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Skate or Die
A kinder, gentler Larry Clark delves into South Central's boarding subculture
, June 13, 2006
Larry Clark's latest finds the grizzled shock-meister in a thoughtful mode and a mellow mood. Unusually benign, Wassup Rockers details a foray... More>>
Rocking and Rolling Rocking and Rolling
Maverick director Clark talks skating, racism, pixelated nudity
, June 13, 2006
The movie is The Warriors meets The Swimmer," says director Larry Clark about his latest film adventure of the young, restless, and... More>>
'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift'
, June 13, 2006
Drifting, Tokyo or otherwise, is a fancy street-racing term for what amounts to a controlled skid. In person, where you could appreciate the... More>>
'The Garden of Earthly Delights'
, June 13, 2006
Images can be tyrannical things. In The Garden of Earthly Delights, faded videos trace the once vibrant presence of a lover. Chris (Chris... More>>
'Two Drifters'
, June 13, 2006
Arriving from Portugal, this ludicrous melodrama of female hysteria is an oddly compelling bit of cinematic folly. The story begins with the... More>>
Pulp Fictions Pulp Fictions
Eclectic Asian series whips up crazed genre workouts and hallucinatory unease
, June 06, 2006
All annual film festivals have their tics, slants, and degrees of squirreliness, but for five years now the New York Asian Film Festival has been... More>>
Female Trouble Female Trouble
The bewitching Louise Brooks lights up G.W. Pabst's blue-ribbon silent
, June 06, 2006
Pandora's Box, the 1929 German silent adapted from Frank Wedekind's Lulu plays, is itself something of a Chinese box. Is the movie's resident... More>>
The Man in the Lycra Mask The Man in the Lycra Mask
Spandex-clad Jack Black anchors middling Napoleon follow-up
, June 06, 2006
There is no movie more overrated in recent history than Napoleon Dynamite; it's to cinema what the Doors are to rock and roll, a thing blindly... More>>
Love Letters
Crossword doc searches for a plot amid the little numbered boxes
, June 06, 2006
I grew up in a Sunday Times crossword puzzle home, my wife and I tackle it more weeks than not, and I have matured, between Sundays, into a... More>>
Sin City
Grungy Brazilian love triangle thick with clichés
, June 06, 2006
With his first fiction feature, Walter Salles protégé Sergio Machado makes a thorough study of the Brazilian bas-fonds, from a... More>>
'a/k/a Tommy Chong'
, June 06, 2006
Not even Cheech and Chong in their most paranoid cheebah nightmare from '78 could've imagined that a quarter-century later the feds would spend... More>>
'The Lake House' 'The Lake House'
, June 06, 2006
Treading the same supernatural turf trampled by Somewhere in Time and Frequency, director Alejandro Agresti's gooey, ostensibly spooky romance... More>>
'Going Under'
, June 06, 2006
In the surprisingly flaccid s&m potboiler Going Under, Roger Rees gives a master class in how to suffer for art. The 62-year-old British stage... More>>
'The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green'
, June 06, 2006
If you're looking for the perfect date movie to celebrate Gay Pride, do yourself a favor: Rent some good porn and stay the hell away from Ethan... More>>
'The Outsider'
, June 06, 2006
Named for auteur d'excés James Toback, whose career since Fingers has been one big guilty pleasure, Nicholas Jarecki's The Outsider is... More>>
'Land of the Blind'
, June 06, 2006
Wrongheaded and bizarrely outrageous, the first feature from Robert Edwards chronicles the madcap historical throes of a fictionalized ur-nation... More>>
, June 06, 2006
In his big-screen directorial debut, Kevin Bacon gleefully flaunts wife Kyra Sedgwick's naked body for all to envy, in what initially plays as a... More>>
'Only Human'
, June 06, 2006
A Spanish dinner-theater comedy, this intermittently hilarious contraption by the husband- wife team of Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri... More>>
'Uncut: Member Only'
, June 06, 2006
Once the most bashful leading man in cinema—notorious for his absence, some would say, throughout years of copious beaver shots—the... More>>
Golden Loach
Combat movies win top prizes at Cannes
, May 30, 2006
CANNES, FRANCE—The 59th Cannes Film Festival jury opted for big themes and multiple prizes, focusing—per its president, Wong... More>>
Progressive Scan Progressive Scan
In fragments and on the edge, the HRWIFF remains New York's most vital fest
, May 30, 2006
In its 17th year as one of the city's oldest continuously running film festivals, and certainly the most thematically vital, the Human Rights... More>>
Shohei Imamura, 1926–2006
A ballad for the late, great New Wave master
, May 30, 2006
Define the Japanese New Wave however you like—there are innumerable possible launching points, and the name players evident in the '50s and... More>>
Seeing and Nothingness Seeing and Nothingness
A must-see retrospective celebrates the work of a modernist master
, May 30, 2006
Michelangelo Antonioni, whose long overdue, must-see retrospective opens this week at BAM, is not just a great movie director but, still with us... More>>
The Long Goodbye The Long Goodbye
Keillor and Altman team up for an elegiac backstage musical
, May 30, 2006
Like the Grand Ole Opry plopped into a fragrant barn at the county fair, Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion befits its roots in frosty... More>>
Running on Fumes Running on Fumes
Sluggish pacing bogs down latest Pixar product
, May 30, 2006
Cars, the latest vehicle to roll off a Pixar assembly line that has thus far yielded nothing but spit-shined classics, answers that age-old... More>>
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