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Aliens in the Attic Not as Cool as It Sounds Aliens in the Attic
, July 28, 2009
Despite the great promise of its title and creative team (from the director of Like Mike! Starring not one, but two SNL alums!), Aliens in the... More>>
Getting Old's a Bitch in Gotta Dance Gotta Dance
, July 28, 2009
Dori Berinstein's documentary, which looks at a year in the lives of the 12 women and one chunky B-boy in the New Jersey Nets senior (as in over... More>>
Saw Grads Bring Us The Collector The Collector
, July 28, 2009
In this gore-heavy, logic-free thriller, the talented Josh Stewart stars as Arkin, an ex-con turned handyman who breaks into the remote Victorian... More>>
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne At It Again for Lorna's Silence Lorna's Silence
New locale, same worldview
, July 22, 2009
In the category of sudden and unexpected changes of scenery, the decision of filmmaking brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne to set their latest... More>>
In the Loop, an Iraq War of Words In the Loop
The run-up to the war, Brit satire–style
, July 22, 2009
A thinly veiled spoof of Anglo-American diplomatic blundering and maneuvering in the lead-up to the second Iraq war, British-TV vet Armando... More>>
Import/Export Is Austria's Loss, America's Gain Import/Export
Ulrich's Seidl's latest, but first, a look back at those coke-snorting models
, July 22, 2009
Cargo of both the human and consumer variety travels back and forth from the former USSR to the new Europe in Import/Export, the second narrative... More>>
The Ugly Truth Is Just Another Romantic Comedy The Ugly Truth Is Just Another Romantic Comedy
The real ugly truth? Katherine Heigl needs a new role.
, July 22, 2009
In the lushly produced but dispiriting new comedy The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl stars as Abby Richter, a successful but hopelessly uptight TV... More>>
Kevin Spacey's Shrink Chain Smokes Pot, Goes Hollywood Shrink
, July 22, 2009
We know Kevin Spacey is one depressed psychiatrist because he doesn't shave and he chain-smokes pot. (What Elliott Gould did for cigarettes in... More>>
Jeff Daniels Lends Much-Needed Idiosyncrasy to The Answer Man The Answer Man
, July 22, 2009
In his quiet way, Jeff Daniels can coax to vivid life the most cardboard type—which is just as well, given that the rich but reclusive... More>>
California Company Town Explores Boom and Bust in the Golden State California Company Town
, July 22, 2009
The companies in Lee Anne Schmitt's elegy for California boom towns gone bust run the gamut from farming to logging to mining, but after a while,... More>>
Orphan, a Decidedly Amoral Thriller Orphan
, July 22, 2009
In this decidedly amoral thriller, Vera Farmiga gives a jittery, complex performance as Kate, a high-strung Connecticut mother of two who has a... More>>
For All Its Fucking/Boozing/Fighting, Loren Cass Is a Radical Film Loren Cass
, July 22, 2009
Chris Fuller's powerfully unsettling debut—written in 1997 when the director was just 15—is a starkly lyrical portrait of angry,... More>>
The English Surgeon Prioritizes the Humanitarian Over Systemic Issues The English Surgeon
, July 22, 2009
The English surgeon is Henry Marsh, a British neuroscientist who has been traveling to Ukraine since 1992 to tutor, diagnose, and perform... More>>
Paraíso Travel Is Paraíso Lost Paraiso Travel
, July 22, 2009
Depicting the horrors of illegally crossing the U.S. border so starkly that even Lou Dobbs might shed a tear, Paraíso Travel plays its... More>>
Zombie Sex Sluts and Teen Redemption in Deadgirl Deadgirl
, July 22, 2009
'Yo, Rickie, what word starts with 'F' and ends with 'uck'? Firetruck." That's the first line from Deadgirl, which has more fantastically blunt,... More>>
Bogart's In A Lonely Place at Film Forum Bogart's In A Lonely Place at Film Forum
Playing a tortured writer in a paranoid Hollywood, Bogie kicks off Film Forum's Nick Ray fest
, July 15, 2009
Nicholas Ray's In a Lonely Place is the grayest, most morally ambiguous of film noirs—and arguably the most self-reflexive. Released in... More>>
Somers Town Gets at the Heart of Working-Class London Somers Town
Truth in advertising that might sell some train tickets
, July 15, 2009
The title of Shane Meadows's Somers Town refers to the bleak, working-class neighborhood that lies in the shadow of London's St. Pancras train... More>>
(Kenneth) Anger Management, at Anthology (Kenneth) Anger Management, at Anthology
Screening the latest as the film and art worlds compete for his star
, July 15, 2009
Aside from cursing Roger Ebert's prostate six years ago, what has Kenneth Anger been up to lately? The recent DVD editions of his classics have... More>>
Harry Potter's Magic Continues to Beguile in Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
, July 15, 2009
Don't let the PG rating fool you: The dark arts are back with a vengeance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the generally grim,... More>>
"The Bard Goes Global: Shakespeare on the International Screen" at Walter Reade
, July 15, 2009
As the Western canon's go-to guy, William Shakespeare has inspired and/or confounded numerous directors looking to be both pop and profound. The... More>>
For Gordon-Levitt and Deschanel, Love Still Hurts in (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
, July 15, 2009
Seemingly similar to most factory-made rom-coms, former music-video director Marc Webb's first feature is actually far less interested in the... More>>
Hard to Care for Freeman's Homecoming, or Mischa Barton's Film Career Homecoming
, July 15, 2009
Either director Morgan J. Freeman (Hurricane, Desert Blue) has said his piece on the subject of young-adult dysfunction, or he's just a hack for... More>>
The Films of Robert Kramer at Anthology The Films of Robert Kramer at Anthology
, July 15, 2009
One of the greatest radical filmmakers of the '60s and '70s, Robert Kramer mixed fiction with documentary, paying scrupulous attention to the... More>>
Death in Love Struts Holocaust S&M Fantasies Death in Love
, July 15, 2009
On the heels of his promising 1994 indie debut Fresh, Boaz Yakin delivered a hatefully stacked deck against Orthodox Jewry with A Price Above... More>>
A Woman in Berlin Takes on 1945 Mass Rape in Germany A Woman in Berlin
, July 15, 2009
One of the best of a new breed of indigenous movies prying open the Pandora's box of German suffering in World War II, A Woman in Berlin takes on... More>>
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