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'Darshan, the Embrace'
, July 18, 2006
Darshan, the Embrace is the kind of artistic endeavor for which the word hagiography was invented: a documentary portrait of Sri Mata... More>>
The Dead Pool The Dead Pool
Master of the nonsensical outdoes himself in cock-and-bull bedtime story
, July 11, 2006
It would be a mighty sweet thing to see M. Night Shyamalan as the great redemptive storyteller he clearly thinks he is—or as he portrays... More>>
Blade Runner
Frothy fight scenes and anti-military bitch slaps
, July 11, 2006
With his low-cut blouses, arch demeanor, and fruity name, Fanfan la Tulipe may have been the original metrosexual, stuck in the sticks though he... More>>
Killing Me Loudly Killing Me Loudly
Monster's Ball producer makes directing debut with garish, heavy-breathing neo-noir
, July 11, 2006
To its credit, I suppose, Shadowboxer is never exactly boring—in the sense that a jabbering madman's most florid delusions are never... More>>
Night Moves
In defense of Hollywood's nerviest storyteller
, July 11, 2006
M. Night Shyamalan's nervy cinema of wonders proffers the most rigorous aesthetic in American studio moviemaking. Warners is touting his latest,... More>>
Fast Food Nation Fast Food Nation
Clumsy, junky, and totally redundant, Kevin Smith's recycling effort fails to register
, July 11, 2006
Two weeks ago a colleague insisted that Superman Returns isn't a remake of the 1978 original, but a reinterpretation—its melancholy flip... More>>
'Little Man' 'Little Man'
, July 11, 2006
The Wayans brothers' white-faced farce White Chicks was the most pleasurably guilty attraction of the 2004 summer season. On paper, this new... More>>
, July 11, 2006
Have we gotten over being depressed by the dilutive impact flawless CGIs have had on the martial arts universe, a movie realm that had been... More>>
'The Beales of Grey Gardens'
, July 11, 2006
Improbably resurrected this year as a Broadway musical, the Maysles brothers' Grey Gardens (1975) documented the bizarre home life of two... More>>
'Been Rich All My Life'
, July 11, 2006
The aesthetics of Heather MacDonald's documentary are not remarkable, but the dancing octogenarians are. In fact, the Silver Belles, five former... More>>
'Boys Briefs 4'
, July 11, 2006
Pity the poor horndog who sees the titillating title Boys Briefs 4 (and the ripped rent-boy on the poster) and expects some naughty fun, only... More>>
'Mad Cowgirl'
, July 11, 2006
It's safe to say there will not be another movie this year like Mad Cowgirl. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your tolerance for... More>>
'Monster House'
, July 11, 2006
Three kids are intimidated by a creepy old man named Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi, animated in such a way that one can easily imagine how well he... More>>
'The World According to Shorts'
, July 11, 2006
A fixture on the local moviegoing circuit since 2000, the annual "The World According to Shorts" has provided one of the few regular outlets for... More>>
He's No Angel He's No Angel
Old Mamet one-act about masculine indulgence revived as actors' showcase
, July 04, 2006
An act of due homage and genuflection to David Mamet the '70s–'80s theatrical provocateur (not Mamet the '90s–'00s screenplay doodler),... More>>
The Art of War
Dusted-off WWII drama nails the period details
, July 04, 2006
It is chastening to look over the many, many films we've never seen in this country that have nonetheless fetched top awards at the Berlin,... More>>
Class Acts
Country stars, slave hunters headline Brazilian series
, July 04, 2006
Having risked a tarnished reputation with last month's screenings of Walk the Line, MOMA now opens this year's Premiere Brazil series with the... More>>
Wrinkles in Time Wrinkles in Time
Poetic French image-maker moves on to high-toned soaps
, July 04, 2006
A reliable and often hypnotic manufacturer of U.S.-releasable French cinema, André Téchiné seemed on a humanistic cutting... More>>
Boxing Days
Enlightenment meets whup-ass in martial arts retro
, July 04, 2006
The sequel series to last year's Walter Reade survey of all things Hong Kong, this mini-retro sticks closely to the Shaw Brothers kung fu epics... More>>
The Break-Up The Break-Up
Vivid performances animate a dead marriage in Chéreau's explosive chamber piece
, July 04, 2006
Joseph Conrad's short story "The Return" (written in 1897 but not published until 1923) is a domestic-bourgeois detonation that finds the author... More>>
The Dying Gaul
François Ozon revisits the beach in terminal-illness weepie
, July 04, 2006
The French director François Ozon gravitates to bodies of water. In his movies, oceans, seas, and even swimming pools are sites of... More>>
Tough Love Tough Love
The romantic fever dreams of an underappreciated master
, July 04, 2006
Love does not conquer all in the films of Frank Borzage, but it is the sole value capable of transcending the indignities of an ugly world. Amid... More>>
Mob Story
Action-packed doc connects Mafia violence to Italian politics
, July 04, 2006
Opening with its hero's dramatic death on the highway, Excellent Cadavers is seldom at a loss for excitement. Featuring countless murders, tales... More>>
'Mini's First Time'
, July 04, 2006
Remember when the presence of Alec Baldwin and Jeff Goldblum was a decent guarantee of a pretty good movie? It's been a while. Here, they both... More>>
'71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance' '71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance'
, July 04, 2006
A hot property since the success of Caché, Austrian director Michael Haneke enjoys a retro buttering up at Anthology, where this 1994... More>>
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