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'Days of Heaven'
, April 04, 2006
It was Terrence Malick's last film before his notorious 20-year hiatus, it was Sam Shepard's introduction to moviegoers, and it seems almost... More>>
'Herbie Hancock: Possibilities'
, April 04, 2006
Herbie Hancock is looking damn good for a man in his mid sixties, and he's far from set in his ways—the veteran jazzman proved as much on... More>>
'Kinky Boots'
, April 04, 2006
Why are movies "inspired by a true story" always the most contrived? The new Kinky Boots feels old, or at least vintage. The Full Monty is the... More>>
For Love of Money For Love of Money
Rich and strange: Holofcener's wealth porn sitcom not particularly lovely or amazing
, March 28, 2006
Friends With Money, the third nominally independent feature written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, is less an ensemble comedy than a... More>>
Another Russia Another Russia
A hooker, a meat dealer, and a skinhead walk into a bar . . .
, March 28, 2006
A prime recent discovery on the international festival circuit, 30-year-old Ilya Khrzhanovsky's first feature 4 is an immediate attention... More>>
Down for the Count Down for the Count
Better luck tomorrow: Bubbly cast and clever banter can't overcome blatant Tarantinoisms
, March 28, 2006
You may still retain your ardor and respect, as I have, for the pressure-point hammerblow Quentin Tarantino executed on American movies, but... More>>
The Longest Day The Longest Day
Feel-good drama drowns in broguey sentimentality
, March 28, 2006
. . . You can see 4-eva! That is, if you're with the program represented by the new virgin cocktail On a Clear Day and are suffering from a... More>>
, March 28, 2006
Self-conscious aesthete, existential structuralist, one of the world's most eloquent conjoiners of metaphysical mystery and sociopolitical... More>>
Romancing the Stone Romancing the Stone
London-set sequel to erotic trash classic is all talk and very little action
, March 28, 2006
At one point in Basic Instinct 2, Sharon Stone's castrating nympho-bitch is diagnosed as a "masked psychotic"—a sneaky acknowledgment,... More>>
Cry, the Beloved Country Cry, the Beloved Country
Gitai's latest reductive Middle Eastern allegory
, March 28, 2006
Straight out of the gate, Free Zone is ready for its close-up—in this case, a nine-minute fixed shot of Natalie Portman in profile, crying,... More>>
'Dirty Harry'
, March 28, 2006
Dirty Harry may not be Don Siegel's masterpiece—although it is a first-rate policier featuring a career-defining performance by Clint... More>>
'The Great Warming'
, March 28, 2006
Hi, I'm Keanu Reeves." "And I'm Alanis Morissette." With those eight words, this global-warming documentary stakes its claim to credibility.... More>>
Mission Accomplished: A Credible SF-Set Graffiti Saga Mission Accomplished: A Credible SF-Set Graffiti Saga
, March 28, 2006
As deceptively modest and quietly ambitious as its urban working-class hero, the ironically titled Quality of Life unfolds inside the graffiti... More>>
'Ice Age: The Meltdown'
, March 28, 2006
A merry saga of death, extinction, and migratory depletion, this sequel may be the grimmest entertainment for kids since Uncle Walt killed Old... More>>
, March 28, 2006
What begins as a Dutch comedy about a gay man's friendship with a wildly un-P.C. straight man morphs into a bold and exhausting examination of... More>>
'Take the Lead'
, March 28, 2006
Antonio Banderas plays Pierre Dulaine, founder of the ballroom dancing program for New York City schools made famous by the documentary Mad Hot... More>>
Red Harvest Red Harvest
A fascinating but frustrating doc on the most watched Chinese movies of all time
, March 21, 2006
What was the most-seen movie ever made? Was it Gone With the Wind? Star Wars? Titanic? How about Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy or The Red... More>>
This Island Earth This Island Earth
Allegory and poetry aboard an Iranian boat trip
, March 21, 2006
Iron Island opens (like many Iranian features) by invoking "the name of God," then provides an image that could be said to say: Let there be... More>>
In a Lonely Place In a Lonely Place
High school confidential: Recasting hard-boiled cliches as metaphor for teenage isolation
, March 21, 2006
Calling Rian Johnson's teen indie Brick a piece of stuntwork might seem tantamount to hitting it with a pie, but it's a high-speed wheelie of a... More>>
Barney's Rubble Barney's Rubble
Cremasturbatory art film exercises no restraint
, March 21, 2006
Those who fear that the mainstream of contemporary art has become little more than an extension of fashion will find no comfort in Drawing... More>>
The Saddest Music in the World The Saddest Music in the World
American cult idol: Johnston battles demons and cultivates genius in radiantly graceful doc
, March 21, 2006
Lunatic talent is the siren call to many an overmatched filmmaker, as a random sampling of biopics can attest—scrambled brain chemistry is... More>>
Ill Communication Ill Communication
Beasties' fan-shot concert-vid experiment is so last year
, March 21, 2006
At a recent Imogen Heap show at Avalon, a guy in front of me with a Canon ELPH was making a video clip. The auteur crept from Heap's sequined... More>>
, March 21, 2006
Midwestern DIYer Matt Farnsworth wrote, directed, produced, and stars in his first feature, Iowa, and though it's clear he's far from over... More>>
'Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School'
, March 21, 2006
This flat-footed male weepie musters an insurance ad's worth of clichés about the importance of busting a move in middle age—and it... More>>
Outcasts Search for the Love Above in Ambitious Hip-Hopera Outcasts Search for the Love Above in Ambitious Hip-Hopera
, March 21, 2006
You may think you already know what it is: a cautionary 'hood-rap tale scarred by exit wounds and scored to booming basslines—pop propaganda... More>>
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