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The Sum of All Fears The Sum of All Fears
Nuclear Brinkmanship, Suicide Attacks, and Driver's-Ed Scares
, June 24, 2003
There's a classroom "education film" included in the automobile-safety compilation Hell's Highway (see below) that boldly telegraphs its intent... More>>
Idol Minds Idol Minds
We Go Together
, June 24, 2003
Like American Idol itself, From Justin to Kelly intends to flout coastal-elite notions of what the breadbasket calls entertainment. With... More>>
Micro Softies
Spanking the Mouse
, June 24, 2003
On_Line marks a milestone of sorts in the evolution of the masturbatory genre one might call the Sundance rom-com—not for the techno-tweaks... More>>
Too Fast, Too Furious Too Fast, Too Furious
A Pair of Documentaries Grapple With Fanaticism and Forgiveness
, June 24, 2003
It set off a shock wave, this forgiveness. Near the beginning of My Terrorist, filmmaker Yulie Cohen Gerstel appears on Israeli television to... More>>
The Sound of Sex
A Little Night Magic
, June 24, 2003
Claire Denis's sensuous movies are less talk than texture. Storytelling is confidently subverbal, almost artisanal, distilled to elemental acts... More>>
One-Night Stands One-Night Stands
Gridlock in Paris, Gunfights in L.A.
, June 17, 2003
The unexpected brief encounter that Claire Denis takes as her subject in Friday Night is not founded on the thrill of anonymous sex but something... More>>
Beasts of Burden Beasts of Burden
Incredible Bulks in Parent Traps
, June 17, 2003
It's not so easy being green—that much we know. Striving with science-nerd earnestness to be more than merely a summer box-office... More>>
Lost and Bound
There Is No Quarter
, June 17, 2003
Week two of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival features several documentaries that address the plight of refugees. In Asylum, a... More>>
In Between Days In Between Days
The Realm of the Senses
, June 17, 2003
Between the suicide of Hong Kong omni-star Leslie Cheung and Justin Lin's movie-as-movement Better Luck Tomorrow forcing a toe in Hollywood's... More>>
Guided by Voices
, June 17, 2003
Now in its 19th year, the Israel Film Festival continues to offer complex portraits of a land known largely through sound bites. The loss of... More>>
Free and Freerer Free and Freerer
Notes on the Dumb-Buddy Film
, June 17, 2003
Only if there's nothing on TV but interviews with Hillary Clinton, and you can't get into any movie except the Cremaster cycle; only then should... More>>
The World in His Arms
Gregory Peck, 1916–2003
, June 17, 2003
Gregory Peck, who died at age 87 on Thursday, June 12, was one of Hollywood's most iconographic leading men. It was commonplace to associate the... More>>
Assassination Tangos Assassination Tangos
Gangsters No. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .
, June 10, 2003
An inexplicable pageant of extraterrestrial coolness, Pistol Opera is pulp artiste Seijun Suzuki's first film to see a U.S. release in more than... More>>
Restorative Powers
Preserving the Wealth
, June 10, 2003
MOMA's second annual festival of film preservation is a dizzyingly promiscuous potpourri of 70 pictures of all sorts and lengths, periods and... More>>
Dear Video Diary
Factory Family Secrets
, June 10, 2003
An embedded reporter within Andy Warhol's pocket world of eager exhibitionists, Michel Auder recorded endless video diaries after acquiring an... More>>
Urbane Legends Urbane Legends
The Importance of Being Ernst
, June 10, 2003
There is no Hollywood movie more insouciantly amoral than Ernst Lubitsch's 1932 Trouble in Paradise. Released in the depths of the Great... More>>
Conflicts of Interest Conflicts of Interest
Regarding the Pain of Others
, June 10, 2003
Summer in the city always provides networks and newspapers with abundant local color and snapshot filler, but a photograph that ran recently in... More>>
Carnival Ride
Spinning in Infinity
, June 10, 2003
India's movie mania has drained some glitz from the once burgeoning circus biz, but groups like Great Rayman Circus still provide the only live... More>>
Auto Focus
No Diesel, No Problem
, June 10, 2003
Underneath the chrome, the candy paint, and the CGI, 2001's The Fast and the Furious was essentially Point Break on Yokohama tires: an X-treme... More>>
Film Film
, June 10, 2003
The Heart of Me Directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan (ThinkFilm, opens June 13, at Angelika and Cinema 1, 2, 3) Nobody works the ascetic aesthetic... More>>
Roads to Perdition Roads to Perdition
Doomsday Visions and Ugly Americans at the Cannes Film Festival
, June 03, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—The appropriate Hollywood ending for the Cannes Film Festival would have been a Palme d'Or garland for Clint Eastwood's... More>>
Notes From Underground Notes From Underground
Terrorists in Retirement
, June 03, 2003
"I think the Vietnam War made us all a little crazy," one now middle-aged radical muses toward the end of The Weather Underground. That modest... More>>
My Bunny Valentine My Bunny Valentine
Vincent Gallo at Cannes: A Blow-by-Blow Account
, June 03, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—Every Cannes needs a scandal, and this year's overblown press reaction came at the screening of Vincent Gallo's The Brown... More>>
False Grooves False Grooves
Tribes and Tribulations
, June 03, 2003
The trend of remodeling finger-snapping 1960s heist flicks—draining them of grooviness and tricking them out with fantasy-tech... More>>
Getting the Shaft
Windows to the Soul
, June 03, 2003
A mere concert flick it's not. Wattstax (1973) not only documents the soul-titan concert held at L.A. Coliseum seven years after Watts burned,... More>>
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