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Fraternity Rank: Simpatico Siblings, Shoddy Script Fraternity Rank: Simpatico Siblings, Shoddy Script
, August 09, 2005
John Singleton's Four Brothers begins life with the premise and promise of a realistic post-noir, set in the contemporary Detroit wastelands and... More>>
Resistance Is Feudal Resistance Is Feudal
Play it again, samurai: Sword plays and bandit ballets in this razor-sharp summer series
, August 09, 2005
Of all the agit-pulp punctuations peppered throughout action master Kihachi Okamoto’s anarchically exhilarating and archly self-skewering... More>>
No Justice, No Peace: Doc Reopens Old Wounds and a 1955 Case No Justice, No Peace: Doc Reopens Old Wounds and a 1955 Case
, August 09, 2005
Fifty years ago this month, 14-year-old Emmett Till was kidnapped from his uncle's house in Money, Mississippi, beaten beyond recognition,... More>>
'Perfect Crime'
, August 09, 2005
Following last year's paella western 800 Bullets, Spanish director de la Iglesia continues his streak of caustic social satires framed as... More>>
'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance'
, August 09, 2005
Arevenge tragedy as brutal and Byzantine as Titus Andronicus, Park Chanwook's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance accomplishes a miraculous feat by... More>>
, August 09, 2005
Sublimating the horrors of World War II into patriotic, action-packed children's entertainment should be grounds for a court-martial, but I'll... More>>
A Symphonic Series Shows How Music Can Carry a Toon A Symphonic Series Shows How Music Can Carry a Toon
, August 09, 2005
If movies—in every tangential form they take—could be considered a mass intoxicant, then cartoons are the audiovisual equivalent of... More>>
'Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo'
, August 09, 2005
Using his newfound clout, executive producer Adam Sandler muscled to completion Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, a turd so redolent that not even... More>>
'King of the Corner'
, August 09, 2005
What could be more mundane than a midlife crisis? For Leo Spivak (Peter Riegert), there's no deadpan road trip to mend the broken flowers of his... More>>
, August 09, 2005
The late Bronx-born character actor Victor Argo, an Abel Ferrara standby, gives an elegiac walking tour of New York in Lustre. Playing a newly... More>>
'This Divided State'
, August 09, 2005
As more than one interviewee in This Divided State points out, Mormons—who need receptive audiences for their mission work—should be... More>>
The Incorporation of Dreams
Freud's Machiavellian public relations relation and how he sold the world on capitalism
, August 02, 2005
Routinely debunked yet unshakably entrenched, Freud's basic conception of man as subject to repressed primitive instincts refuses to budge from... More>>
Desperate Housewife: Randy Depressive Lost in Enervating Fog Desperate Housewife: Randy Depressive Lost in Enervating Fog
, August 02, 2005
The terrifying paralysis of clinical depression has inspired a trove of bracing memoirs but has yet to produce its definitive movie—the... More>>
Claws and Effect Claws and Effect
Bad news bears: Obsession meets feral reality in Werner Herzog's frontier-disaster doc
, August 02, 2005
Closing out this summer's Werner Herzog hat trick, Grizzly Man is something of an anomaly in the man's encyclopedic nonfiction corpus. Formally... More>>
Lost and Founder: Mekas's Restored Record of Exile and Longing Lost and Founder: Mekas's Restored Record of Exile and Longing
, August 02, 2005
No figure appears more firmly rooted in both the American avant-garde and downtown New York than Jonas Mekas: original film critic of The Village... More>>
Summer Camp: Miranda and Montez's Technicolor Freak-Outs Summer Camp: Miranda and Montez's Technicolor Freak-Outs
, August 02, 2005
A luscious, lysergic double bill of summer camp, Busby Berkeley's The Gang's All Here and Robert Siodmak's Cobra Woman pair the Brazilian... More>>
Romancing the Milestone Romancing the Milestone
Eclectic retro rediscovers vital Vietnam doc, Edwardian England, and an Oph investigation
, August 02, 2005
If Milestone isn't quite the runaway winner of stateside art-film/retro theatrical and video distribution (Kino, First Run, Wellspring, and... More>>
Indie Distributors Celebrate 15th Birthday With a New Milestone
, August 02, 2005
Milestone Film and Video co-founders Dennis Doros and Amy Heller can thank the fragility of the Kerry campaign and the ferocity of the extreme... More>>
'The Great Raid'
, August 02, 2005
This dour, retrogressive WW II potboiler asks us to forget the last half-century of political and cultural tumult—to say nothing of combat... More>>
'The Skeleton Key'
, August 02, 2005
The haunted-house frightener has traditionally depended on the impaired IQ of both its characters and viewers, and The Skeleton Key's Caroline... More>>
North vs. West Gymnastics Documentary Sticks the Landing North vs. West Gymnastics Documentary Sticks the Landing
, August 02, 2005
Here's the pitch: Waiting for Guffman meets Bring It On . . . in exotic Pyongyang! British director Daniel Gordon's doc A State of Mind tracks... More>>
, August 02, 2005
In this era of listless PG-13 horror flicks, it's something of a relief to know that the 1970s-style exploitation shocker still exists, but Chaos... More>>
'The Goebbels Experiment'
, August 02, 2005
"July 15, 1935, Saturday: Lazed around, chatting with the Führer." So went a typical relaxing weekend in the life of Joseph Goebbels, as... More>>
'Pretty Persuasion'
, August 02, 2005
A high school send-up more gleefully incorrect than Heathers and considerably less articulate than Election, Pretty Persuasion is a hand grenade... More>>
Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel
In the mood for mood: Wong Kar-wai finally unveils his symphonic elegy to lost love
, July 26, 2005
Coming at us along the suspenseful trajectory of a meteor we've helplessly watched approach for five years now, Wong Kar-wai's 2046 is what you... More>>
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