Soviets to internal exile for "social parasitism" (more commonly known as poetry), Joseph Brodsky fled to the West in 1972... More>>
The Paranoids, Gabriel Medina's Chokingly Offbeat Debut The Paranoids
, January 19, 2010
When he isn't dressing up in a fuzzy costume for children's birthday parties, scribbling notes for his perpetually unfinished screenplay, or... More>>
Pop Star on Ice: Johnny Weir Mouthing Off Pop Star on Ice
, January 19, 2010
Pop Star on Ice doesn't so much follow figure skater Johnny Weir as offer him a platform on which to mouth off, punctuated with practice and... More>>
Leonard Cohen Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 Leonard Cohen Live at the Isle of Wight 1970
This latest from the cottage industry of Cohen-in-concert memorabilia
, January 19, 2010
This latest from the cottage industry of Cohen-in-concert memorabilia (I'm Your Man, Under Review, Live in London) offers the best vintage... More>> Film Series: A Triple Bill of Same-Sexer-Themed Movies
, January 19, 2010
The social-networking site presents a triple bill of same-sexer-themed movies. In descending order, from middling to empirically bad:... More>>
To Save a Life Wants To Rescue Kids from the Satanic Messages of Gossip Girl To Save a Life
, January 19, 2010
What would teenage Jesus do if he felt responsible for a childhood pal's suicide, knocked up his girlfriend, and played too much beer pong?... More>>
Civil Rights Anthems As Youth Ear Candy: Soundtrack for a Revolution Soundtrack for a Revolution
, January 19, 2010
If you don't already know the history of the American civil rights movement (seriously?), of how everyday folks became nonviolent freedom... More>>
Family Comedy Gone Limp: Tooth Fairy Tooth Fairy
, January 19, 2010
It’s hard to know what Dwayne Johnson has less faith in: his talent or his audience. Though hardly a comedic dynamo, Johnson has generated... More>>
In Extraordinary Measures, Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford Save the Children Extraordinary Measures
, January 19, 2010
John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) is, for the time being, the doting father of three kids. One son and a beatifically-smiling daughter could go any... More>>
Legion's Old Fashioned Fear Mongering Legion
, January 19, 2010
Coming in the wake of Avatar's cultural tsunami and its controversial take on—among other things—earth and ancestor-based spirituality,... More>>
The Book of Eli: Kicking Ass for Jesus The Book of Eli
The theology is a little warped, even for the post-apocalypse
, January 12, 2010
The fourth film from directors Allen and Albert Hughes, The Book of Eli centers on the Christianity that was at the margins of... More>>
Rediscovering the Japanese Horror Flick House House
Nobuhiko Obayashi's Hausu brings a whole lotta crazy
, January 12, 2010
It may be impossible not to be stunned into dumbness by Nobuhiko Obayashi's Hausu (House), an incredibly 1987 Japanese horror lark that was... More>>
Doc-Making Off the Map: Nikolaus Geyrhalter at Anthology Doc-Making Off the Map: Nikolaus Geyrhalter at Anthology
No explanation necessary. These works speak for themselves.
, January 12, 2010
Compared with his punishing countryman Michael Haneke, Austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter is, inevitably, a softie. But the documentarian... More>>
Building a Better New York Jewish Film Festival Building a Better New York Jewish Film Festival
The year's NYJFF pushes the familiar aside
, January 12, 2010
Jewish film festivals, which take place in virtually every major city in the country (San Francisco was first, 31 years ago), always run the risk... More>>
Fifteen and Pissed: Fish Tank Fish Tank
Newcomer Katie Jarvis's teen misfit swims upstream
, January 12, 2010
Katie Jarvis, who makes her acting debut as a rabid teenager in writer-director Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, was discovered on an English railway... More>>
The World Is Flat at MOMA's Global Lens Festival The World Is Flat at MOMA's Global Lens Festival
A lot of this-movie-looks-like-that-movie at this series
, January 12, 2010
The product of an ongoing collaboration between the Museum of Modern Art and the Global Lens Initiative, the annual "Global Lens" series is... More>>
Your Film Poll: The Readers' Picks Your Film Poll: The Readers' Picks
You voted for your favorite films of the year and the decade. The results are in!
, January 12, 2010
A few weeks ago, the critics had their say, voting in the annual Village Voice Film Poll. And now we've got readers' picks. The biggest surprise?... More>>
Amos Gitai Puts His Life on Film (Again) in Carmel Carmel
, January 12, 2010
Much is taken for granted in Carmel, Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai's highly—almost exclusively—personal film collage. An assembly of... More>>
Katrina Dog Doc Mine Ducks the Real Question Mine
, January 12, 2010
Should a living, breathing, frolicking house pet be considered a piece of property? Is it fair to set a statute of limitations on the time it... More>>
January Entertainment: The Spy Next Door The Spy Next Door
, January 12, 2010
Like director Brian Levant's last two outings—2002's Snow Dogs, 2005's Are We There Yet?—The Spy Next Door is immediately forgettable... More>>
Up the Mountain One Last Time with Sweetgrass Sweetgrass
Anthropomorphized sheep need not apply
, January 05, 2010
Though the breathtaking vistas of Big Sky Country in Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor's unforgettable sheep-herding documentary come... More>>
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