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HIV Meets S/M in a Promising Argentine Debut
, January 31, 2006
The year in question is 1996, Pablo Pérez's 30th, and possibly his last. A frustrated poet with HIV who survives on a halfhearted tutoring... More>>
'Cowboy del Amor'
, January 31, 2006
Not the Hispanic remake of Brokeback Mountain starring Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna that its title would suggest, Cowboy del Amor... More>>
Death Takes No Holidays: Another Sequel, More Carnage Death Takes No Holidays: Another Sequel, More Carnage
, January 31, 2006
Form mimics narrative in this rote sequel that surely no one was waiting for: Like the serially thwarted Death (the only "character" to return... More>>
'Curious George'
, January 31, 2006
As proverbs and maybe millions of years of evolution tell us, curiosity proves fatal only for meddlesome felines. Thankfully, certain... More>>
'Film Geek'
, January 31, 2006
As a veteran of tours of duty at two different video stores, I've seen plenty of people with unhealthy cinematic obsessions. But in all my years... More>>
'Through the Fire'
, January 31, 2006
A riveting doc of hoop dreams realized, Through the Fire follows Coney Island legend (and current Portland Trail Blazer) Sebastian Telfair... More>>
'When a Stranger Calls'
, January 31, 2006
When a Stranger Calls remakes just the first 15 minutes of the 1979 film of the same name, jettisoning its main story (of an obsessed private eye... More>>
Gross Points Gross Points
Sundance distribution deals and the science of no-sleep
, January 24, 2006
As Chris Gorak, the first-time director of the Sundance competition film Right at Your Door, fields questions from an audience inside the... More>>
Friends Without Money Friends Without Money
All quiet on the Western front: The best fiction entries at Sundance '06 were also the smallest
, January 24, 2006
PARK CITY, UTAH—"This year's festival is as 'independent' as it's ever been," Sundance head Geoffrey Gilmore told Variety last November as... More>>
This Year's Dramatic Competition Largely Devoid of Drama This Year's Dramatic Competition Largely Devoid of Drama
, January 24, 2006
PARK CITY, UTAH—On closer inspection, the dramatic competition was not, as promised, a wilderness of unknown quantities. This year's slate... More>>
Thank You for Sponsoring
, January 24, 2006
To its credit, Sundance this year rolled out the red carpet for filmmakers whose work fails to flatter a number of the festival's major sponsors,... More>>
Particles of Truth Particles of Truth
Illness docs, an unembedded Iraq exposé, and Al Gore vie for attention in a chilly Sundance market
, January 24, 2006
PARK CITY, UTAH—Whether Sundance's claim to have gone back to its "roots" reflects a conscious decision in programming or in publicity (how... More>>
Who Let the Dog Out? Who Let the Dog Out?
, January 24, 2006
The defense attorney who threatened to seek an injunction against the Sundance screening of the fact- and conjecture-based Alpha Dog may not... More>>
One, Two, Three
, January 24, 2006
Terry Zwigoff's Art School Confidential, from a Daniel Clowes screenplay, is a satisfyingly bilious satire with two not entirely unserious... More>>
Arty Monster Arty Monster
A horror-heavy Boris Karloff series robs graves and marries off a fetching corpse bride
, January 24, 2006
Although Boris Karloff appeared in more than 160 films in varied roles, the huge success of Frankenstein (1931) permanently fixed his career. The... More>>
Jabbering Doc Offers Art-Celeb Flash With Little Substance Jabbering Doc Offers Art-Celeb Flash With Little Substance
, January 24, 2006
Funny how once you've been in New York a few years, you might attend some party peppered with worthies, drink and jabber nonstop, then leave... More>>
Girls Gone Wilde in an Amiable if Undemanding Adaptation Girls Gone Wilde in an Amiable if Undemanding Adaptation
, January 24, 2006
Thick-skinned and just a tad vampiric, professional mistress Mrs. Erlynne of Lady Windermere's Fan suggests what The House of Mirth's Lily Bart,... More>>
'The Tenants'
, January 24, 2006
Faithful film adaptations of literary works are as rare as compelling movies about writers and writing, but here's one that gets both right.... More>>
Love Thinks: Intelligent Rom-Com a Deft Look at Race in L.A. Love Thinks: Intelligent Rom-Com a Deft Look at Race in L.A.
, January 24, 2006
Sanaa Hamri's brisk, refreshingly understated romantic comedy Something New is the rare movie that delivers on its title's promise. By bluntly... More>>
'Blossoms of Fire'
, January 24, 2006
"Utopia" is a heady word; a "matriarchal utopia" is cause for investigation. Blossoms of Fire tackles the myth of the Zapotec women of... More>>
'La Scorta'
, January 24, 2006
Whimsically re-released, this tense, all-business 1993 thriller may be the only action film ever made about the prevention of violence.... More>>
'The Tollbooth'
, January 24, 2006
How is czarist Russia like modern-day Brooklyn? Touché, but let's say this time the answer's not Brighton Beach. It's not The Tollbooth... More>>
, January 24, 2006
Overachievement may go down as Justin Lin's great subject—if only he weren't a superlative case study. First his muddled Goodfellas satire... More>>
'Big Momma's House 2'
, January 24, 2006
Freshly feted on Inside the Actors Studio, Martin Lawrence has entrenched himself in the mushy middle of the comedy fundament, joining Steve... More>>
, January 24, 2006
Tamara, written by Final Destination scribe Jeffrey Reddick, is a Carrie knockoff that survives solely on the repetitive pleasures of genre.... More>>
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