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Friends of Dorothy
, August 07, 2001
Less a gaysploitation dramedy than a guy-guy homage to Nora Ephron's dark side, All Over the Guy is a painfully earnest case of generic romance... More>>
Try Fidelity
, August 07, 2001
A must-see for opera lovers and a snappy diversion for cinephiles, The Turandot Project is documentarian Allan Miller's latest peek into the... More>>
Death and the Maidens Death and the Maidens
, August 07, 2001
Whatever else it may be—a cold-sweat nightmare of male sexual anxiety, a mocking explication of Eros and Thanatos, the best-disguised... More>>
Big Bang Theory
Takashi Miike’s Lost Souls
, August 07, 2001
"I really feel like Audition didn't go over the top," says the Japanese director Takashi Miike. "The envelope remains to be pushed." Anyone who... More>>
Caste Away
, August 07, 2001
Disney's The Princess Diaries, despite its grandiose carpet bomb of a title (n.b. the subliminal "Princess Di"), is a modest, enjoyable fairy... More>>
Fear Eats the Soul Fear Eats the Soul
, July 31, 2001
Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (no relation to Akira) has written and directed 14 genre movies since 1983. Those I've seen have been deftly... More>>
Devolution of the Species Devolution of the Species
, July 31, 2001
The distinctive siren song of the original Planet of the Apes films has a powerful subterranean charge. Whatever its surface attractions and... More>>
Howe Does It Feel
, July 31, 2001
Cinematographer James Wong Howe's career spanned six decades of stylistic change and technical innovation. His manipulations of light and shadow... More>>
Sweet Portugal’s Badass Songs Sweet Portugal’s Badass Songs
, July 31, 2001
When it comes to Portuguese cinema—another national legacy Americans know next to nothing about—the argument usually begins and ends... More>>
One-Trick Ponies
, July 31, 2001
Turns out the French haven't completely cornered the market on art-house hardcore—the otherwise somnolent Swedish import Under the Sun... More>>
Tiny Tears
, July 31, 2001
The program title promises a cosmopolitan grab bag, and BAM's second annual shorts compilation doesn't disappoint. A strong absurdist streak runs... More>>
Very Lush and Full of Ostriches Very Lush and Full of Ostriches
, July 31, 2001
I can never read reviews of my own movies. I'm terrified to find out what the barbaric world thinks of my trembly filmic dreams and, by... More>>
Darling Dirk
, July 31, 2001
"You're so frightfully soigné," John Schlesinger said to Dirk Bogarde when offering him the role of tweedy television interviewer Robert... More>>
Hell and High Water Hell and High Water
, July 24, 2001
Tsai Ming-liang, subject of a recent retro at the Walter Reade, is the most extreme stylist in the new Taiwanese cinema, and The River, which has... More>>
Idle Hands and Devil’s Playthings Idle Hands and Devil’s Playthings
, July 24, 2001
In 101 Reykjavik, named for a zip code in the frostbitten Icelandic capital, leisure activity is simply a function of seasonal affective... More>>
Shock the Monkey
Gorillas in Our Midst
, July 24, 2001
Moviegoers who were born after, say, 1970 and/or have seen too many episodes of The Simpsons have most likely absorbed the Planet of the Apes... More>>
Dig Your Own Hole Dig Your Own Hole
, July 24, 2001
Abel Ferrara, who has never made it a secret that his films are his life, celebrated his 50th birthday last week. Anyone who doesn't understand... More>>
Foreign Lesion
, July 24, 2001
Jean-Pierre Limosin's overwrought thriller Tokyo Eyes, a French-Japanese coproduction, doesn't so much titillate as irritate. When adolescent... More>>
Kiyoshi Kurosawa Begins at the End Kiyoshi Kurosawa Begins at the End
Out of the Woods
, July 24, 2001
"I know it's not possible in reality," says Cure director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, sitting in an otherwise empty movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard,... More>>
Creature Comforts
, July 24, 2001
Slumming actors in safari vests stalk through the tropical overgrowth; a digitally manifested dinosaur bulldozes out of the brush; screaming... More>>
Flight Path
, July 24, 2001
All but ignored by her mistress-accessorized husband and aging out of her role as full-time mother to two late-teen sons, Rosalba (Licia... More>>
The Return of the Repressed The Return of the Repressed
, July 17, 2001
Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical about castration, a scary, taboo subject that, in his triple role as director, writer, and star, John... More>>
Abuse Your Illusion
, July 17, 2001
An exploding plastic inevitable, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within dares you to be amazed by its soulless mimeograph of humanity. In a dystopian... More>>
The Shooting Gallery, 1991–2001 The Shooting Gallery, 1991–2001
The Rise and Fall of an Indie Empire
, July 17, 2001
On the seventh floor of 609 Greenwich Street in Manhattan, a movie poster of You Can Count On Me lies on the floor. Chairs, desks, and office... More>>
Lost in America Lost in America
, July 17, 2001
Keep your Lara Croft and your Shrek: For me, the summer's reigning icons are Enid, Thora Birch's geek goddess in Ghost World, and her... More>>
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