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, July 12, 2005
To mark the release of Last Days, MOMA is screening Gus Van Sant's good-looking-corpse trilogy in its entirety. Shot in a semi-improvised style... More>>
DimClone DimClone
'Island' flopping: Frat-metal bad boy Bay's sci-fi waxes philosophical before blowing shit up
, July 12, 2005
Anyone who has ever endured the brute skull crunch of a Michael Bay movie will find that The Island, the director's stab at icy, dystopian... More>>
Sweaty Bottoms Hit Rock Bottom in New Winterbottom Sweaty Bottoms Hit Rock Bottom in New Winterbottom
, July 12, 2005
Michael Winterbottom has the charged air of a Rimbaudian decadent—he's hell-bent on trying everything once, and if he gives up filmmaking to... More>>
My Man Gregory: A Class-Conscious Screwball Master
, July 12, 2005
"I guess rich people are just poor people with money," Ginger Rogers, playing a homeless NYC gal hired by a millionaire to masquerade as his... More>>
Attack of the Clonus
, July 12, 2005
Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson may not be the only clones in The Island. Cult-film fans are buzzing that Michael Bay's blockbuster lifted... More>>
'The Ballad of Greenwich Village'
, July 12, 2005
Listen to the film's bongos—go, big daddy, go, yah! It's all going to come flooding back as you walk among the drunk T-shirts and the rich... More>>
'The Devil's Rejects'
, July 12, 2005
If in retrospect musician Rob Zombie's 2003 directorial debut, House of 1,000 Corpses, reads like a yee-hawing harbinger of last fall's... More>>
'Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America'
, July 12, 2005
In an age where constructing papier-maché caricatures of world leaders is considered activism, it's revealing to see a documentary where... More>>
'Throw Down' 'Throw Down'
Hong Kong judo farce parodies all-man, all-brawl world
, July 12, 2005
In a film culture still jacked on its own irreverent speed, Hong Kong maestro Johnnie To's films have a beguiling offhandedness—as if absurd... More>>
'Making Grace'
, July 12, 2005
Card-carrying members of Focus on the Family, take note: Lesbian mothers are nice ladies with normal lives. Gund's doc follows Ann and Leslie... More>>
'Rittenhouse Square'
, July 12, 2005
With just enough art-lack and speak-for-itself whiz (call me cheesy), this doc understands the famoustorical Philly park's appeal: Hot girls... More>>
Rural Route Film Festival 2005
, July 12, 2005
For those unable to flee the city this weekend, there's the Rural Route Film Festival, whose third annual program of six features and more than... More>>
'The Seven Year Itch'
, July 12, 2005
By 1955, when Billy Wilder's NYC-set midsummer night's sex comedy was released, Marilyn Monroe was so famous that her character no longer needed... More>>
His Own Private Biopic His Own Private Biopic
Gus Van Sant resurrects the ever enigmatic Kurt Cobain with a lyrical blast from the avant-garde
, July 05, 2005
Gus Van Sant's Last Days will likely be remembered as the "Kurt Cobain movie"—more than as the final chapter (after Gerry and Elephant) of... More>>
Celebrity Skinned Celebrity Skinned
Blake placid: A former 'Dawson's Creek' star tackles a mythic musician with willful incoherence
, July 05, 2005
Chain-smoking through his interviews, Michael Pitt—the antistar of Gus Van Sant's latest meditation—pushes russet-dyed bangs from his... More>>
Déjà Vu
All his cowboys get the blues: The shambolic, iconic Van Santian hero dies young, again
, July 05, 2005
I dislike Gus Van Sant for much the same reason I dislike David Lynch: Everyone I meet at parties loves them and, worse, expects me to love them... More>>
Sound Garden
Scene and heard: Last Days audio guru finds a method to some mumbles
, July 05, 2005
Opening with a nearly wordless retreat into nature, Gus Van Sant's ethereal Last Days replaces rockstar mythologizing with something far more... More>>
All This Useless Beauty All This Useless Beauty
Absence of presence: Arty Last Days misses out on Cobain's populist passion
, July 05, 2005
This Is Spinal Tap is the greatest of all rock movies because Spinal Tap are dorks. Dorks are easy, whereas actual rock stars are nearly... More>>
The Covers Album The Covers Album
Don't look back: From nostalgia-peddling dreck to sci-fi satire, the peril-fraught subgenre of the rockstar movie
, July 05, 2005
The Nirvana biographer Michael Azerrad once said that he refused to sell the film rights to his book Come as You Are because he "didn't want to... More>>
Clean and Sober Clean and Sober
Identity miscegenation and sexual frustration dominate an impressively broad Asian festival
, July 05, 2005
Woe to the festival that attempts to embody the cinematic output of an entire continent, especially if that continent is the constantly mutating... More>>
Four Shame! New Marvel Movie All Doom and Gloom Four Shame! New Marvel Movie All Doom and Gloom
, July 05, 2005
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created The Fantastic Four as an editorial imperative: Invent a superhero group to cash in on the popularity of DC... More>>
Foursquare: Lively Drama Spiked With Risky Questions
, July 05, 2005
Like the incendiary domestic melodrama of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? framed in a Pinter-esque narrative mindfuck and spiked with piercing... More>>
Stranger With Candy Stranger With Candy
A decent Factory: Tim Burton's enjoyable Roald Dahl redux delves into Wonka weirdness
, July 05, 2005
With the Michael Jackson trial over, it's a shade less discomfiting to watch Johnny Depp, as reclusive candy wizard Willy Wonka, escort five... More>>
Women on the Verge: Troubled Lives Intersect in Jersey City Women on the Verge: Troubled Lives Intersect in Jersey City
, July 05, 2005
In the Lower East Side coming-of-age tale Raising Victor Vargas, Judy Marte played a distracted, traumatized girl whose pained silences could be... More>>
The No-Commitments The No-Commitments
Frat-Packers Vaughn and Wilson look for booty, find adulthood in hollow but charming comedy
, July 05, 2005
Hollywood number crunchers estimate that by 2008, one-quarter of all studio comedies will feature a permutation of the acting collective... More>>
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