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Asian American International Film Festival
, July 04, 2006
As Asian American cinema slowly breaks free of the identity politics trap, events like the long-running AAIFF begin to reflect subtler and more... More>>
'The Groomsmen'
, July 04, 2006
In the decade since he won Sundance and scored a modest commercial hit with The Brothers McMullen, writer, director, actor, and former ... More>>
' The Oh in Ohio'
, July 04, 2006
Priscilla (Parker Posey) has never had an orgasm, and even though her high school teacher hubby Jack (Paul Rudd) admits she's great in the sack,... More>>
'The Color of Olives'
, July 04, 2006
Before the West Bank Wall was erected on their land in the village of Masha, the Amer family refused an offer to relocate. Now they are compelled... More>>
'You, Me and Dupree'
, July 04, 2006
Owen Wilson has moved up in the world: He's gone from crashing weddings to crashing entire marriages. In this listless farce, his eponymous... More>>
'Peaceful Warrior'
, July 04, 2006
Gymnast Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz) is one of the best at what he does, and he has it all: perfect abs, a big bulge in his crotch, beautiful... More>>
Brain Candy Brain Candy
Richard Linklater's literate Dick adaptation is a brain-bending D-light
, June 27, 2006
Stoned babble and decomposing reality, A Scanner Darkly—Richard Linklater's animated version of the 1977 novel by Philip K. Dick—is... More>>
Tropical Maladies
A smart, sentimental view of pre-AIDS sex tourism
, June 27, 2006
Laurent Cantet's previous features, Human Resources and Time Out, are the work of a filmmaker drawn to workaday political scenarios; Heading... More>>
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
Well-oiled assembly-line sequel is pure make-believe
, June 27, 2006
Of course it's only a summertime sequel, an overinflated, plot-contrivance-by-committee, cheap-shot leviathan, big and graceless as a rusting... More>>
Rigor Mortis
Grave Dutch mopefest a little too restrained
, June 27, 2006
The plan of attack embodied by the new Dutch film Guernsey is familiar, particularly to aficionados of Tsai Ming-liang, Jia Zhangke, and late... More>>
The Blood of a Poem
Icelandic director gives Beowulf the Monty Python treatment
, June 27, 2006
Today's moviegoers may have all the respect in the world for Anglo-Saxon poetry, Norse legend, and the tenets of early Christianity, but the real... More>>
'Once in a Lifetime' 'Once in a Lifetime'
, June 27, 2006
For a brief, shining moment in the late 1970s, soccer was a hot ticket in America. At their peak, the New York Cosmos drew 77,000 fans to Giants... More>>
'Another Wave: Global Queer Cinema, Part One'
, June 27, 2006
This fine two-part series sets out to redress the Anglo- and Eurocentric bias in queer cinema, and the genuinely far-flung selections range from... More>>
'Kill Your Idols'
, June 27, 2006
For two-thirds of its brief length, Scott Crary's Kill Your Idols is content to competently survey the past three decades of downtown avant-rock,... More>>
'Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela'
, June 27, 2006
A sincere but sapless attempt to meld personal and political documentary, Thomas Allen Harris's Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela takes on an... More>>
, June 27, 2006
Taking its cue from photographer Camilo Vergara, who has spent over a quarter-century chronicling the life and (mainly) death of American cities,... More>>
School Daze School Daze
Slackjawed sketch comedy adaptation struggles on the big screen
, June 20, 2006
Of the Sedarises, it's apparent that Gretchen is, or at least was, the funniest, if her brother David's family memoirs are any indication, and if... More>>
Learning Channel Learning Channel
Latest Sandler vehicle evolves into an improbable cultural critique
, June 20, 2006
New Globalism ape-man, self-satisfied patron of slobbery, hot-tempered neo-Stooge—this is the Adam Sandler we think we know, but in the last... More>>
Desperate Youth
From TV on the Radio to music on film, BAM spotlights black punk culture
, June 20, 2006
Distinct from the typical concert video or band profile, the punk-rock identity doc has emerged in recent years as its own unnamed DIY genre,... More>>
Myths American Myths American
Bryan Singer resurrects Superman, while Meryl Streep sinks her teeth into the fashion world
, June 20, 2006
Clocking in at 157 minutes and shackled to one of the clunkiest mythologies in American pop culture, Superman Returns is surprisingly buoyant.... More>>
Room Serviceable
Suite-natured Sundance favorite founders on indie clichés
, June 20, 2006
Hardly a native flowering of extra-mainstream vision these days, American indies are trapped in a ghetto of second-class homogenization, less... More>>
'Who Killed the Electric Car?' 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'
, June 20, 2006
Admit it: For years you've been burning to know what ol' Phyllis Diller really thinks about electric cars, which first (dis)appeared in her... More>>
'The Blood of My Brother' 'The Blood of My Brother'
, June 20, 2006
For many Americans, at least many without friends or relatives fighting in Iraq, the war there has been experienced primarily in the context of... More>>
'The Great Yokai War'
, June 20, 2006
Even if he's never actually made a film you can stand, you cannot ignore Takashi Miike—no one working today is as preposterously fecund, has... More>>
, June 20, 2006
Eschewing the jock-like aversion to "artiness" inherent in most sports docs, John Hyams's contemplative snapshot of professional bull riding, ... More>>
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