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Under the Scars
, September 24, 2002
A rare example of big-budget filmmaking as personal catharsis, Moonlight Mile may be the most liberating blockbuster this year—if not always... More>>
Troubles Every Day Troubles Every Day
Recalling Northern Ireland's Derry Disaster
, September 24, 2002
"It's unquestionably the most difficult, the most contentious, the most controversial single day of the whole Troubles," says Bloody Sunday... More>>
Hit 'Em Up Style
Mon Amour Tokyo
, September 24, 2002
Jilted tough-guy French cop pines for his lost Japanese lover for 19 years. One day, he gets a message that she's died in Japan and designated... More>>
States of Grace States of Grace
, September 24, 2002
Focused more on the small and bracing than the grandiose and oppressive, the 40th edition of the New York Film Festival is a satisfying... More>>
Action Heroine
, September 24, 2002
Shabana Azmi's on-screen debut, as peasant woman Lakshmi in Shyam Benegal's Ankur (1973), includes an ironic prophecy. "You look like a film star... More>>
Last Resort
Shanghai's Holocaust Refugees
, September 24, 2002
Whatever else it may be, Holocaust culture has proven to be a powerful antidote to provincial relativism—almost 60 years hence, it is still... More>>
An Interview With Biggie & Tupac Director Nick Broomfield
, September 24, 2002
There’ve been a lot of conflicting theories about the motives behind the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (a/k/a Biggie... More>>
Fling Time in a Quiet Town Fling Time in a Quiet Town
'8 Mile' Lines and On-the-Job Bondage in Toronto
, September 17, 2002
TORONTO—The urbanologist Jane Jacobs imagined Toronto as the idyllic future of city life. New York and national film critics see Toronto's... More>>
Desert Hearts
, September 17, 2002
Loss is a lonely hunter. Like Charlotte Rampling's self-deceiving widow in François Ozon's Under the Sand, Margherita Buy's Antonia, the... More>>
Suffer the Children
The Conversions
, September 17, 2002
"A child is a child is a child is a child," says the head of a Chicago adoption agency in Outside Looking In, noting with dismay how some of her... More>>
Dreams of Burden Dreams of Burden
, September 17, 2002
Invincible, the first fiction film by combustible cinematic wayfarer Werner Herzog to be released here in the 18 years since Where the Green Ants... More>>
Lords of Discipline
, September 17, 2002
A keen, gripping psychodrama with unsettling real-life underpinnings, Das Experiment marries German post-fascist soul-searching to the fast-paced... More>>
Memory and Desire Memory and Desire
Toronto a Year Later
, September 17, 2002
TORONTO—Derailed a year ago by the September 11 attacks, the Toronto International Film Festival last week found itself fumbling to... More>>
Body Blows
Looking for Trouble
, September 17, 2002
TORONTO—Soaked through with every variety of bodily fluid, Ken Park revels in adolescent bumping and bloodletting, the sticky standbys of... More>>
Mirror Men Mirror Men
, September 10, 2002
Increasingly famous in the decade since his death, the enigmatic Harry Smith pushes to the limit any number of conceptions of the artist as... More>>
You've Got a Fiend You've Got a Fiend
, September 10, 2002
Possibly the most riveting and vital historical document ever put on celluloid, Patricio Guzmán's three-part 1975-79 guerrilla epic The... More>>
Stealing Beauty
, September 10, 2002
A mother's love, that endless font of adoration—who ever really survives it? The question lies at the heart of Alias Betty, the latest film... More>>
Clipped Wings
To the Manor Bored
, September 10, 2002
Rich people are different from you and me; they're not nearly as funny. "Do you know where your sterling performance is going to take you now,... More>>
Showing Off
Bob and David Tell You What to Think
, September 10, 2002
There exist a mere 30 episodes of Mr. Show, the sketch comedy series that drifted from one insomniac time slot to another on HBO for four... More>>
Old Hollywood's Sure Thing Old Hollywood's Sure Thing
, September 10, 2002
William Wyler is a prime example of the Hollywood craftsman who thrived under the studio system from the 1930s to the 1950s. For many years he... More>>
Hope Floats
, September 10, 2002
As you might guess, both the two-years-running festival fave Swimming and the by-the-numbers Hollywood stalker-clash Swimfan give water metaphors... More>>
Paris Match
Jacques Becker's Golden Casks
, September 10, 2002
Jacques Becker, the subject of a nine-film retrospective at BAMcinématek (September 12 through 29), had a small output before his... More>>
Invisible Cities Invisible Cities
, September 03, 2002
Jean-Luc Godard's In Praise of Love is tactile yet elusive—its tragic grandeur is as graspable as running water and as shifty as smoke. Like... More>>
The Son Also Rises The Son Also Rises
, September 03, 2002
The cinema's summer fling with father-son dissonance continues unabated with Michael Caton-Jones's melodramatic police thriller City by the Sea.... More>>
No Time to Kill
, September 03, 2002
A documentary that peers into the final months of a borderline-retarded murderer, The Execution of Wanda Jean shifts between the emotionally... More>>
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