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Action Figures Action Figures
, February 13, 2001
Genius or con? That was the question implied by the three-page color spread Life published in August 1949 under the title "Jackson Pollock: Is he... More>>
Ramshackle Projections of the Id Ramshackle Projections of the Id
, February 13, 2001
In the history of the new waves, the Czechoslovakian outburst rates as one of the prime events—excelling at a still-fresh sardonic... More>>
On the Map
International Geographic
, February 13, 2001
A fine-boned, soft-voiced woman of 38, who looks 10 years younger, the Turkish filmmaker Yesim Ustaoglu joins the ranks of the most promising... More>>
Day Trippers
, February 13, 2001
A perpetual state of emergency reigns over Israel, where amid the hectic pace of events, it's best to take things slowly. "Day by day" is the... More>>
The Princess and the Showgirl The Princess and the Showgirl
, February 13, 2001
Although Marion Davies is best known these days as the presumed prototype of Charles Foster Kane's second wife, she was nothing like the... More>>
Stool Britannia
, February 13, 2001
If nothing else, the British gangster movie (along with a couple of Oasis albums) epitomizes the demise of Tony Blair's Cool Britannia campaign... More>>
Southern Cross
The Importance of Ernest
, February 13, 2001
There's an inherent risk in billing any Robinson Crusoe yarn devoid of tribal councils or empathetic volleyballs as "the greatest survival story... More>>
Port Authorities, Asian Provocations Port Authorities, Asian Provocations
Rotterdam Turns 30
, February 13, 2001
Rotterdam's annual movie bonanza is quite literally an embarrassment of riches—even the most tenacious attendee might stumble out of this... More>>
Dairy Tales
, February 13, 2001
A shaggy, appealing parable involving two lovers, some gorgeous heifers, gentle Maori gangster-golfers, and a dilapidated suitcase packed with... More>>
Appetites for Destruction Appetites for Destruction
, February 06, 2001
In his rave review of Thomas Harris's long-awaited follow-up to The Silence of the Lambs, no less an authority than Stephen King hailed Dr.... More>>
Eric Rohmer’s Talking Cures Eric Rohmer’s Talking Cures
, February 06, 2001
The cinema of Eric Rohmer (born Maurice Scherer) has stayed uniformly, if not alarmingly, consistent. Whereas the obsessions and preoccupations... More>>
Park City’s Personal Bests Park City’s Personal Bests
Hurts So Good
, February 06, 2001
If your primary concern was the vitality of the art form, Sundance 2001 offered a series of unexpected depth charges. And yet, notwithstanding... More>>
The Nonconformist
Clique on This
, February 06, 2001
Agnès Jaoui may have directed the highest-grossing comedy in France last year, but in person she's intense, soft-spoken, and serious.... More>>
Mob Deep
, February 06, 2001
Sugar & Spice struggles with the existential challenge of individuating five (then six, then seven) perky white heterosexual girls wearing... More>>
Hoosier Daddy
, February 06, 2001
A brief and highly subjective account of Manhattan's bohemian heyday, New York in the '50s is grounded in the sort of nostalgia that can easily... More>>
Tempting Fate
, February 06, 2001
As if to answer the introverted, prevaricating psychodramatics of his debut, Sunday, Jonathan Nossiter has assembled his new film, Signs &... More>>
Amazed and Confused at Sundance Amazed and Confused at Sundance
Troubled Buyers and True Believers
, February 06, 2001
Contrary to rumors, American independent film is not dead, although if most distributors had their way, it would be. As one astonishing film... More>>
Migrating Forms
, February 06, 2001
The move from village to city has become a leitmotiv of the past century, as traditional cultures struggle to keep pace with modernity and urban... More>>
Unheavenly Creatures
, February 06, 2001
The best film in "2001: A New Zealand Film Odyssey" is nothing new. The short Kitchen Sink, which played the festival circuit in 1989, was Jesus'... More>>
High Lonesome High Lonesome
, January 30, 2001
Wong Kar-wai may be the most fetishized—as well as the most fetishizing—of contemporary filmmakers, and with In the Mood for Love he... More>>
Summer Thrills, Winter Chills Summer Thrills, Winter Chills
, January 30, 2001
Forgoing the fairy-tale uplift commonly associated with horny coming-of-age/coming-out fumblings, Nico and Dani acquires resonance through... More>>
Drive, He Said
Auto Da Fé
, January 30, 2001
The crash—be it in a car, train, plane, or less popular mode of high-speed, high-risk transport—is one of cinema's basic visual... More>>
Where the Streets Have No Shame Where the Streets Have No Shame
, January 30, 2001
Confirming how severely decades of fame and wealth will alienate artists from the culture they used to have a hand in creating, Wim Wenders's The... More>>
Animal Factory
, January 30, 2001
Even the best movies for children tend to mire themselves in syrupy homilies during the last reel, but the New York International Children's Film... More>>
Bride for Your Sins
, January 30, 2001
Astringently chaste and morbidly fixated on marriage as inexorable endgame for the white and affluent, The Wedding Planner achieves the dubious... More>>
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