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Diamond Dogs
Scratch That Pitch
, July 23, 2002
"Concentrate on the gimmick, and the audience leaves unfulfilled," says Critical Jim, the film-buff bounty hunter played by Tim Allen in Who Is... More>>
Laws of Desire Laws of Desire
Stanley Kwan Holds You Tight
, July 23, 2002
When first-time producer Zhang Yongning decided to make a film version of Beijing Story, an anonymously published cybernovel legendary in Chinese... More>>
Flesh + Blood
, July 23, 2002
As is proper for a series about transgression, AMMI's "Carnal Knowledge" program includes a pair of veritable outlaws from the year of the Summer... More>>
Lost and Found
Corporate Labels Still Suck
, July 23, 2002
Just as grumbling about Warner/Reprise's abandonment of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot elevated a serviceable psychedelic-folk record into a... More>>
California Dreaming California Dreaming
, July 16, 2002
One of several selections at the New York Video Festival that investigate the psychic contours of American suburban life, Joe Carroll and Ben... More>>
After the Fall
, July 16, 2002
The Bui brothers—Timothy and Tony, the Silicon Valley-bred Vietnamese brothers behind Three Seasons and the new Green Dragon—have a... More>>
Slow Fix
The Doctor Is Indian
, July 16, 2002
The laying on of hands has long been central to healing; in Ayurveda, a 2000-year-old holistic health care system that originated in India,... More>>
Vive L'Amour Vive L'Amour
, July 16, 2002
The copious epigraphs in Tadpole come courtesy of Voltaire, beginning with "Love shows signs that cannot be mistaken." Fitting, then, that the... More>>
Brand Identity
, July 16, 2002
"East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet," quoth an intertitle in Cecil B. DeMille's The Cheat (1915), before the trial for... More>>
Where There's Smoke Where There's Smoke
, July 16, 2002
A lot less friendly than Puff (and nowhere near as mellifluous as Sean Connery in Dragonheart), the pyromaniacal beasts that rule the world in... More>>
Synthetic Vision
Rebuilding a 'Metropolis'
, July 16, 2002
"What you've seen before of Metropolis is usually some kind of Frankenstein story," says Martin Koerber, the lead film preservationist on Fritz... More>>
Fatalist Attraction
, July 16, 2002
The forgotten man of French cinema, Jean Grémillon made close to 50 films between 1926 and 1958: avant-garde works, docs, and a stunning... More>>
Tragical Mystery Tours Tragical Mystery Tours
, July 09, 2002
To judge by the culture we see, the capitalist fields of East Asia—predominantly Japan, Taiwan, and Korea—are enduring magma slides of... More>>
Sleep With Me
Sex on the Brain
, July 09, 2002
Eric Schaeffer's Never Again (USA, opens July 12) is a change of pace: Instead of his usual misogynistic trifle about a man frightened by the... More>>
Jojo Workin'
, July 09, 2002
Yet another set of animated television characters gets tapped for theatrical service with The Powerpuff Girls Movie, a feature-length version of... More>>
Industrial Symphony Industrial Symphony
, July 09, 2002
The greatest of all pulp fantasies, Fritz Lang's 1927 Metropolis returns to the borough that inspired it in the most complete version since its... More>>
Hot Thespian Action Hot Thespian Action
, July 09, 2002
Write what you know: In his debut film, writer-director Yvan Attal plays Yvan, whose wife is an actress named Charlotte, played by Attal's wife,... More>>
Defending Your Life
Rough Justice
, July 09, 2002
Lam Choi, a Cambodian refugee raised by an aunt and uncle in the Tenderloin, was 17 when he was charged with killing a local gang leader; he's... More>>
Bridging the Divide
, July 09, 2002
Committing the "lively arts" to film is crucial to their survival, but fraught with hazards. Dance resists electronic recording, which favors... More>>
They Came From Within They Came From Within
, July 09, 2002
Man-machine interfacer, new-flesh apostle, techno-porn merchant, David Cronenberg has devoted his career to experiments in transfiguration. A... More>>
The Way We Laughed The Way We Laughed
, July 02, 2002
Since it's a given that Adam Sandler movies are the skivvie skid marks of modern American cinema, and that reviewing them is akin to quantifying... More>>
Talk Talk
, July 02, 2002
The fly on the wall has an appropriately compound eye in Marilyn Freeman and Anne de Marcken's Group, a real-time emotional rescue gleaned from... More>>
The King and I
50,000,000 Rabbis Can't Be Wrong
, July 02, 2002
Elvis Presley died, so we made new ones. Actually, production just expanded when last century's great postage stamp overnighted himself into the... More>>
Suspended Animation Suspended Animation
, July 02, 2002
The most highly acclaimed Swedish art film in recent memory, Roy Andersson's supremely crafted, millennium-pegged Songs From the Second Floor... More>>
Circles of Light Circles of Light
Jack Goldstein Returns to New York
, July 02, 2002
"There's too many people here," artist Jack Goldstein deadpanned last Wednesday night, peering grimly through the houselights at the 70-odd... More>>
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