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'Joint Security Area (JSA)'
, June 07, 2005
Joint Security Area (JSA) Directed by Park Chanwook June 15 through 21, Two Boots Pioneer Both a forerunner of Korean cinema's current string... More>>
'Edvard Munch'
, June 07, 2005
Edvard Munch Written and directed by Peter Watkins Shadow, opens June 17, Cinema Village Peter Watkins may finally be emerging from behind what... More>>
King of the Castle King of the Castle
In Hayao Miyazaki's latest delivery, dreams of destruction overcome defective dubbing
, May 31, 2005
Oscar winner, New Yorker profilee, and international name-above-the-title, Hayao Miyazaki is the one-man standing answer to the American system... More>>
French Horror Pastiche Up to More Than Mimicry
, May 31, 2005
The international shortage of horror movie plots surfaces in France with Alexandre Aja's High Tension, a pastiche of '70s American slasher flicks... More>>
The Original Rebel Giant, Lost to the East of Eden The Original Rebel Giant, Lost to the East of Eden
, May 31, 2005
"This young actor, who is here doing his first big-screen stint, is a mass of histrionic gingerbread. He scuffs his feet, he whirls, he pouts, he... More>>
, May 31, 2005
New Thai cinema? So 2002. As fest globe-trotters know, the Southeast Asian hot spot of the moment is Malaysia, home to a small, close-knit group... More>>
Rights and Wronged Rights and Wronged
Global fest looks at sectarian violence, teen labor, and—for the first time—the Iraq war
, May 31, 2005
War and its aftermath are always major preoccupations of Human Rights Watch's annual global film sampler; the 16th installment of this invaluable... More>>
Latin Quarter
South American HRW docs confront the ethics of filmmaking
, May 31, 2005
A certain documentary tradition, encompassing films as disparate as Land Without Bread, The House Is Black, and ABC Africa, deals primarily with... More>>
Diversified Bonds: Hybrid Director's Elliptical Cinema
, May 31, 2005
"I made Wild Side as a kind of reaction to what I was seeing in French cinema—this very false vision of the country as being unchangeable... More>>
An Affair to Dismember An Affair to Dismember
'Til death do us part: Freakishly hot sex symbols smolder while film takes tepid late turn
, May 31, 2005
Just in time for wedding season, the beleaguered institution of matrimony takes a few more hits. A pair of two-handers this week file bruising... More>>
Reversal of Fortunes: Ozon's Marriage Drama, Back to Front Reversal of Fortunes: Ozon's Marriage Drama, Back to Front
, May 31, 2005
At first glance, Fran Ozon's 5x2 seems the most conventional—or at least unoriginal—movie this maturing French enfant terrible has... More>>
'Bustin' Bonaparte—The Story of an African Farm'
, May 31, 2005
A modest tale intermittently well told, the unfortunately titled Bustin' Bonaparte follows the lives of three children on an isolated South... More>>
'Asian City Films' 'Asian City Films'
, May 31, 2005
Asian cities, it is often noted by urban planners and science fiction writers alike, are the metropolises of the future. They are also, as... More>>
'Wild Side' 'Wild Side'
Days of being 'Wild': A French threesome seeks harmony
, May 31, 2005
The ménage à trois drama Wild Side takes its name from Lou Reed's affectionate sleaze anthem and does indeed feature a transgender... More>>
'Slutty Summer'; 'Paternal Instinct'
, May 31, 2005
Welcome to Jerry Falwell's worst nightmare: In the new romantic comedy Slutty Summer, New York exists in an alternate universe populated entirely... More>>
'The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D'
, May 31, 2005
Touting Sin City at Cannes, Robert Rodriguez claimed that small budgets accord him greater creative freedom. Maybe so. But most directors would... More>>
The Aviator The Aviator
Dread, zeppelin: Herzog flies the manic skies in new quest
, May 24, 2005
Any day in which I'm able to step into the gaze path of extreme, globe-trotting seeker-of-otherworldliness Werner Herzog—like a matinee... More>>
Man Shows Man Shows
The modern American sportsman, as skate punk, ringside messiah, and prison bitch
, May 24, 2005
Catherine Hardwicke turns from girl problems to boy problems for Lords of Dogtown, translating Thirteen's Angeleno teen ennui into a narrative... More>>
His Living World: A French Director Redefines Direct Cinema His Living World: A French Director Redefines Direct Cinema
, May 24, 2005
To the frenzied and talky world of French auteur cinema, the films of Eugène Green are a vital reminder of just how radical simplicity can... More>>
Mighty Hermaphrodite, Boozy Floozy Headline LGBT Fest Mighty Hermaphrodite, Boozy Floozy Headline LGBT Fest
, May 24, 2005
According to the British writer Christopher Booker, all films adhere to one of seven basic plots. But what would Booker make of Both, the story... More>>
Traveling Light Traveling Light
Dedicated to Ozu, Hou's eloquent, meditative mood piece dreams its own Tokyo story
, May 24, 2005
We'll have to wait for the New York Film Festival to see Hou Hsiao-hsien's latest, Three Times, but in the meantime, the great Taiwanese... More>>
Imposition Exhibition: Snow's Latest Story Folds In on Itself
, May 24, 2005
Michael Snow's new movie Short Story—a title that really should be printed with one word placed over the other—is installed at the... More>>
'Witchfinder General' 'Witchfinder General'
, May 24, 2005
You never know what might turn up in "To Save and Project," MOMA's annual festival of recently preserved films, but it's always satisfying to... More>>
Eyes Wide Shut
, May 24, 2005
"I deal a lot with the way people look at other people," says Keren Yedaya. The Israeli director's full-length debut, Or (My Treasure) won the... More>>
Film Film
, May 24, 2005
Rock of underages: Kids get Zap-tized by tyrannical tutor The short-fused motormouth who runs the Paul Green School of Rock Music, an... More>>
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