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Pitches Ain't Shit Pitches Ain't Shit
Queen of the Damned
, March 11, 2003
Seven Proposals for a Film in Which Steve Martin Will Appear in Full Hip-Hop Drag With Appropriate Slang for Not Less Than Six Minutes With the... More>>
Net Loss Net Loss
Kick Out the Hams
, March 11, 2003
What's in a name? Oversized box-office receipts for a shrill, poky comedy about good sportsmanship and the pursuit of big dreams. Bend It Like... More>>
The Long Roads Home The Long Roads Home
Two Iranian Films Put Women in the Driver's Seat
, March 11, 2003
Populated by characters who often go unseen, propelled by journeys whose purpose is withheld or entirely unexplained, Abbas Kiarostami's movies... More>>
Different Class
Masters of the Universe
, March 11, 2003
In October 1966, a group of Londoners composed a telegram to Jonas Mekas, founder of the flourishing five-year-old Film-makers' Co-operative in... More>>
Beyond The Veil Beyond The Veil
Faraway, So Close
, March 11, 2003
Imported Iranian movies freely excoriate their nation's sociopolitical conditions, and yet the land of mullahs and doe-eyed tykes is conceived of... More>>
, March 11, 2003
Agent Cody Banks Directed by Harald Zwart MGM, opens March 14 This flick takes off with the titular crime-stopper (Frankie Muniz) chasing a... More>>
Burning Bush Burning Bush
'Horns and Halos' Directors Turn Fortune Tellers
, March 04, 2003
"We were out of the country when coke started to be a big issue for Bush in August of '99," recalls Suki Hawley, co-director with Michael... More>>
Formal Attire Formal Attire
Minimalist Journeys and Maximum Overdrive
, March 04, 2003
It's been a century since the violent, fast-moving pulse-pounder The Great Train Robbery left the nickelodeon audience agog. To their credit,... More>>
Hero Worship
Berlin's Personae Non Gratae
, March 04, 2003
BERLIN—Bookended by Colin Powell's warmongering UN speech and peacenik marches on Tiergarten Park's Siegessaule, the 10-day 53rd Berlin Film... More>>
Pardon Our French Pardon Our French
Housekeepers, Bullfighters, Demonlovers
, March 04, 2003
As Francophobia runs rampant through our streets, salons, and media, the Film Society of Lincoln Center's annual series proves yet again that... More>>
Coma Chameleons Coma Chameleons
Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
, March 04, 2003
There's something uneven about A.M. Homes's short-story collection The Safety of Objects. The miniaturist glimpses of dysfunction have the... More>>
A Question of Time A Question of Time
Even Children Get Older
, March 04, 2003
As befits a competition enjoying its 10th season, 2003's New York Underground Film Festival has been programmed with keen, if perhaps... More>>
Raising Cain
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
, March 04, 2003
A well-tumbled jade of thriller triple-crosses and noirish iconography, Hideo Nakata's Chaos lacks the subterranean frisson of his Ring cycle but... More>>
The China Syndrome
The State of the State
, March 04, 2003
While the Chinese underground is as fertile a cine-incubator as any in the world today, state-sanctioned product from the mainland gets little... More>>
Film Film
, March 04, 2003
Cradle 2 the Grave Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak (Warner Bros., in release) DMX's Tony Fait is a bedside-praying, kid-hugging,... More>>
Sound and Fury Sound and Fury
In Search of Safe Havens
, February 25, 2003
Spider, the brilliant, disturbing new movie by David Cronenberg, opens as though it were a Lumière flick, an objective documentary, full... More>>
Blow By Blow Blow By Blow
The Devil in the Details
, February 25, 2003
A near perfect manifestation of radical, DIY media intervention, the video doc Horns and Halos could not be more timely—just as we hunker... More>>
The Pallor of Money The Pallor of Money
Music of the Spheres
, February 25, 2003
Hawking its genre clichés as if they were newly minted aperçus, Poolhall Junkies is low-grade billiard porn that earnestly believes... More>>
Maid in Tel Aviv
Love, Labor, Loss
, February 25, 2003
Though Israel's tiny territory is crammed with journalists and filmmakers, few find anything new to say about that complex nation's deep... More>>
Dead Souls Dead Souls
Italian Horror's Scream King
, February 25, 2003
Mario Bava revealed himself as a master of funereal lyricism with Black Sunday (1960), his directorial debut. A breakthrough film for Bava and... More>>
Schoolhouse Rot
P.S. Your Frat Is Dead
, February 25, 2003
A flatland of lowest-common-denominated retro-collegiate wackiness, Old School is interesting only to the degree that this sort of ostensible... More>>
The Imperfect Storm The Imperfect Storm
Fox and His Muse: Fassbinder Star Hanna Schygulla Revealed
, February 25, 2003
The most iconic actor in the Rainer Werner Fassbinder company, Hanna Schygulla appeared in more than a dozen of the late German director's films.... More>>
The Dow Is Up The Dow Is Up
Reading Stones, Gathering Mossman
, February 18, 2003
Of all the well-spoken bookmen (and they are all, indeed, men) who populate Mark Moskowitz's documentary Stone Reader (now at Film Forum), none... More>>
Elegance Is Bliss Elegance Is Bliss
Old Hollywood's Mr. Practicality
, February 18, 2003
The most uncomplicated of classic Hollywood directors, Allan Dwan was also the most prolific. No one knows exactly how many films he made during... More>>
Trauma Centers Trauma Centers
Let Their Freak Flags Fly
, February 18, 2003
Just as Lars Von Trier foresaw in his epic-passional manner, the Dogme trendlet is making movies safe for soap opera again. Which sounds like the... More>>
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