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'Hate Crime'
, March 07, 2006
In a Dallas suburb, a homophobic preacher's son (Chad Donella) moves next door to a handsome gay couple (Seth Peterson and Brian J. Smith). Given... More>>
'She's the Man'
, March 07, 2006
Hollywood's a sucker for cross-dressing, but if you're looking for drag kings, you're pretty much stuck with Yentl. She's the Man, in which a... More>>
'Beyond Honor'
, March 07, 2006
This mélange of softcore porn, overheated melodrama, and harrumphing moralizing transcends taste—its lurid insanity goes beyond good... More>>
Paradise Now Paradise Now
The heart of The New World: Feverish fans turn a box office bust into a cult film
, February 28, 2006
The Oscars went almost as expected, but the best-loved movie of 2005—the year's other tale of love and loss on the American... More>>
Lazy Sunday Lazy Sunday
Game boys (and girl) shoot down A.D.D. in comedy of inertia
, February 28, 2006
There's imported-film minimalism, and then there's this: Fernando Eimbcke's feature debut, Duck Season, a daringly banal comedy of ennui set... More>>
Bringing Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead
The hills are alive with distended craniums and shrill overacting in craven Craven remake
, February 28, 2006
Anyone who remembers the original Wes Craven film The Hills Have Eyes (1977), which was and remains a piece of Milwaukee beer shit, remembers it... More>>
True Lies True Lies
Made-up memoir faithfully adapted by bottle-blonde goth
, February 28, 2006
Such is the currency of lies these days that "based on an untrue story" might well be a shrewd tagline, if an unusually honest one. Still, the... More>>
Alternative Realities Alternative Realities
Cosmic commies, Christian rockers, and gay Republicans at the 13th annual NYUFF
, February 28, 2006
Now in its 13th year, the New York Underground Film Festival marches into adolescence under the watch of new director Mo Johnston. As ever, the... More>>
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu
Sexual mismatches and menopausal horror in French series
, February 28, 2006
For the 11th time, Lincoln Center's annual cross-section survey of what's current and courant in French cinema focuses on the native work likely... More>>
'Madea's Family Reunion'
, February 28, 2006
Tyler Perry's gospel comedies are crude and stagy; as moralizing, they're earnest and exploitative in ways that can't be disentangled. But for... More>>
Smothering Heights Smothering Heights
Chinatown scribe dusts off Fante's classic novel of drinking and writing in 1930s L.A.
, February 28, 2006
It's difficult to resist a project as wildly unfashionable as Robert Towne's Ask the Dust—particularly since the man who wrote Chinatown and... More>>
Some Kind of Horror Show
, February 28, 2006
The BAMcinématek's whimsical and now annual genre blast covers the gamut, from old-school California gothic like Tod Browning's Mark of... More>>
'Game Six'
, February 28, 2006
If last year's rerelease of 1975's The Passenger felt like the ultimate adaptation of an unpublished Don DeLillo novel, it's because the film... More>>
'Shakespeare Behind Bars'
, February 28, 2006
Soliloquies resonate a little differently when they're performed in solitary confinement. Hank Rogerson's powerful documentary Shakespeare Behind... More>>
Getting Even With Authority at Swedish Boarding School Getting Even With Authority at Swedish Boarding School
, February 28, 2006
Possibly the work of Lasse Hallstr evil twin, this '03–'04 Swedish Oscar nominee tells the story of how affable, muscular swim champion Erik... More>>
, February 28, 2006
Mean Girls meets Splash in this comedy about two 13-year-olds who befriend a runaway mermaid (Sara Paxton). She has three days to find true love... More>>
'Failure to Launch'
, February 28, 2006
At long last, Matthew McConaughey has chosen the perfect vehicle in which to highlight his slacker radiance: He plays the aptly named Tripp, a... More>>
'The Fallen'
, February 28, 2006
Set in northern Italy at the end of World War II, The Fallen is a war saga in three languages that follows German, Italian, and American troops... More>>
'The Neighbor No. Thirteen'
, February 28, 2006
Also known as The Neighbor in No. 13, which would have been a more straightforward title for this fairly routine exercise in J-horror... More>>
'The Shaggy Dog'
, February 28, 2006
After being bitten by a 300-year-old Buddhist canine that U.S. government commandos have snatched from Tibet (this is what it takes to make a dog... More>>
, February 28, 2006
Seems this is yet another puddle of futuristic sludge for us to blame on John Cassavetes, whose Gloria (1980) reportedly inspired writer-director... More>>
The Unquiet Americans The Unquiet Americans
Clintonian crisis managers head to Bolivia to teach candidate how to buy a presidency
, February 21, 2006
Exotic location notwithstanding, Rachel Boynton's riveting political documentary Our Brand Is Crisis is a sequel to the Clinton-era campaign... More>>
A Woman Alone A Woman Alone
Former film history footnote finally gets a triumphant revival
, February 21, 2006
The Museum of the Moving Image has consecrated the winter of '06 to flappers of color. Following on the heels of jazz baby Josephine Baker's... More>>
Man's Favorite Sport Man's Favorite Sport
Lonely fools booze, fuck, and fail to connect in Korean New Waver's first stateside release
, February 21, 2006
Slowly, we're catching up with the Korean New Wave's answer to the love child Antonioni and Hou Hsiao-hsien never had: If Hong Sang-soo's elusive... More>>
Do the Wright Thing
Career woman and taxi driver explore post–9-11 jitters
, February 21, 2006
Post–9-11 issues we're still working through in our pop culture: horror, trauma, phobic dread, vengeful rage, xenophobia, war-zone... More>>
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