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Up the Academy Up the Academy
, June 25, 2002
Say what you will, James Toback has held faith with his convictions. For more than a quarter- century (if you count his script for 1974's... More>>
Oedipus in Overalls
, June 25, 2002
Jean Gabin was France's most durable star. In nearly 100 films, from the early sound era until his last picture in 1976 (the year of his death),... More>>
Elegy for Martin
Scenes From a Marriage
, June 25, 2002
When does a husband stop being the person you wed and become someone different? That old conjugal angst is given new life in A Song for Martin... More>>
Screen Test 2002
World's Hardest Movie Quiz
, June 25, 2002
This year's Stuart Byron Movie Trivia Quiz again strives to raise the bar of cinemanic savoir faire above the redoubtable cheat resources of the... More>>
Ohana Be Adored
A Stitch in Time
, June 25, 2002
Tempering cosmic horror with a hang-loose Hawaiian ethos, Disney's latest animated film, Lilo & Stitch (in general release), has a creature of... More>>
What Women Want What Women Want
, June 25, 2002
With less sisterhood and more ya ya, Nicole Holofcener's chick-flick levity is so so deceptive. Zipped inside that Pilates-wear hoodie lurks a... More>>
Cruel Intentions
, June 25, 2002
A grim fairy tale of taboo love between a sorority girl and a "challenged athlete," Pumpkin uncannily echoes Todd Solondz's Storytelling in its... More>>
Let It Snow
Mambo Number 1
, June 25, 2002
BAMcinématek's series of orphan movies, drawn from the results of the Voice's year-end critics' poll, continues this weekend with the... More>>
Zero for Conduct Zero for Conduct
, June 18, 2002
A grimly suggestive and unexpectedly tender bedroom farce, Billy Wilder's Kiss Me, Stupid is a true film maudit—condemned by the Catholic... More>>
State of Confusion State of Confusion
, June 18, 2002
Prefab promised land for snowbirds, retirees, exiles, and carpetbaggers, not to mention tabloid devotees, Florida is most often a destination (or... More>>
, June 18, 2002
Testosterone-driven frenzies fuel the plot of Skin of Man, Heart of Beast, French director Hélène Angel's sensitive and crystalline... More>>
Behind the Barricades
Portraits of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
, June 18, 2002
Rich with documentary reportage from all over the globe, this year's Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (through June 27 at the... More>>
Return to Paradise Return to Paradise
, June 18, 2002
The chilly vaults of Anthology Film Archives just got a bit hotter, thanks to a recent acquisition: the oeuvre of porn pioneer Wakefield Poole,... More>>
The Devil You Know
, June 18, 2002
The only gay movie protagonist in recent years whom I've identified with is the titular antihero of David Jacobson's exceptional biopic Dahmer.... More>>
I Am Not Sam
Autistic License
, June 18, 2002
Continuing the post-Reagan-era tendency of American movies to patronize and romanticize the mentally impaired, David S. Goyer's ZigZag (Silver... More>>
Holy Ghost World Holy Ghost World
, June 11, 2002
Not the topical exposé its title suggests, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys waxes nostalgic for the far more innocent church scandal of... More>>
You Give Me Fever
, June 11, 2002
Anthology's Halogen Canticles program presents a rare chance to see three staggeringly unstable movies—chlorotic, tumescent features made in... More>>
Desperate Hours
A Palestinian Director’s Ghetto Humor
, June 11, 2002
CANNES, FRANCE—The Buster Keaton of the West Bank, the Jacques Tati of Palestinian society (as the French media proclaims him), Elia... More>>
Stray Dogs
, June 11, 2002
Ten years on, American independent moviemakers seem to have come to terms with the anxiety of Quentin Tarantino's influence—the... More>>
Fragments Jerusalem
Israel Beyond the Front Page
, June 11, 2002
Now in its 18th year, the Israeli Film Festival (Clearview Cinema, June 13-27) provides a valuable antidote to the daily barrage of violent... More>>
The Notorious M.A.N.
, June 11, 2002
In addition to the cheerfully unsustainable marketing-as-brainwash theme common to the most vertiginous comedies of the past year (Josie and the... More>>
Material Witnesses Material Witnesses
, June 11, 2002
An itemized casualty list of calamities across multiple nations, The Trials of Henry Kissinger is something of a microcosm of the 2002 Human... More>>
Wandering Spirit
El Gallo's Humor
, June 11, 2002
Not a discouraging political word mars Karim Dridi's Cuba Feliz (Film Forum, through June 18), a minimalist documentary that follows an itinerant... More>>
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light
, June 04, 2002
"Astonish me," Diaghilev ordered Cocteau, and The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) more than fulfills that regal dictum for new art. The first feature to... More>>
Flights of Clancy
, June 04, 2002
The political zinger zone of Tom Clancy might just be the slyest of Pentagon pop-prop delivery systems—righteous naïveté draped... More>>
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