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'Don't Tell'
, October 04, 2005
Spectacularly incompetent, Don't Tell races into self-parody before the end of the opening credits. There we find patriarch Raleigh swigging... More>>
'The Dark Hours'
, October 04, 2005
According to last week's Times magazine poll, politics, work, and real estate are the most popular topics of conversation at New York dinner... More>>
'Harlan County, U.S.A.'
, October 04, 2005
The 2004 eruption of activist docs may have predictably lapsed after the election, but the systematic reacquaintance with the Nixon era's... More>>
'Henri Langlois: Phantom of the Cinematheque'
, October 04, 2005
Jacques Richard's new doc about the world-famous, titular Parisian programmer-archivist is actually a memoir of a lost kingdom—where a... More>>
'Waiting . . .'
, October 04, 2005
A day in the life at chain restaurant Shenanigan's, Waiting . . . makes a predictable pit stop to elaborately mess with a creep patron's food but... More>>
'Isabelle Huppert'
, October 04, 2005
I'll bite: Isabelle Huppert may just be the greatest actress currently at work in cinema. Imagine the last quarter-century of cinema without her:... More>>
'Innocent Voices'
, October 04, 2005
Based on the experiences of co-writer Oscar Torres, Innocent Voices is personal in the most limiting sense: a memoir of war-torn El Salvador... More>>
Celebrity Journalist Celebrity Journalist
Confessions of a Democratic Mind: George Clooney presses for freedom of the press
, September 27, 2005
Like Robert Redford and Warren Beatty, George Clooney is a politically aware movie star who has taken the American political spectacle as his ... More>>
Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors
Foe McCarthy: Clooney's compact, conscientious paean to a bygone era of principles
, September 27, 2005
Though it may have been some kind of career-long desire for George Clooney, whose father was a Cincinnati and Lexington broadcaster through much... More>>
Love and Gore: Zombie Retread Manages Some Killer Gags Love and Gore: Zombie Retread Manages Some Killer Gags
, September 27, 2005
If you're not up to your hairline with the post-Romero zombie mythology already, you might be able to find room in your heart for Dave Gebroe's... More>>
Market Value
, September 27, 2005
Terrorists, rebels, nut jobs, and outsiders populated the projects at the 27th IFP Market, the Independent Feature Project's annual clearinghouse... More>>
States of Grace States of Grace
Taste test: Two more master classes in sound and image from a giant of cinema
, September 27, 2005
Do this job long enough and you learn to accept certain realities. Some people will laugh at Written on the Wind and cry over Sleepless in... More>>
Berlin Haul: Fascinating But Cautious Retro From the DDR Berlin Haul: Fascinating But Cautious Retro From the DDR
, September 27, 2005
Artifact of a vanished ideology and a no longer extant state, East German cinema is something like socialism with a Quasimodo face—half... More>>
The Sons
, September 27, 2005
From Jean-Luc Godard through R.W. Fassbinder to Bruno Dumont, there is scarcely a European director to emerge since 1960 who does not in some way... More>>
Bunny Business Bunny Business
Blessed are the cheesemakers: Whimsical animated feature shows inventive minds at clay
, September 27, 2005
Though Wallace and Gromit, turophile inventor and canny canine, have only made four appearances in 16 years, the plasticine pair captures the... More>>
Hanson Dons Heels for Tepid, Well-Acted Chick-Lit Adaptation Hanson Dons Heels for Tepid, Well-Acted Chick-Lit Adaptation
, September 27, 2005
In Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman used sibling rivalry to illuminate The Orchid Thief's larger questions of being. The wrangling between twin... More>>
'The Greatest Game Ever Played'
, September 27, 2005
Anyone who never considered golf a hotbed of class conflict—that is, pretty much everyone—will be enlightened by The Greatest Game... More>>
Slanted & Enchanted: Fragile Lovers in an Atmospheric Swoon
, September 27, 2005
An indie-rock-soundtracked paean to the lonesome crowded West, director Mark Milgard's promising debut is a refreshingly region-specific entry in... More>>
'Never Been Thawed'
, September 27, 2005
A straightforwardly bad-mannered indie comedy, Never Been Thawed assumes its biggest risk by targeting a subculture that doesn't exist:... More>>
'Two for the Money'
, September 27, 2005
Having already directed Val Kilmer in a psychedelic drug flick ( The Salton Sea), D.J. Caruso again steals a few moves from Oliver Stone's... More>>
'The Aggressives'
, September 27, 2005
"My sexuality has nothing to with my gender," says Rjai, one of the six lesbians profiled in Daniel Peddle's doc, succinctly summing up the last... More>>
'Before the Fall (Napola)'
, September 27, 2005
One wouldn't expect a homoerotic Nazi Saved by the Bell to be lumbering, but here we have Before the Fall staring us earnestly in the face. A... More>>
'Into the Blue'
, September 27, 2005
A tides-and-ass adventure for the whole family (minus Mom and Pop and anyone else who isn't an achingly horny pubescent male), Into the Blue... More>>
'Life, Translated'
, September 27, 2005
Life, Translated would make a strong prime-time, mid-season addition to mainland China's WB affiliate, slotted comfortably between Buffy Takes... More>>
'A Tale of Two Pizzas'
, September 27, 2005
A Tale of Two Pizzas stars two talented actors from The Sopranos, but the similarities to the greatest serialized drama of our time end there.... More>>
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