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Bill Maher Makes an Adolescent Case Against Religion in Religulous; Muslim Comics Play It Safe in Allah Made Me Funny Bill Maher Makes an Adolescent Case Against Religion in Religulous; Muslim Comics Play It Safe in Allah Made Me Funny
Oh, God! You devil's advocate
, October 01, 2008
Redolent of Roman decadence and authority gone mad, the title Religulous rolls pleasingly off the tongue. But Bill Maher's one-man stand-up... More>>
Best of the New York Film Fest's Nagisa Oshima Tribute Best of the New York Film Fest's Nagisa Oshima Tribute
The radical who left his will on film
, October 01, 2008
"Stop using the term 'New Wave' once and for all! Evaluate each film on its own merits!" protested a critic-turned-auteur from Kyoto named Nagisa... More>>
Airplane! Director David Zucker Talks About the Left and His New Movie An American Carol Airplane! Director David Zucker Talks About the Left and His New Movie An American Carol
The right stuff
, October 01, 2008
As part of the Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker filmmaking team in the '80s, David Zucker pioneered the non sequitur spoof-comedy genre with... More>>
Afterschool Features the New York Film Fest's Youngest Filmmaker Afterschool
High school confidential
, October 01, 2008
Antonio Campos's Afterschool takes place in that familiar cauldron of adolescent turmoil, the boarding school. But the 25-year-old filmmaker's... More>>
Anne Hathaway Makes a Compelling Bad Girl in Jonathan Demme's Pedestrian Rachel Getting Married Rachel Getting Married
The other sister
, October 01, 2008
Those who believe that Jonathan Demme went all soft with Philadelphia and never recovered may not be reassured by his latest movie, an ensemble... More>>
Blindness Adap Nails the Bleak Before Succumbing to the Sap Blindness
Fade to white
, October 01, 2008
The most recent example of bleak chic, Fernando Meirelles's mostly harrowing adaptation of José Saramago's international bestseller... More>>
Ballast is an Extraordinary Debut from Writer-Director Lance Hammer Ballast
Delta muse
, October 01, 2008
Unhurried rhythms and spare, beautifully composed shots infuse Lance Hammer's Ballast with the sweet, dark melancholy of a Delta blues. This... More>>
BAM Goes Mad for Barbet Schroeder
Plus Film Forum celebrates Italian screen icon Alberto Sordi
, October 01, 2008
Born in Tehran, educated in Paris, famous (for a time) in Hollywood, a director of documentaries as well as melodramas, Barbet Schroeder is the... More>>
A Whimsical Gust of Nothing in The Pleasure of Being Robbed The Pleasure of Being Robbed
, October 01, 2008
Essentially a mumblecore version of Pickpocket—sans the moral and existential high stakes, and with dollops of Miranda July–style... More>>
Just Buried's Snickering Tone Provides a Few Sour Laughs Just Buried
, October 01, 2008
More twee than any movie about serial murder has a right to be, writer-director Chaz Thorne's grisly farce ladles a quirky-cute score over its... More>>
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is Sitcom-Drab How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
, October 01, 2008
Based on Toby Young's tome about his spectacular fuck-ups and flameout at Vanity Fair, Robert Weide's big-screen version is sitcom-drab. Simon... More>>
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: About A Boy, and Not Much Else Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
, October 01, 2008
Peter Sollett's 2002 film, Raising Victor Vargas, remains among the most pointed, poignant, and joyful films about teen love ever made.... More>>
Humboldt County Humboldt County
, October 01, 2008
A storied stretch of land along the Northern California coast, Humboldt County is home to the tallest—and, at 800-plus years, some of the... More>>
Flash of Genius Unbearably Dull Flash of Genius
, October 01, 2008
The big-screen version of inventor Robert Kearns's legal battles with Ford and Chrysler—both of whom nicked his intermittent windshield... More>>
Beverly Hills Chihuahua Cutely Cautions Kids Against Stereotypes Beverly Hills Chihuahua
, October 01, 2008
Undersized lapdogs make me grumpy even when they don’t talk, wear pink booties, and shop Rodeo Drive, so I came to Beverly Hills Chihuahua... More>>
Fireproof Appeals to the Indoctrinated Fireproof
, October 01, 2008
When Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) decides to divorce his Sarah Palin–type wife, his bros at the firehouse come to his rescue with words... More>>
Smother Makes Good Afternoon Programing for Comedy Central Smother
, October 01, 2008
Noah (Dax Shepard) has just gotten fired, faces pressure from his wife (Liv Tyler) to have a baby, and must contend with her socially inept... More>>
Mickey Rourke is The Wrestler The Wrestler
The onetime Hollywood A-lister climbs back in the ring with Darren Aronofsky's latest
, September 23, 2008
"I hated the '90s. The '90s fuckin' sucked," says professional wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson early on in The Wrestler—and he should... More>>
New York Film Festival 2008 New York Film Festival 2008
, September 23, 2008
What's the story with the 2008 New York Film Festival? I'll cop to being co-conspirator. I helped pick the films, as did my colleague Scott... More>>
War Wounds in Waltz With Bashir Waltz with Bashir
Ari Folman, an Israeli filmmaker, takes on his country's Vietnam
, September 23, 2008
TEL AVIV, Israel—A trio of young Israeli soldiers emerge naked from a black sea, flares in the night sky illuminating their still-boyish... More>>
The Miraculous is Sublime in Director Carlos Reygadas's Stellet Licht Stellet Licht
A divine light in Mennonite Mexico
, September 23, 2008
Subject of a week-long retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, the Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas is part stuntmeister, part... More>>
The Unashamed Romantic Goo of Nights in Rodanthe Nights in Rodanthe
, September 23, 2008
Nights in Rodanthe works so strenuously to satisfy its target audience's every desire that it's a minor surprise that the filmmakers didn't... More>>
Just Another Third World Tranny in The  Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
, September 23, 2008
The amazing truth about Queen Raquela is that she's constructed from clichés, infected by media-borne dictates of insipid faggotry that... More>>
Shoot on Sight Humanizes and Oversimplifies the Muslim Experience Shoot on Sight
, September 23, 2008
Named for the London police's secretive "Operation Kratos" anti-terrorist tactics, which led to the wrongful killing of Brazilian national Jean... More>>
An Ode to Trailblazing Publisher Barney Rosset in Obscene Obscene
, September 23, 2008
Barney Rosset is a tragic hero. He says so himself at the end of Obscene, stating—by way of a colleague's parting shot—what the... More>>
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