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It's Oh So Quiet It's Oh So Quiet
, October 08, 2002
Annual uptown destination for hardcore celluloid fetishists, the New York Film Festival's "Views From the Avant-Garde" ushers the humble... More>>
Could Be Verse
, October 08, 2002
Cramming the Oprah-blessed doorstopper into less than two hours, White Oleander races from one tragic episode to the next with the abandon of a... More>>
Saving Grace
MOMA's New Gramercy Address
, October 08, 2002
Call it MOMA Gramercy. Displaced by the multi-year reconstruction project, the Museum of Modern Art's film and media program, which has been... More>>
They Aim to Please They Aim to Please
, October 08, 2002
Two cheers for Michael Moore—and a raspberry. Released as the countdown begins for a second Gulf War, Moore's latest documentary... More>>
To Have and to Hold To Have and to Hold
, October 08, 2002
Possessed of a mysterious, swoony relationship with its own history, cinema has indulged in self-eulogization since the Screen Snapshots shorts... More>>
Citizen Ray
A Hare-Raising Experience
, October 08, 2002
Crazy-quilt portrait and red-herring murder mystery, How to Draw a Bunny revels in the sheer elusiveness of its subject: the late... More>>
Velvet Overground
, October 08, 2002
After more than a decade, Václav Havel's Velvet Revolution is finally bearing fruit in a New New Wave of vibrant Czech cinema. The most... More>>
, October 08, 2002
Family Fundamentals Directed by Arthur Dong (Opens October 11, at the Quad) A highlight of the last New Festival, Arthur Dong's documentary... More>>
Collision Courses Collision Courses
, October 01, 2002
A match made in PR heaven, Punch-Drunk Love brings together Hollywood's most doggedly lowbrow young comic and its most fearlessly grandiose young... More>>
Undercover Brothers Undercover Brothers
, October 01, 2002
He is not Jesus, but he has the same initials: Seven years into his rebirth as an American box-office draw, Jackie Chan plays an unwitting secret... More>>
Opposing Forces
Austin City Limitless
, October 01, 2002
AUSTIN—A week and a half ago, only blocks from the gargantuan capitol dome, tourists en route to Dubya's former workplace paused to inspect... More>>
Slow Burn
, October 01, 2002
Gathering a complete retrospective of Spanish master Victor Erice's work is as easy as falling off a log, seeing as he has made only three... More>>
Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc.
, October 01, 2002
The ubiquity of pulp-novel juggernaut Hannibal Lecter may signify many things to cult-stud scholars, but the phenom is simple to read: We use the... More>>
, October 01, 2002
Area K: A Political Fishing Documentary Directed by Nadav Harel and Ramon Bloomberg Frontiers of Dreams and Fears Directed by Mai Masri (at... More>>
The Untouchables The Untouchables
, September 24, 2002
Fools rush in, and so does British stalkumentarian and pop culture muckraker Nick Broomfield—this time churning up the murky waters that... More>>
Under the Scars
, September 24, 2002
A rare example of big-budget filmmaking as personal catharsis, Moonlight Mile may be the most liberating blockbuster this year—if not always... More>>
Troubles Every Day Troubles Every Day
Recalling Northern Ireland's Derry Disaster
, September 24, 2002
"It's unquestionably the most difficult, the most contentious, the most controversial single day of the whole Troubles," says Bloody Sunday... More>>
Hit 'Em Up Style
Mon Amour Tokyo
, September 24, 2002
Jilted tough-guy French cop pines for his lost Japanese lover for 19 years. One day, he gets a message that she's died in Japan and designated... More>>
States of Grace States of Grace
, September 24, 2002
Focused more on the small and bracing than the grandiose and oppressive, the 40th edition of the New York Film Festival is a satisfying... More>>
Action Heroine
, September 24, 2002
Shabana Azmi's on-screen debut, as peasant woman Lakshmi in Shyam Benegal's Ankur (1973), includes an ironic prophecy. "You look like a film star... More>>
Last Resort
Shanghai's Holocaust Refugees
, September 24, 2002
Whatever else it may be, Holocaust culture has proven to be a powerful antidote to provincial relativism—almost 60 years hence, it is still... More>>
An Interview With Biggie & Tupac Director Nick Broomfield
, September 24, 2002
There’ve been a lot of conflicting theories about the motives behind the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (a/k/a Biggie... More>>
Fling Time in a Quiet Town Fling Time in a Quiet Town
'8 Mile' Lines and On-the-Job Bondage in Toronto
, September 17, 2002
TORONTO—The urbanologist Jane Jacobs imagined Toronto as the idyllic future of city life. New York and national film critics see Toronto's... More>>
Desert Hearts
, September 17, 2002
Loss is a lonely hunter. Like Charlotte Rampling's self-deceiving widow in François Ozon's Under the Sand, Margherita Buy's Antonia, the... More>>
Suffer the Children
The Conversions
, September 17, 2002
"A child is a child is a child is a child," says the head of a Chicago adoption agency in Outside Looking In, noting with dismay how some of her... More>>
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