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Gods and Sea Monsters Gods and Sea Monsters
They Call Me Bruce
, May 27, 2003
A looking-glass cover version of The Truman Show, the maudlin Jim Carrey vehicle Bruce Almighty lets the comedian ply his rubber-limbed shtick as... More>>
String Theory
Instruments of Change
, May 27, 2003
Chen Kaige's Together reprises themes that the director has previously riffed on: adolescent rites of passage, teacher-student relationships,... More>>
East Is East
The Last Days of Disco
, May 27, 2003
The pidginized title of Babak Shokrian's debut feature might suggest an ethnic quirkfest on the order of Bend It Like Beckham, but this slice of... More>>
When Not in Rome When Not in Rome
The Working Wounded
, May 27, 2003
The Walter Reade's current Open Roads series attests to the Italian film industry's continuing push from the environs of Cinecitta outward to the... More>>
Brief Histories of Time Brief Histories of Time
The Persistence of Memory
, May 27, 2003
In the 1930s, working mainly in Paris, photographer Denise Bellon captured the "unique moment in time when post-war was becoming pre-war," as the... More>>
Unholy Trinity
Mother Knows Best
, May 27, 2003
Brazil's remote northeastern territory provides a languorous and otherworldly ambience for Aluizio Abranches's moody revenge drama The Three... More>>
Acid Tests
French Underground's Dandy Warholians
, May 27, 2003
Enigmatic artifacts from French cinema's secret history, the Zanzibar Films emerged from a loose cadre of artists shortly before and following... More>>
Van Sant Wins Top Prize at Cannes Van Sant Wins Top Prize at Cannes
, May 27, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—Elephant, Gus Van Sant's controversial, poetic evocation of a Columbine-like high school shooting beat out two critically... More>>
There's Always Yesterday
A Decade Under the Affluence
, May 20, 2003
The title of James Harvey's Movie Love in the Fifties is a tad misleading—the book (published in 2001) casts its net well beyond that... More>>
The Gospel of Johns
Behind the Nerd Rock
, May 20, 2003
"The cringe problem—we're both super tuned into that," says John Linnell of They Might Be Giants in Gigantic, his authorized bandography.... More>>
Visage Quest Visage Quest
I'll Be Your Mirror
, May 20, 2003
Between 1964 and 1966, during Andy Warhol's frenetic early filmmaking phase, he produced almost 500 brief motion-picture portraits, or screen... More>>
Italian Renaissance
Accenting the Regional
, May 20, 2003
Summer in Italy is different nowadays. Until recently, not one theater was open during the holidays. Now 1,400 beckon, and cineplexes—also a... More>>
Blue Crush Blue Crush
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Girl
, May 20, 2003
In the big butterfly collection of characters found only in movies, a prize pinion is the alluringly sublingual "she-bat." A comely creature... More>>
Web Site
Spider in the Archives
, May 20, 2003
The ominous squad of cop cars and ambulances gathered around Anthology Film Archives a few Tuesdays ago wasn't due to just another New York bomb... More>>
Sim City Sim City
Indulging in Cannes's Desserts of the Reel
, May 20, 2003
CANNES, FRANCE—American "reality" impinges most visibly on the bubble that is this year's Cannes Film Festival with the multiple images of... More>>
, May 20, 2003
The In-Laws (Directed by Andrew Fleming, Warner Bros., opens May 23) A walking-talking affront to every middle-class middle-ager it intends to... More>>
Too Sprung to Die Too Sprung to Die
Ko Girls, Paddle Battles, and Talking Guns
, May 13, 2003
The vast majority of imported Asian films are unambiguously feel-good, middle-class, semi-Westernized Miramaximations, while an occasional few... More>>
Isolation Row
The Secret Histories
, May 13, 2003
Do childhood wounds ever heal, or do they just wait for the right circumstances to erupt anew? A haunting documentary about Jewish children... More>>
Going Underground
Lore, Gore, and Sexy Resurrections
, May 13, 2003
This two-weekend AMMI series zeroes in on the former Czechoslovakia's lesser-known crazies, who slipped through the Soviet sieve while... More>>
Use Your Illusions Use Your Illusions
Dancers in the Dark, From Zion to Transylvania
, May 13, 2003
What if the prophecy is true? The Matrix Reloaded, the Wachowski brothers' long-awaited follow-up to their mega cult smash of 1999, begins by... More>>
Melancholy Babies Melancholy Babies
Flirting With Disaster
, May 13, 2003
"It's not a musical—it's the idea of a musical," said Jean-Luc Godard of A Woman Is a Woman (1961), and accordingly, Anna Karina plays the... More>>
Esprit Decor
Sex and the Signifying Girl
, May 13, 2003
Madison Avenue go-getter Doris Day, competing with adman lothario Rock Hudson in 1961's Lover Come Back, predicts victory for whoever's firm... More>>
Shots in the Dark Shots in the Dark
Freak With Me
, May 13, 2003
A breezy study of movie love at its most dementedly committed, Cinemania offers a glimpse into lives regimented by screening schedules and... More>>
Going Direct
Indie Guru's Raw Street Improv
, May 13, 2003
Rob Nilsson's artistic cred couldn't be tighter. A Cassavetes mentee, he won Cannes's Camera d'Or for Northern Lights (1979) and Sundance's Grand... More>>
Film Film
, May 13, 2003
Daddy Day Care Directed by Steve Carr (Columbia, in release) Only in America could downsizing's silver lining be a plea for better parenting and... More>>
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