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The Devil's Rejects: Effective Frights and Brain-Dead Writes The Devil's Rejects: Effective Frights and Brain-Dead Writes
, August 30, 2005
Apparently, exorcism horror movies lose a good deal of footing unless they're "based on a true story"—and authentication is hard to come by.... More>>
The Dogs of War The Dogs of War
Ream America: World's police take heat for various woes in Latin American film festival
, August 30, 2005
It's all America's fault. You probably knew that already, of course, but just in case you didn't, Latinbeat's filmmakers make sure you place the... More>>
Crimes of the Future: How Not to Build a Time Machine Crimes of the Future: How Not to Build a Time Machine
, August 30, 2005
The more things change, the more they stay the same—A Sound of Thunder begins 50 years from now, when having finally conquered the fourth... More>>
'Man' Overbored: Dumb Buddy-Cop Flick a Dreary Rehash
, August 30, 2005
"It's a tasty burger," federal agent Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) tells visiting dental supply salesman Andy Fiddler (Eugene Levy), shortly... More>>
'Keane' Star Researches Role Among the Mentally Ill
, August 30, 2005
In Lodge Kerrigan’s riveting Keane (opening September 9), Damian Lewis occupies nearly every frame as the schizophrenic title character, who... More>>
'Green Street Hooligans'
, August 30, 2005
Lexi Alexander's debut feature owes its pint-fueled proletarian angst and aggro to David Fincher and Alan Clarke. Hooligans nods at Fight Club... More>>
'Music From the Inside Out'; 'Make It Funky!'
, August 30, 2005
What is music? Various members of the Philadelphia Orchestra respond with stutters and groans, finally admitting that it can only be felt, not... More>>
Poe Relations: Avant-Garde Veteran Revisits His Haunted Past Poe Relations: Avant-Garde Veteran Revisits His Haunted Past
, August 30, 2005
A founding figure of the second wave of the American avant-garde, Curtis Harrington was born in Hollywood—or somewhere just down the street.... More>>
'Steal Me'
, August 30, 2005
Whether it's the guitar-strum soundtrack, "lyrical" cornfield shots, or arrhythmic performances, Steal Me has at least one indie-film... More>>
'Edge The Art of Motion Picture Editing'
, August 30, 2005
A clip-heavy tour of the first century-plus of cinema, this lively, intelligent look at the art of film editing marshals sound bites from... More>>
'Kamikaze Girls'
, August 30, 2005
If you value plausibility in movies, skip Kamikaze Girls; this is the sort of picture where getting run over by a truck gives a character... More>>
'Touch the Sound'
, August 30, 2005
"There's sound everywhere—we just have to listen," Evelyn Glennie says in Touch the Sound, Thomas Riedelsheimer's portrait of the classical... More>>
'Transporter 2'
, August 30, 2005
Luc Besson used to be the promising young director of The Professional and The Fifth Element. Now he spends his days crafting paeans to the... More>>
'Walking on the Sky'
, August 30, 2005
Josh (Michael Knowles), a 30-year-old gallery owner, jumps from the roof of his Manhattan apartment building, and his six longtime best friends... More>>
'Côte d'Azur'
, August 30, 2005
A French family's seaside vacation is disrupted by repressed libidinal urges in Côte d'Azur, a sex comedy that is neither sexy nor funny... More>>
Cold Comfort Pharm Cold Comfort Pharm
Postcolonial detritus and pharmaceutical devilry dominate a mature le Carré adaptation
, August 23, 2005
Drawing on the John le Carré reservoir guarantees a face-smacking degree of literate sophistication, pander-free dialogue, and ethical... More>>
Dye Hard: A Technicolor Trip Into Hollywood Hallucinations Dye Hard: A Technicolor Trip Into Hollywood Hallucinations
, August 23, 2005
Writing during the early years of the talkie era, film theorist Rudolf Arnheim warned against the inevitable coming of "the complete film," in... More>>
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Man with a movie camera: Art imitates art in study of Eggleston's routines and color schemes
, August 23, 2005
As evidenced in Michael Almereyda's subtle, elegant documentary, William Eggleston is in no hurry. When shooting, the lanky Southerner saunters... More>>
Teenage Wasteland: Feisty Wordsmiths Bond in 'Banlieue' Tale Teenage Wasteland: Feisty Wordsmiths Bond in 'Banlieue' Tale
, August 23, 2005
Past and present ferociously head butt each other in Games of Love and Chance (L'Esquive), a French drama in which an insult like "Fuck you, you... More>>
Open Season Open Season
Fall brings hope of a brave New World and a historic Violence
, August 23, 2005
Last year at this time, the film-culture hoi polloi were busy amassing brickbats and storming the castle, hoping against hope that movies could... More>>
Slump Fiction
Hollywood's real moneymakers yet to come
, August 23, 2005
Everyone loves a crash-and-burn story, and the "box office slump" of 2005 has been the entertainment media's favorite train wreck, along with the... More>>
Do Look Back Do Look Back
A preview of the season's repertory highlights
, August 23, 2005
Never mind if the fall's new releases look a little spotty—the city's repertory houses are preparing for an abundant season, and in most... More>>
Coming Attractions Coming Attractions
The Fall's Top 10 Moviegoing Highlights
, August 23, 2005
1 A History of Violence [opens September 23] Tense and disconcerting, David Cronenberg's latest masterwork is a brilliantly directed... More>>
'Margaret Cho: The Assassin Tour'
, August 23, 2005
Bisexual Korean American comedian Margaret Cho continues to damage the struggle of bisexual Korean American comedians fighting for the right to... More>>
'Mind Game'
, August 23, 2005
A virtuoso narrative loop-the-loop that travels through a phantasmagoric catalog of animation styles, Mind Game is not just one of the most... More>>
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