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On the Heels of Paranormal Activity, The Fourth Kind Comes Off the Weak Imitator The Fourth Kind
, November 03, 2009
Seventy-one years after Orson Welles's War of the Worlds radio broadcast snookered a gullible American public with its real-time alien-invasion... More>>
Jim Carrey and Robert Zemeckis' Very CGI Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol
, November 03, 2009
It's not hard to see how the director of Forrest Gump would be thought a good fit to adapt the dearly beloved (and much lampooned)... More>>
Collapse a Return to Form for Chris Smith Collapse
, November 03, 2009
Chris Smith's one-man doc on veteran doomsayer Michael C. Ruppert holds less interest as another sky-is-falling dispatch than as the filmmaker's... More>>
Jennifer Baichwal Documents Lightning in Act of God Act of God
, November 03, 2009
Jennifer Baichwal follows up her superb 2007 documentary Manufactured Landscapes, about the willful harm done to nature by man, with another in... More>>
Freshmen Director Undercuts Hal Holbrook's Dream Roll in That Evening Sun That Evening Sun
, November 03, 2009
First-time writer-director Scott Teems has given 84-year-old master actor Hal Holbrook a dream role in Abner Meecham, a Tennessean who walks out... More>>
Endgame Documents Death of Apartheid Endgame
, November 03, 2009
Since it already premiered on PBS as part of "Masterpiece Contemporary" on October 25 (and on British TV in May), the theatrical release of... More>>
More Fat Guys Screamin' About Pussy in Splinterheads Splinterheads
, November 03, 2009
Future students of early-21st-century screen comedy will be mystified by just how much film we devoted to fat guys screaming about gettin' pussy.... More>>
'1962: New York Film Critics Circle' at BAMcinématek '1962: New York Film Critics Circle' at BAMcinématek
Sure, there were missiles in Cuba. But what about the film critics' awards?
, October 27, 2009
"The past is never dead. It's not even past." So wrote William Faulkner, and so BAM's current series "1962: New York Film Critics Circle" hopes... More>>
'Roger Corman: Poe and Beyond' at Anthology 'Roger Corman: Poe and Beyond'
A schlock genius, king of the Bs and so much more
, October 27, 2009
When Roger Corman receives his Honorary Oscar next month at the Academy's inaugural Governors Awards ceremony, will it be for his career as a... More>>
Michael Jackson Documentary, Redux: This Is It Michael Jackson Documentary, Redux: This Is It
King of pop, meet the man who made High School Musical
, October 27, 2009
Less documentary than closely and manipulatively edited homage to the new-agey “genius” of frequent Michael Jackson collaborator and... More>>
The House of the Devil
, October 27, 2009
The Devil, apparently, lives in an out-of-the-way gingerbread Victorian, just past the cemetery, where college sophomore Samantha (Jocelin... More>>
Jared Hess Channels Adolescence, Poo Jokes, for Gentlemen Broncos Gentlemen Broncos
, October 27, 2009
Nothing if not consistent, Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre director Jared Hess once again presents adolescence as a depressive, outsider... More>>
Skin Follows the Lunacy of Apartheid through Straight-Ahead Biopic Skin
, October 27, 2009
If ever there were a true-life tale that laid bare the laws of South African apartheid in all their arbitrary lunacy, it's the one dramatized in... More>>
Labor Day, a Crappy Infomercial Partly Funded by Its Subject Labor Day
, October 27, 2009
I'd call Glenn Silber's Labor Day a well-intentioned but dull, video-ugly documentary if it weren't partly financed by its subject, the Service... More>>
Storm Stiltedly Chews through Enduring Half-Life of Bosnian Conflict Storm
, October 27, 2009
Coinciding with the latest shenanigans from accused genocidal mastermind Radovan Karadzic, a quixotic International Criminal Courtroom drama... More>>
The Inevitable Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
, October 27, 2009
The Boondock Saints filmmaker Troy Duffy certainly makes for an easy target—at least his former friends thought so when they made the 2003... More>>
Ben Gazzara, Guatemala Main Attractions of Looking for Palladin Looking for Palladin
, October 27, 2009
Andrzej Krakowski pegs his water-treading labor-of-love indie to the always cool but here too blithe Ben Gazzara, playing a reclusive screen... More>>
You Cannot Start Without Me Meets Valery Gergiev the Conductor, Not the Man You Cannot Start Without Me
, October 27, 2009
Beginning with its title—You Cannot Start Without Me—Allan Miller's portrait of Russian Maestro Valery Gergiev examines both the... More>>
How to Seduce Difficult Women Woefully Incompetent How to Seduce Difficult Women
, October 27, 2009
It is, perhaps, best not to expect too much from the directorial debut of Grace Kelly's ex-hairdresser; still, How to Seduce Difficult Women is... More>>
Lars von Trier's Antichrist Puts Us Through the Wringer Antichrist
, October 20, 2009
Lars von Trier's doggedly outrageous, fearsomely ambitious two-hander is so desperate to make you feel something—if only a terrible... More>>
Hong Sang-soo Gets in Touch with Inner Frenchman in Night and Day Night and Day
A Korean in Paris
, October 20, 2009
'We can't easily tell night from day during the summers here," observes one character early on in Hong Sang-soo's Paris-set Night and Day—a... More>>
Gena Rowlands as One Complicated Lady in A Woman Under the Influence A Woman Under the Influence
, October 20, 2009
Although it'll be screening at MOMA right before Halloween, the holiday that most comes to mind when watching A Woman Under the Influence would... More>>
The Wedding Song Probes Bond between Two Women The Wedding Song
, October 20, 2009
Like her appealing first feature, La petite Jérusalem, Karin Albou's The Wedding Song probes the threats to an intimate bond between two... More>>
Peter Greenaway Is on Rembrandt's J'accuse Rembrandt's J'accuse
, October 20, 2009
A one-man cinema vanguard and world-class VJ, the British media artist Peter Greenaway is also an unusual personality—at once... More>>
Sátántangó Turns 15, MOMA Throws (Serious) Party Sátántangó Turns 15, MOMA Throws (Serious) Party
, October 20, 2009
Sinking into the literal and spiritual bog of a fetid Hungarian backwater, Béla Tarr's 1994 Sátántangó is the essence... More>>
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