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Andy Warhol's Other Coast at MOMA Andy Warhol's Other Coast at MOMA
, May 06, 2009
The Cine Phile Andy Warhol, Man of the West—why not? The 11 Warhol productions showing through June at the Museum of Modern Art, in... More>>
Kirby Dick's Outrage Outs Closeted Pols and the Media that Protect Them Outrage
, May 06, 2009
Director Kirby Dick doesn't actually stick his camera under any Capitol Hill bathroom stalls in the new documentary Outrage, but his goal is more... More>>
Tilda Swinton Devours Julia Julia
, May 06, 2009
Tilda Swinton doesn't merely act the title role in French director Erick Zonca's Julia—she devours it, spits it back up, dances giddily... More>>
Adoration Close in Form to Egoyan's Early Work Adoration
, May 06, 2009
Atom Egoyan's 12th feature film offers a typically kaleidoscopic rumination on voyeurism, videography, the relative nature of truth, and the... More>>
Hustwit's Objectified Also Fetishizes Objectified
, May 06, 2009
Whether you've pulled this week's Voice out of a kiosk or you're reading this online in your (hopefully) ergonomic computer chair, chances are... More>>
Little Ashes Is Pattinson's Attempt to Expand Past Twilight Fan Base Little Ashes
, May 06, 2009
Hoping to expand his fan base beyond Twilight-loving tween girls to Chelsea twinks, alabaster beauty Robert Pattinson plays bi-curious Salvador... More>>
Victory in Fighting at All for Farmers of The Garden The Garden
, May 06, 2009
The power of Scott Hamilton Kennedy's 2002 documentary OT: Our Town lay in the way Kennedy unobtrusively captured the racial tensions at... More>>
Benny Boom's Next Day Air Benny Boom's Next Day Air
, May 06, 2009
Benny Boom built his reputation directing music videos and commercials, and his first feature, Next Day Air, falls somewhere between the... More>>
Flower in the Pocket Requires an NPR Tote for a Brain Flower in the Pocket
, May 06, 2009
Not showing anything like an authorial personality means never having to say you're sorry. Lazy "realism" is even good for an award or two on the... More>>
The Window Scrupulously Surveys the End of a Life The Window
, May 06, 2009
"We'll see how it is after all this time," says world-renowned concert pianist Pablo (Jorge Díez) as he uncorks the vintage bottle of... More>>
Have to Deal With Rest of Powder Blue to See Jessica Biel's Tits Powder Blue
, May 06, 2009
Pre-release discussion of Powder Blue focused exclusively on the burning question of whether Jessica Biel—playing what the press kit... More>>
Right Wing Bloggers Agree: Brothers at War First Worthwhile Iraq Doc Brothers At War
, May 06, 2009
"I always wanted to go to war," novice documentarian Jake Rademacher announces at the start of Brothers at War. It's presumably that kind of... More>>
Soderbergh's Girlfriend Experience Porn-Star Is a True Character The Girlfriend Experience
, April 29, 2009
Steven Soderbergh has no particular stylistic signature and one of the most uneven oeuvres imaginable. But he does have interests. The essence of... More>>
Jarmusch's Mythic Limits of Control His Best Since Dead Man The Limits of Control
, April 29, 2009
Jim Jarmusch is a model of stylistic consistency who emerged as a full-blown talent and erupts once a decade—Stranger Than Paradise in the... More>>
"The Late Film" at BAM "The Late Film" at BAM
Directors in the twilight of their careers
, April 29, 2009
An exclusive program of filmmakers' late-in-life films seems counterintuitive at first. Conventional wisdom says that in careers not streamlined... More>>
Crime and Punishment in the Elegant Thriller Revanche Revanche
, April 29, 2009
An unidentified object sends ripples across the surface of a lake at the start of Götz Spielmann's Revanche, and in the two hours it takes... More>>
Julien Duvivier at the MOMA Julien Duvivier at the MOMA
A salute to an old-wave auteur
, April 29, 2009
Thank goodness Julien Duvivier couldn't remember his lines, thus relieving the French stage of a mediocre actor and gifting French cinema with... More>>
Lyubov Orlova at Walter Reade; Marina Goldovskaya at Anthology
, April 29, 2009
Here for May Day, it's the "red diva" Lyubov Orlova. Never to be confused with Asia Argento's "scarlet diva," Orlova was the preeminent star of... More>>
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Wait for the Bootleg X-Men Origins: Wolverine
, April 29, 2009
Without fail, the dullest installment in any superhero movie franchise is the origin story, during which audiences anxiously awaiting The Big Bad... More>>
Three Monkeys an Exemplary, Deadening Exercise in Malaise Three Monkeys
, April 29, 2009
You can imagine frame grabs from Nuri Bilge Ceylan's art noir Three Monkeys popping up in a Bordwellian film-studies textbook (or blog post).... More>>
Ice People Follows Scientists in Antarctica Ice People
We're left to wonder why
, April 29, 2009
Anne Aghion's Ice People suffers from being released on the heels of Werner Herzog's lunatic Encounters at the End of the World, but to be fair,... More>>
Eldorado Upends Low Expectations of an Often Trite Genre Eldorado
, April 29, 2009
The title of Bouli Lanners's modest, yet surprisingly affecting, road-trip/buddy movie, which refers to an imaginary place of great wealth and... More>>
A Wink and a Smile, Now Show Us Your Tits A Wink and a Smile
, April 29, 2009
A Wink and a Smile combines a survey of the underground burlesque resurgence, in which the traditional striptease style is often subverted to... More>>
Horror Flick I Can See You Opts For Brakhage Over Butchery I Can See You
, April 29, 2009
Ultimately opting for Brakhage over butchery, this surprising horror debut hits us where it hurts by turning vision itself into a mind-frying... More>>
Matthew McConaughey Is Scary Bad in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Ghost of Girlfriends Past
, April 29, 2009
Two weeks after jowly Matthew Perry transformed into pretty Zac Efron to relive his adolescence in 17 Again, Warner Bros. releases Ghosts of... More>>
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