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Forever Young
Larry Clark Returns to Paradise
, July 10, 2001
"You wouldn't ask John Hughes that," Larry Clark replies to the inevitable question about why, for nearly four decades, his work in photography... More>>
Conspirators of Pleasure Conspirators of Pleasure
, July 03, 2001
Some movies frisk like pups, wagging their tails and begging for approval. Baise-Moi, however, doesn't mean to lick your face so much as sit on... More>>
Everyone Says I Love You Everyone Says I Love You
, July 03, 2001
A slightly screwy romantic comedy, Jump Tomorrow becomes increasingly charming as it goes along, especially after first-time director Joel... More>>
Ruff Ryders
, July 03, 2001
Devotees may blanch at the sight of Jet Li outfitted with a gun early in Kiss of the Dragon, but not to fear—he's promptly divested of his... More>>
, July 03, 2001
Like Lambic, another Belgian import, Dominique Deruddere's weirdly compelling caper comedy Everybody's Famous! is both pleasantly sweet and... More>>
Battles Royale Battles Royale
, July 03, 2001
Though his oeuvre spans four decades and some 60 films, the alarmingly versatile Kinji Fukasaku remains something of a nonentity in art-house... More>>
Independents in the Public Eye Independents in the Public Eye
ITVS Turns 10
, July 03, 2001
You'd think the Independent Television Service (ITVS) would be universally adored by filmmakers. Now 10 years old, it's got significant cash and... More>>
Home Bodies
Shelf Life
, July 03, 2001
The summer-event spilth being upon us, it's time to vaunt the last few months' richer video releases and thus recall how home entertainment... More>>
Test Tube
Thinking Outside the Box
, July 03, 2001
Culled from 300 programs produced by the Independent Television Service over the past 10 years, the 30-odd titles in MOMA's "Shaking Up the Box:... More>>
The Mommy Returns The Mommy Returns
, June 26, 2001
Fairy tales can come true. Spielberg the historian is in remission; Steven the regressive has returned, with a vengeance. An occasionally... More>>
Repeat Offenders
, June 26, 2001
The public-relations pitch for Mathieu Kassovitz's grisly policier The Crimson Rivers is "Seven meets The Silence of the Lambs," and once these... More>>
Tsai Ming-liang Opens the Floodgates Tsai Ming-liang Opens the Floodgates
, June 26, 2001
Balancing reticence with boundless compassion, despondency with deadpan absurdity, debilitating inertia with a visceral urge for escape, Tsai... More>>
Pomona Queen
, June 26, 2001
A lecherous gothic fairy tale with a bona fide cult following, Richard Blackburn's 1973 Lemora, Lady Dracula is the latest bit of pulp ephemera... More>>
Webbed Feat
, June 26, 2001
"A fag and a commie in a jail cell"—so a studio memo described Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), a "marketing nightmare." Rejected by... More>>
Southern Comforts, Northern Songs Southern Comforts, Northern Songs
, June 26, 2001
John Singleton's Baby Boy is pretty much a mess, but it also has a couple of long stretches that are extremely daring in that they reveal black... More>>
Gay Trippers
, June 26, 2001
Though far from radical—it's hardly a commercial or artistic risk to present a sad, pretty boy as an object of contemplation—Come... More>>
Night and the Cities Night and the Cities
, June 19, 2001
Hong Kong action flicks aside, the most sustained cult-movie enthusiasm of the past two decades has been for Japanese animation. Although it's... More>>
Driven to Perfection Driven to Perfection
Art & Industry
, June 19, 2001
Haitian director Raoul Peck says Lumumba proves to him that "you can make a mainstream film without compromising your political ideas." The Best... More>>
Far and Away
, June 19, 2001
The movie camera defies gravity in Himalaya, an action picture with yaks set 12,000 feet above sea level. French documentarian Eric Valli, an... More>>
Robot Speaks: Warning Warning Robot Speaks: Warning Warning
, June 19, 2001
As deliberately dazed and confused as Run Lola Run was mechanical crash-and-burn, Tom Tykwer's The Princess and the Warrior may represent an... More>>
That Obscure ‘Object’
Not Your Average Joe
, June 19, 2001
Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul likes to say that Mysterious Object at Noon is really about "nothing at all." So much for documentarians... More>>
School Crossing
Tough Assignments
, June 19, 2001
"I hate cotton," declares Laura Lee Wallace, the resilient 62-year-old matriarch in the documentary LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton (Quad, June... More>>
Multiple Choice
A Scene Grows in Brooklyn
, June 19, 2001
After BAM Rose Cinemas brought the Lincoln Plaza art-house model to Fort Greene two years ago and Regal Cinemas erected a 12-screen eyesore on... More>>
The Celluloid Casa
, June 19, 2001
While Hollywood's awkward gaze distorts Latinos in films like Blow (Colombian cokefiend melodrama) and All the Pretty Horses (filthy-Mexican-jail... More>>
Worse Lieutenant
, June 19, 2001
Social parody need not employ grotesque excess, but that is the route director Tim Ritter and his disgruntled band of B-movie thespians have... More>>
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