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Desperate Men and Twisted Sisters Desperate Men and Twisted Sisters
, February 22, 2000
Like L.A. Confidential, Curtis Hanson's latest picture has allure. The sexiness of L.A. Confidential came with the turf, but the film pulled you... More>>
The French Collection
, February 22, 2000
MOMA's current series is based on an extraordinary French collection of films, the Centre National de la Cinématographie, the nation's... More>>
China’s Class Consciousness China’s Class Consciousness
, February 15, 2000
The school as microcosm of society is part of a long cinematic tradition, from the little anarchists of Zéro de Conduite to the... More>>
Knee-Deep in Neo-Noir
Back in Black
, February 15, 2000
Film noir is the only major Hollywood cycle named retroactively by critics rather than by the industry. Touted in the '40s and '50s as "crime... More>>
Michel Ocelot’s Animated Authenticity
Village Vanguard
, February 15, 2000
The coastal West African landscape of Michel Ocelot's childhood provides the backdrop for his riveting animated tour de force Kirikou and the... More>>
Cashing In Cashing In
, February 15, 2000
Goodfellas meets Wall Street indie-style, Boiler Roomtakes us inside a stock-trading chop shop where 22-year-old guys earn millions by conning... More>>
Skin Flick
, February 15, 2000
"Look who it is—Mr. Jigaboo!" is one of the first spittings from the mouth of David Lee (David Lee Wilson), an L.A. skinhead hitting the... More>>
Turning Japanese in Rotterdam Turning Japanese in Rotterdam
From Sadism to Sweetness
, February 15, 2000
Typically all over the map, the Rotterdam Film Festival this year focused its considerable energies on an extensive Japanese section, bluntly... More>>
Out of the Glare of Sundance
Beyond the Buzz
, February 15, 2000
"Buzz," Robert Redford said, "is not what it's cracked up to be: Ignore the buzz." Now he tells us. The occasion for Mr. Redford's exhortation... More>>
Jerusalem Sisters’ Unorthodox Behavior Jerusalem Sisters’ Unorthodox Behavior
, February 15, 2000
Set in the ultra-Orthodox quarter of Jerusalem called Mea Shearim, Kadosh (meaning "sacred") studies two sisters enduring the ironhanded... More>>
Where Have All the Aliens Gone?
Lost in Space
, February 15, 2000
It used to be that sci-fi movie heroes and heroines were virtually assured of running into some kind of smart alien creatures. How often did the... More>>
Forbidding Planet
, February 15, 2000
A spaceship crash-lands on a harsh desert planet. Who among the survivors will emerge as the natural leader? The obnoxious, brutal cop (Cole... More>>
Stabs In the Dark; 'Mad Max' Returns Stabs In the Dark; 'Mad Max' Returns
, February 08, 2000
Deliver us from midwinter. Distributor shelves are cleared, projectors choke on misassembled junk, tumbleweeds haunt the empty theater corridors.... More>>
The Dark Side of the Moon Landing
, February 08, 2000
Aron Ranen went missing as a documentarian for most of the '90s, a decade he spent mainly filming segments for the likes of E! Entertainment... More>>
A French Farce on Ice
, February 08, 2000
Belgian cult novelist Jean-Philippe Toussaint's The Ice Rink, a droll and breezy but uneven comedy about the mishaps of a Parisian director as he... More>>
Knockouts Knockouts
Docs and Female Jocks in the Ring at Sundance
, February 08, 2000
More than ever a meat market for the industry, Sundance 2000 nevertheless shined its lights on some remarkable and not easily mainstreamed... More>>
Unveiling a Uniplex in the East Village
Slices of Life
, February 08, 2000
Just when the multiplexization of Manhattan seemed complete, the East Village gives rise to the so-old-it's-new concept of the neighborhood... More>>
Sex and Hostage-Taking: All in a Day's Work Sex and Hostage-Taking: All in a Day's Work
, February 08, 2000
At first, Gough Lewis's Sex: The Annabel Chong Story affects heavy-lidded ironic bemusement as Chong, queen of the World's Biggest Gangbang,... More>>
Young Frankenheimer
, February 08, 2000
John Frankenheimer is precisely the type of erratic Hollywood auteur who benefits from a selective retro, rather than an exhaustive career survey... More>>
Love and Anarchy Love and Anarchy
, February 01, 2000
More arch than satiric, Isn't She Great is a brazenly lightweight, genially amusing portrait of Jacqueline Susann, author of the '60s... More>>
In the Heat of the Moment In the Heat of the Moment
, February 01, 2000
Bestowed the widest Spanish-language opening since Like Water for Chocolate, Santitos concerns a grieving young Mexican woman who embarks on a... More>>
Frederick Wiseman's Fair Game Frederick Wiseman's Fair Game
Subjectively Speaking
, February 01, 2000
Our secular pope of give-them-enough-rope docs, Frederick Wiseman, has been observing the American drama for 33 years now, and the current retro... More>>
Through the Looking Glass
, February 01, 2000
High-buffed, low-rack pulp, Eye of the Beholder is lovable in its own addled, literal-minded way. Its neo-noir, psych-thriller... More>>
Nolte and Bridges Flog a Dread Horse Nolte and Bridges Flog a Dread Horse
, February 01, 2000
At this late date, Sam Shepard's brand of symbol-strewn American Dreamism seems to require a little electroshock, and that could be said twice... More>>
Kids' Movies Grow Up
, February 01, 2000
As eclectic and inventive a bunch as the can-do gang of playthings in the Toy Story movies, the features and shorts assembled for the New York... More>>
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