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Fables of Reconstruction Fables of Reconstruction
, January 23, 2001
Crucible of the short 20th century, the native ground for displaced persons, rootless cosmopolitans, and revolutionaries of various persuasions,... More>>
Miscarried Justice; Jejune Miscreants Miscarried Justice; Jejune Miscreants
, January 16, 2001
In the ongoing saga of race and American injustice, there are few episodes as horrifying as that of the "Scottsboro boys." Barak Goodman and... More>>
Waking the Dread Waking the Dread
, January 16, 2001
Panic is a movie that plays against its title. Henry Bromell's feature does not lack for action, but its real subject is stasis. If it weren't so... More>>
Quit Playing Games With My Hard Drive
, January 16, 2001
It could be argued that a multimillion-dollar Hollywood movie lacks the moral authority to take a megacorporation to task for stealing ideas,... More>>
Preaching to the Converted Preaching to the Converted
Do the Left Thing
, January 16, 2001
Politics and film—paradoxical yet inevitable bedfellows caught in a hapless tail-chase of opinion humping and moral panic. Few were... More>>
Split Persona
Liv Ullmann’s Cries and Whispers
, January 16, 2001
"When I was younger, I used to say, I can't do any more movies with him," Liv Ullmann recalls of her long relationship with Ingmar Bergman.... More>>
Catholic Block
, January 16, 2001
Elevated by one genuinely sweet and quirky scene between fathers and daughters at a ballet recital, Anne DeSalvo's first feature, The Amati... More>>
Mopey Dicks and Boogie Nights Mopey Dicks and Boogie Nights
, January 09, 2001
Guaranteed to provoke Lacanian scholars and porn connoisseurs (not always distinct categories), the documentary Wadd: The Life and Times of John... More>>
Bomba Away
, January 09, 2001
English, Dutch, and Canadian government agencies lead the way in nurturing collaborations between filmmakers and choreographers, if "Dance on... More>>
Southside Story
, January 09, 2001
Save the Last Dance saves its first dance too long in favor of a ponderous setup: Ballet dancer Sara (Julia Stiles) gives up her dream after Mom... More>>
Look Back in Anger Look Back in Anger
, January 09, 2001
Oh, to be young, bold, and fighting the fascists: The angel of history sits on the hunched shoulders of the myopic, silver-haired heroes of the... More>>
Storied Lives and Strange Bedfellows Storied Lives and Strange Bedfellows
, January 09, 2001
"Like finding documentation of Moses" was how one Israeli film historian described the rediscovery, in 1997, of The Life of the Jews in... More>>
Buenas Vistas
Havana Plenty
, January 09, 2001
In Cuba, it is officially known as the "Special Period": The era of Soviet aid long over, compañeros must live austerely while socialism... More>>
The Full Monte
Shelf Life
, January 09, 2001
If you haven't yet come to understand what makes Monte Hellman the American New Wave's most beloved auteur maudit, now's the winter of your... More>>
Surface Tension Surface Tension
, January 02, 2001
Owsley Brown's documentary Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles is a lovely, rather eccentric tribute to the great American writer who died in... More>>
A Veteran Director's High Fidelity A Veteran Director's High Fidelity
His Maestro's Voice
, January 02, 2001
In his youth, the Korean director Im Kwon Taek churned out dozens of melodramas, gangster flicks, action pictures, and costume dramas. A few... More>>
Cold Fever
Capital Danes
, January 02, 2001
Once in a while, the countries of Scandinavia beget freaks—the wild energy of the Björks, Kaurismäkis, and von Triers... More>>
The Knobbies '00
The Year in Princely Cock-Ups
, January 02, 2001
In their fourth year, the Awards Formerly Known as the Hidekis™ have been rechristened and redefined, their original erstwhile Yankee... More>>
Fables and Fibs Fables and Fibs
, December 26, 2000
Taking its place as the Raise the Red Lantern of the new, manifold Korean film outbreak, Im Kwon Taek's Chunhyang is poised on the stage of... More>>
Blood Sports Blood Sports
, December 26, 2000
Premised on the notion that F.W. Murnau's silent horror classic Nosferatu was actually a documentary, Shadow of the Vampire manages to turn a... More>>
Willem Dafoe Bares His Fangs Willem Dafoe Bares His Fangs
Interview With the Vampire
, December 26, 2000
The deliriously camp concept of E. Elias Merhige's Shadow of the Vampire is that Max Schreck, the star of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, was a real... More>>
Pot of Gold
, December 26, 2000
There is simply no good reason why 20th Century Fox refused to screen the radiantly stoopid Dude, Where's My Car? for critics—it's a welcome... More>>
J. Hoberman's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
The melancholy that's supposed to shroud the end of a century—romantic myth or self-fulfilling prophecy? These unending literary... More>>
Dennis Lim's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
I won't attempt to defend the complete absence of American films in my Top 10 (though horrified cinepatriots should note that domestic product is... More>>
Michael Atkinson's Top 10
, December 26, 2000
However many times you hear it, the song remains the same: It's been the piss-poorest year for movies since 1929, and even the masterpieces... More>>
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