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, April 18, 2006
There is probably a level of hell built around cross-country road trips with Robin Williams. So it’s quite a surprise that RV, in which... More>>
'Guys and Balls'
, April 18, 2006
It sounds like gay porn, but it's actually a delightful romantic comedy from Germany. Ecki (Maximilian Brückner), the goalie for his town's... More>>
Best in Show Best in Show
The Top 40 Picks of the Tribeca Film Festival
, April 11, 2006
Conceived in the shadow of no towers, the Tribeca Film Festival was the first 9-11 memorial, and surely the most upbeat. The fifth edition ... More>>
A Flight to Remember A Flight to Remember
Bloody Tuesday: Paul Greengrass's visceral cine-memorial stakes its claim to authenticity
, April 11, 2006
In the city where it will premiere next Tuesday, United 93 is being greeted—or repelled?—almost as if it were itself some kind of... More>>
Scarlet Fever Scarlet Fever
Tribeca's behind-the-scenes architect explains why bigger is better
, April 11, 2006
To most festgoers, Tribeca remains "the Robert De Niro festival." But as the city's movie scenesters know, the man who has done more than anyone... More>>
TV Nation TV Nation
Weitz's soft-edged satire belts out familiar but convincingly smarmy tunes
, April 11, 2006
Wanna knock the prez? Let's make a show. . . preferably on television. Paul Weitz's new satire American Dreamz imagines the Bush regime as an... More>>
Super Troopers Super Troopers
A Vietnam war doc with powerful contemporary parallels
, April 11, 2006
Sir! No Sir! never mentions the words Iraq or Afghanistan. It doesn't have to. Unseen and unremarked upon, those bloody venues nonetheless... More>>
'Out 1: Spectre'
, April 11, 2006
In some ways the most venturesome of nouvelle vague filmmakers, Jacques Rivette went through the looking glass in the 1970s. For the better part... More>>
A Weighty Retro of the Silent Era's Most Tragic Clown A Weighty Retro of the Silent Era's Most Tragic Clown
, April 11, 2006
The most tragic figure of silent comedy, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle saw his brilliant career as an actor dramatically halted in 1921 when he became... More>>
'Scary Movie 4'
, April 11, 2006
Part three was so wretched, it actually made you miss the Wayans brothers, but the fourth Scary Movie has its share of good laughs. It unspools... More>>
, April 11, 2006
A fancy-feast doc about art theft, Rebecca Dreyfus's Stolen has all the earmarks of a ropy New Yorker article—the plumbing of a little-known... More>>
'Mongolian Ping Pong'
, April 11, 2006
Much more so than any movie actually about spiritual discipline, the new Chinese film Mongolian Ping Pong could be a meditational object—... More>>
, April 11, 2006
There are lots of ways to grow up. The method offered in this Australian drama is to do something awful and then flee from it. Heidi (beautiful... More>>
'The Wild'
, April 11, 2006
"It's not Pixar" is becoming the mantra of parents who dutifully shlep their tots to each new 3-D animated feature, and Disney's latest entry... More>>
Mysterious Skin Mysterious Skin
From porn to born again: Harron's reverent biopic contemplates its subject's essential innocence
, April 04, 2006
Half a century after her apotheosis as America's most popular pinup queen and under-the-counter bondage babe, 25 years after her cult first... More>>
Tart-Talking Law Women Dispense Justice in Family-Court Doc Tart-Talking Law Women Dispense Justice in Family-Court Doc
, April 04, 2006
The law is natural theater. Rarely, though, does it provide the sort of inspirational political drama found in Kim Longinotto's much praised... More>>
On Dangerous Ground On Dangerous Ground
Extreme landscapes engulf eco-warriors in visceral Chinese adventure saga
, April 04, 2006
By their nature, conservationist melodramas are tough to put over: Unless you torture science Roland Emmerich–style, the concrete concerns... More>>
Catherine the Great Catherine the Great
A pair of classics starring a '60s goddess of light
, April 04, 2006
There was something about the sexually agape, porcelainized tabula rasa of Catherine Deneuve in her stardom's infancy that fed the dream lives of... More>>
Pre-Mortem Pre-Mortem
Morbid romantic dramedy inspires cancer awareness
, April 04, 2006
An unassuming, unadventurous, but likable dramedy about dying and grief, Sarah Watt's debut feature, Look Both Ways, has been something of an... More>>
Not Another Teen Movie Not Another Teen Movie
Thank hell for little girls: Jailbait revenge fantasy is guilty pleasure, then pure torture
, April 04, 2006
The Darwinian theory that schlocksploitation must tighten its twist of the nuts with each new release will be tested strenuously for... More>>
'La Mujer de Mi Hermano'
, April 04, 2006
With a plot so old it could have been scraped off of cave walls, this Latin American psychodrama pits desperate housewife Zoe (Bárbara... More>>
'Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story'
, April 04, 2006
More suited to the short form, Rob Corddry's brand of faux-unwitting sarcasm is pushed to the limit by Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, a... More>>
, April 04, 2006
Is Nathalie's love triangle bizarre—or just ridiculous? Not long after hubby Bernard (Gérard Depardieu) fails to materialize for his... More>>
A Gabby Horndog's Inventive Real-Life Mea Culpa A Gabby Horndog's Inventive Real-Life Mea Culpa
, April 04, 2006
Caveh Zahedi's one-of-a-kind movie—a funny, inventive, ground-shifting hybrid of essay film, mea culpa, and pathological real-life romantic... More>>
'The Sisters'
, April 04, 2006
Aiming for an edgy blend of the classic and the contemporary à la Julie Taymor, The Sisters—playwright-screenwriter Richard... More>>
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