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, September 12, 2006
In Tony Bill's romantic, computer-generated fantasy, the plucky volunteer pilots of World War I's Lafayette Escadrille are once more cast as... More>>
, September 12, 2006
The type of documentary that aspires to first-name intimacy, Jeffrey Togman's Home takes a close look at two extraordinary women: Sheree Farmer,... More>>
'Train Man: Densha Otoko'
, September 12, 2006
Adapted from a Japanese bestseller that's apparently based on true events, Train Man: Densha Otoko is a lot like its protagonist: sweet, weird,... More>>
Ghost World Ghost World
A pair of sunshine noirs go in search of Hollywood's heart of darkness
, September 05, 2006
Directed by Brian De Palma from the novel by neo-noirist James Ellroy, The Black Dahlia is a true-crime policier unfolding in late-'40s Los... More>>
The Great Escapes The Great Escapes
Erotic obsession and cold, cruel truths about unrequited love
, September 05, 2006
Like its summer season of Frank Borzage films, the Moving Image's current retrospective celebrates the work of an auteur who responded to the... More>>
Guarded State Guarded State
Hand-wringing twentysomethings ponder monogamy and matrimony
, September 05, 2006
Those twentysomethings, poor dears, can never catch a break in the movies. First this maligned generation is told, in countless gritty indies and... More>>
Madly Ever After
Three weddings and a reality TV show
, September 05, 2006
Despite its title, Confetti, a chaotic mockumentary in the finest tradition of English vulgarity, has nothing whatever to say about marriage.... More>>
Pola Negri: Life Is a Dream
, September 05, 2006
Although somewhat forgotten today, Pola Negri was one of the great divas of the silent screen. The first European to be given star treatment in... More>>
'Al Franken: God Spoke' 'Al Franken: God Spoke'
, September 05, 2006
Unfocused but brisk (and a tad revealing), this documentary bio of Air America muckraker, Saturday Night Live vet, and presumed Senate hopeful Al... More>>
'Vajra Sky Over Tibet'
, September 05, 2006
"When the Iron Bird flies, the Dharma will go to the West," says a 1,500-year-old Tibetan Buddhist prophecy, one that seems to have been amply... More>>
'Aurora Borealis'
, September 05, 2006
Because they apparently couldn't wait until the next Ed Burns movie, first-time feature director James Burke and screenwriter Brent Boyd have... More>>
'Gridiron Gang'
, September 05, 2006
Former pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who always made a good show of selling fake violence, stars in Phil Joanou's well-meant trifle as... More>>
'The Ground Truth'
, September 05, 2006
The newest activist doc from Iraq, joining a deafening yowl of media dissent, Patricia Foulkrod's The Ground Truth gets its voice entirely from... More>>
'Keeping Mum'
, September 05, 2006
Exactly the sort of coy, patronizing pap you'd imagine actors like Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith take merely to pay debts or mortgages,... More>>
Detective Comics Detective Comics
Showbiz noir investigates TV Superman's real-life tragedy
, August 29, 2006
If Superman Returns attempted to resurrect the Man of Steel as mythic hero, the season's other Superman movie wants to disabuse us of any such... More>>
Magical History Tour
Lennon rock doc is both poignant and topical
, August 29, 2006
Generic VH1 rock doc, The U.S. vs. John Lennon—opening here next week—is snazzy, mawkish, and practically Pavlovian in recycling all... More>>
Night Watch Night Watch
Modest, humane indie observes NYC's graveyard shift
, August 29, 2006
Shaped like a relentless blues chant, Ramin Bahrani's hand-sized film Man Push Cart casts a watchful eye on an overlooked New York ubiquity: the... More>>
Survival Instincts
Anti-cool outsiders from Eastern Europe to the East Village
, August 29, 2006
Deep into Lech Kowalski's canonical punk rock mid-mortem document D.O.A. (1980), the director sets his 16mm sights backstage on Nancy Spungen,... More>>
Panic Womb Panic Womb
Old familiar misogyny poisons Neil LaBute's cult-thriller remake
, August 29, 2006
A number of pregnant mysteries arise with the new remake of Robin Hardy's 1973 cult-remembered genre work—namely, what's in this kind of... More>>
, August 29, 2006
British writer-director Charles Sturridge makes beautiful, stubbornly unhurried movies about the best and worst in human, animal, and even... More>>
'Sherrybaby' 'Sherrybaby'
, August 29, 2006
Fresh out of the joint with a heroin habit at bay, bottle-blonde Sherry Swanson (Maggie Gyllenhaal) swoops down on the young daughter she left... More>>
, August 29, 2006
In some danger of being overlooked in the press of history that reveres Ozu's rigorous constancy and Kurosawa's noble pulp, Kenji Mizoguchi is a... More>>
'Le Petit Lieutenant'
, August 29, 2006
Xavier Beauvois's new French policier Le Petit Lieutenant conscientiously eschews virtually everything we've come to expect from the genre:... More>>
'A Cantor's Tale'
, August 29, 2006
With its outlandish stories, obsession with masculine ego, and focus on an absurd, forgotten subculture, A Cantor's Tale is the stuff Ben... More>>
'I Trust You to Kill Me'
, August 29, 2006
Perhaps you are wondering why a little-known band called Rocco DeLuca and the Burden merits a glossy feature-length documentary of its whirlwind... More>>
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