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All About Their Mothers All About Their Mothers
, March 05, 2002
Last year in France, the knockout success of Amélie and its impish star, Audrey Tautou, had angst-besotted cinephiles wringing their hands... More>>
Thinking Inside the Box Thinking Inside the Box
Test-Tube Babies
, March 05, 2002
The Laramie Project, Sundance 2002's grand opener, won't be coming to a theater near you; nor will Audience Award winner Real Women Have Curves... More>>
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man
Robert Beavers's Spirit of a Vanished Age
, March 05, 2002
Serenely anachronistic, 52-year-old Robert Beavers is a throwback to the heroic age of the old New American Cinema—if not to the high... More>>
Digital Love
The Whitney Stirs a Melting Pot
, March 05, 2002
Among avant-garde cinephiles, the Whitney Biennial's film and video exhibitions hold an importance roughly analogous to Hollywood's Academy... More>>
The Targets Shoot First The Targets Shoot First
, March 05, 2002
Though it hardly stints on low-rent thrills, the ninth installment of the New York Underground Film Festival (curated by Voice contributor Ed... More>>
Trig Your Own Hole
, March 05, 2002
If only the filmmakers of 40 Days and 40 Nights had been more literally formulaic and arrived at their title via mathematical equations, the... More>>
Industry Standard
, March 05, 2002
Though Henry Jaglom's Festival in Cannes unfolds in a Euro-paradise at movie-harvest time, it thankfully goes easy on the reel/real world... More>>
An Actor's Revenge An Actor's Revenge
, February 26, 2002
The French, who have a term for everything, created the useful category film maudit—literally, "cursed film"—to describe those movies... More>>
Creatures of Celluloid and Flicker Creatures of Celluloid and Flicker
, February 26, 2002
There's the kind of movie where a trio of estranged childhood pals rediscover the power of friendship. There's the kind of movie where any car on... More>>
Pleasure and Pain
, February 26, 2002
Long before Jang Sun-Woo's Lies—a comedy of bastinado about lovers who beat pleasure into one another with branches and broom... More>>
The Spirit Level
, February 26, 2002
Survivors of illness often emphasize the redemptive qualities of their ordeals, which as a coping technique is hard to fault. But compressing... More>>
Get Plucky
Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
, February 26, 2002
In Snack and Drink, a short in this year's New York International Children's Film Festival (Cantor Film Center, March 2 through 10; see... More>>
Drama of the Gifted Child Drama of the Gifted Child
Arnaud Desplechin's Spiritual Adventures
, February 26, 2002
A bristling hybrid of nature documentary and philosophy dissertation, Esther Kahn essentially casts an East End wild child in the role of... More>>
Death Be Not Proud
, February 26, 2002
Tom (Ace Ventura) Shadyac's new résumé-deposit possesses an almost Victorian notion of swoony metaphysics that crosses the... More>>
Get It Get It, Get It Get It (WHOOOA) (Do You Like It)
, February 19, 2002
There's the kind of movie where a trio of estranged childhood pals rediscovers the power of friendship. There's the kind of movie where any car... More>>
Prosaic Nations Prosaic Nations
, February 19, 2002
With its lunatic genre freak-outs and intimidating quantity, Indian cinema is as difficult to nail down as a blob of mercury, but you'd never... More>>
, February 19, 2002
Cousins can exert a strange fascination—a peer group more exotic than siblings, they're a remote mirror for one's own experience. Maryam is... More>>
So Fajr Away So Fajr Away
Iranian Cinema Puts the Children to Bed
, February 19, 2002
Tehran, Iran—Branded part of an "axis of evil" on the eve of the 20th Fajr Film Festival, Iran effectively reminded the world that it is... More>>
Medium Cool Medium Cool
, February 19, 2002
It's hard to even envision a world without Blockbuster and camcorders, 100 channels of cable TV, Jumbotron billboards, digital cinema, or... More>>
I Think I Need a New Heart I Think I Need a New Heart
, February 19, 2002
Mulholland Drive began with a car crash, then inscribed the statuesque blankness of Laura Elena Harring's Rita with Hollywood dread; the new... More>>
Criminal Mischief
, February 19, 2002
In Barry Skolnick's Mean Machine, a minor-league soccer remake of The Longest Yard, British jailbirds use their one hour of daily recreation time... More>>
Computer Love
, February 19, 2002
Since the late 1990s, an insatiable home video market has egged on a generation of Japanese genre-smearers—some of whom began via film... More>>
Bully Pulpit Bully Pulpit
, February 12, 2002
The great box-office beneficiary of the new bellicosity, Black Hawk Down has proved perfectly attuned to the present moment in its tone of... More>>
For Mature Audiences Only For Mature Audiences Only
, February 12, 2002
There aren't many serious films about aging, but there has never been any shortage of movies that sling sweet bullshit about being old. Living on... More>>
Code Warriors
, February 12, 2002
It's hard enough to make a subject as unsexy as open-source software appealing to nongeeks. Harder still when the cast in J.T.S. Moore's... More>>
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