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Going Direct
Indie Guru's Raw Street Improv
, May 13, 2003
Rob Nilsson's artistic cred couldn't be tighter. A Cassavetes mentee, he won Cannes's Camera d'Or for Northern Lights (1979) and Sundance's Grand... More>>
Film Film
, May 13, 2003
Daddy Day Care Directed by Steve Carr (Columbia, in release) Only in America could downsizing's silver lining be a plea for better parenting and... More>>
The Art of War The Art of War
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
, May 06, 2003
Are you tough enough to take the naked truths that Neil LaBute dishes out? Having tried his hand at feel-good comedy and posh literary adaptation... More>>
Micro Cosmos
Slovenia's New Beginnings
, May 06, 2003
The first gout of individualized cinema from yet another fledgling, post-bloc nation, the Slovenian flicks at BAM share a breath-down-the-neck... More>>
Sad Songs Say So Much Sad Songs Say So Much
Prosthetics and Process: A Shooting Journal
, May 06, 2003
Guy Maddin—whose quasi-autobiographical film cum peephole installation, Cowards Bend the Knee, is on view at the Tribeca Film Festival this... More>>
The Talking Cure
Godard Collaborator's Chattering Classes
, May 06, 2003
Best known for her collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard, which include Numéro Deux (1975) and a series of experimental essays for... More>>
Where All the Lights Are Bright Where All the Lights Are Bright
Gangster Lore, Geriatric Shagging, Global Strife, and Garage Bands
, May 06, 2003
In early 2002, when the Lower Manhattan playpen of limos, canapés, and rent-priced grappa was still dusted with toxic ash, Robert De... More>>
, May 06, 2003
Washington Heights Directed by Alfredo de Villa (MAC, opens May 9) One-upping Latino immigrant movies like Luminarias and Tortilla Soup,... More>>
Risk Management Risk Management
Gambling Pros and Mutant Superheroes Spread the Odds
, April 29, 2003
A bone-dry comedy, Richard Kwietniowski's Owning Mahowny is based on the true story of the unprepossessing Canadian bank drone Brian Molony, who,... More>>
Speaking in Tongues Speaking in Tongues
Don't Have a Cow
, April 29, 2003
Is alphabet destiny? "I am as American as April in Arizona," Nabokov once declared, those three peaks telegraphing love of country. In Jeff... More>>
Final Destination
The God of Small Things
, April 29, 2003
Like Satyajit Ray did with Bengal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan draws upon the history and aesthetics of his native region, Kerala. But where Ray's films... More>>
Buzz Babies Buzz Babies
An Open Page
, April 29, 2003
Of all the mind-control tactics used by high school teachers to mitigate the chaos of assembled hormone machines on every kind of jag, one of the... More>>
No Exit No Exit
Hell Is Other People
, April 29, 2003
Newly arrived at the beachfront resort that will serve as Skinner box for this by now familiar experiment in randy, humiliation-prone... More>>
Into The Outlands Into The Outlands
Central Asia's Lost Worlds
, April 29, 2003
For even the rangiest moviegoers, the notion that the newly emerged, ex-Soviet states nestled between China, Russia and the Caspian Sea—the... More>>
Far And Away
Great Bals of Fire
, April 29, 2003
Never mind Cannes in May: The Walter Reade's Central Asia show, a fresh detonation of Pacific Rim pop at Anthology courtesy Subway Cinema, and... More>>
, April 29, 2003
Reno: Rebel Without a Pause Directed by Nancy Savoca Seventh Art, opens May 2, at Cinema Village A digital-video record of Reno's incisive 9-11... More>>
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet
Undivine Interventions From Cambodia to Chechnya
, April 22, 2003
Matt Dillon's obligatory shot at life-rafting his career with a sullen, self-directed quasi-indie, City of Ghosts radiates an old-fashioned... More>>
Foreign Correspondence Foreign Correspondence
Truths and Reconciliations
, April 22, 2003
From Long Night's Journey Into Day to Children Underground to Daughter From Danang, the nonfiction cinema supported by the Sundance Institute... More>>
Caught In The Act
So You Wanna Be a Wanksta
, April 22, 2003
Somewhere in the premise of John Whitesell's Malibu's Most Wanted—rich, pampered white kid adopts black ghetto persona as a way of coping... More>>
Last Resort
Teen and Not Heard
, April 22, 2003
With a sun-spotted approach evoking equal parts Dogme 95 and Go Ask Alice 73, first-time director Jordan Melamed's languishing 2001... More>>
Yesterday Once More Yesterday Once More
Queasy Riders Remember Old Glories
, April 22, 2003
People I Know, which might more accurately be titled The Al Pacino Show, features the irrepressible veteran star as an irrepressible veteran New... More>>
Film Film
, April 22, 2003
Holes Directed by Andrew Davis (Disney, in release) As they say in Twelfth Night, What's your metaphor? Andrew Davis's quirky Holes (adapted by... More>>
Rage Discrimination Rage Discrimination
Schools of Hard Knocks
, April 15, 2003
Few impulses in movie reviewing are stronger than the desire to pat the back of a worthy project. No surprise then that Jennifer Dworkin's... More>>
Making Luck
An Asian American Indie Becomes a Community Cause
, April 15, 2003
A surprise Sundance hit last year and the first acquisition for MTV Films, Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow is a stylish rumination on teen... More>>
Moods For Moderns
Creepy Cisterns and HDTV Virgins
, April 15, 2003
Front-loaded with sunny crowd pleasers, this year's "New Greek Cinema Festival" feels like an implicit rebuke to gloom-meister Theo Angelopoulos,... More>>
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