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Serial-Killer Gimickery in Anamorph Anamorph
What Would Argento Do?
, April 15, 2008
Those nutty cinematic serial killers—always taunting their pursuers with omniscient brilliance, always devising those elaborate crime-scene... More>>
Four Minutes
No Madonna
, April 15, 2008
Four Minutes won two Lola Awards—the German equivalent of the Oscar—last year, including one for Best Picture, which should tell you... More>>
Zombie Strippers
Sometimes titles don't lie
, April 15, 2008
During George W. Bush's fourth term as president, the administration's desire for crises and predisposition toward fuck-ups leads to the creation... More>>
The Forbidden Kingdom
English line readings: 75 percent intelligible
, April 15, 2008
The plot is pure choose-your-own-adventure: A bullied wuxia fanboy from South Boston (Michael Angarano) is teleported back into a LARP fantasia... More>>
The Life Before Her Eyes
Where school shootings become L'Oreal commercials
, April 15, 2008
Riddled with high concept, this florid adaptation of Laura Kasischke's 2002 novel is a horror picture of sorts that plays off a Columbine-style... More>>
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Spending that Ferris Bueller capital
, April 15, 2008
Ben Stein became a minor cultural icon with Ferris Bueller's Day Off, almost making people forget that, from his early days as a Nixon... More>>
Young Yakuza
Screwing up a Japanese Mafia coming-of-age doc
, April 15, 2008
Director Jean-Pierre Limosin's Young Yakuza, a documentary on the immersion of a troubled Japanese youth into the shadowy,... More>>
The First Saturday in May
Could use more humans, though
, April 15, 2008
Of the 40,000 thoroughbreds foaled in the U.S. annually, only 20 make the regal two-minute run that is the Kentucky Derby, a Mardi... More>>
The Visitor is Tired and Poor The Visitor
Preachy liberal guilt dwarfs any good intentions in immigrant drama
, April 08, 2008
Stop me if you've heard this one before: A lonely dwarf, a wisecracking Cuban-American, and a grieving mother walk into each other's lives, laugh... More>>
Street Kings
Boys will be boys in this shallow look at dirty police
, April 08, 2008
For a movie built around questions of failed ethics and duplicitous behavior, Street Kings is just as dishonest as its characters. Though... More>>
Horniness Meets Horror in Stalags Stalags, Tehilim
Doc explores Israel's Holocaust s&m lit. Also, Tehilim gets lost in Jerusalem.
, April 08, 2008
In the relatively innocent early '60s, West 42nd Street was a carnival of pinball parlors, freak shows, and, mainly, movie theaters. Some offered... More>>
Smart People: Deeply Ordinary Smart People
Intellectualism goes soft in this more obvious than smart romantic comedy
, April 08, 2008
Smart people got no reason to live—and, sure, that's not quite how Randy Newman sang it, but the point still stands. Because in Noam... More>>
Bra Boys: Tough Guys Surf Bra Boys
Aussie doc digs into an outsider culture
, April 08, 2008
Russell Crowe narrates—and is reportedly developing a dramatic remake of—this compact history of Australia's notorious Maroubra Beach... More>>
Body of War
Phil vs. George
, April 08, 2008
Co-directed by Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue—yes, that Phil Donahue—Body of War is neither the most cinematic nor the most elegantly... More>>
The Dhamma Brothers
But please, hold the re-enactments
, April 08, 2008
What happens when you put a group of maximum-security prison inmates through the rigors of a 10-day Buddhism boot camp? This is the intriguing... More>>
Dark Matter
No ideas on school shootings here
, April 08, 2008
"Inspired by" the 1991 University of Iowa school shootings, Dark Matter gives a sympathetic picture of its doctorate candidate turned sociopath,... More>>
Young @ Heart
Really, Christopher Guest had nothing to do with this old-people doc
, April 08, 2008
From the washed-out images to the twee voice-over (courtesy of director Stephen Walker), this British television documentary about the titular... More>>
Chaos Theory
Ryan Reynolds might save screen comedy
, April 08, 2008
Who could lift the American screen comedy from a vast muck of sniggery boner gags and crap-pop bricolage? I'm pulling for Ryan Reynolds, the stud... More>>
The Take
John Leguizamo should've stayed at home in this revenge thriller
, April 08, 2008
Felix De La Pena (John Leguizamo) is an East L.A. armored-car driver who cares deeply for his wife, Marina (Rosie Perez), and their two kids.... More>>
Never Forever
Gina Kim's feature is florid but acute, with lots of boning
, April 08, 2008
Had Emily Watson's stranger-shtupping martyr in Breaking the Waves woken up mid-boink one day and realized, Hey, hot sex with an anonymous cock... More>>
Young & Restless in China
Doc examines the generation changing China
, April 08, 2008
As China makes the headlines daily with each new threat of an Olympic boycott, doc filmmaker Sue Williams (Frontline: China in the Red) might... More>>
Leatherheads Never Gets Past 'Promising' Leatherheads
George Clooney's ode to the screwball comedies of yore is sooooo close. But yet.
, April 01, 2008
When Time recently featured George Clooney on its cover accompanied by the headline "The Last Movie Star"—not even a question mark at the... More>>
The End of the New York Underground Film Festival The End of the New York Underground Film Festival
Marking the final edition of the NYUFF, one-time director Ed Halter looks back. And forward.
, April 01, 2008
This week, the New York Underground Film Festival is holding its 15th—and final—edition. I ran the event for 10 of those years, and... More>>
Flight of the Red Balloon Soars Flight of the Red Balloon
Hou Hsiao-hsien and his red balloon watch over a lonely mother and son in this reimagined art-house ET
, April 01, 2008
About a thousand movies ago, I made the truculent, unprovable assertion that if Chinese grandmaster Hou Hsiao-hsien were French, he'd be the... More>>
Poland's Greatest Cult Film Returns
Blow Your Mind at BAM
, April 01, 2008
Poland's greatest cult film opens this Friday at the BAM Cinematheque: The Saragossa Manuscript, directed by Wojciech Has in 1965 from Count Jan... More>>
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