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Drink Diet Coke! Drive an SUV! Watch an Indie Movie!
, August 12, 2003
In the wake of indie juggernauts Bend It Like Beckham and 28 Days Later comes the Sundance Film Series, further proof that even low-budget films... More>>
A Fassbinder Masterpiece Gets Close to Cinephile Heaven A Fassbinder Masterpiece Gets Close to Cinephile Heaven
, August 12, 2003
Ali: Fear Eats The Soul (Criterion DVD) Vital link between Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows and Todd Haynes's recent homage Far From... More>>
, August 12, 2003
Renaissance man Matthew Barney is such a busy artistic powerhouse these days (Cremaster 3's climactic movement, "The Order," is out this month on... More>>
Time and Tide Time and Tide
All Talk and No Action
, August 05, 2003
August, and finally a real summer movie: Julie Lopes-Curval's simple, wise, pitch-perfect Seaside, a tapestry film comprised of unanswerable... More>>
Endless Bummer
Wet Behind the Ears
, August 05, 2003
Surfing isn't about "a lifestyle," Dana Brown philosophizes not far into Step Into Liquid; it's "about life." Sadly, beach-bum bumper-sticker... More>>
To Have And To Mold To Have And To Mold
Marriage American Style
, August 05, 2003
As our nation's hissy fit over Gallic weaselhood enters its sixth month, it's comforting to know that some Americans are still flying their... More>>
Unsuper Freak
Race-Bait and Switch
, August 05, 2003
Freaky Friday, based on a 1972 young people's book by Mary Rodgers (daughter of Richard) and previously adapted in 1976, could truly be called a... More>>
Top Underdog Top Underdog
Bob Hope, 1903–2003
, August 05, 2003
There's no denying a certain cosmic serendipity to the timing of this week's Bob Hope tribute at Lincoln Center, long planned as a belated 100th... More>>
Death Valley '74 Death Valley '74
The Desert of the Steal
, August 05, 2003
The hard-boiled private eye coolly strolls a few steps ahead of the audience; the slapstick detective gets absolutely everything wrong and then... More>>
Killing Me Softly
Not-Talking Cures
, August 05, 2003
Wrong Cure title: Charlotte Sometimes, which tunnels into the achy, nebulous, downtime-filled lives of a few L.A. twentysomethings, would have... More>>
Urban Renewal
Harvey Pekar's City of Industry
, August 05, 2003
Harvey Pekar calls his Cleveland comic book American Splendor, and now a pomo biopic (opening August 15) bears the name as well. It's a title... More>>
Ladies First Ladies First
Dorothy Arzner's Working Girls
, July 29, 2003
In her first talkie, Dorothy Arzner's exuberant, proto-sapphic college romp The Wild Party (1929), Clara Bow bounces on screen with her very... More>>
Life Sentences Life Sentences
Dentists in Domestic Prison, Nuns Behind Bars, Jewel Thieves on Holiday
, July 29, 2003
Hope Davis, a willowy actress who gives the impression of pliant steel, nearly stole About Schmidt from Jack Nicholson, playing against his rants... More>>
It's All Over Now It's All Over Now
Legends of the Fall
, July 29, 2003
A mad monster party, a stoner's dystopian doodle, an album-climaxing mega-dirge visualized as open-bar Hollywood dinner party—how to... More>>
Not Another Teen Movie
Todd Graff's Camp's Youth and Follies
, July 29, 2003
If in high school you weren't part of a clique for whom Stephen Sondheim's cult-clout rivaled Aleister Crowley's, the kids in the indie musical... More>>
Tooth and Nail Tooth and Nail
Hope Davis's Ordinary Magic
, July 29, 2003
Last seen playing straight woman to an indignant Jack Nicholson, a naked Kathy Bates, and a mulletted Dermot Mulroney in About Schmidt, Hope... More>>
War Tourists
They Like to Watch
, July 29, 2003
The political fault lines that snake through Volker Schlöndorff's best films reached near cataclysmic levels of tension in Circle of Deceit... More>>
Bad Boys, Too
Queer Channels
, July 29, 2003
While Strand's gay-shorts series took a tentative step toward maturity with 2000's Boys Life 3, this fourth anthology represents a full-blown... More>>
I'll Be Your Mirror I'll Be Your Mirror
Art-Star Self-Portraits and DIY Hacking
, July 22, 2003
Like many post-9-11 events, the 2002 New York Video Festival saw outward-looking cultural documentaries as a major theme. This year's edition... More>>
Ways of Seeing
Old Struggles in the New Brazil
, July 22, 2003
What with the current release of Madame Satã and the breakout succès d'estime of City of God, it's tough to ignore this week's... More>>
All That You Can Be All That You Can Be
Once Upon a Time in America
, July 22, 2003
Seabiscuit could easily have been pitched as the equine Rocky—and would surely have made a splendid experimental production with Sylvester... More>>
Medieval on Your Ass
The Missionary Position
, July 22, 2003
Showcased in new 35mm prints, Pasolini's Trilogia Della Vita (Trilogy of Life) presents today's viewers with a double time warp: three works of... More>>
Husband Hunting
The Designated Mourner
, July 22, 2003
A woman may be married for years, yet never really know her husband. That theme, so dear to telenovelas, is the starting point for Lucía,... More>>
Checkout Time
Let's Put On an Avant-Garde Show!
, July 22, 2003
At the 2001 Toronto Film Festival, Mike Figgis's Hotel had the sorry luck to screen on a certain morning dominated by more urgent images. But now... More>>
Unhappy Mondays
On the Waterfront
, July 22, 2003
American movies may consider work a four-letter word, but their European counterparts are somewhat less allergic, whether in depicting the... More>>
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