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Mother Load
Evolution Girl Style
, January 28, 2003
The endless round of hectic obligations that often accompanies middle-class urban life serves at least one essential function—leaving little... More>>
Excavating the Invisible Excavating the Invisible
Recollection as Reclamation
, January 28, 2003
One of the first and most lasting impressions of Stanley Nelson's documentaries is that the pageantry, faces, and forms in his stills,... More>>
Sell it on the Mountain Sell it on the Mountain
Risky Business at Sundance 2003
, January 28, 2003
Park City, Utah—Dealmaking at the Sundance Film Festival is an annual pastime in Park City, right up there with skiing, star-gazing, and... More>>
, January 28, 2003
Darkness Falls Directed by Jonathan Liebesman Columbia, in release This is undoubtedly the first horror film to portray the Tooth Fairy (yeah,... More>>
The No Men The No Men
French Tough Guys and Russian Expressionists
, January 21, 2003
Being an immigrant import, the gangster is hardly an all-American phenomenon—except as defined by movies. He evolved from the silent... More>>
Gone to Seed
The Devil's Playground
, January 21, 2003
I. (ROSE)MARY Citing "the perverted use which the film makes of fundamental Christian beliefs and its mockery of religious persons and... More>>
Secrets and Lies Secrets and Lies
The Cleric and the Clerk Who Turned a Blind Eye
, January 21, 2003
How does one fashion art from atrocity's lovely bones? As the worst episode of the 20th century is endlessly represented, two willfully elusive,... More>>
Stateless Cinema
Palestinian Film and Oscar Eligibility
, January 21, 2003
Elia Suleiman's Divine Intervention opened last Friday in Manhattan in a single theater (the Angelika), a limited engagement that will determine... More>>
Après, le Déluge Après, le Déluge
DVD Commentary, You Stole My Gal
, January 21, 2003
2002: the year of the expanded edition. While mass culture machines churned out spin-offs, replicants, and sure-shot franchise components, the... More>>
The Rebirth of Cinema
Susan Sontag's Notes on Japanese Film
, January 21, 2003
The first film series programmed by Susan Sontag in New York opens at the Japan Society January 24. Novelist, essayist, film director, and movie... More>>
Working Girl
Listening to Hitler's Secretary
, January 21, 2003
After 55 years of near total silence, Traudl Junge agreed to tell artist and first-time filmmaker André Heller the story of her life as... More>>
, January 21, 2003
National Security Directed by Dennis Dugan (Columbia, in release) A droll twist on the buddy-cop genre, National Security pairs two police... More>>
God on Our Side God on Our Side
, January 14, 2003
Divine Intervention, the provocative second feature by the talented Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman, might equally have been called Human... More>>
Boys From Brazil Boys From Brazil
The Young and the Damned
, January 14, 2003
Sensationally sensationalistic, Fernando Meirelles's City of God spews like a magma jet. Mapping out the titular Rio housing project as it... More>>
Bride's Head Revisited Bride's Head Revisited
There's Something About Marry
, January 14, 2003
Another in a line of Dogme half-wits whose madness is posited as a state of tortured grace, the young wife in Kira's Reason is a woman well past... More>>
Yakuza Graveyard Yakuza Graveyard
Kinji Fukasaku, 1930–2003
, January 14, 2003
Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku may have finally won his way into the hearts and 10-best lists of critics and film junkies worldwide with the... More>>
All This Useful Beauty
Conrad L. Hall, 1926–2003
, January 14, 2003
Our auteur-obsessed movie culture ensures that film technicians rarely get the credit they deserve. Conrad L. Hall, who died of cancer in Los... More>>
, January 14, 2003
Kangaroo Jack Directed by David McNally Warner Bros., opens January 17 Forget Rabbit-Proof Fence—if the Australian government thinks its... More>>
Acts of Faith Acts of Faith
, January 07, 2003
All hail the single-minded artist in the grip of a rigorous idea—a method that carries the promise of self-abnegation and the threat of... More>>
Search and Rescue Search and Rescue
, January 07, 2003
Jewish history can seem like one long case of multiple personality disorder, the story of a people riven by diaspora and the conflicting demands... More>>
One Step Beyond
, January 07, 2003
Though dance film has improved exponentially in recent years, due in part to ever smaller, ever cheaper equipment, there's still the problem... More>>
Misery Guts
, January 07, 2003
A tangible chill runs through Fred Kelemen's Frost (1997), his magnificently miserable existential epic. Set during a sunless Christmastime in a... More>>
Monsters' Pall
, January 07, 2003
The latest entry in a prolific Japanese video, manga, television, and movie series involving "patlabor" (short for "patrol labor") police robots,... More>>
Necessary Roughness Necessary Roughness
, January 07, 2003
A mournful tale of compassion in a cold climate, The Slaughter Rule is set in a bumfuck town on the endless Montana plains, where whiskey brawls... More>>
Bargains in Blood
, January 07, 2003
Last year was unusually bountiful for home-video completists, even if several of the most historically significant titles that made it to disc... More>>
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