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Dear Video Diary
Factory Family Secrets
, June 10, 2003
An embedded reporter within Andy Warhol's pocket world of eager exhibitionists, Michel Auder recorded endless video diaries after acquiring an... More>>
Urbane Legends Urbane Legends
The Importance of Being Ernst
, June 10, 2003
There is no Hollywood movie more insouciantly amoral than Ernst Lubitsch's 1932 Trouble in Paradise. Released in the depths of the Great... More>>
Conflicts of Interest Conflicts of Interest
Regarding the Pain of Others
, June 10, 2003
Summer in the city always provides networks and newspapers with abundant local color and snapshot filler, but a photograph that ran recently in... More>>
Carnival Ride
Spinning in Infinity
, June 10, 2003
India's movie mania has drained some glitz from the once burgeoning circus biz, but groups like Great Rayman Circus still provide the only live... More>>
Auto Focus
No Diesel, No Problem
, June 10, 2003
Underneath the chrome, the candy paint, and the CGI, 2001's The Fast and the Furious was essentially Point Break on Yokohama tires: an X-treme... More>>
Film Film
, June 10, 2003
The Heart of Me Directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan (ThinkFilm, opens June 13, at Angelika and Cinema 1, 2, 3) Nobody works the ascetic aesthetic... More>>
Roads to Perdition Roads to Perdition
Doomsday Visions and Ugly Americans at the Cannes Film Festival
, June 03, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—The appropriate Hollywood ending for the Cannes Film Festival would have been a Palme d'Or garland for Clint Eastwood's... More>>
Notes From Underground Notes From Underground
Terrorists in Retirement
, June 03, 2003
"I think the Vietnam War made us all a little crazy," one now middle-aged radical muses toward the end of The Weather Underground. That modest... More>>
My Bunny Valentine My Bunny Valentine
Vincent Gallo at Cannes: A Blow-by-Blow Account
, June 03, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—Every Cannes needs a scandal, and this year's overblown press reaction came at the screening of Vincent Gallo's The Brown... More>>
False Grooves False Grooves
Tribes and Tribulations
, June 03, 2003
The trend of remodeling finger-snapping 1960s heist flicks—draining them of grooviness and tricking them out with fantasy-tech... More>>
Getting the Shaft
Windows to the Soul
, June 03, 2003
A mere concert flick it's not. Wattstax (1973) not only documents the soul-titan concert held at L.A. Coliseum seven years after Watts burned,... More>>
Pride and Prejudice
The Taste of Others
, June 03, 2003
In the past 15 years, gay cinema has moved from rambunctious frontier to New Queer utopia to today's tony but bland suburb. If much of this... More>>
Seeing Double
An Eye for an Eye
, June 03, 2003
Movies have always been keen to visualize the gorier details of ocular trauma, from Un Chien Andalou's oozing eyeball to Tom Cruise in hot... More>>
Left Out in the Cold
Which Way the Wind Blows
, June 03, 2003
Sam Green and Bill Siegel's nuanced documentary The Weather Underground (at Film Forum; see review) surrounds its subject with the archival... More>>
, June 03, 2003
Bhoot Directed by Ram Gopal Varma Spark Media, at the Loews State In this Indian spooker, Vishal (Ajay Devgan) moves into a not-so-creepy... More>>
All in the Family All in the Family
The Hissing of Summer Lawns
, May 27, 2003
Choose life, as Irvine Welsh used to say. As the muleshit of modern moviedom deepens, our sympathies naturally swivel toward the "real." The new... More>>
Gods and Sea Monsters Gods and Sea Monsters
They Call Me Bruce
, May 27, 2003
A looking-glass cover version of The Truman Show, the maudlin Jim Carrey vehicle Bruce Almighty lets the comedian ply his rubber-limbed shtick as... More>>
String Theory
Instruments of Change
, May 27, 2003
Chen Kaige's Together reprises themes that the director has previously riffed on: adolescent rites of passage, teacher-student relationships,... More>>
East Is East
The Last Days of Disco
, May 27, 2003
The pidginized title of Babak Shokrian's debut feature might suggest an ethnic quirkfest on the order of Bend It Like Beckham, but this slice of... More>>
When Not in Rome When Not in Rome
The Working Wounded
, May 27, 2003
The Walter Reade's current Open Roads series attests to the Italian film industry's continuing push from the environs of Cinecitta outward to the... More>>
Brief Histories of Time Brief Histories of Time
The Persistence of Memory
, May 27, 2003
In the 1930s, working mainly in Paris, photographer Denise Bellon captured the "unique moment in time when post-war was becoming pre-war," as the... More>>
Unholy Trinity
Mother Knows Best
, May 27, 2003
Brazil's remote northeastern territory provides a languorous and otherworldly ambience for Aluizio Abranches's moody revenge drama The Three... More>>
Acid Tests
French Underground's Dandy Warholians
, May 27, 2003
Enigmatic artifacts from French cinema's secret history, the Zanzibar Films emerged from a loose cadre of artists shortly before and following... More>>
Van Sant Wins Top Prize at Cannes Van Sant Wins Top Prize at Cannes
, May 27, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—Elephant, Gus Van Sant's controversial, poetic evocation of a Columbine-like high school shooting beat out two critically... More>>
There's Always Yesterday
A Decade Under the Affluence
, May 20, 2003
The title of James Harvey's Movie Love in the Fifties is a tad misleading—the book (published in 2001) casts its net well beyond that... More>>
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