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'Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero'
, January 03, 2006
Stretched to an unendurable 118 minutes and consisting of 12 chapters (one set to a suggestive jazz track called "Que?"), this 9-11 doc focuses... More>>
'That Man: Peter Berlin'
, January 03, 2006
Skintight white pants made Peter Berlin's legs look marble—and if the '70s gay/porn/gay-porn icon's pronounced cock lost an inch or five he... More>>
Ghost World Ghost World
Quietly audacious, Hungarian cinematographer's debut is the most existential of Holocaust films
, December 27, 2005
Adapted from Nobel laureate Imre Kertész's autobiographical novel of an Auschwitz boyhood, the Hungarian film Fateless has a remarkable... More>>
Squatters' Fights: Crackheads and Gentrification in the LES Squatters' Fights: Crackheads and Gentrification in the LES
, December 27, 2005
Set in 1982 on the Lower East Side, where a motley band of squatters endeavor to convert their dilapidated tenement into a co-op, Kill the Poor... More>>
Gangs of Winnipeg: Shapeless Canadian Indie Strikes Out Gangs of Winnipeg: Shapeless Canadian Indie Strikes Out
, December 27, 2005
Referring not to the old Burt Reynolds show nor the armored fighting vehicle so deck in Iraq, the title of Canadian indie Noam Gonick's film... More>>
English as a Second Language English as a Second Language
From 'Memoirs of a Geisha' to Gwen Stefani's Harujuku Girls, Asians get lost in translation
, December 27, 2005
Foreign is as foreign does. There really is no difference between any two cultures, except that they're totally different. An example: In The... More>>
Dance on Camera Festival 2006
, December 27, 2005
Merce Cunningham can hardly move now—he's 87—so in Charles Atlas's marvelous 90-minute Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance he gets... More>>
'El Carro'
, December 27, 2005
Call it Life as a Car, or rather, "in" one. An episodic meander through one ownership cycle of a 1950s red Chevy drop-top, El Carro is part... More>>
Serve and Folly Serve and Folly
Woody Allen's Cannes-hyped, Brit-inflected latest is a mildly pretentious mediocrity
, December 20, 2005
What we think about when we think about Woody Allen: the Woody of the 1970s, parodic nebbish-genius turned self-satiric nebbish-romantic, whose... More>>
Jung Love: Vivid Doc Untangles an Affair of Hearts and Minds Jung Love: Vivid Doc Untangles an Affair of Hearts and Minds
, December 20, 2005
The hysterical woman patient haunts the early history of psychoanalysis, calling into question the objectivity of its first practitioners, who... More>>
, December 20, 2005
Lincoln Center's second tribute to animation's bop-bopping history, "Cartoon Musicals II" (December 28 through January 4), showcases everything... More>>
Brosnan's Boozy Assassin Proves Tomorrow Never Dies, But Fades Brosnan's Boozy Assassin Proves Tomorrow Never Dies, But Fades
, December 20, 2005
Playing a near-sociopathic deadeye dick in Richard Shepard's new dependie, The Matador, Pierce Brosnan is a creepy wonder—the Bondian... More>>
'Initial D'
, December 20, 2005
Another oil-slick ode to man-on-auto lust, Initial D offers enough full-speed money shots to eke out a victory over its barrage of... More>>
'The Ringer'
, December 20, 2005
Perpetually toeing the line that divides hilariously poor taste from forced humanitarian concern, the brothers Farrelly are now caught in a... More>>
The Lion, the Witch, and the War The Lion, the Witch, and the War
Operation Enduring Allegory: In C.S. Lewis's crusading Chronicles, a lion's not just a lion
, December 13, 2005
The president says we'll remain in Iraq until we've finished the job, but I'd prefer that we stay until the talking lion says it's done. We've... More>>
Catch Them If You Can Catch Them If You Can
Spielberg's dour tale of assassination gets lost in a morass of moral ambivalence
, December 13, 2005
The war on terror is a grim business, and so is Munich, Steven Spielberg's sincerely self-important account of the assassination campaign waged... More>>
Spielberg's New York State of Mind Spielberg's New York State of Mind
, December 13, 2005
Munich's final shot of the New York skyline makes it abundantly clear that, once more, Steven Spielberg is pondering 9-11. Black September is... More>>
Trauma Drama: More 9-11 Movies
, December 13, 2005
Four years of the Bush administration's unrelenting 9-11–sploitation has finally persuaded Hollywood that it is not only safe to dramatize... More>>
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith
The World is not enough: Malick misses the mark with his meandering Jamestown epic
, December 13, 2005
The New World has an imposing science fiction title, but Terrence Malick's long, moody, diaphanous account of love and loss in 17th-century... More>>
A Pale View of Dull: Countess Can't Overcome Crushing Tedium A Pale View of Dull: Countess Can't Overcome Crushing Tedium
, December 13, 2005
Fusing the supple novelist Kazuo Ishiguro's storytelling instincts and the wanton eye of DP Christopher Doyle should be an exciting proposition,... More>>
Sex and the Single Squaw
, December 13, 2005
Terrence Malick's The New World is an anxious object, a $30 million art movie about the much disputed and misappropriated tale of John Smith and... More>>
Camera Obscure Camera Obscure
Let's go to the videotape: Forgotten sins, rewound and replayed in Haneke's elliptical mystery
, December 13, 2005
Cool and simple but resonating invisibly out into our lives like an X-ray, Michael Haneke's Caché (Hidden) is a mystery wrapped in a... More>>
Up a Creek, no Paddle: Chainsaw Ripoff Full of Cruel Claptrap Up a Creek, no Paddle: Chainsaw Ripoff Full of Cruel Claptrap
, December 13, 2005
Updating the archetypal white-explorers-visiting- savage-jungle scenario and using it to express doubts about the success of modern civil society... More>>
Code Unknown
, December 13, 2005
Especially if you consider the possibility that Caché's final shot could be another of the film's occult surveillances, what's at work in... More>>
Troubled in Paradise Troubled in Paradise
A metaphysical adventure tale, Claire Denis's latest is a masterwork of poetic elusiveness
, December 13, 2005
Claire Denis's tactile tone poems are premised on the primacy of sensory experience. Beau Travail (1999), her ecstatic Billy Budd distillation,... More>>
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