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Great Haul From China Great Haul From China
Intro to Chinese canon dazzles with volcanic Ruan and a modernist classic of Spring
, October 11, 2005
Imagine a retrospective of only 32 feature films celebrating all of, say, American or French cinema. That's how many the Walter Reade's... More>>
Girl School Confidential: A Feminist Flip on Zéro de Conduite Girl School Confidential: A Feminist Flip on Zéro de Conduite
, October 11, 2005
Whether you're a film culture optimist or a maddened discontent, it's difficult to argue that originality has been in great supply recently; my... More>>
'Protocols of Zion'
, October 11, 2005
Soon after 9-11, a chatty cabdriver informed Marc Levin that, thanks to an advance warning, no Jews died in the World Trade Center. The spread of... More>>
'After Innocence'
, October 11, 2005
What does it feel like to be imprisoned for a crime you did not do? After Innocence documents the stories of seven prisoners who were exonerated... More>>
, October 11, 2005
The movie version of Steve Martin's slim first fiction is an uneasy marriage of form and content—a wan, world-weary representation of... More>>
Classless Class Action Flick Guilty of Viewer Harassment Classless Class Action Flick Guilty of Viewer Harassment
, October 11, 2005
The lead plaintiff in Jenson v. Eveleth Mines, the first class action sexual-harassment suit, began work at the northern Minnesota iron mine in... More>>
'Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death'
, October 11, 2005
From 1885 until a year before his 1909 death, Belgium's King Leopold II ruled the Congo Free State as his personal fiefdom, enslaving the... More>>
'Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story'
, October 11, 2005
It's about a quick-footed horse, but Dreamer's only feat is winding up slower than Seabiscuit. Adults will be restless as stabled bucks, but... More>>
'Emmanuel's Gift'
, October 11, 2005
In July 2002, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah biked 600 kilometers across Ghana—an achievement for anyone, but especially so for a man born with only... More>>
'Kids in America'
, October 11, 2005
Nicole Richie loyalists are sure to be confounded (along with the rest of us) by Kids in America, the weirdly anti-Bush high school "satire" that... More>>
'The Optimists'
, October 11, 2005
Less documentary than expansive memoir, Jacky Comforty's The Optimists filters stock footage and official history through personal... More>>
'Rooms for Tourists'
, October 11, 2005
Someone explain to me how a guy with a mask—with no eyeholes, mind you—can see better in pitch black than his victims, whose sight... More>>
'Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family'
, October 11, 2005
This well-told doc follows nine years in the lives of a gay couple and the woman they invited to share their relationship. When we meet this... More>>
Hollywood or Bust Hollywood or Bust
Tawdry showbiz Rashomon rethinks Martin & Lewis breakup, ends up dazed and confused
, October 04, 2005
So why did those guys, the smooth singer and the crazy nut—not Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis but "Vince Collins" and "Lanny Morris"—break... More>>
K-History: Slapstick Political Thriller Skimps on Context K-History: Slapstick Political Thriller Skimps on Context
, October 04, 2005
South Korean history may not be a mandatory part of the American grade school curriculum, but ignorance does not detract from the disorienting... More>>
, October 04, 2005
Why, back in the epochal summer of '56, did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis declare it splitsville? Was it the seven (actually 10) year itch?... More>>
Kosher Market
, October 04, 2005
How do you sell a film about Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem to their peers in America who don't even watch TV? Gidi Dar's Ushpizin, a hit in Israel... More>>
Almost Shameless Almost Shameless
Town bawl: Killer tunes, copious tearjerking can't cover up Crowe's patchwork plot
, October 04, 2005
Reviews of Elizabethtown will begin in one of two ways: The reviewer will compare Cameron Crowe's latest to the bizarrely similar Garden State,... More>>
Scrutiny on the Bounty: Scott's Chopped-Up, Moronic Romp Scrutiny on the Bounty: Scott's Chopped-Up, Moronic Romp
, October 04, 2005
Domino only wants to give you everything. Freeze-frames, blurred or stuttering slo-mo, fast-forwards, filters, strobe flickers, 360-degree pans... More>>
Shave Anything
, October 04, 2005
"There's a difference between a failure and a fiasco," shoe designer Drew (Orlando Bloom) says in Elizabethtown—a difference quantified by... More>>
Wild life: Nuanced Adoption Drama Runs at Turtle's Pace Wild life: Nuanced Adoption Drama Runs at Turtle's Pace
, October 04, 2005
Let's compare the titular wildlife metaphors of this year's two Sundance-tested, North Carolina—based dramas about plain-looking folks and... More>>
'Land of Plenty' 'Land of Plenty'
The end of relevance: Wenders whiffs at social commentary
, October 04, 2005
His seminal intersection with Sam Shepard notwithstanding, Wim Wenders has become no one's idea of a frontline commentator on American social... More>>
'Nine Lives'
, October 04, 2005
There's something confining about the title of Rodrigo García's Nine Lives, a series of vignettes on mundanely horrific episodes in the... More>>
'My Hand Outstretched: Films'
, October 04, 2005
Quietly awe inspiring in their precise, intricate construction, the films of Robert Beavers have no true parallel in avant-garde cinema, although... More>>
'Don't Tell'
, October 04, 2005
Spectacularly incompetent, Don't Tell races into self-parody before the end of the opening credits. There we find patriarch Raleigh swigging... More>>
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