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Sundance 2.0 Sundance 2.0
Redford vs. De Niro: Utah fest moves into Tribeca's backyard
, May 02, 2006
Is it mere coincidence that the most powerful film festival in America is launching an East Coast outpost literally within days of—and just... More>>
'Goal! The Dream Begins'
, May 02, 2006
>Aside from a flirtation with the hot-button immigration issue, this inspirational movie about an underdog soccer player from tough East Los... More>>
'Cartoons: No Laughing Matter?'
, May 02, 2006
The premise of Film Forum's motley week of animations isn't so much humorlessness—most of the featured shorts are wickedly funny—but... More>>
'Dead Man's Shoes'
, May 02, 2006
Paddy Considine is an ex-soldier named Richard who comes home to a small town in England to see his retarded brother Anthony (Toby Kebbell), who... More>>
'Sketches of Frank Gehry' 'Sketches of Frank Gehry'
, May 02, 2006
Insider journalism several times over, this enjoyably breezy portrait of genius architect Frank Gehry is drawn doodle-style by first-time... More>>
'Light From the East'
, May 02, 2006
On August 7, 1991, members of New York's La MaMa theater troupe arrived in Kiev to begin a historic collaboration on a piece about Ukrainian... More>>
, May 02, 2006
You say you want a revoloution? Careful what you wish for. Director Bret Carr—in addition to co-writing, producing, and singing the... More>>
'Russian Dolls'
, May 02, 2006
The entertaining sequel to Cédric Klapisch's 2002 hit L'Auberge Espagnole catches up with the former student roommates five years later,... More>>
, May 02, 2006
Placing Oliver Stone and Buddhist monks on the same plane of spiritual enlightenment, Refuge is mainly about Western self-absorption. Ostensibly... More>>
, May 02, 2006
A well-scrubbed 11-year-old is jolted awake in the backseat of his dad's Mercedes to discover Mom (Miranda Richardson) gripping the dashboard,... More>>
'Mendy: A Question of Faith'
, May 02, 2006
Don't worry, it's kosher," ex-Hasid Yankel (Spencer Chandler) tells just-left-the-fold Mendy (Ivan Sandomire) before pushing his friend to... More>>
Paint It Black Paint It Black
Zwigoff and Clowes's caustic college comedy is a portrait of the artist as a young scumbag
, April 25, 2006
A curmudgeon with an active dose of social (and, perhaps, self-) disgust, Terry Zwigoff has somehow planted his distinctively dubious ... More>>
The Brothers Grim The Brothers Grim
A brutal outback oater in the best western tradition
, April 25, 2006
The western may be lost to us as any sort of sustained tradition, but as the titles Unforgiven, Dead Man, and A History of Violence suggest, it... More>>
Pickup on Houston Street Pickup on Houston Street
Killer B's: Sprawling retro of lesser-known noirs celebrates an ultra-gritty nihilism
, April 25, 2006
A this late date, what we think about when we think about noir is often little more than a result of its commodification—a history that is... More>>
Banned in the Middle East Banned in the Middle East
What does it take to get censored in Syria, anyway?
, April 25, 2006
Because Syria does not have an authentic film industry of its own, the native movies collected for this inspired Walter Reade retro are (a)... More>>
Partial Arts Partial Arts
Former Fifth-Gen master proves we don't need another Hero
, April 25, 2006
Coming closer even than Zhang Yimou's Hero and House of Flying Daggers to resembling the Chinese cover art for a vintage Iron Butterfly ... More>>
Painting With Light
Deep in the shadows of Film Forum's noir series
, April 25, 2006
The star of Film Forum's copious series is not an actor or director. It's John Alton, film noir's major cinematographer, a great creator of... More>>
But Is It Art?
Cranky satirists too cool for School
, April 25, 2006
Art School Confidential has two not entirely unserious points to make: (a) most art sucks and (b) this is so because the controlling... More>>
'Kiss Me Again'
, April 25, 2006
With all the subtlety and seriousness of a 1950s scare film, Kiss Me Again warns that experimenting with ménage à trois will ruin... More>>
'Down in the Valley'
, April 25, 2006
Like Don't Come Knocking, this contrived lament for the lonesome cowboy means to measure what remains of the old western in the absence of the... More>>
'An American Haunting'
, April 25, 2006
Writer-director Courtney Solomon has taken a tantalizing footnote from America's haunted past—a ghost story fascinating precisely for its... More>>
'Following Sean'
, April 25, 2006
In the thick of the free-loving freak show that was Haight Ashbury in 1969, a four-year-old boy named Sean offhandedly confessed to filmmaking... More>>
'How I Killed a Saint'
, April 25, 2006
Making economical use of a shopworn metaphorical device, How I Killed a Saint explores Macedonia's 2001 near–civil war with its minority... More>>
'Crazy Like a Fox' 'Crazy Like a Fox'
, April 25, 2006
Whether you find the protagonist of Richard Squires's comedy-drama—an eighth-generation Virginian (Roger Rees) whose family farm has been... More>>
'One Last Thing . . .'
, April 25, 2006
Let's say you're a teenage boy dying of cancer. A well-known charity dedicated to helping people like you offers to make your fondest wish come... More>>
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