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, May 16, 2006
At his grandmother's request, callow 19-year-old Daniel (Ash Newman, a poor man's Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) travels from London to the Jewish... More>>
The New Disaster Movie The New Disaster Movie
How the events of September 11 renewed Hollywood's appetite for destruction
, May 09, 2006
The movies love mayhem, and inevitably, the televised events of 9-11 were experienced by millions as a sort of real-life disaster film. Is a... More>>
Domestic Violence Domestic Violence
Guess who's coming to dinner? Your boss's unstable wife and a host of hauntings
, May 09, 2006
Exhilaratingly anxious, Dominik Moll's new film Lemming charts familiar territory but does it with gravity and panache. Truly, the Idealized... More>>
Harried . . . With Children Harried . . . With Children
Suburban kids and parents fail to act their age
, May 09, 2006
Like his first feature L.I.E.—and like half of the glib provocations that tumble off the indie assembly line—Michael Cuesta's Twelve... More>>
Zoo Story
Talking animals make sales pitches—for everything
, May 09, 2006
At this late date, it's hard to tell one digitally rendered talking animal from another. Madagascar blends into Ice Age looks like Shark Tale... More>>
Back in the USSR
Remembering the Soviet new wave's glamorous first couple
, May 09, 2006
The Gable and Lombard of Soviet moviemaking's new wave, Elem Klimov and Larisa Shepitko were a gorgeous married couple of uncompromising artists... More>>
'The King'
, May 09, 2006
A rather beautifully produced indie mix of melodrama, ethnographic detail, and modern Southern gothic, The King begins with a symbolic recipe Don... More>>
'Just My Luck' 'Just My Luck'
, May 09, 2006
Looking tired and sallow and drained of her customary glow, Lindsay Lohan marches grimly through this mechanical 'tween comedy as if it were a... More>>
'A Lion in the House'
, May 09, 2006
A four-hour documentary portrait of children with cancer needn't work too hard to break the viewer down, and to its credit, A Lion in the House... More>>
China's Cutting Edge: New Video Art From Shanghai and Beijing
, May 09, 2006
Surveys of British and Japanese avant-garde film hosted at Anthology in recent years have proven successful by focusing on the past, revealing... More>>
'Forgiving Dr. Mengele'
, May 09, 2006
For 40 years after suffering at the hands of Josef Mengele, who tortured her and her twin sister in his monstrous experiments at Auschwitz, Eva... More>>
'Mouth to Mouth'
, May 09, 2006
It isn't much of a stretch to imagine this as a prequel to the pedophile-stalking film Hard Candy, in that it gives us a sense of the traumas... More>>
The Last Action Movie The Last Action Movie
A brutal, invasive blockbuster for the Age of Fear
, May 02, 2006
Mission: Impossible III finds Tom Cruise downplaying the world's single greatest piece of action music in deference to an Age of Fear vibe that's... More>>
Just Add Water Just Add Water
Mechanical disaster-movie remake removes old people, inserts expensive fireballs
, May 02, 2006
Our anemic movie industry recycles so relentlessly that even complaints about micro-remilling and plasticized repackaging are themselves recycled... More>>
Rudy Awakening
Mr. Giuliani wants to go to Washington; doc protests
, May 02, 2006
In the works since Rudolph Giuliani was still mayor and still policing the city with totalitarian quality-of-life tactics, Kevin Keating's doc ... More>>
Sundance 2.0 Sundance 2.0
Redford vs. De Niro: Utah fest moves into Tribeca's backyard
, May 02, 2006
Is it mere coincidence that the most powerful film festival in America is launching an East Coast outpost literally within days of—and just... More>>
'Goal! The Dream Begins'
, May 02, 2006
>Aside from a flirtation with the hot-button immigration issue, this inspirational movie about an underdog soccer player from tough East Los... More>>
'Cartoons: No Laughing Matter?'
, May 02, 2006
The premise of Film Forum's motley week of animations isn't so much humorlessness—most of the featured shorts are wickedly funny—but... More>>
'Dead Man's Shoes'
, May 02, 2006
Paddy Considine is an ex-soldier named Richard who comes home to a small town in England to see his retarded brother Anthony (Toby Kebbell), who... More>>
'Sketches of Frank Gehry' 'Sketches of Frank Gehry'
, May 02, 2006
Insider journalism several times over, this enjoyably breezy portrait of genius architect Frank Gehry is drawn doodle-style by first-time... More>>
'Light From the East'
, May 02, 2006
On August 7, 1991, members of New York's La MaMa theater troupe arrived in Kiev to begin a historic collaboration on a piece about Ukrainian... More>>
, May 02, 2006
You say you want a revoloution? Careful what you wish for. Director Bret Carr—in addition to co-writing, producing, and singing the... More>>
'Russian Dolls'
, May 02, 2006
The entertaining sequel to Cédric Klapisch's 2002 hit L'Auberge Espagnole catches up with the former student roommates five years later,... More>>
, May 02, 2006
Placing Oliver Stone and Buddhist monks on the same plane of spiritual enlightenment, Refuge is mainly about Western self-absorption. Ostensibly... More>>
, May 02, 2006
A well-scrubbed 11-year-old is jolted awake in the backseat of his dad's Mercedes to discover Mom (Miranda Richardson) gripping the dashboard,... More>>
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