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Andrew Bujalski Grows Up with Beeswax Beeswax
With a sure hand, the still-laid-back and lo-fi mumblecore matures
, August 04, 2009
Though no one's idea of an action film, Andrew Bujalski's Beeswax feels less charmingly aimless than its radically slight precursors Funny Ha Ha... More>>
In Praise of the Julia Half of Julie & Julia Julie & Julia
, August 04, 2009
It was the best of movies. It was the worst of movies. Which is to say: There's half of a great movie in Julie & Julia—but since Meryl... More>>
William Lustig's 'Buried Treasures' at Anthology William Lustig's 'Buried Treasures' at Anthology
Presenting a '70s hit list where the results aren't pretty
, August 04, 2009
A dude in a tapered-collar rayon shirt splashed with tempera blood slo-mo backflips through a window, soundtracked to fuzz bass—this is how... More>>
'Brit Noir' at Film Forum
Celebrating the spiv movie
, August 04, 2009
Having devoted the past few summers to putting the French back in noir, Film Forum crosses the channel for a month of crime films made in the... More>>
Interview: Director Alex Cox on His Long-Awaited Non-Sequel Repo Chick Interview: Director Alex Cox on His Long-Awaited Non-Sequel Repo Chick
Or, what Iggy Pop and Emilio Estevez have in common.
, August 04, 2009
Director Alex Cox has made eleven theatrical films, but it’s four early works—Repo Man, Sid And Nancy, Straight To Hell, and... More>>
Paul Giamatti's Wit is the Heart of Cold Souls Cold Souls
, August 04, 2009
Sophie Barthes's clever metaphysical comedy Cold Souls has been dubbed "Being Paul Giamatti" more than once since its Sundance 2009 debut. But if... More>>
Canary's Wringing Future-Is-Now Dystopia Canary
, August 04, 2009
"Is it the picture that's crooked, or the room that's crooked?" asks someone straightening a painting that stubbornly will not right. "Or are... More>>
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, A Summer-Season Toy-Soldier Flick G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
, August 04, 2009
Credited as the first “action figure,” G.I. Joe came to life in 1964 as Hasbro’s answer to Mattel’s Barbie doll. There were... More>>
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania Posits Archives as Resistance Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
, August 04, 2009
In 2007, the Lithuanian Prime Minister met film diarist Jonas Mekas for the opening of Vilnius's Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center. Mekas's... More>>
Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi All Kinds of Adorable in Paper Heart Paper Heart
, August 04, 2009
A documentary except when it's a mockumentary, this is all kinds of adorable and heartbreaking—the doc part, at least, in which Charlyne Yi... More>>
A Perfect Getaway Is Good for a B Flick A Perfect Getaway
, August 04, 2009
Because they're usually so badly made, B-movie thrillers rarely merit more than a chuckle and a roll of the eyes, but with A Perfect Getaway,... More>>
Brutal Misogyny Meets Calcified Constructs in Bliss Bliss
, August 04, 2009
If you missed June's The Stoning of Soroya M., here's another chance to be reminded of murderous misogyny in another Muslim community—this... More>>
I Sell the Dead, Snack Food For Horror Hobbyists I Sell the Dead
, August 04, 2009
Hours away from the chopping block, apprentice graverobber Arthur (Dominic Monaghan) recounts his small-hour scrapes with ghouls and ruffians to... More>>
The Cove Exposes the Horrific Treatment of Dolphins The Cove
But what about the uglies?
, July 28, 2009
Late in the infectiously frisky documentary The Cove, an older man calmly gate-crashes an international conference on whaling with a television... More>>
Apatow and Sandler Confront Mortality in Funny People—Sort Of Funny People
, July 28, 2009
After devoting his first two films as director, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, to getting laid and having kids, respectively, Judd Apatow... More>>
Park Chan-wook Gets Positively Trendy with Thirst Thirst
A vampire pic!
, July 28, 2009
Finally, there's a vampire movie worthy of the title The Hunger—even if it arrives under the more potable name Thirst. Carnal appetite, not... More>>
A Conversation With Thirst Director Park Chan-wook
On Catholicism, revenge, and how to make tasty fake blood.
, July 28, 2009
Park Chan-wook was in New York this month, and he found himself a little disappointed. It was, he says, “a great pity” that he... More>>
The Dardennes Do What They Do in Lorna's Silence Lorna's Silence
, July 28, 2009
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, secular worker-priests of the Belgian cinema, emerge once more from their lower depths. In describing one of their... More>>
Sad Sackdom, Rendered Dreamlike, in You, the Living You, the Living
Lifestyles of the bald and aging
, July 28, 2009
You, the Living flips through 50-some single-panel vignettes, many very funny, arranged by Roy Andersson, a Swedish director best known for his... More>>
Ghosted Plays Like an Amateur Debut Ghosted
, July 28, 2009
Ghosted (alternate title: A Chinese Lesbian Ghost Story) is so clunky and amateurish that you'd be forgiven for thinking it's director Monika... More>>
Pieces Lock Snugly in Amiable Chamberpiece Adam Adam
, July 28, 2009
Other than Rose Byrne's on-screen radiance and a soothingly warm palette lit by cinematographer Seamus Tierney, there's not much to get... More>>
"DocuWeeks" Allows Screentime for—Gasp—Complex Women "DocuWeeks" Allows Screentime for—Gasp—Complex Women
, July 28, 2009
Film fans in withdrawal for the screen presence of complex women, particularly older women, should line up to see Megan Doneman's riveting Yes... More>>
Not Quite Hollywood Sings Praises of Australian Grindhouse Classics Not Quite Hollywood
, July 28, 2009
At the same moment that directors like Peter Weir and Gillian Armstrong were earning festival kudos and critical acclaim for the early films of... More>>
Flame & Citron Poignantly Loses Moral Compass in Fog of War Flame and Citron
, July 28, 2009
Of all European nations, Denmark enjoys the nearest thing to a heroic record of resisting the Nazi occupiers—which adds both poignancy and... More>>
Urine Is a Plot Clincher in Fragments Fragments
, July 28, 2009
Previously and more embarrassingly known as Winged Creatures, Fragments peers into the private lives of a dozen or so drama queens who survive a... More>>
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