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Found in Translation Found in Translation
Talking Pictures and Silent Valentines Leave Human Stains at the Venice Film Festival
, September 09, 2003
VENICE, ITALY—The 60th edition of the world's oldest film festival concluded with a ringing endorsement of the new. Russian director Andrey... More>>
Desert Blue Desert Blue
Hardcore Existentialist Bruno Dumont Gets the Last Laugh
, September 09, 2003
No audience reaction in Venice came close to the one accorded Bruno Dumont's Twentynine Palms: hysterical laughter, sardonic applause, emphatic... More>>
A Guy Thing A Guy Thing
The Maddest Interview in the World
, September 09, 2003
In Guy Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World, Depression-era Winnipeg plays host to the titular international competition (sponsored by... More>>
Rodriguez's Desperado Hours Drag, but Johnny Be Good Rodriguez's Desperado Hours Drag, but Johnny Be Good
, September 09, 2003
The working title of Once Upon a Time in Mexico was Desperado II, and the working title of Desperado was El Mariachi II (why not For a Few... More>>
David Spade Gets and Stays Arrested in Creepy Hollywood Satire
, September 09, 2003
Obtuse and creepy, Dickie Roberts asks that we accept David Spade as a character who desperately wants to be wanted, which is asking a lot. Spade... More>>
, September 09, 2003
Dummy Written and directed by Greg Pritikin Artisan, opens September 12 If ever an indie needed Project Greenlight's mandated slickness and... More>>
Teenage Wasteland Teenage Wasteland
Returning to Columbine, Films Seek Psychological Answers Amid the Lore of Massacre
, September 02, 2003
Among the symptoms that characterized the jittery, scarcely remembered run-up to the millennium was the nightmare rash of high school... More>>
Jean Gabin Ushers in Era of Dark French Gangster Films Jean Gabin Ushers in Era of Dark French Gangster Films
, September 02, 2003
The gangsters in Touchez Pas au Grisbi (Don't Touch the Loot) skew toward the middle-aged and courtly—but is there ever really honor among... More>>
Schoolyard Terror: 11 Landmarks
, September 02, 2003
ZÉRO DE CONDUITE (1933) Jean Vigo's lyrical account of student rebellion is booed at its premiere, then banned in France until after... More>>
In the Club In the Club
Club Kid Flick Needs a Bump, and Dee Dee's Home Alone
, September 02, 2003
It's not easy to film euphoria—just check out Groove. I was hoping for some swoony transport from Party Monster, the story of club kid... More>>
Uncovering the True Story of Hitler's Favorite Conductor
, September 02, 2003
German artists fled the Third Reich in droves, while many of those who stayed counted themselves "internal exiles." Was musician Wilhelm... More>>
Revolution And Resilience Revolution And Resilience
Art-House Pop Translates Traumatic Political Memories in Bittersweet Fiesta of Latin Lives
, September 02, 2003
"Memory is not recorded like film," reads a quote printed, agit-art style, over a montage of street scenes in Eryk Rocha's Stones in the Sky... More>>
Havana Ball: Cuban Docs Examine the Politics of Dancing Havana Ball: Cuban Docs Examine the Politics of Dancing
, September 02, 2003
It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Cuban music dominated New York nightlife, when Cuban big bands sold out the hottest clubs,... More>>
Circumnavigating Both Hemispheres, Frampton Comes Alive Circumnavigating Both Hemispheres, Frampton Comes Alive
, September 02, 2003
Beginning in the late '60s, American avant-garde film achieved its intellectual apex with a congeries of practices later dubbed structuralist... More>>
Trouble Every Day Trouble Every Day
Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence, or From an Organ Donor's Cadaver
, September 02, 2003
Sophisticated, coolly imaginative, and genre-carefree, Delphine Gleize's debut feature Carnage has the organic shape and elliptical flux of a... More>>
Kicked Out Kicked Out
Miramax Lets Stephen Chow Soccer Comedy Dribble Away
, September 02, 2003
On September 5, Miramax will whiff its sixth reported release date for Hong Kong filmmaker-star Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer (2001). Some HK... More>>
Film Film
, September 02, 2003
The World According To Shorts September 8 and 9, BAM Dripping with dissolution, two Norwegian shorts seem to have the edge at this year's BAM... More>>
All About My Other All About My Other
Who Wears the Pants? Who Doffs the Nightgown? Singing Iberian Yuppies Wanna Know
, August 26, 2003
If Spain is indeed the new France, and anybody's looking for cultural products to boycott à la Chardonnay, we might start with the... More>>
A Pushover and a Prodigal Dad Face Off in Meadows Land A Pushover and a Prodigal Dad Face Off in Meadows Land
, August 26, 2003
Would you agree to plumb your personal life on national TV with the author of What Are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples: I Need Them for... More>>
Rookie's Fortune Rookie's Fortune
After a Season of Voyeurism and Conflict, 'Project Greenlight' Filmmakers Win the War
, August 26, 2003
Given the inherently debased modus operandi of the film industry in this country—has there ever been a system of aesthetic production so... More>>
Unearthing a Lost NYC in Sargent's Great Train Robbery Unearthing a Lost NYC in Sargent's Great Train Robbery
, August 26, 2003
At the moment, New Yorkers hardly need another object lesson in nonchalant resilience during total municipal breakdown, but darkened encounters... More>>
, August 26, 2003
The New York subway opened in 1904 and made its first screen appearance shortly thereafter. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (see review) may... More>>
Whim Wenders Whim Wenders
How to Turn a Lesbian Straight, and Vice Versa, Without Assistance From Ben Affleck
, August 26, 2003
A pair of glowering Buenos Aires dykes kidnap a dumpy, depressed lingerie salesgirl at knifepoint, hijack a taxi, and . . . take her to the... More>>
White Suburban American Underclass Chooses Pain Over Pot White Suburban American Underclass Chooses Pain Over Pot
, August 26, 2003
Proving that regional theater—albeit of the Grand Guignol meets bear-baiting variety—is alive and well, The Backyard clumsily... More>>
Jew Eye for the Black Guy: Odd Couple Swap Stereotypes
, August 26, 2003
"When black people make love, is it different?" cooing JAP Marci Feld (Lisa Kudrow) asks the not-hardly-surly rapper Dr. S (Damon Wayans) as they... More>>
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