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Declining Women
, June 04, 2002
With a couple of the season's bigger box-office bullies safely out of the way, the adult phase of the summer blockbuster cycle commences with... More>>
As Nature Intended
Knife in the Waterfall
, June 04, 2002
Low budget meets high tension in Kaaterskill Falls (at the Pioneer, through June 11), a debut feature by directors Josh Apter and Peter Olsen. A... More>>
Temples of the Familiar Temples of the Familiar
, May 28, 2002
Rarely has Italy's long-moribund movie industry been mired in such adverse circumstances, and—in a nation that recently witnessed its first... More>>
Where the Summer Goes
Shelf Life
, May 28, 2002
Fashioned one frame at a time, animated film is at once obsessive and naturally congenial, and as rediscovered video rarities go, Lotte... More>>
Absent Minded
, May 28, 2002
No film exists of Vaslav Nijinsky dancing. The only records of his brief but astonishing career are a few photographs, eyewitness accounts, and... More>>
Double Jeopardy Double Jeopardy
, May 28, 2002
For yet another movie striving to locate amusement and sentimental solace in the shenanigans of the mentally disabled, the Norwegian soaper... More>>
Canvas Sneaker
, May 28, 2002
Mundus vult decipi: The world likes to be deceived. In The Next Big Thing, PJ Posner's first feature, the New York demimonde credulously embraces... More>>
Heads or Ponytails
Blade, Too
, May 28, 2002
Less a "restored classic" (per press notes) than a playful, scruffy alternative to the fastidiously orchestrated spectacles currently on offer,... More>>
Waking Life Waking Life
, May 28, 2002
In Christopher Münch's The Sleepy Time Gal, a middle-aged woman's cancer diagnosis spurs attempts at resolution and reconciliation. But... More>>
Polanski Wins Top Prize at Cannes
, May 28, 2002
CANNES, FRANCE—At the climax of a competition considered the strongest of recent years, in a ceremony characterized by several unflattering... More>>
Justify Your Existence Justify Your Existence
, May 21, 2002
Subtitled "A Trivial Comedy for Serious People," The Importance of Being Earnest is Oscar Wilde's airiest confection, a bite-sized meringue... More>>
Power Plays
, May 21, 2002
Three films made in Africa complement the 25th-anniversary celebration of DanceAfrica at BAM. Sia, the Dream of the Python and Nelio's Story... More>>
Le Chic by Geek Le Chic by Geek
, May 21, 2002
If Sofia Coppola's ethereal The Virgin Suicides lifted the weight of a burdensome family name off the first-time director, big brother Roman's CQ... More>>
Malcolm in the Muddle
, May 21, 2002
Malcolm McDowell's commanding presence as a sadistic ruffian in A Clockwork Orange and the teen rebel of If . . . established him as a major... More>>
Waiting Games
Requiem for a Dream
, May 21, 2002
The streets of Lima, Peru, are lined with tall buildings. Among the crowds who pass through their doors, how many know that the stones for their... More>>
Political Party Political Party
Waiting for the Big Ones
, May 21, 2002
CANNES, FRANCE—Hollywood ending? Not quite yet. "Thank God the French exist," Woody Allen's character exults when the movie he directed... More>>
Blind Faith Blind Faith
, May 14, 2002
Writer-director Henry Bean opens The Believer with a classy Latin quote: "I hate and I love and who can tell me why?" As its title suggests, The... More>>
Double Solitaire Double Solitaire
, May 14, 2002
Nick Hornby is a better novelist than he is a music critic, which admittedly isn't saying much, but his books do hold some artifactual interest... More>>
Between the Acts
HK's Fest Forges a Post-Colonial Path
, May 14, 2002
Hong Kong—Five years after the handover to China, the future of the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is clouded by a mixture of... More>>
Reproductive Rites Reproductive Rites
, May 14, 2002
To answer the most pressing question first: Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), now a teenager on his way to becoming Darth Vader, does not do... More>>
Going to Extremes
, May 14, 2002
Overproduced and excessive, bedizened with Gaelic and Masonic symbolism, and conceptually ornate to the point of prog-rock pretension, Cremaster... More>>
In Loco Parentis In Loco Parentis
Dover Kosashvili's Pressing Engagements
, May 14, 2002
Dover Kosashvili denies that his debut feature is an indictment of the strict family traditions he grew up with as a Georgian immigrant living in... More>>
, May 14, 2002
World-traveling art-bohemia chronicler Peter Sempel calls Nina Hagen = Punk + Glory (at Anthology Film Archives through May 21) a... More>>
Viva Revolution Viva Revolution
, May 07, 2002
So lovely but so reactionary: What could be said of the boldly resourceful heroine of Eric Rohmer's The Lady and the Duke could describe the... More>>
Moulin Raj
, May 07, 2002
With audiences prepped by musical references in Ghost World, Monsoon Wedding, and Moulin Rouge—not to mention the occasional Apu-related... More>>
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