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'La Tropical'
, May 23, 2006
He likes the way I shake my ass," a giggling dancer in La Tropical says of director-photographer David Turnley. The Pulitzer- winning... More>>
'Long Knives Night/ Reporting From the Rabbit Hutch'
, May 23, 2006
Ascuffed-knuckle preamble to next week's Human Rights Watch Film Festival, these two featurette docs by Belarusan filmmaker Victor Dashuk open a... More>>
, May 23, 2006
If John Woo's The Killer had been made by a Korean director lacking talent and a script, you'd have Typhoon, a cheap-looking action movie that... More>>
Louvre Story Louvre Story
Hanks and Howard turn bestselling Christian skullduggery into long-winded History Channel special
, May 16, 2006
Stuffed with book learnin', worshipful of scholarship, queasy about violent action, and motored by anagrams and Riddler-style brainteasers, the... More>>
Code Unknown Code Unknown
In the shadow of Da Vinci, Cannes '06's first great film: A visionary American comedy about the end of times
, May 16, 2006
CANNES, FRANCE—The Da Vinci Code, which had its world premiere last week as the opening attraction at the Cannes Film Festival, was heralded... More>>
Third Degree Third Degree
The X-Men survive explosions, a threat to mutant rights, and Brett Ratner
, May 16, 2006
If little else, the third and supposedly final entry in the X-Men mega-franchise suggests that some movies—or at any rate some... More>>
Have Camera, Will Travel Have Camera, Will Travel
Ingenious guerrilla indie finds a home on the other side of the world
, May 16, 2006
A paragon of guerrilla resourcefulness and a model citizen of the global village, Cavite is a more anxious and vivid experience than most movies... More>>
Art School Essentials
Sprawling series takes in agit-docs and animation
, May 16, 2006
Filmmaking literally comes in schools: Anyone who has logged serious time on a festival screening committee learns to differentiate the styles of... More>>
Fahrenheit 2050 Fahrenheit 2050
The man who would've been president warns of an imminent deep impact
, May 16, 2006
With ice caps melting, sea levels rising, and Poseidon sinking fast, this is no environment for any disaster movie, particularly a real one, to... More>>
Shear Madness Shear Madness
Cosmic marital drama wonders, to shave or not to shave?
, May 16, 2006
Another sweaty French capsule of domestic apocalypse—somebody coin a regional genre label, quick— Emmanuel Carrére's La... More>>
'The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress'
, May 16, 2006
How Tom DeLay Stole Congress makes a better subtitle—not only because it's sexier, but because it's a more honest representation of a... More>>
'Favela Rising' 'Favela Rising'
, May 16, 2006
Working with fancy post-prod digitals courtesy of HBO, filmmakers Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary bring the Brazilian ghetto experience to Middle... More>>
, May 16, 2006
Finally an answer to the lingering question: What will life be like when theater geeks and show-tune queens rule the world? Let us extrapolate... More>>
'What Is a Man Without a Mustache?'
, May 16, 2006
Among other things, the implosion of Yugoslavia has seemed to revitalize Slavic film culture, and fittingly for the generation of filmmakers... More>>
, May 16, 2006
At his grandmother's request, callow 19-year-old Daniel (Ash Newman, a poor man's Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) travels from London to the Jewish... More>>
The New Disaster Movie The New Disaster Movie
How the events of September 11 renewed Hollywood's appetite for destruction
, May 09, 2006
The movies love mayhem, and inevitably, the televised events of 9-11 were experienced by millions as a sort of real-life disaster film. Is a... More>>
Domestic Violence Domestic Violence
Guess who's coming to dinner? Your boss's unstable wife and a host of hauntings
, May 09, 2006
Exhilaratingly anxious, Dominik Moll's new film Lemming charts familiar territory but does it with gravity and panache. Truly, the Idealized... More>>
Harried . . . With Children Harried . . . With Children
Suburban kids and parents fail to act their age
, May 09, 2006
Like his first feature L.I.E.—and like half of the glib provocations that tumble off the indie assembly line—Michael Cuesta's Twelve... More>>
Zoo Story
Talking animals make sales pitches—for everything
, May 09, 2006
At this late date, it's hard to tell one digitally rendered talking animal from another. Madagascar blends into Ice Age looks like Shark Tale... More>>
Back in the USSR
Remembering the Soviet new wave's glamorous first couple
, May 09, 2006
The Gable and Lombard of Soviet moviemaking's new wave, Elem Klimov and Larisa Shepitko were a gorgeous married couple of uncompromising artists... More>>
'The King'
, May 09, 2006
A rather beautifully produced indie mix of melodrama, ethnographic detail, and modern Southern gothic, The King begins with a symbolic recipe Don... More>>
'Just My Luck' 'Just My Luck'
, May 09, 2006
Looking tired and sallow and drained of her customary glow, Lindsay Lohan marches grimly through this mechanical 'tween comedy as if it were a... More>>
'A Lion in the House'
, May 09, 2006
A four-hour documentary portrait of children with cancer needn't work too hard to break the viewer down, and to its credit, A Lion in the House... More>>
China's Cutting Edge: New Video Art From Shanghai and Beijing
, May 09, 2006
Surveys of British and Japanese avant-garde film hosted at Anthology in recent years have proven successful by focusing on the past, revealing... More>>
'Forgiving Dr. Mengele'
, May 09, 2006
For 40 years after suffering at the hands of Josef Mengele, who tortured her and her twin sister in his monstrous experiments at Auschwitz, Eva... More>>
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