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Chris Rock's Affable Good Hair Skips the Tough Questions Good Hair
, October 06, 2009
Don Imus's 2007 remarks about "nappy-headed hos" underscored the immense fear of and fascination with the hair follicles of African-American... More>>
Trucker Sports an Impressive Ensemble Trucker
, October 06, 2009
After undervalued supporting turns in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, North Country, and Gone Baby Gone, dainty girl-next-door type Michelle Monaghan... More>>
Adventures of Power Wants Badly to Win You Over Adventures of Power
, October 06, 2009
Adventures of Power, the jejune writing and directorial debut of Ari Gold, wants very badly to win you over—so badly that you'll be... More>>
Lower Class Rage and Family Fun in Free Style Free Style
, October 06, 2009
Ostensibly, Free Style is one of those uplifting family movies built around a niche sport à la 1993's rollerblading cash-in Airborne,... More>>
Eating Out 3:  All You Can Eat Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat
, October 06, 2009
While I can't claim prior familiarity with the Eating Out series of gay-themed comedies, given that, on the evidence of its third entry, the... More>>
Peter and Vandy, Another Arty Flick for the Masses Peter and Vandy
, October 06, 2009
Middlebrow Sundance product is the scourge of American independent cinema today—those innocuously "arty," totally commercial, and... More>>
For A Serious Man, Coen Brothers Aim Trademark Contempt at Themselves A Serious Man
Self-hating or just everyone-hating?
, September 29, 2009
The Yiddish shtetl shtick that opens Joel and Ethan Coen's new movie—a Jewish peasant stumbles on an old Hasid who may or may not be a... More>>
Ricky Gervais Can Only Get So Far, Or Funny, with Invention of Lying The Invention of Lying
Practicing self-deception as a survival technique
, September 29, 2009
The Invention of Lying's plot hook sounds like a pile-up of Jim Carrey–Tom Shadyac concept comedies. The assumption is that there isn't... More>>
Abel Ferrara Stumbles with Chelsea on the Rocks Chelsea on the Rocks
, September 29, 2009
One New York institution (Abel Ferrara, b. 1951, the Bronx) regards another (The Hotel Chelsea, b. 1883, West 23rd Street) in Chelsea on the... More>>
Afterschool, the High School Movie's Web-Addled Update Afterschool
AV club in the internet age
, September 29, 2009
Afterschool, the almost frighteningly accomplished first feature made by Antonio Campos when he was 24, is high school as horror show. The... More>>
Maren Ade on Her Couples' Characters Study, Everyone Else
, September 29, 2009
Following her 2003 debut The Forest for the Trees, 32-year-old German writer-director Maren Ade's trenchant, funny, and sensitive Everyone Else... More>>
NYFF Celebrates Indian Cinema's Guru Dutt
, September 29, 2009
Before there was Bollywood, there was Indian cinema, and at last, one of the major auteurs of its golden age, actor/producer/director Guru Dutt,... More>>
Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut, Whip It Whip It
, September 29, 2009
Drew Barrymore, making her directorial debut, is blunt on-screen and off- about her inspirations for this tale of an anguished... More>>
A Beautiful Life: Misery Pile-Up About An Abused Teenage Runaway A Beautiful Life
, September 29, 2009
"One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing," Oscar Wilde quipped about the virtuous, beleaguered heroine... More>>
The Volunteer Impulse Is on Display in Katrina Doc After the Storm After the Storm
, September 29, 2009
The full spectrum of the volunteer impulse—from pure self-sacrifice to dubious self-congratulation—is on display in After the Storm,... More>>
Basketball Doc More Than a Game as Processed as Space Jams More Than a Game
, September 29, 2009
More Than a Game follows Akron's Fab Four (later Five) kids on the basketball court, from their "Shooting Stars" traveling youth team into high... More>>
As Seen Through These Eyes As Seen Through These Eyes
A documentary about the creative impulse that sustained many young prisoners of World War II concentration camps
, September 29, 2009
It's an angle many Hitler historians can't leave alone: As a young, aspiring painter, the Führer was rejected by the Vienna Art Institute;... More>>
Woody Harrelson as Leathery Roughneck in Zombieland Zombieland
This film's tagline is really "Nut Up Or Shut Up"
, September 29, 2009
The zombie movie—that evergreen vessel for all manner of social and political allegory—gets stripped down to its "Holy shit! Zombies!... More>>
Intimate Enemies Impressive, If Not Moving Intimate Enemies
, September 29, 2009
An early incident of "friendly fire" underlines the contradictory title of Florent Emilio Siri's Algerian War picture, which reminds us that the... More>>
Nontraditional-Therapy Crowd: Rejoice for A-Cinematic The Horse Boy The Horse Boy
, September 29, 2009
There's a moment in the documentary The Horse Boy when the father of its subject, an autistic child named Rowan, explains his son's intrinsic... More>>
Neat Rendering of Where is Where? Can't Contain Its Vague Ideas Where is Where?
Eija-Liisa Ahtila's own gloss on midcentury French unrest
, September 29, 2009
"Vague ideas must be confronted with clear images," famously reads a bit of graffiti in Godard's La chinoise, but such clarity is missing in... More>>
Do Knot Disturb: A Histrionic, Sexless Bedroom Farce Do Knot Disturb
(If you don't know what an item number is, then trust me, this one's probably not for you.)
, September 29, 2009
Not attempting to buck any trends of the modern Bollywood blockbuster, director David Dhawan's 18th feature collaboration with beloved comic... More>>
Paranormal Activity: Old-School Scares, Refreshingly Blood-Free Paranormal Activity
There’s hope for the world after all?
, September 29, 2009
For Katie (Katie Featherston), a San Diego college student, things have been going bump in the night since she was eight years old and a ghost... More>>
Five Must-See Films From the New York Film Festival Five Must-See Films From the New York Film Festival
, September 22, 2009
The 47th New York Film Festival (September 25 through October 11) features some things old, some things new, and some new things by directors who... More>>
With Antichrist, Charlotte Gainsbourg Rises With Antichrist, Charlotte Gainsbourg Rises
An interview with Cannes's 2009 Best Actress
, September 22, 2009
Seconds after the world premiere of Lars von Trier's Antichrist at Cannes in May, Charlotte Gainsbourg's performance was already the stuff of... More>>
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