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Apocalypse . . . How? Apocalypse . . . How?
The Elementary Article
, April 01, 2003
A disaster movie featuring the Golden Gate Bridge gone slack as taffy and a space shuttle in re-entry distress should have viewers tearing out... More>>
Foreign Legion Foreign Legion
Topless Slovenians, Hiccuping Hungarians
, April 01, 2003
The Missing Gun Small-town, stumblebum Chinese cop awakes hungover to find his revolver gone; cue subjective flashbacks and an overwhelmingly... More>>
The Fire Sermon
Sacrificial Write
, April 01, 2003
In the winter of 2001, journalist turned playwright Anne Nelson's The Guys—an autobiographical two-hander about a writer who helps a fire... More>>
In Through the Out Door In Through the Out Door
North Africa's Nomads, Zimbabwe's ZANU, Chad's Children
, April 01, 2003
The lens pans the rippling desert, caressing the rise of the dunes. There are no armored personnel carriers here. Just a dilapidated wagon and... More>>
Bad Lieutenant Bad Lieutenant
The Unusual Suspect
, April 01, 2003
Elio Petri's Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion copped the Best Foreign Film Oscar, was a huge success on its home turf, and inaugurated... More>>
Film Film
, April 01, 2003
Levity Directed by Ed Solomon (Sony Pictures Classics, opens April 4) Sprung from the pen 23 years after a homicidal holdup, Manuel Jordan (Billy... More>>
The Exile Files The Exile Files
Dances in the Dark
, March 25, 2003
Ubiquitous, menacing-avuncular character-icon Robert Duvall has directed only four films in 28 years, but all evidence a sensibility virtually... More>>
Scars and Bars Scars and Bars
Turkish Anomie and Anonymity
, March 25, 2003
Though grounded in the hubbub of city life, the films of Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz unfold on a more metaphysical plane populated by the... More>>
New Dawn Fades New Dawn Fades
The Young and the Breathless
, March 25, 2003
Milieu is everything in the films of Jia Zhangke. Writer-director of three independent features, the 32-year-old Jia has placed himself at the... More>>
World Beat World Beat
Argentinean Cowboys, Tajik Thugs, Italian Gay Dwarf Taxidermists
, March 25, 2003
The 2002 "New Directors" (which introduced two of the year's best movies in Late Marriage and The Fast Runner) is a tough act to follow. Opening... More>>
Making 'Victor Vargas' Making 'Victor Vargas'
Neighborhood Watch
, March 25, 2003
Peter Sollett is not Victor Vargas. "He's who I would have liked to have been at that age—handsome and cool," says first-time director... More>>
Fly Right, Straighten Up Fly Right, Straighten Up
Can't Get There From Here
, March 25, 2003
Premised on sexist clichés and homophobic cartoons, glutted with wheezing gags and drooling soundtrack cues, View From the Top and Boat... More>>
Film Film
, March 25, 2003
The Good Old Naughty Days (Strand, opens March 28, at the Quad) In true genre fashion, this silent-era porno compilation leaves something to be... More>>
A Modern Hero
Stan Brakhage, 1933–2003
, March 18, 2003
A great and courageous artist, Stan Brakhage died at age 70 after a long illness on March 9. To call him a filmmaker scarcely does him justice.... More>>
Back to Nature Back to Nature
The Art of Destruction
, March 18, 2003
Funny, mournful, weird, Carlos Reygadas's Japón is the new Mexican cinema's wiggiest manifestation to date. The 31-year-old filmmaker's... More>>
Man's Pest Friend Man's Pest Friend
The Right Way to Infest
, March 18, 2003
One might idly think of the 1970s as a more hospitable era for movies about homicidal rats, but here we have Willard, a devilish, high-time... More>>
Guys and Dolls Guys and Dolls
Noise in Babeland
, March 18, 2003
"I'm a minority, so I know where the bitches are coming from," says Jon Moritsugu, in a cameo as a cult-icon director in his own Scumrock... More>>
The Florida Key
Nurturing Ibero-American Talent in Miami
, March 18, 2003
For most films made in Latin and Central America, chances of stateside distribution are slim. Mexico's Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro... More>>
Cultural Evolution Cultural Evolution
Jia Zhangke's Lost Highways
, March 18, 2003
Jia Zhangke's films are all set in remote towns in the Chinese director's native province of Shanxi, a rugged, landlocked region bordering Inner... More>>
Hit Parade Hit Parade
Full Medal Jacket
, March 18, 2003
Hong Kong pulp has never placed a premium on coherence, but Fulltime Killer refines action non sequitur to pure dream illogic. Hopscotching from... More>>
, March 18, 2003
The Girl From Paris Directed by Christian Carion Films Philos Opens March 21, at the Paris While we munch on our freedom fries, let's pitch... More>>
Remote Control
Caroline Link's African Odyssey
, March 11, 2003
Nowhere in Africa, German director Caroline Link's award-winning feature about a bourgeois Jewish family that escapes from Nazi Germany to a farm... More>>
Cults of Personality Cults of Personality
Bush Comes to Shove; Barney Goes for Baroque
, March 11, 2003
The third (and best) installment of Matthew Barney's "Cremaster Cycle" begins with a koan that's (mis)attributed to football coach Vince... More>>
Hello Stranger Hello Stranger
Alienated Dreamers and Lusty Rebels
, March 11, 2003
At a crucial point in Nicholas Ray's flamboyant western Johnny Guitar, Sterling Hayden confesses, "I'm a stranger here myself." He could be... More>>
Pitches Ain't Shit Pitches Ain't Shit
Queen of the Damned
, March 11, 2003
Seven Proposals for a Film in Which Steve Martin Will Appear in Full Hip-Hop Drag With Appropriate Slang for Not Less Than Six Minutes With the... More>>
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