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Velvet Underworld Velvet Underworld
David Lynch's traumatizing neo-noir masterpiece turns 20
, February 21, 2006
The last real earthquake to hit cinema was David Lynch's Blue Velvet —I'm sure directors throughout the film world felt the earth move... More>>
Chappelle's Show Chappelle's Show
Comedian's Bed-Stuy bash serves up local flavor and a homestyle, utopian vibe
, February 21, 2006
Pondering a Dave Chappelle film directed by Michel Gondry conjures up some bizarre cinematic prospects—dancing mandalas of belligerent black... More>>
Spin Cycle Spin Cycle
Crisis filmmaker shows all politics aren't necessarily local
, February 21, 2006
Opening just months after the victory of Bolivia's populist, pro-coca president Evo Morales, Rachel Boynton's chronicle of that country's 2002... More>>
Good Morning, Night Good Morning, Night
The Weinstein Company swallows up New York's most adventurous art house distributor
, February 21, 2006
Harvey and Bob Weinstein used to cultivate art films in the United States, releasing the likes of Farewell My Concubine and Kieslowski's Three... More>>
'Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)'
, February 21, 2006
The stuff that History Channel documentaries and European co-productions are made of, the informal truces of Christmas 1914 saw soldiers in the... More>>
Aging Hollywood Hack Attempts Clumsy B Movie Aging Hollywood Hack Attempts Clumsy B Movie
, February 21, 2006
Saying 16 Blocks is Richard Donner's least flatulent, most efficient film is tantamount to saying that Donner's work usually makes me want to... More>>
To Reality and Back: Classic and Contemporary French Documentaries
, February 21, 2006
Prefacing the Walter Reade's annual French cinema "Rendez-Vous," this mini-retro of classic and modern docs must begin inevitably with Jean... More>>
'Al Otro Lado'
, February 21, 2006
A competent, earnest ethnographic video doc that never quite rises above its own best intentions, Natalia Almada's Al Otro Lado ( To the Other... More>>
'Doing Time for Patsy Cline'
, February 21, 2006
To get a sense of what it's like to serve hard time Down Under, try watching Doing Time for Patsy Cline, which claims to run 95 minutes but... More>>
, February 21, 2006
Written, edited, and directed by Brooklyn-based film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, Home is a meandering 91-minute video of a low-key summer house... More>>
May Days May Days
Recapping a reclusive auteur's brilliant career, from the Jewish new wave to a legendary bomb
, February 14, 2006
One of the more complicated personalities in American show business, Elaine May is also a director who—film for film—has to be... More>>
Second Nature Second Nature
Haunting doc revisits age-old questions of an essential self
, February 14, 2006
Imagine you have awoken to find yourself riding the F train toward Coney Island, bizarrely underdressed and without any idea where you are going... More>>
Men at Work Men at Work
Coal, chemicals, and campaigning: They're dirty jobs, but someone has to document them
, February 14, 2006
In this country as in no other, we have difficulty regarding elective politics as much more than a wrestling match between loudmouths, the... More>>
Sand and Sun Sand and Sun
Dunes falling, Orpheus rising: Postwar imports return
, February 14, 2006
Call it art-film nostalgia, but every newly forgotten, newly resurrected "classic" from the post-Truman era of international cinema still looks... More>>
Tiger Beat Tiger Beat
After Sundance short-shrift, American independent films get their due in Rotterdam
, February 14, 2006
ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS—Nestled along-side each other on the jet-lagged critic's winter calendar, Sundance and Rotterdam represent polar... More>>
Baby Steps Baby Steps
Guns for diapers: Kidnapping leads to thug's turnaround
, February 14, 2006
A widescreen wallow in socially enforced slum nihilism brought to you by Miramax, Tsotsi could be pegged as City of God relocated to the Soweto... More>>
, February 14, 2006
As depicted in Heather Rae's hagiographic cinematic c.v. Trudell, the life of Indian activist turned spoken-word performer John Trudell—a... More>>
'Eight Below'
, February 14, 2006
At the base of Japan's Tokyo Tower, a pack of dogs prowls in perpetuity—statues erected to commemorate 13 sled dogs left behind in... More>>
The Fisher Queen: Blanchett Shines in Aussie Junkie Drama The Fisher Queen: Blanchett Shines in Aussie Junkie Drama
, February 14, 2006
An Aussie addiction drama with a splash of crime thriller thrown in, Little Fish boasts strong performances from the Southern Continent's acting... More>>
'Date Movie'
, February 14, 2006
It's "from 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie," and like its forebear, Date Movie subscribes to the fallacy that number of parodies = number of... More>>
, February 14, 2006
Considering the stock quality of the insights that the cop drama Dirty has to offer us about Los Angeles (e.g., "This fucking city, I never... More>>
, February 14, 2006
Here's one offering with a better pedigree than most of director Joe Roth's work: the 1998 novel by Richard Price set in the same New Jersey... More>>
'Running Scared'
, February 14, 2006
Paul Walker plays Joey Gazelle, a mob associate in New Jersey who stashes evidence in his basement. His young son Nicky is good friends with the... More>>
Altered States Altered States
The power of nightmares: Russian thriller and Southern mock-doc imagine scary dystopias
, February 07, 2006
Night Watch, the occult thriller that shattered box office records when it was released in Russia during the summer of 2004, not only represents... More>>
An American in Paris An American in Paris
Superstar expat's centennial retro
, February 07, 2006
Josephine Baker was born in St. Louis, raised in Harlem, and employed on Broadway, but she could have become a superstar only in Paris. By the... More>>
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